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on 2015/5/26 8:40:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Journalists Union on Monday issued a statement rejecting confiscation of ten newspapers on Monday and the impact this has on the freedom of the press, describing the measure as regrettable.
Here under translation of the text of the statement:
The journalists in the Sudan have been taken by surprise, Monday morning, by the confiscation of ten daily newspapers ( namely al Khartoum, Akhir Lahza, al jareeda, al raie al aam, al intibaha, al Tayaar, al youm al tali, alwan, al sudani and al Akhbar) while four others (namely Al Intibaha, Akhir Lahza, Al Khartoum and Al Jareeda) were suspended in a very sorry development that brings to the mind the February incident in which 14 daily newspapers were confiscated in one day (February the 16th 2015).

The journalists Union, while rejecting these measures, points out to the negative impact this has on the press freedom in the Sudan, and in blowing up all efforts that the union has been exerting internally and externally to improve the image of the Sudan in the press freedom record in the world.

The Sudanese Journalists Union (SJU) would like to point out that what happened violates the press law for the year 2009 and all relevant international charters and regulations that rule the press freedom.

The Union would like to draw the attention to the fact that the suspension of four newspapers would eclipse the role of these enlightenment houses and their role in monitoring, and furthermore renders a huge number of journalists and other workers in these papers jobless, therefore the Union calls for halting all measures on the suspension of the newspapers and call for resorting to the courts of law.

Under the conditions our country and the whole region around us are witnessing, the journalists union calls on leaders of the newspapers and the journalists' community at large, to commit to responsible (reporting) so as to safeguard our social security.

The Union would like to announce to its membership that its executive office will remain in continued session and will raise the matter to the presidency of the Republic, Ministry of Information, National Council for Press and Publication and the National Intelligence and security Service (NISS), with the view to review what has happened and to put an end to these extraordinary measures.

on 2015/5/25 10:11:08

Open in new windowThe Sudanese President of the Republic Omar Albashir concluded a one day state visit to Qatar during which he met with the Emir of the State of Qatar sheikh Tameem Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Althani and reviewed with him issues of mutual interests on the development in the Arab region and on the regional and International arenas.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Ahmed Karti, has pointed out in press statement upon returning from Qatar Sunday evening, that the visit was within the context of an invitation extended by the Emir of Qatar to the President of the Republic, during their meeting on the margin of Sharm Sheikh Summit meeting to support Egyptian Economy.

Karti said president Albashir has briefed the Emir of Qatar on the overall situation inside the Sudan, particularly the process of the implementation of the Doha Peace Agreement for Darfur and how this reflected on the ground, beside the relations between the Sudan and South Sudan.

He has expressed during the meeting his appreciation for the leadership, government and the people of Qatar for the continued support for the peace process in the Sudan, adding that the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur has met all the demands of the Darfur people.

He said the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tameem Bin Hamad Althani has announced his country's agreement to implement additional investment projects in the Sudan, expressing more development, stability, progress and prosperity for the Sudan.

on 2015/5/25 10:10:00

Open in new windowThe National Assembly (parliament) will hold its first procedural sitting in Monday the first of June, in accordance with the Republican decree No 5 for the year 2015 concerning the President of the Republic invitation to the National Assembly to convene.
The council's secretary general has invited the MPS to attend the completion of the procedures preceding the sitting on the first June.

on 2015/5/25 10:00:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese state Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kamal Ismail met Sunday at his office with a delegation of the African committee for the Human and Peoples rights, led by commissioner Lawerance Morugo Mot, and discussed the situations of the human rights in the African continent, related agreements, besides tackling the committee's meetings set to be held in October in Banjoul .

Commissioner Lawerance has claimed the facilitation for the delegation's mission via the holding of meetings with different civil society organization and the human rights concerned institutions.

He noted that the delegation's mission is to follow up the situations of human rights, woman's rights in the Sudan and to inspect the obstacles and challenges facing the work in this field.

The state minister on his part welcomed the commissioner and the accompanying delegation, saying Sudan was committed to facilitate and provide all guarantees for the committee to carry out its duties in a proper manner.

He said the committee will hold meetings with the persons and organizations of the civil society and the institutions concerned with human rights, stressing that the Sudan respects woman's rights which were governed by the religious rules and legislation and the social traditions of the country.

Mr. Lawerance pointed out that the delegation will issue a press release at the conclusion of the visit, which will end on 28th May.

The visiting delegation will meet with the Advisory Council for Human Rights and various institutions and the other relevant civil society organizations. It will equally pay a visit to the city of Alfashir, capital of north Darfur state, and meet with the state's government and visit the displaced people’s camps in the state.

It is worth mentioning that the African Committee of Human Rights is the body concerned with the reports of the promotion and protection of human rights in the African Union countries, and pays routine visits to the African states to inspect the different aspects of human rights situations in the African countries and provide a detailed report on each country in the committee's meetings scheduled to hold two sittings in April and October of each year.

on 2015/5/25 9:50:00

Open in new windowThe Foreign Ministry of Sudan has affirmed the government's serious efforts to calm down the situations and restore stability in the South Sudan, referring to the negative impact of the growing tensions in the neighboring country.
The Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ali Assadig responding to a question by journalists pointed out that the stability in the South Sudan is a part of the stability of Sudan, reiterating Sudan's Keenness to solve the problems between the disputed parties in South Sudan.
He ruled out the intervention of Sudan in the conflicts in the South Sudan 'We have no interest to interfere' he insisted.
On the situation of the Sudanese community in the South Sudan, he indicated that they have not received any negative report in this connection.

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