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on 2014/6/29 10:43:01

Sudan Ambassador to Egypt, Abdul-Mahoud Abdul-Halim has affirmed that Sudan and Egypt are at step of new phase in their relations , referring to political will of the two sides to enhance them the further.
He said in press statement at Khartoum Airport that the talks which was held between President Al-Bashir and the Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi tackled importance of consolidating relations in a way that would serve interests of the two sister nations, disclosing that President Al-Bashir indicated to importance that Sudan places to its relations with Egypt and that its security and stability are part and parcel of Sudan' security and stability.
Ambassador Abdul-Halim said the two Presidents underscored importance of exerting efforts , during the coming period, to boosting bilateral relations in the various areas . He added that the President Al-Sisi assured on importance of reactivating bilateral relations and mechanisms of joint cooperation.

on 2014/6/24 11:20:34

Open in new window The First Vice - President of the Republic and chairman of the higher committee for the Second National Conference on Media Issues, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, will address on Wednesday at the Friendship Hall the opening sitting of the conference.
The Minister of Information, Dr. Ahmed Bilal, said that all preparations were completed for holding the conference which started on June 9 in the form of specialized workshops on June 9 at the Council of Ministers.
He appreciated the participation of experts and specialists in the workshops, hoping that the conference will come out with recommendations that meet the aspirations and boost the media profession.
Dr. Bilal has renewed call on the experts, specialists and media men to participate effectively at the conference.

on 2014/5/22 11:02:36

Open in new window The spokesman of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), Al-Saddiq Yousif Zakariya, which is a signatory of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur - Abdul-Karim Dabajo Faction, to speed up implementation of the peace agreement, affirming his movement's readiness to implement all clauses of the peace agreement, starting with the security arrangements file.
At the regular (SUNA) yesterday, Zakariya has denied existence of any split in the signatory Justice and Equality Movement, indicating that they returned lately to the field to brief their forces on the implementation of the agreement which they have signed with the government.
Meanwhile, Zakariya called on South Sudan government to set free the captives of the rebel Justice and Equality Movement who were arrested at the Chadian Banma area last year.
He said that the leader of the signatory Justice and Equality Movement decided a week ago that all the options are open for releasing the captives who are detained by the Justice and Equality Movement, adding that they have used all the peaceful means to release the captives.

on 2014/5/21 14:24:11

The First Vice President of the Republic, Lt Gen Bakri Hassan Salih, has affirmed the government seriousness to implement the inclusive national dialogue by preparing the political.atmospheres for reaching its goals and to achieve peace and stability in the two areas of the Blue Nile and South Kordofan if SPLM-North Sector is abide by seriousness in the negotiations.
This came during his meeting Sunday evening at the Republican Palace the Chairman of the African Union High-level Implementation Panel for Sudan (AUHIP), Thabo Mbeki
Lt Gen Salih has emphasized that the Doha forum is the means for achieving peace in Darfur and that the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur is open to anyyone who wants peace, affirming the stability of humanitarian situation in the country and the state's keenness to arrival of assistance to all dispute- affected areas.
Meanwhile, Mbeki has expressed his appreciation of the inclusive dialogue initiative that was declared by the President of the Republic, saying that his visit to Sudan is aimed to follow up the preparations for the dialogue.
He pointed to the meetings that he held with the political forces and the civil society organizations to identify their visions and opinions toward guaranteeing success of the national dialogue
He said that he conveyed to the First vice President the outcome of these meetings and the positive response in this regard, adding that he discussed with the First vice President the issue of arrest of Imam Saddiq Al-Mahdi who is a leading political figure who accepted participation in the dialogue, wishing the participation of all the Sudanese in the national dialogue
The State Minister at the Presidency of the Republic AL-Rasheed Haroun has explained that the First Vice President has appreciate efforts being exerted by Mbeki for reaching peace in Sudan and pushing ahead the dialogue in Sudan.

on 2014/5/19 10:51:28

Open in new window Vice - President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, has given a directive to provide appropriate atmosphere for success of the reconciliations conferences between East Darfur tribes (Rezeigat and Maaliya) and Hamar and Maaliya in West Kordofan.
This came when chaired yesterday a coordinative meeting between West Kordofan State, East Darfur State and the Federal Government Chamber.
In a press statement after the meeting, the Governor of West Kordofan State, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Khamis, said that the Vice - President has directed the two states to provide favourable atmospheres for conducting the reconciliations before the coming rainfall season.

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