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on 2011/11/14 10:40:00

The Minister of Information, Dr. Kamal Obeid, said that there is nothing new in the acts done by the rebel movements, indicating that some of them have failed in implementing many of the political programs to which they have contributed during the interim period
In a ress statement, Dr. Obeid said that the rebel movements have failed to present anything at both the national and state levels
He said that many of the rebellion' elements have deserted their movements and became bias to peace due the confused stances of these movements
He said that the new thing was the adoption of the government of South Sudan to these rebel movements and its permit for them to meet in Juba, adding that this move reflect ill intention in dealing with the events at the region
Dr. Obeid said that the government of the State of South Sudan has deviated from its basic task and escaped from the problems that it is supposed to confront either at the level of its relation with Sudan or at the level of its relation with the neighboring countries
He said that these rebel movements have formerly depended on the support given to them by Libya and Chad, but this support is now unavailable, therefore they went the government of the South for support, despite the fact that the South is incapable to extend support

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