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on 2014/9/29 10:52:54

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has issued a Republican Decision on formation of six national committees for the societal dialogue, headed by the Chairman of the Coordinative Committee for the societal dialogue.
The six committees are: the committee for production and living conditions, headed by Samir Ahmed Gasim, the committee for culture, education and sports, headed by Prof. Ali Shummo, the committee for society forces, headed by Thabita Butros, the committee for social peace, headed by Prof. Hussein Suleiman Abu-Salih, the committee for civil society organizations, headed by Prof. Al-Jizouli Dafaalla, and the committee for the expatriates sector, headed by Kamal Hamza.

on 2014/9/29 10:49:04

Open in new window The State Minister of the Presidency of the Republic, Engineer Salah Wanasi, and the Chinese Ambassador to Sudan, Luo Xiaoguang, witnessed yesterday a ceremony on the signing a contract for rehabilitation of the Friendship Hall between the Hall Administration and the Chinese Company Lessee Joe.
The contract was signed by the Director General of the Friendship Hall, Gen. Mohamed Rashad Ahmed Al- Bulok, on behalf of the Sudanese side, while the Director of the company, Yu Wei Joe, signed on behalf of the executing company.
In his address at the signing ceremony Gen Rashad has appreciated the historical and eternal relations between Sudan and China, affirming that the Friendship Hall is the first fruit of the joint cooperation between Khartoum and Beijing, and considered as necklace of honor and title of relations between the two countries.
He described the Friendship Hall as the second embassy of the Chinese brothers, noting that the rehabilitation contract will be completed in two years and a half.
Meanwhile, the Director of the executive company, Yu Wei, has appreciated the deeply-rooted of Sudanese and Chinese relations, pointing out that the Friendship Hall is a title of the firm ties and contacts between the two nations.

on 2014/9/29 10:41:49

Open in new window The Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Al- Faith Izz-Eddin, reviewed during his meeting yesterday with the State Minister at the Ministry of Interior, Babiker Ahmed Digna, a number of issues relating to the Police Act, its authorities, the nationalism of the police forces, alongside the allowances and benefits that create a favorable work amosphere for a greater role of the police forces in the coming stage.
The speaker of the national assembly has commended role of the Police Forces in expanding security and the prevalence of stability and tranquility.
Meanwhile, the State Minister of the Ministry of Interior has indicated that the Police Forces have completed arrangements for securing the comining elections all over the country, referring to its work in expanding of security, stability and the soverignity of the state.

on 2014/9/29 10:38:52

Open in new window The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abdalla Hamad Al-Azraq, met Sunday the Turkish Ambassador to Sudan and reviewed the bilateral relations and means for bolstering them in all fields.
The Undersecretary has appreciated the progressing bilateral relations between the two countries, asserting the importance of countinous coordination between the Sudan and Turkey in the regional and international forums on the issues of mutual concern.
He asserted that the door is open for the Turkish companies and businessmen to invest in the sudan in all fields, lauding the agreements signed in the field of agriculture investment, livestock and minerals between the two sides.
He expressed his appreciation of the people and the government of the Sudan concerning the projects implemented by Turkey in the Sudan.
The Turkish Ambassador expressed thanks and gratitude to the great cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate his mission, assertiong his country's support to the iniatitive of the President of the Republic for national and societal dialogue and its readiness to provide all needed assistance for the success of the iniatitive.
He pointed to the signing of a memo of understanding between the Turkish Archieve and the Sudan National Records House, according which 300 historical documents were provided to the Sudanese Record House, while more 500 documents are due to be delivered in the coming days.

on 2014/9/29 10:31:59

Sudan Embassy to Sanna stated that all members of the Sudanese community in Yemen are in good conditions, and called on all the Sudanese nationals risdent in the Republic of Yemen to communicate with the Embassy by telephone in the cases of emergency .

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