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on 2014/10/18 10:10:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Vice President of the Republic Hassabou Abdal-Rahman discussed with a delegation from Mali headed by the Speaker of the Parliament importance of boosting cooperation between the two countries and coordination of the regional and international stances to serve the peoples of the two countries and the African continent. The meeting also tackled the role that the Sudan could play to support stability in Mali.
In statement to the Sudan News Agency, the Malian Parliament Speaker has praised the increasing role of Sudan in the African continent. He revealed that his meetings with the state officials confirmed coincidence of views on all issues discussed.
It is worth mentioning that the meeting was attended by the Sudanese Speaker of the National Assembly and the chairpersons of the assembly's committees.

on 2014/10/18 9:50:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese President Omer Albashir leaves today Saturday for Egypt in a two-day official visit responding to an invitation by his Egyptian counterpart Abdal-Fatah Al-Sisi. The two Presidents will hold talks to discuss bilateral ties. President Albashir will be accompanied by the Ministers of the Presidency , Foreign Affairs , Electricity and Water Resources , Investment , Labour and Defence and the Director of the Security and Intelligence Service.
The Media Secretary of the President of the Republic Emad Sid-Ahmed said, in statement to the Sudan News Agency, that the two presidents would hold talks on the bilateral relations between the two countries and issues of mutual concern besides a regional developments.

on 2014/10/18 9:40:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese President Omer Albashir has met the Higher Coordination Committee for the Conference of the Comprehensive National Dialogue where he was briefed on the developments on the activities of the committee within the final arrangements for holding the general assembly of the 83 parties participating in the dialogue prior to its launch. The Minister of Information and spokesman of the parties of the Unity Government Ahmed Bilal said to the press that the committee of (7+7) submitted a detailed report to the President of the Republic on steps and envisage to the holding of the general assembly of the parties participating in the dialogue besides the road map agreement signed with the gun holders in Addis Ababa.
The minister explained that the meeting decided holding of the general assembly on Sunday, adding that it was also agreed upon the agenda of the assembly including a call for granting more authorization to the (7+7) committee to set the details among which selection of the Committee of Fifty.

on 2014/10/18 9:20:00

Open in new windowThe National Elections Commission (NEC) of Sudan has issued a guide on registration for the next general elections including the principles, management and ways of the registration process as well as the required documents, the rights and duties of local and international observers, agents of parties and media representatives.
The whole guide is published on the website of the National Elections Commission.

on 2014/10/16 11:20:00

Open in new window Vice - President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, received in his office yesterday the Chairman of Darfur Regional Authority, Dr. Al-Tigani Al-Sessi, and discussed implementation of 3015 development projects in Darfur region.
The meeting discussed the commitment of the donors to their pledges concerning rehabilitation in Darfur.
Dr. Al-Sessi expressed Sudan gratitude over Qatar's signing to a memo of understanding with the UNDP on assignment of 88 million dollars for implementing short-term development and rehabilitation projects in Darfur.
He said that Darfur Regional Authority has adopted a number of decisions to boost the state's dignity.
Dr. Al-Sessi has referred to postponement of convocation of the social peace conference due to the current situation in East Darfur State.
He welcomed the efforts of the Chadian President, Idris Deby, for uniting the armed movements so as to join the peace process in Darfur.

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