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on 2014/12/18 11:30:00

Open in new windowThe governor of South Kordofan State Adam Alfekki has affirmed the capability of the Armed Forces and the other regular forces to eradicate rebellion in the state shortly, appreciating the firm stand of the citizens in supporting the Armed Forces.
This came during a mobilization gathering held by the people's movement, the native administrations and the women sector at Kadugli Locality.
He called for release of the hostages who are detained by the rebellion and providing shelter and clothes to them.
Alfekki stressed that the rebellion can never halt the services and development process in South Kordofan State.
The governor has called on the citizens to unite their ranks, appreciating the citizens' steadfastness in confronting the rebellion.

on 2014/12/17 12:21:17

The First Vice - President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, has affirmed support of the Presidency to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the Northern State for keeping the heritage and history of the area, which represent a civilization heritage of the whole Sudan.
This came in his address to the conclusion of Al-Barkal Cultural, Tourism and Shopping Festival.
He called on the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the Northern State to preserve all the tourism areas and to enhance them.
The First Vice - President has appreciated the efforts exerted by the Northern State for success of the festival.
The First Vice - President praised the role and contribution of the State of Qatar to enhancing the tourism work in Sudan.
Bar Association to Organize Symposium on Constitution
The Bar Association is due to hold a symposium on the Constitution Today, at its headquarters in Al-Amarat Quarter, Street 61.
The symposium will be addressed by the international expert on human rights, lecturer at the American universities and former lecturer at the University of Khartoum, Prof. Abdalla Ahmed Al-Naeem.

on 2014/12/17 12:19:34

The Seventh Session of the Political Consultation between Sudan and the Sultanate of Oman, at the level of the Undersecretaries of the Foreign Ministries, was held yesterday at the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Sudanese side was chaired by the Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Abdalla Hamad Al-Azraq, while the Omani side was headed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman, Ahmed bin Yousif Al-Harethi.
The two sides have carried out a comprehensive review of the relations between Sudan and the Sultanate of Oman, besides discussing the issues of mutual concern and ways to push ahead the cooperation between the two countries in all domains, especially in the investment, trade and economic fields.

on 2014/12/17 12:06:10

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The Minister of Oil Ministry, Makawi Mohamed Awad in his address to the parliament yesterday, chaired by the deputy Speaker of the National Council, Issa Bashari, , revealed his ministry's plan to dig 253 wells to increase the oil and gas reserves, attract investments and the partners due depts.
He noted that the Ministry of Petroleum is planning in the year 2015 to increase the oil reserve to 65.4 million barrels and 300 bllion cupic feets of gas.
He said that the fuel supply will be provided from the Khartoum and Obied oil refineries to qualify refining capacity of 30.3 million crude barrels to produce 3.9 million metric tons of oil products.
The Minister of Petroleum has asserted the ministry work to provide the oil consumption from the domestic production, control of the imports, provide the due amount from the Finance Ministry, referring to the projects planned by the ministry to increase oil and gas production and increase oil extraction.
He pointed the continuation of studies on the oil fields, identifying the explored gas reserves and assessment of the discovered gas reserves in the squares 4,6,17 and conduct an expirmental project for the extraction of the rocks gas in square (8).
Makawi indicated that the ministry's plan for the year 2015 includes the increasing the production levels in different squares, via attracting partners, setting plans for the production and consumption of natural gas, the security of of oil supplies, increasingf storing facilities, carrying out economic and social development at the oil areas, concern with the building comprehensive data base in the oil sector, updating of laws and regulations and the application of control measures through using the monitoring, inspection and auditing methods.

on 2014/12/17 12:00:00

Chief Justice, Maulana Professor Haidar Ahmad Dafalla has delivered Sudan's statement before the fifteenth conference of the heads of the judiciary in the world, which will conclude sessions , today, in Lucknow, India .
The statement reviewed the efforts made by the judiciary in Sudan for the promotion and development of judicial work to support the prestige of the state and the rule of law .
The conference discussed a number of papers, concerning the coordination of efforts to improve the the judiciary work and the rule of law .
The conference is expected to come out with many recommendations that will contribute to the realization of joint cooperation between judiciary authorities in different countries of the world .

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