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on 2014/7/21 11:35:24

Open in new windowThe Vice President of the Republic, Hassabo Abdul-Rahman, received in his office at the Republican Palace Sunday the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdul-Hafiz Al-Saddiq, and discussed the preparations for the participation of Sudan at the Great Lakes Summit, scheduled in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, during July 21 - 24.
The minister explained that Sudan's delegation will present at the summit a paper that reflects Sudan's vision on the youth employment and the challenges facing the youths.
He referred to the progress that was achieved by Sudan in the field of youth and graduates' employment. He said that the coming Lakes Summit will provide a good opportunity to benefit from the experiences of the other participating countries in the field of youth employment.
The minister added that the summit is expected to sign a document pertinent to the employment of youths and reviving their role at the society.

on 2014/7/21 11:30:28

Open in new windowThe National Council for Press and Publication has condemned the heinous aggression that was committed against the Editor-in-Chief of Alttayar newspaper, Osman Mirghani, at his office on Saturday. In a statement it issued Sunday, the Council affirmed that the freedom of expression is guaranteed for all, indicating that Osman Mirghani was expressing his own view in an important issue which is taking place in a dear part of the Arab World (Palestine), despite the fact that the majority of the Sudanese people have a different vision from his. The statement stated that aggressors should have adopted a civilized method in responding to Osman Mirghani instead of the physical attacking and the verbal harshness that they have used against him.
The Council of Press and Publication indicated that such an incident was strange and rare in the Sudanese society, hoping that this incident will never happen again.
The council expressed its confidence that the Police and Security forces will be able to arrest the culprits and bring them before justice.

on 2014/7/21 10:52:37

Open in new windowThe government of North Darfur State has condemned the killing of 13 innocent civilians by elements of an armed movement Saturday when an ambush was staged against a commercial convoy en route from Alfasher to Kabkabiya, composed of two vehicles, at Ammar area, 30-kilometers far from Alfasher city.
In a press statement, the governor of North Darfur State, Osman Kibir said that the heinous aggression came in a series of criminal attacks that are being perpetrated by the rebel armed movements.
He said that the attack has affirmed brutality and insolvency of the armed movements and their lack of logic and purpose, affirming that all the people of North Darfur State have rejected such a barbaric aggression which has claimed lives of innocent women, children and elders.
Kibir called on the UNAMID and the organizations to condemn the heinous aggression and to adopt measures against those who committed the shocking crime.

on 2014/7/21 10:37:55

Open in new windowThe well-known economic expert and lecturer at the University of Khartoum, Dr. Mohamed Aljack Ahmed, has called on the state to work for removing all the obstacles that impeding the tourism sector in the country. In a statement to the Sudan News Agency, Dr. Al-Jack has said that the tourism industry is considered one of the most important and big types of industries in the world that support the states' economies. He said that the largest oil and minerals producing countries, such as United Arab Emirates, give tourism greatest concern, in consideration of the fact that oil is a depleting and unreliable wealth in the future.

on 2014/7/21 10:28:47

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Secretary General of the Council for Children Welfare Amal Mahmoud will take part in the Day of the Girls Summit to be hosted and organized by the government of the United Kingdom and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in London on July 28th. This was stated to the Sudan News Agency by the Secretary of Media at the Council who revealed that the summit will discuss issues of female mutilation and the early and compulsory marriage.
It is expected that participants in the summit would come out with general commitments to boost the girl rights in the world and encourage others to take the required measures to put an end to the harmful practices.

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