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on 2011/12/1 11:40:00

Open in new windowThe Speaker of the National Assembly Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir, has called for solving conflicts in Africa through peaceful means. Addressing the opening sitting of the 34th session of the Africa Parliamentary Union at the Friendship Hall Wednesday, Al-Tahir commended the support being extended to Sudan by the African Union and the Pan-African Parliament in regard to the efforts to solve Darfur issue. He affirmed the importance of support to the solidarity and cooperation among the African parliaments as well as having united visions in regard to thwarting conspiracies that aim to undermine the stability in the Africa.
Mr. Al-Tahir referred to the role of youths and Women in bringing about development and progress in Africa, saying that the Sudanese Parliament includes a group of young parliamentarians who are performing their parliamentary role in the best way.
As for Women, the Speaker of the Parliament highlighted on the unique Sudanese experience of some civil society organizations that are being led by women, adding that the Sudanese women parliamentarians account for 25% of the seats of the National Assembly. He further hailed the elections conducted in Tunisia as well as the ousting the one-person ruling in Libya besides the Egyptian elections toward establishment of a good democratic governance.

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