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on 2011/9/4 10:27:48

The Caretaker governor of the Blue Nile State General Yahia Mohamed Kheir decreed Saturday the appointment of transitional government in the state including Dr. Adam Mohamed Abakar as Deputy governor, Minister of Education and Supervisor for the Ministry of Information .Ustaz Fadl Abdul Rahman as Minister for Local Government and Supervisor for the Ministry of Finance .Engineer. Mohamed Suleiman Judabbi as Minister of Fiscal Planning.Ustaz Nur-eddin Awad Suleiman as Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Organizations.Ustaza Soheir Ibrahim as Minister of Health and Ustaz Al-Aqib Abbass Zaroug as Minister for Youth and Sports .
The decree also appointed Dr. Al-Hadi Mohamed Adam as Director General for Ministry of Finance, Ustaz Gareballa Al-Hadi for LocalGovernment,Ustaz Mohamed Saed for Ministry of Education, Ustaz Abdulla Shams eddin for Ministry of Agriculture, Utaz Anwar Abdul Rahman for Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ustaz Alias James for Social Welfare and Al-Hasein Mohamed for Health .

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