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on 2015/5/17 10:47:08

The Saudi Tabuk Pharmaceutical Company has disclosed that it intends to export a number of medicines and pharmaceutical products to a number of African countries.
The Director of Tabuk Company for Pharmaceutical Industries in Sudan Wael Sho'aran said that the company is to receive the license during the coming period to export of medicines from the Tabuk Factory in Sudan to the African countries including Chad, Ethiopia and Uganda, asserting that the pharmaceutical manufacturing in Sudan is a source of hard currency, which will contribute to the flourish of the economy.
Sho'aran revealed, during a scientific forum in Neyala yesterday, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's investments flowed to Sudan despite the economic embargo on Sudan for the belief of Saudi Arabia with the effectiveness of the market of medicines in Sudan, which he described as promising.
He added that the recent development of Saudi-Sudanese relations led to the increase of investment volume in Sudan, particularly from Tabuk Company, the major factory in Saudi Arabia, pointing out that the number of labour in the plant approximates 300 persons.
The Director of Tabuk Company pledged to continue drug manufacturing to the stage of self-sufficiency in the domestic market and endeavour to export medicine, revealing that his company attained European industrial quality.
He stressed that the company has the potential to cover the Sudanese market of pharmaceutical requirements for the endemic diseases that haunt Sudanese patients, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Revealing organization of free treatment days as part of social responsibility during the coming period at the state of South Darfur and the areas not covered with treatments next, besides education of patients with chronic nature of the endemic diseases and the treatment to avoid complications.

on 2015/5/17 10:46:16

The Ministry of Finance and National Economy has embarked on development of an integrated economic vision, in cooperation with the concerned parties, in the fields of economy, finance and commerce to consolidate economic cooperation with the Federal Republic of Ethiopia.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy and Chairman of the Technical Committee on Preparation for the Meetings of the Joint Higher Economic Committee between Sudan and Ethiopia Dr. Abdal-Rahman Dirar has disclosed start of his committee in development of integrated vision for the Sudanese side includes specialized working paper in the domains of economy, commerce and finance to be discussed in the meetings of the joint higher economic committee between the two countries. The meetings are scheduled to be convened in Khartoum next June with the purpose to develop the bilateral relations and integration of efforts to realize the joint renaissance for the interests of the peoples of the two countries and the states of the region.
Dr. Dirar affirmed keenness of the his ministry to develop the economic cooperation ties with the neighnourliness through exploitation of Sudan economic capabilities and natural resources as well as its strategic location to reactivate the economic and commercial bonds with the Arab and external world for the interests of the all states of the region.

on 2015/5/16 11:24:40

The Sudanese Journalists Union, SJU, has conducted yesterday a protest against the tribal violence, the war and blood shedding among Darfur's tribes.
The Sudan's newspapers chief editors, during their gathering at the union's headquarter, expressed their deepest sadness on the recent escalation of the events in eats Darfur state.
The journalists have called for the stoppage of the war, the destruction of the resources of the homeland which have resulted from the tribal conflicts, asserting their continuous work and imitative for the realization of peace in Darfur and the entire Sudan.

on 2015/5/16 11:22:05

Open in new window Investment Minister, Dr. Moustafa Osman Ismail, revealed the arrival of United Arab Emirate company , Mubadara Company Group, next week to work in the field of the solar and wind energy to solve the projects electricity problem.
Dr. Moustafa has called on the UAE companies to increase its investment in the country, asserting readiness of the Sudan to provide all the facilitations and incentives to these projects successful.
Dr. Moustafa has noted to the presentation to 102 investments projects to more than 350 investors and businesspersons and the directors and the managers of the UAE companies who participated in the Sudan-UAE investment forum organized by Abu Dhabi commerce and industry chamber at the cost amounted to 59 billion dollar.
He indicated that the UAE investments in the Sudan have reached 40 billion dollar by 17 companies investing in the various domains.
The chairman of Abu Dhabi commerce and industry chamber, Mohamed Hilal Al-Mehiri, had appreciated during the forum the great success achieved by the forum, noting to its importance as a good opportunity for the acknowledgement of the investment opportunities in the Sudan.

on 2015/5/16 11:19:43

The governors of the states of Khartoum, Northern state, and Nahr Elniel, have introduced projects for the investment in their states to the Sudan's- United Arab Emirate forum, which has concluded session last Wednesday in Abu Dhabi.
The governor of Khartoum state, Dr. Abdul-Rhaman Al-Khhaider, has presented a project for the establishment of a free zone area near to Al-Gaili area in a space of 200 million meters, projects for the Nile fa├žades, in addition to projects for the pivot irrigation of more than 170 projects in Khartoum state.
On his part the govern of Nahr Elniel state, Gen. Al-Hadi Abdalla , has asserted the states readiness to receive the investors, presenting projects in the field of the refractory bricks, agricultural projects in the upper embankments areas and infrastructure projects.
Meanwhile, the governor of the Northern state, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khhedir, presented projects in the field of wheat cultivation, revealing intention to reverse Marowe air- port to a free zone area in an area of 6 million feddan in order to establish refrigerated, packing factories and banks.
The Investment Minister of the Northern state, Ja'afar Abdul-Majeed, has appreciated the UAE investments in the state.

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