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on 2014/2/18 8:50:00

Open in new windowBelow is currency rate of the Sudanese poundd against foreign currencies SDG on Tuesday Feb. 18th 2014 according to the Central Bank of Khartoum:

USD 5.6816 5.7100 5.6958
Japanese Yen 0.0554 0.0557 0.0555
Sterling Pound 9.5030 9.5505 9.5268
Swiss Franc 6.3693 6.4011 6.3852
Canadian Dollar 5.1846 5.2105 5.1976
Swedish Kronor 0.8800 0.8844 0.8822
Norwagian Kroner 0.9347 0.9394 0.9370
Danish Krone 1.0443 1.0495 1.0469
Kuwait Dinar 20.1329 20.2336 20.1832
Saudi Riyal 1.5153 1.5229 1.5191
U.A.E Dirham 1.5472 1.5549 1.5511
Riyal Qatar 1.5601 1.5679 1.5640
Bahrain Dinar 15.0685 15.1438 15.1062
Omani Riyal 14.7547 14.8285 14.7916
UAPTA 7.7247 7.7656 7.7451
Egypt 1.0588 1.0694 1.0641
Euro 7.7935 7.8324 7.8129

on 2014/1/21 10:26:02

Open in new windowA mining company in Sudan has produced 23 kilos of gold as the first production. The Alhasour company aims to produce 200 kilograms of gold every year.
Alhasour is a leading company that operates in gold production field and sell their production to the Bank of Sudan.

on 2014/1/21 10:20:00

Open in new windowThe Meeting of the Arab Socio-Economic Council decided setting out of 20 % of the Arab financing institutions' capital for agricultural investment in Sudan to realize food security for the Arab world. This was revealed by the Director of the Arab League's Organizations and Unions Consultant Mohamed Khair Abdal-Gadir, following the special sitting for the senior officials of the council, explaining that the decision came for the implementation of the initiative on Arab Food Security. The Consultant Abdal-Gadir said that Sudan signed an agreement with the Arab Fund for Socio-Economic Development to develop a multi-phases action plan, adding that the meeting agreed on establishment of joint Arab companies besides agreement of Sudan to a demand on amendment of some provisions in the Investment Act for 2013.
It is to be mentioned that the Khartoum's meeting came to implement the initiative of President Albashir on Agricultural Investment and Arab Food Security on which a resolution was adopted during Riyadh Summit last year.

on 2014/1/18 12:00:01

Open in new window The President of Sudan Omer Albashir will address Sunday evening at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum the opening sitting of the exceptional meetings of the Arab League Economic and Social Council . The council's meetings will last for two days and will be attended by the ministers of finance, economic and trade of the Arab states and the Arab financing corporations and funds and the Arab joint work organizations, beside the participation of representatives of financing funds and institutions.
The opening sitting will also be addressed by the Arab League Secretary General Nabil Al Arabi and the Sudanese Minister of Finance and National Economy Badri Eddin Mahmoud.
The second day of the meetings will include the presentation of the successful Arab investment projects in Sudan besides hearing to the Sudan's view over the food security project.

on 2014/1/18 11:54:34

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Minister of Finance and National Economy Badr Eddin Mahmoud reiterated his country’s welcome to the Arab investors , asserting provision of all necessary facilitations for the implementation of the Sudanese President's initiative for achieving the Arab food security, announcing that Sudan was an open Arab area to all the investors. The Finance minister during his meeting Friday with the Arab League Organization General Secretary Assistant Dr. Mohamed Bin Ibrahim Al Tuajry, , who is visiting the country accompanied by a delegation including investors from the private sector to participate in the meetings of the economic , social council of the Arab League on Sunday, indicated that the initiative of President Albashir for the Arab food security came for coordination of efforts for achieving equation of the Arab capital in exchange for the potentials and resources that the Sudan enjoys.
On his part Dr. Al Tuajry asserted that the recent Arab summit has focused on the activation of Arab partnerships and that the council's meetings in Khartoum targets achieving genuine results, indicating that participation of the businessmen with the Arab League delegation represents credibility and seriousness for achieving the meetings goals calling for more facilitations from the Sudan to speed up investments in the prepared projects in this regard.

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