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on 2014/12/17 11:46:15

The Higher Committee for the celebrations of the 56 anniversary of the country's independence day in Khartoum state is due to organize a ceremony for the declaration of the independence from within the parliament, Jan. 18th, at the hall of the state's legislative council.
The event is due to be attended by the Vice -President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman at 9:00 morning.
The representatives of political and national entities will also address the cermoney.

on 2014/12/17 11:40:59

The Bar Association is due to hold a symposium on the Constitution Today, at its headquarters in Al-Amarat Quarter, Street 61.
The symposium will be addressed by the international expert on human rights, lecturer at the American universities and former lecturer at the University of Khartoum, Prof. Abdalla Ahmed Al-Naeem.

on 2014/12/16 11:00:00

Open in new windowThe President of Sudan Field Marshal Omer Albashir has called for providing requirements to implement the policies of the National Higher Education and Scientific Research Council, besides providing the ministry's requirements of infrastructures, especially at the national universities. This came when he received Monday in his office at the Council of Ministers the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Sumaya Abu-Kashawa.
In a press statement after the meeting, the minister said that she acquainted the President of the Republic with progress of work at the ministry concerning the admission at the universities and arrangements to enhance the conditions of the university lecturers and the efforts to improve the service conditions and to provide training.
She said that the President of the Republic has given a directive to provide funding for the scientific research at the universities.

on 2014/12/16 10:50:00

Open in new windowThe First Vice President of the Sudan Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, has given a directive to the Higher Council for Federal Governance , East Darfur State and tribal Chieftains to coordinate and work seriously for completing the reconciliation between Rezaigat and Maalia, which will be hosted in Merowe city, the Northern State, in the near future. in a press statement, after his meeting at the Republican Palace with the First Vice President , the Minister of the Higher
Council for Federal Governance Farah Mustafa explained that the meeting reviewed the ongoing arrangements to convene the reconciliation conference between the two tribes.
He pointed to the efforts being exerted by East Darfur State's government and the Higher Council for Federal Governance to bring together the views between the two tribes. The meeting was attended by a delegation of chieftains and government officials of East Darfur state
Meanwhile, Farah said that the delegation of the tribal leaderships will go to East Darfur to follow up the reconciliation procedures and to set a deadline for consultation with the two tribes before heading to Merowe city for the reconciliation.

on 2014/12/16 10:40:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Vice President of the Republic Hassabo Abdul- Rahman has directed the concerned authorities to speed up implementation of the security arrangements for the forces of the former rebel Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) in accordance with the Darfur Document for Peace in Darfur.
This came during his meeting at the Republican Palace with the Governor of West Darfur State and Chairman of the Higher Committee for the Security Arrangements for the LJM Forces, Haidar Galukoma.
The governor has briefed Hassabo on the overall security, political and economic situation in the West Darfur state.
In press statements after his meeting with the Vice President, Haidar Galukoma said that the meeting tackled the security arrangements and measures for absorbing those forces at the training camps.
The governor affirmed that the coming days will witness the transfer of those forces from their sites to the training camps that were prepared for them in North ,South , West and Central Darfur states.
Galukoma said that he briefed the Vice President on the progress of the agricultural season and harvest preparations that are being done as well as the stability being witnessed in the state.

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