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on 2014/4/21 12:07:21

Open in new window Vice President, Dr. Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman, will open today in Western Kordofan town of El Fula the activities of summer work of the General Union of Sudanese Students .
In a press statement the activities of the summer work will kick off by the opening of several facilities including school, student union house in the State, a university auditorium and a heritage village, said Malik Yahia Ibrahim, president of the Union,
All activities of student summer work for the year 2014 will be presented and the participation of students will reflect heritage in the State, he said.
Mohamed Idriss Omer, information secretary of the union said the selection of West Kordofan as venue for the activities is intended to shift the state to a new reality and to reflect the role of students towards peace, stability and peaceful co-existence among all society components.
The summer activities provide an opportunity for students from across the State to meet to discuss how to boost development in the State, he added.
Al-Tahir Mohamed Al-Tahir, the secretary general of the Union said an ambitious plan was in place for summer work for this year including renovation of schools.

on 2014/4/21 12:03:02

Open in new window Assistant of the President of the Republic, Musa Mohamed Ahmed, received in his office at the Republican Palace Sunday a delegation of the Commission of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) led by Gen. Abdul-Aziz Mohamed Abdul-Rahman the acting Commissionr and representitives of East Sudan Front, in the presence of Gen. Yahia Mohamed Khair, the State Minister of the Ministry of Defense.
The acting Commissionor indicated that he briefed the Assistant of the President on the implementation of the East Sudan Peace Agreement regarding the demobilization of the East Front forces and the social reintegration of childeren and the operation-wounded persons, besides the commission's plan for the period 2014 - 2016 in this regard.
He noted that the re-integeration of the demoblized members of the East Fornt was carried out by 50%.
The acting Commissioner affirmed that the implementation of the security arrangements is prgressing well and that the commission is waiting for the donors support, especially the European Union to complete the implementation of the terms of East Sudan Peace Agreement.

on 2014/4/21 11:58:13

Open in new window The National Assembly's Committee of Economic and Financial Affairs held yesterday, in collaboration with the National Secretary for the Affairs of the World Tarde Organization and coordination with the European Union (EU), a workshop on speeding up Sudan joining to the World Trade Organization and updating of the Memorandum of the Commercial Policies.
The workshop discussed several working papers including the concept of the Worl Trade Organization; the Fundamental Principles and experiences of some countries recently joined WTO, the WTO Law and its Impact on Economic Reform, Legal Plan and the Required Legislations and the Sudan Position for Joining the World Trade Organization.
The Minister of Commerce, meanwhile, explained that the WTO dominates trade by 95% and includes 160 countries, stressing that the non-joining leads to the isolation of countries through prevention access to the global markets besides depriving them of the benefits of the organization.
The minister said, when addressing the workshop, that Sudan has been continuing its efforts to join the organization and for that great strides were made and submitted several memorandums, explaining that the effort was stopped for political and not commercial reasons.

on 2014/4/21 11:53:26

The Northern State singed with the Italian Nafta Company, at the Merowe Land Village Saturday, a contract on supply and installation of production and canning lines at the Karima Factory for Canning of Vegetables and Fruits..
The Governor of the Northern State and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Factory, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khadir signed on behalf of the state whereas the Director of Sales at Nafta Company signed for Nafta.
Dr. Al-Khadir lauded, when he addressed the signing ceremony, Sudan cooperation with the Italian and Saudi investors, stressing depth of the relations between Sudan and Italy, urging more investments between the state and sister and friendly countries
He reiterated his government commitment to support the efforts being exerted to operate the factory and to benefit from it in mobilizing the state's huge agricultural capabilities.
SUNA is to recall that the factory is a partnership among the state, the Saudi Abdal-Hadi Al-Gahtani Company and GIAD Company ..owns 27% of the shares..

on 2014/4/20 14:55:04

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Communist Party welcomed an initiative for national dialogue declared earlier by the President of the Republic. The spokesperson of the party Yousif Hussien said that more suitable environment was needed to make the dialogue a success. The political secretary of the party hailed on the other side during a symposium organized by the party Saturday, positive response by the police and regular forces in protecting and smooth running of the gathering.

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