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on 2014/9/27 8:58:22

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Vice President Hassabo AbdulRahamn will attend today Saturday signing of reconciliation agreement between the Hamr and Maalia tribes in the Foola town of West Kordofan state. The governor of the state Maj.Gen. Ahmed Khamis said that the agreement wil end disputes and clashes between the two tribes. He added that the agreement will pave the way for another reconciliation agreements between the Aolad Imran and Zeyood and Rizigaat and Maalia.
It is to be noted that a delegation from the ministry of decentralization led by the minister Farah Mustapha has arrived earlier in Alfoola own to arrange for the signing of the reconciliation agreement.

on 2014/9/27 8:50:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Minister of Justice Mohamed Dosa has asserted that there was an international consensus during the deliberations of the human rights council in Geneva regarding positive developments in the Sudan, considering that as an advanced step which would support the political national dialogue, economic issues (the lifting of the sanctions and writing off the foreign debts), and enhance the human rights and political entities to unite. Dosa noted in statements to Umdorman Radio Program (Radio Conference), that the human rights council has appointed an independent expert to prepare a report on the situation of the human rights in the Sudan, adding that the Sudan has strongly participated recently in the works of the council with programs , plans, policies and effective participation.

on 2014/9/27 8:40:00

Open in new windowThe Sudan’s Ambassador to Nigeria Tajul-sir Mahjoub has participated recently in festivals of the peace international day in the Sheraton Hotel in Abuja the national capital of Nigeria. Ambassador Tajul-Sir who was awarded last February from the international federation for peace the title of Ambassador of Peace has presented a lecture on peace titled : The Rights of Peoples to Peace and the Responsibility of Leaders for Peace, and was awarded a certificate of merit (peace-loving international citizen) from the international federation for peace.

on 2014/9/27 8:30:00

The Sudan has appreciated the strong support of the African and Arab groups in the 27th session of the Human Rights International Council held in Geneva.
The Justice Minister Mohamed Dosa has extended thanks and gratitude to Ethiopia for its leadership to African group in its strong stance with the Sudan and it is submission to draft of resolutions on the Sudan which had contributed in the persuasion of the rest of the states on the necessity to support and stand beside the Sudan.
He also extended thanks and gratitude to the United Arab Emirates which had submitted a report from the Arab Group in which it lauded the Sudan's efforts and cooperation with the council and the independent expert, referring to the national dialogue due to take place in the Sudan.
Dosa has also appreciated in statements from Geneva to Umdurman Radio Program (Radio Conference) all the council's member states that have positively indicated the Sudan’s cooperation and development in the field of human rights, particularly the legislation in this regard, the national dialogue and the law for the prevention of human trafficking.

on 2014/9/25 11:19:18

Open in new window Assistant of the President of the Republic and Deputy Chairman of National Congress Party (NCP) for the Party's Affairs Prof Ibrahim Ahmed Ghandour, has called for renunciation of regionalism, tribalism and racism.
This came in his address to the inaugural sitting of the NCP General Conference in West Darfur in Genaina saying that '' the person who calls for tribalism we remind him and remind him again and then we hold him accountable''.
He said that nothing impedes development, but disunity and discord, vowing the continuity of the partnership between the NCP and Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM), adding that this partnership will go ahead.
He appreciated the distinguished relations between Chad and Sudan, praising the Chadian President, Idris Deby, for his efforts for achieving peace in Sudan.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of NCP in the West Darfur State Abu AL-Gasim Baraka has affirmed the end of tribalism and regionalism phenomena in the state, saying'' we have buried the tribalism and regionalism and we will head to the party institutions, referring to challenges facing the next session of the NCP in the state including the elections, the unity of rank and the voluntary repatriation.
The Governor of West Darfur State and Deputy Chairman of LJM, Haidar Galocoma Ateem, assured that the state his state is united and that his government realized many achievements via the distinguished partnership with NCP and other parties, calling for preservation of this partnership, stability and the state unity.

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