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on 2014/4/16 11:11:47

The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) . Peace Wing, in North Darfur has affirmed its coherence for peace as strategic option via the continuation of cooperation with the government to realize stability in Sudan and Darfur. The movement said in statement issued, yesterday, in Al-Fasher welcomed the initiative launched by the president of the Republic concerning the national dialogue and the comprehensive political solution.
The statement expressed hope that the dialogue would be serious and constructive to come out with positive results that meet the aspirations and hopes of the Sudanese people , calling for the coordination between all the signatories of the peace agreement to reach a lasting peace and stability in the country
The statement also called on the non signatories of the peace agreements to join the peace process.

on 2014/4/16 11:10:28

Below is the currency rate against the SDG Today Wednesday according to the Central Bank of Sudan
USD 5.6816 5.7100 5.6958
Japanese Yen 0.0556 0.0559 0.0557
Sterling Pound 9.5019 9.5494 9.5257
Swiss Franc 6.4525 6.4848 6.4686
Canadian Dollar 5.1715 5.1974 5.1844
Swedish Kronor 0.8646 0.8689 0.8668
Norwagian Kroner 0.9548 0.9596 0.9572
Danish Krone 1.0515 1.0568 1.0541
Kuwait Dinar 20.1887 20.2896 20.2392
Saudi Riyal 1.5152 1.5228 1.5190
U.A.E Dirham 1.5471 1.5548 1.5510
Riyal Qatar 1.5604 1.5682 1.5643
Bahrain Dinar 15.0699 15.1452 15.1076
Omani Riyal 14.7555 14.8293 14.7924
UAPTA 7.7247 7.7656 7.7451
Egypt 1.0588 1.0694 1.0641
Euro 7.8514 7.8907 7.8710

on 2014/4/15 11:49:23

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Vice President of the Republic Hassabo Abdul-Rahman has given a directive to enhance coordination between the federal government, Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) and Darfur states in implementing infrastructural and reconstruction projects in the region. This came when he chaired Monday a meeting at the Council of Ministers for enhancing roads, airports and electricity in the Darfur states, in presence of the Chairman of the DRA Attigani Sessi, and ministers of electricity, transport, roads and bridges. In a press statement to the Sudan News Agency, the minister of infrastructures at the DRA, Taj-Eddin Niyam, said that the participants were briefed on a report on the work progress in the Western Ingaz Highway as well as reports on the projects of electricity and water harvesting in Darfur. He noted that the meeting was aimed to improve the performance and boosting the coordination between the Presidency of Republic, DRA and governments of the Darfur states.
Meanwhile, the Vice President of the Republic also gave a directive to reform infrastructural Sector in Darfur which is to be chaired by the Minister of Water Resources and Electricity Muataz Musa.

on 2014/4/15 11:42:23

Open in new windowThe Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly (parliament)Issa Bashar received the ambassador of the Russia to Sudan Amir Ghathan, and briefed him on the remarkable political change in the country, referring to the success achieved by the initiative of the President of the Republic on national dialogue.
The Russian ambassador affirmed during the meeting Monday the importance of informing the friendly countries with the political developments, appreciating progress of the relations between Russia and Sudan and role of the Parliaments of the two countries in enhancing these relations further.

on 2014/4/15 11:38:07

Open in new windowThe Sudanese state sinister at the ministry of information Yassir Yousif has called the mass media to carry out their responsibilities, together with the other partners, to make the freedom a program of work that is to be agreed upon. In his address to the open dialogue with the media and press officials held at the ministry of information Monday, the state minister renewed the government keenness to give great concern to the freedom of press in the context of the comprehensive national dialogue process, indicating that the Sudan is surpassing a period of intellectual, and cultural revolution.

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