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on 2015/3/25 11:18:51

Open in new window Ambassadors accredited to the Sudan and members of diplomatic corps, and foreign communities in Khartoum, will launch on the 4th of April, the people's friendship Initiative organized by the People's Friendship Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies and foreign communities in Khartoum, led by the Venezuelan embassy in Khartoum.
The initiative, the first of its kind in Africa, will begin with a walk carnival that starts at the confluence of the two Niles in Khartoum at five in the evening and end up at the Friendship Hall, involving government officials, diplomats and the communities in Khartoum.
The Secretary General of the Council Abdul Moneim Al Sunni has pointed out in the regular Sudan News Agency FORUM that the initiative seeks to boost the concept of popular diplomacy among the people of the world under the slogan of "As The Two Niles Embrace-so the people of the world in the Sudan.
He said the programmes of the carnival will witness artistic shows, musical and artistic troupes reflecting the countries of the various countries of the world taking part in the event.
He said the various ambassadors accredited to the Sudan have welcomed the initiative as presented to them by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, calling on the various communities in the Sudan to join and take part in the carnival.
He added that arrangements have been made for the participation of a Venezuelan artistic troupe.
Ambassador Anival Marcos of Venezuela in the Sudan has meanwhile pointed out that this would be a historic event and expresses the deep friendship between the people of Latin America and Africa.
He said the initiative is an expression of the South-South cooperation and how they express their love. He said the march reaffirms that Sudan is a secure country that calls for peace. He said this is the first time the initiative takes place in African. It was first organized in Canada.
He said he works to bring to live the advice by the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to work for a secure and stable Sudan. The ambassador has meanwhile welcomed the signing by Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt of the agreement on the Renaissance Dam.

on 2015/3/25 11:12:55

Open in new window President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, will leave Today for Saudi Arabia on a two-day visit at the invitation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz.
Sudan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Abdul-Hafiz Ibrahim, said that the visit of President Al-Bashir to Saud Arabia will have a qualitative progress in consolidating the cooperation and integration between the two countries.
He said in a press statement , that the visit of President Al-Bashir will reinforce the ongoing cooperation between Sudan and Saudi Arabia in the political field through the exchange of support to the stances of the two countries at the regional and international forums.
Ambassador Ibrahim expected the talks between the two sides to discuss ways to boost the cooperation on the Islamic issues as well as the situation at the Arab World, especially in Yemen and Libya.
Meanwhile, President Al-Bashir will lead Sudan delegation for the Arab Summit in the Egyptian Sharmal-Sheikh city during March 28 - 29.
In a press statement, Sudan Ambassador to Egypt, Abdul-Mahmoud Abdul-Halim, said that the Arab summit will review a number of issues and challenges facing the Arab World, including the situation in Libya, Syria and Yemen, the Palestinian question and the issue of terrorism and terrorist movements.
He indicated that the Arab summit will also review the initiative of the President of the Republic on the Arab food security, adding that Sudan delegation will follow up issues and projects of concern to Sudan, including the lifting of unilateral sanctions and support to the development in Sudan.
Ambassador Abdul-Mahmoud said that President Al-Bashir will meet on the sidelines of the Arab Summit in Sharmal-Sheikh with Arab leaders to discuss the bilateral relations between Sudan and their respective countries as well as issues of mutual concern.
It is to be recalled that the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Obeidalla Mohamed Obeidalla, will head Sudan delegation for the meetings of the Arab Foreign Ministers, scheduled to begin Thursday to prepare for the Arab summit.

on 2015/3/25 10:59:04

The First Vice - President, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, yesterday received in his office the Secretary General of the National Council for Strategic Planning, Dr. Abbas Korena, who briefed the First Vice - President on outcome of Sudan participation in the meeting of strategic planning experts which was held lately in the Zambian capital, Lusaka, to discuss the African 10-year plan for the period (2013 - 2014).
Dr. Korena said that Sudan vision on the 10-year plan was appreciated by the African experts especially that adopted the strategic planning since the year 1992.
He said that Sudan could play a remarkable role in implementation of the continental projects in the fields of the food security, electricity power and railways.
Dr. Korena indicated that the discussed with the First Vice - President the arrangements for absorbing the state's reform plan in the strategic plans.

on 2015/3/25 10:57:51

Open in new window The Minister of Foreign Relations, Ali Ahmed Karti, yesterday, received the Russian ambassador to Khartoum, and discussed with him bilateral relations and means of enhancing them in all fields, especially in mining domain.
Karti thanked the Ambassador for Russia support to Sudan in international forums, expressing hope that Russia to play positive role in backing the tripartite agreement signed in Khartoum yesterday.
The Russian Ambassador, on his part, offered his congratulation to the Minister and Government and people of Sudan on historic of hosting and brokering the signing ceremoney of agreement of the Ethiopian Great Renaissance Dam (GERD).
He also conveyed to the Minister views of the diplomatic community in Khartoum about the Agreement, which, he said, reflected the key role played by Sudan in a number of regional issues, praising flexibility in Sudanese leadership dealing with issues of foreign policy in the region.
The Russian Ambassador affirmed participation of a Russian team of observers in monitoring elections slated for coming April.

on 2015/3/25 10:54:00

Open in new window The Economic Sector of the Council of Ministers, heads by the Minister of Finance, Badr-Eddin Mahmoud, yesterday approved a report on the economic performance in the year 2014.
The report indicated that the growth rate in the Gross Domestic Product has increased by 3.59, the public revenues performance has increased while the gross deficit in the general budget and the deficit in the balance of payment have dropped in the year 2014.
The report explained that the total of the cultivated area in the past year reached 52.26.9 million feddans (acres) which produced 6.2.10 million feddans/
According to the report, the total of the millet-cultivated area reached 1.08 million feddans and the total wheat-cultivated area amounted to 514 thousand feddans.
The report stated that the revenues of the livestock exports reached 731 million dollars, the total of production was 73 tons, the sugar production was 811 thousand tons, the cement production was 3.5 million tons, and the produced electricity power was 11.378 gigawatt/hour.
According to the report, the project of Upper Atbara and Setet Dams was 97%, and that the number of tourists was 683,618 persons who spent 855.4 million dollars.

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