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on 2014/12/30 10:00:00

Open in new windowThe President of the Sudan Field Marshal Omer Albashir, affirmed that justice is the basis for governance in Sudan. This came when he received at the Guest House the Minister of Justice, Mohamed Bushara Dosa where both officials discussed reform of the judiciary.
President Albashir has directed the minister to empower and expand the institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Justice for expanding justice and the rule of law.
In a press statement, the Minister of Justice said that he provided the President of the Republic with a report on the performance of his ministry and implementation of the President's directives for expanding justice and the rule of law.

on 2014/12/30 9:30:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Ministry of Finance and National Economy has pledged to develop the capacities of the labor in the country. The Minister of Finance and National Economy Badr-Eddin Mahmoud has reiterated his ministry's commitment to develop and build capacities of the human cadres to develop the general performance and establishment of development and evolution pillars in various domains, asserting importance of human cadre as a base for realization of development in all fields.
Mahmoud pledged, at a meeting at his office Monday with the Minister of Human Resources' Development Attom Sulieman and the State Minister at the Ministry Amna Dirar; to provide all the required aids for human capacity building and provision of necessary training opportunities to enhance the performance in order to strengthen the state trends to sustain economic stability and achieve the desired development.
The Minister of Finance vowed to provide the requirements necessary for making the work environment favorable at the Ministry of Manpower to carry out its role in building and developing the capacity of workers in the country. He discussed with the Minister of Human Resources' Development ways and mechanisms to develop his ministry's performance.

on 2014/12/30 9:20:00

The Technical Committee of the Cabinet's Economic Development Sector has approved, during its regular and last meeting in 2014, a report by the Ministry of Industry on the leather industry and possible ways for its development. Thesector praised the report, which was presented by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry Bilal Yousuf, and gave directives for implementation of its recommendations for the improvement of leather sector and its products including attraction of foreign investments to the leather sector, establishment of leather industrial city, staff training and capacity building in leather industry and its products and adoption of Leather Bill for 2015.
The report explained the efforts made by the Ministry of Industry in the rehabilitation and development of the White Nile Tannery after it was stalled, pointing out to the Sudan wealth of animals exceeding 100 million heads of cattle and the efforts being made by the Ministry of Industry to achieve added value of this wealth in all stages of leather production to realize revenues of foreign exchange, to employ sufficient labor and to solve problems facing the leather sector, as well as the establishment of the leather industrial city meeting the environmental requirements far away from the residential areas.
The report emphasized that the number of tanneries in Sudan is 27, while the number of slaughterhouses is 180 and the number of shoes and leather products factories amounted to 21 plants, referring to the efforts made by the ministry in the rehabilitation of the leather sector by introduction of modern technology and establishment of infrastructure for the industry.

on 2014/12/25 9:00:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Minister of Minerals Ahmed Alkaruri has disclosed that next year will witness the beginning of an intense activities in order to organize the traditional mining, adding that the gold production is expected to reach 71 tons by the end of this year .
The minister addressed Wednesday the Advisory Board meeting of his ministry held in the second session of 2014, saying that a report by the board includes internal and external training by 95% and the rehabilitation and development of plants with high efficiency beside approval of the Mineral Revolution law .

Meanwhile, the Director General of Geological Research Dr Yousif Assamanni pointed out that the current year has witnessed many of the internal and external visits, especially, to Brazil, Germany, Russia and China, which are in the interest of the mining work .
The Director of the Executive Work at the Ministry of Minerals Dr Mohammed Abdul Rahman has submitted the Ministry’s report for Plan for 2015 which dealt with increased production , geological map and the establishment of Gold Stock Exchange and increase companies production .

on 2014/12/25 8:50:00

Open in new windowThe Speaker of the Sudanese National Assembly (parliament) Alfatih Izz-Eddin has affirmed the Parliament concern with the laws and legislations for protecting the consumers.
Addressing a workshop on Trade Cheating in Engine Oils at the Friendship Hall Wednesday, Izz-Eddin said that issuance of the Consumer Act and establishment of the Consumer Protection Authority were aimed to protect consumers and receiving complaints and information.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Parliament's Labor, Administration and Grievances Committee Alhadi Mohamed Ali said that the trade cheating in engine oils will threaten Sudan’s economy and the life of the citizen, especially that the engine oils are widely being used in the agricultural, industrial and electrify fields.

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