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on 2012/1/24 12:28:58

Open in new window The government has regretted statements given by the President of South Sudan Salva Kiir before the South Sudan Parliament on halting the oil production.
In a statement to the ASudan News Agency, the State Minister at the Ministry of Information Sana Hamad said that Sudan government remained dealing with transparency with the controversial issues with South Sudan government, especially the oil issue, with evidence expressed by the international community and the mediators. She said that Sudan government is still keen to achieve a formula of joint cooperation between her and South Sudan government - to be under auspices of the African Union High-Level Panel on Sudan headed by the former South African President, Thabo Mbeki.
The minister said that Sudan government did not receive since last July up to November any fees against the services and facilities for the crossing of South Sudan oil through its territories to the international markets, adding that despite this issue, the national economy was able to absorb the shock resulting from such a behavior of South Sudan government.
The minister affirmed that Sudan government has dealt seriously with the repeated threats of South Sudan government to adopt such a conduct and taken the required administrative, technical and economic precautions so as to avoid any harms to the oil industry and infrastructures that would be inflicted from such a decision, taking into consideration that Sudan oil production covers the country's need after pumping the produced oil to Khartoum and Al-Obeid refineries, besides the fact that the implementation of the plan for increasing the oil production in cooperation with the partners is progressing as planned.
The minister said that Sudan government remained repeating since the secession of South Sudan that it is keen to establish good neighborliness relations with the new state that are based on mutual cooperation for the interest of the two nations who have been linked to each other with historic and social ties and mutual interests.

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