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on 2015/4/28 8:40:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese deputy Minister of Oil Mohamed Awad has welcomed plan by the United Arab Emirates' Fortune Company for Engineering and Energy to invest in the field of oil exploration and production as well as well drilling and other services.
This came in a meeting Monday at his office with the company's president Abdullah Alamiri.
Awad affirmed that the oil sector in Sudan was in continuous development a matter that motivates the international companies to engage into it, explaining that Sudan mobilizes its entire capabilities for the development and success of the investments in Sudan, referring to the success of the previous investments in the oil sector.
The minister asserted that the doors were open before the international companies to invest in oil as to push forward the operations for augmenting oil production, stressing availability of information on the blocks and projects which the company intends to invest in.
Alamiri, meanwhile, reviewed his company's capabilities, which is working in the fields of engineering, oil services and energy, pointing out to the accumulated expertise of the company in the field of oil industry, enumerating the domains of cooperation with the international oil companies, stressing their serious desire to invest in oil sector in Sudan.

on 2015/4/26 8:20:00

Open in new windowThe Ministry of Finance and National Economy has prepared a matrix of required pillars, total goals and policies as well as the bodies in charge of implementation of the Five-year Programme for Economic Reform 2015-2019.
The matrix stressed, in the economic development axis, importance of focusing on the macro-economic performance to reduce inflation and poverty, to achieve economic stability, increase of economic growth in the light of available natural and human resources as well as the support of agricultural sector through marketing and storage policies and establishment and rehabilitation of infrastructure.
the Matrix emphasized necessity of giving concern to the debt oil companies and partners, increase of oil extraction and the hedge to find alternative resources to the agreement on the transfer of the state of South Sudan's petroleum at the end of its duration in the middle of the Five-year Programme.
The Matrix urged that concern must be given to the banking reform, exchange rate stability and reduction of inflation rate, besides consolidation of competitiveness of the Sudanese goods and products as well as absorption of non-organized sector into the productive sector

on 2015/4/26 8:10:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Abdul-Hafiz Ibrahim has reiterated importance of boosting economic partnerships between Sudan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, expressing optimism over reaching integration in fields of agriculture and food security.

In a statement to the Sudan News Agency, the Ambassador said the leaderships of the two countries were keen on joint cooperation via encouraging the private sectors to play its role in pushing progress of economic development in Sudan by utilizing the available investment opportunities in agricultural domain according to the President's Initiative to provide food for the Arab World in general and to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, indicating to cooperation between the two countries at political level through mutual support of stances at regional and international forums.

Abdul-Hafiz pointed out that the Saudi agricultural investments in Sudan come at the top of foreign investments and contributed to Sudan's agricultural growth.

He said the visit of the Director-General of Office of King AbdAlla Initiative on Agricultural Investment, Dr Saad Khalil to Sudan last week confirms keenness of Saudi Arabia on achievement of food security for the two countries, disclosing that the delegation expressed readiness to invest an area of 500,000 feddans in the Northern State adding that it will be the real beginning for boosting bilateral cooperation in field of food security.

on 2015/4/23 9:40:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Federal Minister of Industry Alsimaih Assiddiq stressed commitment of the industrial sector to manufacture 30% of the needs of the Sudan’s agricultural season this year and indigenization of iron, cement and glass industries in accordance with the priorities of the state.
This came in a meeting, which was chaired by the governor of the Red Sea Mohammed Aila attended also by representatives of the Chamber of Industry, banking system and the state's Department of Industry in the framework of the current visit of the Minister of Industry to the Red Sea state. The meeting touched on the concerns and issues of the industry in the state including aspects of finance, marketing, foreign exchange and training.
The meeting underscored importance of creating financial portfolios devoted to the Industries by focusing on the export-oriented industries through benefiting from the comparative advantage of each state and taking advantage of international experiences in this field.

on 2015/4/16 10:50:00

Open in new windowThe Economic Development Sector of the Council of Ministers approved a report on the preparations for the agricultural season 2015-2016.
The report, which was presented by the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, revealed that the agricultural plan for this year targeted cultivation of 41.9 million acres with different crops including 3.6 million acres in the irrigated sector and 38.3 million acres in the rain-fed sector. It explained that 20 million feddans will be cultivated with dura (sorghum), 6 million acres with millet, 5 million acres with peanuts and 3 million feddans with sesame. The report said that 840,000 feddans with wheat, in addition to other crops.
The report pointed out that an integrated technology is to be financed and applied in area of 10 million feddans in both rain-fed and irrigated sectors.
Meanwhile, the sector approved the initiative of the Arab Council for Economic Unity for the support of the less developed countries within the framework of the joint Arab action, presented by the Minister of Commerce Osman Omer.

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