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on 2015/3/21 11:39:00

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The Chieftant of Al-Mahmid tribe, Mosa Hilal said that the tribe Sahwa Council has approved support of the upcoming elections, calling on all the Mahamid clans to participate in the elections, asserting that Omer Al- Bashir is the best option to the Sudan's people for the leadership of the country in the coming stage.
He noted that Al-Bashir's presented electoral program satisfys the aspirations of the people, calling for abandoning tribalism, fanaticism, the narrow affiliations and to work for the achievement of the country's interests.
During his address to the launching of the activities of Al-Mahamid tribe consultative conference (Shura), in the locality of Moun mountain, in west Darfur state , Hilal indicated keenness of Al -Mahamid tribe on the peaceful and security coexistence with all the tribes inhabiting the region, adding that the conference supports the efforts targeting the achievement of the reconciliation in Darfur.

on 2015/3/16 10:41:28

Open in new window The First Vice-President of the Republic, General, Bakri Hassan Salih has got-acquainted with the outcomes of Sudan-Indonesia Bilateral Consultation Committee Meetings which held recently in Jakarta .
The State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr.Obeidalla Mohammed Obeidalla said in press statements, Sunday, following his meeting with General, Salih, at the Repubican Palace, that the outcomes of the meetings support the cooperation between the two countries, especially, in economic, trade, educational and cultural fields He added that the meetings stressed the importance of cooperation in regional and international forums, referring that the two countries viewepoints are identical in a number of issues .
Dr. Obeidalla pointed out that President Al-Basher gave directives for following up the implementation of the joint Cooperation Agreement between Sudan and Indonesia, especially, in agricultural field .

on 2015/3/5 10:56:05

Open in new windowThe Sudanese First Vice President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih has asserted the necessity for expanding the use of modern technologies and mechanism in the agriculture sector to increase production and productivity, concern over the water harvesting projects, and boosting programs of social support.
This came when he chaired a meeting of the higher committee for the observation of the implementation of the state's reform program , which has reviewed the final report of the committee for the follow-up of the economic and social reform procedure, presented by the committee's chairman the Vice President of the Republic Hassbo Abdul-Rahman, who explained that the committee has focused on the mobilization of the national and states resources for the achievement of the development, strengthening the institutional construction and the structure of the economic organs and the application of the comprehensive budget.
The committee's deputy chairman noted that the committee gave concern to the increase of production of food and oil seeds, and the support and encouragement of the private sector to face the competition challenges.

on 2015/2/24 10:10:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Ibrahim Mahmoud has appreciated the deeply-rooted and firm relations between Sudan and Brazil, affirming Sudan’s readiness to expand cooperation with Brazil in all domains, particularly in the agricultural field.
He discussed Monday in a meeting with the Brazilian Ambassador in Sudan Jose Mauro Costa, progress of projects of technical cooperation between the two countries.
The minister pointed out that Brazil could be a successful partner for Sudan in several areas, especially in agricultural field, lauding the great progress achieved by Brazil in the fields of technology transfer and research.
He expressed Sudan need to benefit from the progress and experiment of Brazil in the field of agricultural development.
The Ambassador of Brazil has expressed his country's readiness to strengthen its partnership with Sudan.
He asserted Sudan’s commitment to support initiatives sponsored by the WFP.

on 2015/1/25 10:30:00

Open in new windowThe Director General of the General Corporation for the Geological Researches Yousif Assamani noted that the corporation has implemented a project for modernization of the geological map during the year 2014.
Addressing a regular meeting recently organized by the Minerals Ministry to brief the media on the project, Assamani explained the importance of the modernization of the geological map for the investment in the country, indicating the corporation work for the promotion of the mechanisms of the scientific research, and the establishment of the water unit in order to be provided for the mining activities.
Its worth noting that the general corporation for the geological researches is considered as the technical specialized competence entity of the Ministry of Minerals, and carries out the provision of the minerals investigation and the geological mapping.

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