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on 2014/11/23 9:30:00

Open in new windowThe Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) sent a delegation to inspect the national agricultural projects in Darfur to verify advantages and disadvantages of the projects to the local communities. The delegation will submit a report on the outcome of the tour to the DRA in order to solve any possible obstacles could be found. The minister of rehabilitation and infrastructure TajEddin Niyam affirmed concern of the DRA with rehabilitation of agricultural projects in the Darfur states to be an attractive place for voluntary repatriation of the IDPs and refugees.

on 2014/11/22 12:34:48

Open in new window The Presidency of the Republic has eulogized the Sudanese businessman, thinker and researcher Mahmoud Salih Osman Salih.
The late Salih was known for his national contributions, dissemination of Sudanese and was given the Order of Merit in the field of literature in 2010.

on 2014/11/22 12:33:10

Open in new window The Annual Arab Banking Conference for 2014 started Thursday in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, which will last for two days with the participation of a number of central bank governors, bank leaderships, experts and specialists in development and the economic fields from several Arab and foreign countries including Sudan, which is participating with a delegation comprising managers and leaders of Sudanese banks.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sudanese Real Estate Bank Dr. Ghulam-Eddin Adam explained to., SUNA that the conference, which is being organized by the Union of Arab Banks, has kicked off with participation of large numbers of banking and financial personalities from the Arab countries, estimated at 700 persons, pointing out that the conference is organized this year under the slogan "which Arab Economy Waiting for Us?".
He added that ideas, visions and exchange of experiences and expertise would be introduced, which could contribute to the support and correct of the path of the Arab economies.

on 2014/11/22 12:26:44

Open in new window The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abdalla Hamad Al-Azraq, informed the Arab, African, Asian and Latin American ambassador accredited to Sudan on facts pertinent to allegations which were circulated by some circles on mass rape at Tabat village in North Darfur State.
The Undersecretary said in a briefing to the press that he acquainted the ambassadors with the facts pertinent to the false claims broadcast by Radio Dabanga on mass rape which remained circulating information lacking credibility.
He said that the editing policy of Radio Dabanga is assumed by a number of the armed movements and Sudanese leftist elements, adding that he informed the ambassadors have in several times complained from unfounded information circulated by Radio Dabanga.
He said that the claims broadcast by Radio Dabanga are illogic on ground that the number who allegedly committed the rape was less than the women in Tabat village, and it is illogic that these soldiers become beast.
Ambassador Al-Azraq said that Sudan is not a place for committing like such practices, adding that Sudan history has never witnessed crimes of mass rape.
He referred to the protests expressed by the people of Tabat village over the false claims that tarnished the reputation of their women.
Ambassador Al-Azraq said that some hostile circles are working to prevent Sudan from enjoying security and stability, adding that the targeting of Tabat village came as part of a plot to impede implementation of development projects in Darfur through support from the State of Qatar.
He added that these false claims were also intended by some circles to prevent Tabat from being a model village and a centre for the voluntary repatriation of displaced persons.

on 2014/11/22 12:20:21

Open in new window The State Minister for Information, Yassir Yusuf Ibrahim, returned home yesterday ending a three day visit to Egypt.
The Minister has pointed out in arrival statements that the visit was conducted to follow up the outcome of the summit meeting between the President of the Republic, Omar Al Bashir and his Egyptian counterpart, Abdul Fatah Sisi, early October this year, and which tackled among other things, the media and the role it could play in bettering the relations between the two countries.
The minister who was accompanied by a high level media and information delegation, said they were received by President Sisi at the end of the visit. He said president Sisi has reaffirmed his country’s full commitment to the outcome of the summit meeting he held with President Bashir in Cairo.
He added that President Sisi has instructed the Egyptian media anew to coordinate with the Sudanese media in implementing the outcome of the summit meeting and to promote relations between Khartoum and Cairo.
On whether details of how the two countries’s media would cooperate, the minister a full normalization between the media in the two countries has been agreed upon and that focus should be on the strategic and brotherly relations and that the two sides should stress on aspects that would promote those relations further.
The Minister said it was also agreed to revitalize the agreements signed between the media organs in the two countries, particularly the radio and TV corporations in the two countries.

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