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on 2015/4/25 11:31:40

Open in new window President Omar Bashir yesterday addressed the Eastern African Standby forces policy organs meetings held in Khartoum.
The president has stressed in his statement that the position adopted by the Troika group towards the elections in the Sudan and in which forty four political parties took part, will not affect the democratic or the National dialogue process in the country.
The president told he Eastern African Standby forces' policy organs meetings on Friday that Sudan stand ready with its resources and expertise and its defense industry's infrastructure , in the service of the African continent so that the continent be free of any conflicts or wars.
The President has called on the African government to unite their political will to form the basis for peace and security and for serious work to probe the root causes of the conflicts in the continent, considering their regional and international dimension and to put in place solution through the existing mechanisms.
He said it was imperative to review the causes behind the internal conflicts in the continent and which are emanating from tribalism and the fierce competition on scare resources.
The president pointed to the role played by the Sudan in the continent and to the successful experiences in forming border protection and border supervision forces, a matter that reflected positively on stability of the border areas and on putting an end to the cross border crimes, arms trade, human trafficking and drugs as well as other crimes that thrive in the absence of monitors on the borders.
The president has drawn the attention of the conferees to take into consideration the foreign agendas of some forces that spur sedition and want conflicts in the continent to continue, with the aim of denying the continent from forming a united front and an effective alliance that would defend the African right in science, knowledge and technology.
The president pointed out to the suffering inflected on the Sudan by the unjust economic siege and which continued for now twenty-five years but stressed that the Sudan has not succumb and on the contrary managed to achieve a number of objectives, and goals, notwithstanding the plots of the enemies of the country.

on 2015/4/25 11:24:33

The People's Movement party (the peace wing) has announced its accession to the Council of the Government of the National Unity parties to exercise political work in the country as it is now converted into a political party.
The party's chairman, Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Aradieb noted in a press conference, Thursday, at the headquarters of the council of the national unity parties, that his party has formulated a peace program because it intends to be part of the country's political process.
He revealed in this regard that the People's Movement party, peace wing, would invest its relations with the rebel movements and their leaders to pursuade them into joining the peace process.
Gen. Aradieb has described his party as an exceptional one that has converted from an armed movement into a political party, hailing the party's military leaders for laying down their arms and opting for peace and construction.
He underlined the need for the inclusion of the movement's members int the regular organnizations.
The party's rapporteur , Husein Hamodi has asserted that the party seeks with all its capabilities to work with the executive bodies of the coming government to meet with arms holders in the field and invite them to join the peace process, referring to the party's mechanism which was agreed upon with the government to work for bringing closer the views of the arms holders.

on 2015/4/25 11:00:00

Open in new window The National Elections Commission (NEC), will hold next Monday , at the main hall of the Friendship Hall, at 12:00 a.m, a press conference to announce the result of the presidential elections and the results of the geographical, national and the states constituencies.

on 2015/4/23 10:15:13

Open in new windowThe Sudanese First Vice-President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih has reiterated strength of relations between Sudan and United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Sudan's resolve to enhance them in a way serving interests of the two peoples.

Receiving the UAE Ambassador to Sudan Hassan Ahmed Al-Shahi in the Republican Palace Wednesday, on occasion of expiry of his assignment to Sudan, the First Vice-President commended the progress achieved in relations of the two countries which will boost joint cooperation.

The UAE Ambassador, on his part, expressed appreciation to the government and people of Sudan for cooperation he found during his work in Sudan.

on 2015/4/23 10:10:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese state Minister for Foreign Affairs Kamal Ismail received on Wednesday the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Sudan Tilal Mansour Al-Hajiri and discussed progress of relations between Sudan and Kuwait and means of boosting them in all domains, especially in economic field.

The Kuwaiti Ambassador handed over the State Minister an invitation extended to the Foreign Minister Ali Karti from his Kuwaiti counterpart Sabah Ahmed Alsabah to participate in the 42nd session of the Ministerial Council of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) which will take place on May 27-28.

The State Minister commended the relations between Sudan and Kuwait, referring to hosting the meetings of the Joint Sudanese-Kuwaiti Ministerial Committee by Kuwait and that Sudan is keen to implement outcome of the Committee's meetings for enhancing relations between the two countries in all domains.

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