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on 2014/4/22 12:20:35

Open in new windowThe Sudanese First Vice President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, has given a directive for consolidating the cooperation and relations in the field of the voluntary humanitarian work with Africa. At his meeting Monday with the Secretary General of the Humanitarian Welfare and Development Organization Suad Alfaith, the First Vice President stressed the government's encouragement and support to the humanitarian work Mrs. Saud indicated in a press statement that she has briefed the First Vice President on the program of the organization which targets rural women in the African continent, especially the mothers and children in the field of health, noting that the program includes 55 African states.
She indicated that the First Vice President has appreciated the organization's work and asserted the state support and encouragement to all programs that provide humanitarian services to the African women specially in the health field.

on 2014/4/22 12:12:34

Open in new window The Sudanese Cabinet Affairs Minister Ahmed Saad Omer, has submitted Monday bills of agreements between the Sudan and other parties to the National Assembly (parliament) for ratification. The bills of laws included bills for the ratification of the international agreement on the readiness and response to oil pollution, Prevention of Pollution from Ships for the year 1973, amendment of 1978, an agreement between Sudan and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the cooperation agreement between Sudan and Turkey in the field of archives for the year 2013, the agreement on the operation and ownership of the Turkish Hospital in Nyala, in addition to the agreement for the Settlement of Investment Disputes between the Arab countries for the year 2014.
The National Assembly has referred the bills of laws to the concerned committees for studying and preparing a report about them to the Council of Ministers for approval.

on 2014/4/22 12:06:23

Open in new windowThe Sudanese President Omer Albashir has issued a Republican Decree appointing the following as members in the Executive Organ of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA):
- Dr. Abdul-Karim Musa Abdul-Karim Arbab as the Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism.
- Ahmed Yahia Maddibu as the Minister of Youth and Sports.
- Dr. Ferdos Abdul-Rahman Yousif as the Minister of Health. and
- Mohamed Abdul-Rahman Mudalal as the Commissioner of Darfur Lands.

on 2014/4/22 9:55:25

Five Sudanese nationals, who were wounded in recent clashes in Bentiu town in South Sudan, were evacuated to Monday the capital Juba by the United Nations. The Director of the Consulates and Expatriates at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abdul-Aziz Hassan Salih told the Sudan News Agency that the government was concerned with the situation of the Sudanese nationals at the fighting areas in the South Sudan, especially in Bentiu town. Ambassador Salih said that the government, through the Sudan Embassy in Juba, was in contact with the UN mission in Juba to be informed on the conditions of the Sudanese citizens in South Sudan and to know the number of those who were killed, injured and stranded in South Sudan toward evacuating them in cooperation with the UN and the International Immigration Organization.
He called on the disputing parties in South Sudan not to target the civilians and to open safe corridors for their evacuation and to secure the evacuation of the Sudanese nationals there.

on 2014/4/21 12:09:37

Open in new window President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Basher has directed the authorities concerned to provide all the requested facilities for Amtar Project which is implemented by the UAE Amtar Investment Company IN Al-Daba, Al-Shumaliya State
President Al-Basher who met, yesterday, at the Republican Palace, the company's delegation led by the owner of the project, Mohammed Rashed Al-Atiyba in the presence of the Minister of Investment, Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Project, Dr. Abdul Halim Ismail , affirmed the Presidency's support to the project as it considered strategic one.
Dr. Mustafa said in press statements that President Al-Basher lauded the new technology introduced by the project and the training of the Sudanese cadres.
The Owner of the Project, on his turn, said he briefed the President on the nature and the aims of the projects, lauding the due concern given by the Presidency towards the projects, which he said, will contribute to Sudan and UAE food security.

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