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on 2010/11/2 10:48:37

Open in new windowThe federal Minister of Health, Dr. Abdalla Tiya Guma'a inspected the health situation in Dilling Locality and Mother Bakhita Hospitals, as part of a visit to South Kordofan State started on Monday.
Dr. Tiya said that his ministry was keen to solve all the problems facing the hospitals and health centres in South Kordofan, pointing out that the federal Minisry of Health has worked out plans to expand the health services all over Sudan states and to remove the impediments facing the health activities.
The Minister of Health in South Kordofan State, Ustaza Asma Tiya Jibril, enumerated efforts of the state ministry in providing sufficient health services, calling on the Institutions and organizations to coordinate and integrate their efforts for enhancing the health services in the state.

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