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on 2012/3/26 11:09:14

Open in new windowThe Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Ahmed Kerti, received at his office yesterday the resident Coordinator of Development and Humanitarian Affairs and Representative of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Sudan, Dr. Ali Hassan Al Zaatari, who handed him a copy of his credentials.
The minister briefed the UN official on the latest developments and the situation in Sudan as well as the great efforts of the government for realizing development, urging the UN and its General Secretariat to put political calculations aside and to deal with Sudan issues seriously in a view that Sudan is an effective member state and has rights that must be fulfilled.
The minister emphasized the importance of resetting of the UN priorities in Sudan in an appropriate way, explaining that Sudan government has fulfilled its requirements toward the UN, but the political conditions are real impediment for extending the sufficient support to the UN Agencies and organizations in Sudan
The minister said that what has been achieved by Sudan by virtue of its own resources in domains of development and infrastructure, under absent UN assistance, is considered a miracle
The Minister of Foreign Affairs further promised to assist the new Coordinator so as to carry out his mission in Sudan in the best way.
The Representative of UNDP in Sudan revealed the intention to set a framework for cooperation with Sudan, explaining that this issue was discussed with the concerned authorities, highlighting on the programs being implemented by the UNDP in several areas in Sudan and called for access of the UN agencies to some areas to inspect the humanitarian and development situations.

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