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on 2012/1/16 12:15:09

Open in new windowThe Foreign Minister, Ali Karti, yesterday received the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Mohamed Kamel Amro, and Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of South Sudan, Prof. Elias Nyam Lel, separately
The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Salah Wansi, announced that Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan agreed that the diplomatic representation between them will be at the level of ambassador, and underscored the importance of naming their ambassadors as soon as possible
In a press statement Sunday, Wansi said that meeting between Karti and the Deputy Foreign Minister of South Sudan was characterized by seriousness of the two parties to tackle all issues with full clarity and transparency
Wansi disclosed that the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Sudan and South Sudan agreed to present two papers on their visions for the form of the relations between them
He said tat the two parties signed the paper on the official agenda which is based on cooperation between the two ministries and pushing ahead the relations between the two countries
He said that the two parties agreed that the coming meeting between them will be in Juba in a time to be fixed later
The Foreign Minister of South Sudan Republic, Prof. Elias Nyam Lel, appreciated his meeting with Karti, saying that his country aims for establishing good relations with Sudan
He said that South Sudan government did not achieve evidence on existence of northern movements in South Sudan Republic, adding that the studying of this issue will continue

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