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on 2015/4/29 11:49:38

Presidenet-elect, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Basher received, yesterday, congratulatory cable from the King of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Abdulla Ibn Al-Hussein on his re-election for a new term of office .
King Abdulla, on behalf of the people of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and its government, expressed to President Al-Basher the most sincere congratulations on the occasion .
He stressed keenness to continue cooperation and strengthen the bilateral relations in order to achieve the common interests of the people of the two countries .

on 2015/4/29 11:48:48

The President-elect, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir has received on yesterday a telephone call Crown Prince of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, H.H Emir Mugrin in which he congratulated Al-Bashir on winning the presidential elections.
Emir Mugrin also congratulated Al-Bashir on victories scored by the Armed Forces against rebels in Darfur.

on 2015/4/28 9:40:00

Open in new windowThe President elect Omar Albashir on Monday commended the political forces that took part in the April elections as well as those who boycotted the general and presidential elections 2015.

President elect Albashir has said those who have boycotted the elections have exercised their constitutional right and that this was a free country and free people and that those who participated in the elections have exercised their right and those who declined and boycotted the elections have equally exercised their rights.

President Albashir said he respected the right of each group.

President elect Albashir has commended the role played by the Sudanese women in the elections and that women have played a decisive role in the election process and that they had been at the vanguard of the process.

President-elect Albashir said the stand and commitment to allegiance with the martyrs was still valid and that the banner they died while protecting it would remain hoisted high.

Albashir praised the role played by the Rapid Intervention Forces and the Armed Forces for their role in securing the elections in the Sudan.

Albashir who was addressing a group of the members of the ruling National Congress Party said the victory scored was a confidence that was placed with the national congress and that he would work and do his level best to meet the aspirations of those who thought of him and backed him and the National Congress Party and those who voted for the national congress and other political parties in the elections.

on 2015/4/28 9:30:00

Open in new windowThe Sudan's National Elections Commission (NEC) has announced that the period of the appeals submission against the results of the recent general elections will begin today Tuesday, and will continue for a week, ending Monday 4 th of May.

The NEC Commissioner Moukhtar Alasum, noted that the Chief Justice has assigned two specialized courts, for considering the appeals on the elections, while the concerned courts would decide on the appeals within two weeks.

He said the first appeal court will be chaired by the Deputy Chief Justice, Al-Amin Al-Faki, and the second court will be chaired by the judge of the Higher Court, Sirul-Khatim Salih.

Alasum indicated that the appeals would be received by the court from the political parties and the candidates who have participated in the recent electoral process, stressing that the two assigned courts would finish considering the appeals by the 18th of May.

H said the NEC would announce the courts decisions on the appeals and declare the final result of the elections.

on 2015/4/28 9:20:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Vice President Hassabo Abdul-Rahman accompanied by the Minister of Defense, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Rahim Hussein and Minister of Social Welfare Mashir Addawalab, paid a visit to Alamal Hospital Monday to enterain with the wounded of operations launched by the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Force at Al-Nuggara area, Tulus Locality in South Darfur state.

The joint forces scored a victory and inflicted heavy losses of casualties and equipment on rebel elements affiliated to the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) who were infiltrating from South Sudan.

The Minister of Defense has poitned out in press statements, that the battle the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Force fought Monday was a decisive one in which the terrorist JEM forces were completed destroyed.

He pointed that the rebel JEM forces infiltrated from the South Sudan where they had been receiving extensive training for half-year by foreign experts and companies and under the supervision of hostile countries with purpose of undermining security and frustrating elections.

The Minister congratulated the Sudanese people on the sweeping victory against JEM, stressing that the patriotic men of the Armed Forces were ready to repulse any aggressors.

He added the Army has blocked all crossing points with the South Sudan and was monitoring movements of any JEM remnants.

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