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on 2014/10/28 11:01:40

Open in new window Publication of electoral register for the elections of 2015 will begin Today all over the country as the registration and revision by deletion and amendment would also begin Today.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the National Election Commission, Prof. Mukhtar Al-Assam, will hold a press conference at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday at the commission's headquarters to launch publishing of the electoral register and the start of the registration, prior to touring the registration centers at Khartoum, Khartoum North and Omdurman Localities.

on 2014/10/28 10:57:10

The National Shura Council of the National Congress yesterday elected at Martyr Al-Zubair International Conference Hall Dr. Kabashor Kuku as its Chairman and Dr. Ihsan Al-Ghbushawi, Dr. Abdul-Hamid Musa Kasha, Dr. Mohamed Bashir Abdul-Hadi as deputies of the chairman and Mohamed Tahir Osham as the rapporteur of the Shura Council.
The Shura Council also elected 30 members for the Leadership Council, who are: Ibrahim Ghandour, Nafie Ali Nafie, Bakri Hassan Salih, Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, Al-Haj Adam Yousif, Intisar Abu-Najma, Samiya Ahmed Mohamed, Mustafa Osman Ismail, AAwad Al-Jaz, Amir Al-Fadil, Abdul-Jalil Al-Nazir Al-Karouri, Al-Fatih Izz-Eddin, Hamid Mumtaz, Sumaya Abu-Kashawa, Mahdi Ibrahim, Isam Ahmed Al-Bashir, Raja Hassan Khalifa, Halima Hassaballa, Al-Amin Dafaalla, Abdul-Rahman Al-Khidir, Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, Farah Mustafa, Yasser Yousif, Bilal Osman Bilal, Khamis Kajo Kinda, Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, Suad Al-Fatih Al-Badawi.

on 2014/10/27 10:31:13

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned a decision by the US President to renew the unilateral sanctions that were imposed on Sudan since 1997 for another year that begins on October 24, 2014. A statement issued by the ministry Sunday also asserted Sudan's rejection to the reasons and justifications mentioned by the American President for renewing the sanctions.
The statement stated that all countries in the world, excluding the United States and its ally Israel, have agreed through the UN General Assembly decisions that the unilateral economic sanctions are categorically rejected by the international community on ground that they pose flagrant violation to the International Law, human rights and the right of people's for realizing development and getting basic services in the fields of health, education and technology.
The Foreign Ministry stressed that Sudan will press ahead, despite the renewed unjustifiable sanctions, in its goals for realizing peace and accord through the national dialogue initiative, which was declared by the President of the Republic early in the year.
The statement reiterated Sudan's commitment to its responsibility toward its citizens in Darfur and to implement the Doha Document for Peace in in the western region of the country. The statement also affirmed Sudan government's commitment to continue dialogue with the armed movements in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile toward achieving comprehensive peace and sustainable development all over the country.

on 2014/10/27 10:30:00

Open in new windowThe Libyan Prime Minister Abdallah Atheni will arrive in Khartoum today Monday evening on a two-day visit. He will meet the President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Albashir, First Vice President of the Republic Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, Assistant of the President of the Republic Ibrahim Ghandour, and ministers to hold talks on issues of mutual concern.
The Sudan News Agency reported that the Libyan Prime Minister will be accompanied by a high-level delegation including the Deputy Prime Minister for Security Affairs, Almahdi Allabbad, Foreign Minister Mohamed Addayeri, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Abul-Gasim Masoud, Minister of Trade and Industry Manbar Attar and Adviser of the Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Bahia.

on 2014/10/27 10:20:00

Open in new windowA delegation of the Water, Agriculture and Animal Resources committee of the Tanzanian Parliament will begin today Monday a five-day visit to Sudan.
The Sudanese Undersecretary of the Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity Musa Omer said that the delegation will be led by the Tanzanian Minister of Water, Jumanne Maghembe, indicating that the visit comes in the context of the cooperation between the Nile Basin countries. He said that the Tanzanian delegation will be informed on Sudan experience in the management and development of water resources.
Omer said that the delegation will meet in Khartoum the Speaker of the National Assembly (parliament), Assistant of the President of the Republic Ibrahim Ghandour, and Ministers of Agriculture and Animal Resources. He indicated that the Tanzanian delegation will visit the Merowe Dam in north Sudan and the National Electricity Power Control Center at Soba and JIAD areas.

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