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on 2014/7/23 9:55:01

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Vice President of the Republic Hassabo Abdul-Rahman has given directive on formation of a central commit to address the conditions of the Sudanese returnees from the South Sudan to the Blue Nile State. This came during his meeting Tuesday in his office at the Council of Ministers with the governor of the Blue Nile State Hussein Yassin Hamad who explained in a statement to the Sudan News Agency that he briefed the Vice President on the state preparations of the agriculture season. He said that his government was exerting efforts to provide the required assistance for the returnees, calling on the federal government to help the state open tracks to absorb the livestock of the returnees and to work for finding pastures for them in the state as well as providing them with education, health, veterinary and water services.
The governor of the Blue Nile State said that the Vice President has directed the Strategic Reserves to provide the returnees with their need for Dura (sorghum).

on 2014/7/23 9:46:14

Open in new windowThe National Election Commission (NEC) was informed on preparations of the Ministry of Information for the 2015 elections and its response to giving equal opportunities for all the political parties participating at the election process at the national media organs. The Election Commission held Tuesday a meeting with the Ministry of Information, in the presence of the Information Minister Ahmed Bilal Osman, State Minister at the ministry Yasser Yousif, and ministry's undersecretary Abdul-Majid Haroun. The Information Minister indicated in statement to the Sudan News Agency that the meeting tackled the necessity of enhancing the coordination between the commission and the ministry before, during and after the election process in the country. He asserted his ministry's readiness to cooperate with the commission in its national work which involves all the political and social Sudanese sectors.
The Chairman of the Election Commission Mukhtar Al-Asam, noted that the meeting reviewed the process for giving equal opportunities to all the Sudanese political parties.
He pointed to the agreement between the commission and the Information Minister on formation of a joint mechanism between the commission and the ministry to enhance the awareness of all the components of the Sudanese community about the elections.
Al-Asam revealed that two weeks following Eid Al-Fiter would witness the announcement of the final election's timetable, calling on the political parties to get ready for this stage.

on 2014/7/23 9:40:00

Open in new windowThe Minister of Justice Mohamed Bushara Dosa received Tuesday a delegation of the National Election Commission (NEC) led by the chairman Mukhtar Alasam. The meeting was attended by the State Minister and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Prosecutor General and heads of the specialized administrations at the ministry. The minister welcomed the delegation wishing them a success for holding transparent, lawful, fair and free elections that guarantee the rights of all people, expressing his confidence over the NEC newly-appointed members.
Meanwhile, Alasam affirmed the NEC readiness to hold the 2015 elections in accordance with the law .

on 2014/7/23 9:34:51

Open in new windowThe Ambassador of Ethiopia to Sudan Abadi Zimo has appreciated the firm ties and good neighborliness between Sudan and Ethiopia, calling for more consolidation to the bilateral relations in all domains. At a Ramadan banquet he gave to the media delegation, which visited the Renaissance Dam recently, Ambassador Zimo has praised the efforts done by the media people who visited the Renaissance Dam, stressing that the Renaissance Dam is an industrial and strategic project by which Ethiopia looks forward for developing its various communities. He said that Ethiopia aims to achieve a remarkable development process by advent of the year 2025.
The Ambassador of Ethiopia said that establishment of the Renaissance Dam will be for the interest of Ethiopia and its neighboring countries, including Sudan.
He indicated that Ethiopia aims to achieve economic progress depending on agriculture, pointing out that the benefits of the Renaissance Dam include bolstering agriculture and the electricity power and enhancing the environment situation, adding that the dam will have positive impacts on the neighboring countries.

on 2014/7/23 9:31:02

Open in new windowThe Sudanese state minister of the ministry of oil Hatim Abul-Gassim has welcomed desire of China-National-Oil-and-Gas-Exploration-and- Development-Corporation-(CNODC) to expand its oil investments in Sudan. The state minister asserted during his meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Chinese company CNODC and the accompanying delegation readiness of the Oil Ministry to remove all obstacles facing work of the Chinese companies in the country. Abul-Gasim has appreciated the successful partnership between the Sudan and china in the field of oil production expressing hope for the increase of the oil production in the country.
The meeting has also reviewed expansion of the activity of the Chinese companies in the Sudan in the exploration field; meanwhile, the deputy chairman of the CNODC has asserted the company's serious intention to expand its investment in the field of the oil service, exploration and production beside the technical cooperation in the technical field.

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