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on 2015/2/25 11:34:09

The Minister of Council of Ministers, Ahmed Saad Omer, has appreciated the great roles being played by the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination TIKA, for provding the humanitarian assistance in the eduction, health and housing fields, describing the projects it implement as contributing to formation of the cultural and social ties between Turkey and the other world.
This came during his meeting yesterday at his office at the cabinet secretariat general , Yahia Auju the director general of the TIKA, and discussed with him the fields of development work implemented in the country by the TIKA, and the restoration project of the Sultan Ali Dienar, graveyard, tomb, and how to modernize the Sultan's Palace in order to be a heritage tourist village.

on 2015/2/25 11:26:03

The societal committee launched yesterday at Jackson and Karkar Park in Khartoum the election campaign for the presidential candidate, Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir, for a new presidential term.
Various trade unions, associations and societal organizations and unions have taken part at the launching campaign.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony, the Minister of Infrastructures, Dr. Ahmed Gasim, said that all the participating unions and organizations are reiterating their pledge, allegiance and support to the stability and development, referring to the unprecedented progress which was achieved in the development field during the era of Omer Al-Bashir.
The Secretary General of the societal committee, Dr. Osman Al-Sir, stressed that Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir is the candidate of all the people of Sudan, but not the nominee of the National Congress alone.

on 2015/2/24 10:57:28

Open in new windowThe Sudanese President Omer Albashir has affirmed Sudan's keenness to develop relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in all fields. Albashir, during his meeting with UAE businessmen and investors in his residence at Alimarat Palace Monday, welcomed UAE investments in Sudan and pledged success of the Sudanese economic and investment forum of which Abu Dhabi Chamber called for.
He said Sudan has overcome difficulties and the economic shock caused by the separation of the South Sudan.

President Albashir added that there was a trend from Arab countries to invest in Sudan specially after launching the Arab Food Security Initiative, referring to promising opportunities for investment in Sudan and the comparative advantages for Arab investors.

He commended progress being made by the UAE thanks to its leadership which succeeded to develop the country.

on 2015/2/24 10:50:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese capital Khartoum will host the 5th conference of the speakers of the parliaments of the IGAD member states Wednesday at the Friendship Hall.
The conference would review issues concerning the region, including the role of the parliaments in combating poverty and achieving the development and peace in the IGAD countries, in addition to the proposal of the liberation of the African decision making.

The conference will also tackle coordination between the IGAD Parliamentary Union and its executive secretariat, IGAD Parliamentary Union relationship with national parliaments, particularly on the policies and plans of the IGAD and the types of the projects that the governments could provide it with special budgets in the field of economic and trade integration.

It is to be noted that the conference executive council will hold a meeting later today Tuesday at the Friendship Hall to review the union's working plan for 2015, restructure of the IGAD parliament general secretariat beside the approval of the 5th conference's

The Sudanese First Vice President, lieutenant Gen, Bakri Hassan Salih will address the opening sitting of the conference on Wednesday.

on 2015/2/24 10:40:00

Open in new windowThe ex-rebel Liberation and Justice Movement (JEM) has officially announced its conversion into a political party, naming itself The Liberation and Justice National Party under the slogan (liberty , justice, development).

The announcement was made during a general founding conference of the party held Monday at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum which attended by leaderships and representatives of the political parties, members of the diplomatic missions, foreign and national organizations and broad participation of the party's members.

The chairman of the LJNP, the chairman of the Darfur Regional Authority Tigani Sessi, indicted in his address to the party's general conference the birth of the new political entity of LJN party as an addition to the democracy .

He explained that they wanted the party to be a creditable and a fair one that upholds the lofty values, and neutrally exercises the politics that leads to a dignified life for the public interest, and that builds its program on the aspirations and hopes of the Sudanese people.

He noted that his party is open for all the Sudanese people and rejects all types of nationalism and works under the umbrella of the peaceful democracy for sharing power as governed by the Act of the Council of Political Parties.

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