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on 2014/4/3 10:50:00

Open in new window Sudan has condemned the explosions that happened Wednesday near the University of Cairo, reiterating its rejection to all acts of terrorism and sabotage and the targeting of innocent people as well as any acts threatening to security and stability in Egypt.
A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wednesday, affirmed that security and stability in Egypt is part of the security of Sudan and the whole region
The statement asserted Sudan confidence on the capability of Egypt to surpass the current stage.

on 2014/4/1 13:50:00

Open in new windowBelow is currency rate against the SDG today Tuesday 1st April accordingto the Central Bank of Sudan:

Euro 7.8253 7.8644 7.8448
Egypt 1.0588 1.0694 1.0641
UAPTA 7.7247 7.7656 7.7451
Omani Riyal 14.7563 14.8301 14.7932
Bahrain Dinar 15.0689 15.1442 15.1066
Riyal Qatar 1.5600 1.5678 1.5639
U.A.E Dirham 1.5470 1.5547 1.5509
Saudi Riyal 1.5151 1.5227 1.5189
Kuwait Dinar 20.1682 20.2690 20.2186
Danish Krone 1.0480 1.0532 1.0506
Norwagian Kroner 0.9492 0.9539 0.9516
Swedish Kronor 0.8783 0.8827 0.8805
Canadian Dollar 5.1391 5.1648 5.1519
Swiss Franc 6.4215 6.4536 6.4376
Sterling Pound 9.4645 9.5118 9.4882
USD 5.6816 5.7100 5.6958
Japanese Yen 0.0550 0.0553 0.0551

on 2014/3/30 9:40:00

Below is currency echange rate against the SDG on Sunday according to the Central Bank of Sudan:

USD 5.6816 5.7100 5.6958
Japanese Yen 0.0553 0.0556 0.0554
Sterling Pound 9.4515 9.4988 9.4751
Swiss Franc 6.4037 6.4357 6.4197
Canadian Dollar 5.1354 5.1611 5.1482
Swedish Kronor 0.8735 0.8779 0.8757
Norwagian Kroner 0.9452 0.9499 0.9476
Danish Krone 1.0461 1.0513 1.0487
Kuwait Dinar 20.1560 20.2568 20.2064
Saudi Riyal 1.5152 1.5228 1.5190
U.A.E Dirham 1.5471 1.5548 1.5510
Riyal Qatar 1.5601 1.5679 1.5640
Bahrain Dinar 15.0684 15.1437 15.1061
Omani Riyal 14.7554 14.8292 14.7923
UAPTA 7.7247 7.7656 7.7451
Egypt 1.0588 1.0694 1.0641
Euro 7.8145 7.8535 7.8340

on 2014/3/29 10:41:31

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Secretary General of the Investment Higher Council ambassador Ahmed Shawur received Friday evening at Khartoum Airport a high level delegation from the Kingdom of Bahrain headed by the Commissioner of Arab Food Security Al-Sheikh Khalifa bin Essa Al-Khalifa. The Bahrini official said in statements to the press that the visit to the Sudan came to convey a verbal message from His Majesty the Monarch of Kingdom of Bahrain Hamad bin Issa Al-Khalifa to the President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Albashir as well as to invest the land which the government of Sudan granted to Kingdom of Bahrain.
He referred to the strength of the historical Sudanese-Bahrain relations, hoping the Kingdom of Bahrain to be the biggest country to invest in Sudan.
Ambassador Shawur, meanwhile, welcomed the Bahraini delegation in their second homeland, adding that the visit came with the framrwork of the advanced cooperation between the two countries, particularly in the fields of food security for the Arab nation.
He considered the visit as a beginning for the practical implementation of investment of about 100,000 acres at the Northern State by the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The Secretary General of Investment Higher Council said that the concern of the Arab nation in the food security domain became increasing, particularly that the food gap approaches 50 billion dollars, stressing that Sudan is able to fill the gap, moreover, Sudan will go further to shorten the global food gap.

on 2014/3/29 9:56:56

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Minister of Investment at the Northern State Jaafar Abdul-Majeed has revealed that the amount of money invested in the state has reached 611 million dollars during the year 2013.
He pointed out, in a statement to the Sudan News Agency , to the existence of more than 22 foreign investment projects at the state, including four projects with local partnerships.
The Minister added that the total arable land in the state has reached 14 million acres, 4 million acres of them have been distributed to investors, explaining that the state is characterized with fertile land, water and electricity from Merowe Dam, which provides about 120 megawatts as well as availability of infrastructure such as roads, airports. Abdul-Majeed enumerated the wealth that abounds in the state, especially minerals, revealing existence of 11 minerals incluiding gold, and the state prepared a three investment axes in agriculture, industry and services.
The Minister reviewed the experience of the state in the investment attraction areas starting from the investment map, referring to the experience of mutual consent on the use of land in collaboration with the local citizens adopted by the state, calling on other states to take advantage of that experience.

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