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on 2011/3/16 11:30:47

Open in new windowThe Minister of Finance and National Economy, Ali Mahmoud, Tuesday discussed with the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Middle East and Africa, Andrew Baukol, means for handling Sudan's foreign debts, lifting economic sanctions imposed on it and benefiting from the economic opportunities available in the two countries.
The minister said that Sudan has met the technical conditions that qualify it to have its foreign debts written off through the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative including Sudan commitments to implement the economic program and mapping out the strategy on poverty which, he said, is at its final stages
The minister said that a meeting of the technical committee, which was established through a proposal of the US and the World Bank, will be held in Washington in April to discuss the scenarios of handling Sudan debts, calling on the US administration to lift economic sanctions on Sudan.
The US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Middle East and Africa pledged to work for urging the US Congress to adopt legislations to handle foreign debts of Sudan. The US officials said that status of Sudan in the terror list will be considered in the coming months, calling on the government to achieve progress on the peace agreement and Darfur file.

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