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on 2012/6/5 10:57:25

Open in new windowThe Chairman of Darfur Peace Follow up Office Amin Hassan Omer has briefed members of the office, which was reformed recently, on the new tasks and duties of the office and the levels of implementation of all files of Darfur peace as well as the outcome of the International Follow-up Committee meeting held in Doha recently.
Mr. Omer said in a press statement after the meeting that the Office has been divided into four committees in order to carry out its duties.
On the aggression committed by some Darfur rebel movements, Mr. Omer said that the movements were expected to move to the North Sudan, but that was not likely to happen since they still existing inside the territories of South Sudan, adding that Sudan is waiting for the government of South Sudan to honor its commitment in the agreement that it has signed.
The Chairman of Darfur Peace Follow up Office pointed out that there were elements inside the rebel movements who want to join the peace process, indicating this position will be assessed with the mediators in a meeting that will take place soon.

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