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on 2014/11/20 9:50:00

Open in new windowThe African Union on Wednesday commended the Sudan for hosting a recent human trafficking conference held in Khartoum Oct.13-16, organized by the African Union. In a memorandum it sent to the government, the African Union expressed appreciation for the efforts deployed by the Sudan for convening the conference.
It noted that the Sudan is one of the first countries to successfully stand against the practice, both on the preventive, punitive and legal measures.

on 2014/11/20 9:40:00

Open in new windowThe Chairman of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union Isam Alamir discussed with the Sudanese visiting State Minister of Information Yassir Yousif horizons of cooperation between Sudan and Egypt in the information field and means of enabling Sudan benefit from the potentialities of the Egyptian Broadcast and Television in the different media fields. Yassir said that the leaders of Sudan and Egypt stated that the media organs are greatly responsible for realizing integration between the two nations.
He appreciated the deeply-rooted cultural and media relations between Sudan and Egypt, stressing that the historical ties between the two countries can never be affected by any political conditions.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union has welcomed the cooperation between the two countries, referring to the former role of the former Cairo-based Nile Valley Radio in cementing the relations between the two peoples.
He called for the exchange of historic and cultural programs and implementing joint TV programs between the two Egyptian and Sudanese TV Corporations.
He said that offices for correspondents would be established in Cairo and Khartoum.

on 2014/11/19 13:05:06

Open in new window President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Bashir issued yesterday a Republican Decree appointing Ishag Adam Bashir Gamaa as State Minister at the Ministry Roads and Bridges.

on 2014/11/19 13:03:23

Open in new window The First Vice President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Barki Hassan Salih, met yesterday at the Republican Palace with Mahboub Mau'alim, the Executive Secretary of the Inter-Governmental Authority for Development (IGAD).
Al-Mahboub noted in a press statement that he has briefed the First Vice President on the process of the work in the organization and its efforts for the closely follow-up of the current political and economical events in the region.
He asserted keenness of the IGAD to exert all efforts with the international community and the organizations for lifting the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan to enable it to achieve the development for its people and to consolidate the peace and stability of the country.
He said that as part of its contribution, the IGAD requested from the World Bank to fund the implementation of the Initiative of the Horn of Africa with one billion dollars, adding that Sudan is among the beneficiary countries in the Horn of Africa.

on 2014/11/19 12:44:54

Open in new window The Speaker of the National Asembly, Dr. Al-Fateh Ezedeen was briefed on the future programs and projects of the Sudanese Journalists Unio (SJU) .
This came, yesterday, when, Dr.Ezedden received SJU delegation headed by the Security General, Salah Omer Al-Sheikh who said in a press statement following the meeting that Ezedden expressed support and sponsorship to all SJU projects , calling for strengthening the role of Sudan mass media in regional and international arenas .
He said the press is a genuine partner in the state's economic development projects, renewing the parliament's support to press freedom issues in the country as it considered one of the basics of the National Dialogue .

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