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on 2014/10/21 11:05:32

Open in new window The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Issa Beshri has affirmed the Parliament's support to the BNational Group for Human Rights, laudingthe growing role being played by the group in human rights issues in the country. Dr, Beshri addressing, yesterday, the workshop on the appointment of rapporteur for the unilateral sanctions, which co-organized by the Parliament and the group, lauded the achievements and successes realized by the group to defend the country and the Sudanese citizen against the unilateral sanctions imposed on Sudan.

on 2014/10/21 11:03:19

Deputy Chief Justice, Dr. Mohamed Al-Hassan Hussein Sharfi, has affirmed the Judiciary readiness to cooperate judicially with Morocco.
This came when he received yesterday at the visiting Judiciary a delegation of the Moroccan Police, which is headed by the Assistant Director of Morocco Police, Gen. Ahmed Al-Damani
Sharfi has called for further strengthening to the relations between Sudan and Morocco in all domains, especially in the judicial field.
He informed the Moroccan delegation with the experience of Sudan Judiciary in the distribution of courts and the judicial bodies, besides the role of the Judicial Police.
Meanwhile, head of the Moroccan Police delegation, Gen. Ahmed Al-Damani, called for consolidation of the bilateral relations and cooperation between Sudan and Morocco.

on 2014/10/21 11:02:21

The Embassy of Turkey in Khartoum announced that Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Justice and Development for External Affairs, Yasin Aktay, will participate at the General Conference of the Sudanese National Congress, scheduled during October 23 - 25 in Khartoum.

on 2014/10/20 11:02:32

Open in new window President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, yesterday returned home after a two-day visit to Cairo at the invitation of the Egyptian President, Abdul-Fatah Al-Sisi
He was received upon return at Khartoum Airport by the First Vice - President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih
In a press statement, the Minister of Investment, Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, has described the visit as successful by all means, referring to the deeply-rooted and historic relations between the Sudanese and Egyptian peoples
He said that President Al-Bashir has held talks with the Egyptian President and met with a delegation of Egyptian elites and conducted dialogue with the bilateral relations and regional and international issues of mutual concern.
Dr. Ismail said that the President of the Republic also met with Egyptian investors and businessmen and deliberated about the fields of investments in Sudan and the Egyptian investments in the country, calling on the Egyptian investors to benefit from the four freedoms agreement
Dr. Ismail said that the President of the Republic has held a meeting with President Al-Sisi prior to his return to Khartoum and exchanged views on political, economic and external relations issues.
On the issue of Halaib, Dr. Ismail said that the two sides agreed to review the agreed upon issues and then to discuss the disputed issues, adding that the two presidents have called on the media in two countries to live up to the challenge and to protect the interests of the two countries.

on 2014/10/20 11:00:04

Open in new window The First Vice President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Barki Hassan Salih, has got acquinted with the outcome of the visit of the Minister of Finance and National Economy to the United States of America and his participation in the annual meeting of the Group of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB), during which he informed on the Sudan economic performance in the past period and the positive aspects of the economy performance approved by the WB and the positive developments on the political aspects.
The Finance Minister Dr. Bader-Eddin Mahmoud indicted , following his meeting with the First Vice President at the Republican Palace Sunday, that he has briefed him on the outcomes of the meetings with a number of the arab and African ministers and the officials of the world bank and the positive outcomes achieved , specially in regard of the IMF program with the sudan and the WB projects in the sudan
He noted that the meeting has also tackled the five-year program and the directives of the new budget due to be presented to the Council of Ministers, the positive indications in the economic performance, the low rates of inflation and the improvement of the exchange rate, pointing to the positive developments in the treatment of external debt
He also said that he has briefed the First Vice President on the Finance Ministry preparation for financing the winter season

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