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on 2012/4/29 11:42:41

Open in new windowThe Armed Forces arrested four foreigners while it was combing Heglig area , one of the arrested foreigners is an officer from the South Sudan, as they were carrying out suspect activities at Tashwin area inside the Sudanese borders.
The Spokesman of the Armed Forces, Col. Al-Sawarmi Khalid Saad said that the arrested foreigners were flown to Khartoum for further investigation. foreignersinHeglig

on 2012/4/29 11:27:59

Open in new windowForeign Ministry has renewed confidence on the African Union(AU)and its mechanisms in respect of settlement of differences between Sudan and South Sudan. The Ministry said Sudan opposes any attempt to surpass such role and considers it unable of maintain peace and security in Sudan. The statement which was issued Saturday by the Foreign Minister Ali Karti said Sudan has closely been following up the Africa's draft resolution at the UN Security Council on situations between Sudan and South Sudan, pointing to intensive efforts being made by Sudan since 2006 to affirm the AU fundamental role of AU in maintaining regional peace and security.
'Sudan renews its adherence to resolutions of the African leaders on settlement of disputed issues between Sudan and South Sudan and lauds the role of the AU High Panel on Sudan chaired by Thabo Mbeki in finding solutions to the pending issues' the statement said.
It said Sudan rejects the ongoing bid to surpass the AU role by referring the situation between Sudan and South Sudan to the Security Council.

on 2012/4/29 11:07:22

Open in new windowThe Minister of Guidance and Endowment and Deputy Chairman of the Media Committee for Mobilization and Alert Khalil Abdullah has affirmed that the next stage is a patriotic phase that requires great efforts to raise the profile of the country and to repulse the aggression.
This came during a meeting the committee held Saturday under chairmanship of Minister of the Information, Abdullah Ali Massar. Mr. Abdullah said in a press statement to the Sudan News Agency that the main guidelines of the Committee of the general political mobilization is the upholding of the national sense through the effective and prudent media, design of information message to address the international and local communities and coordination between the various media organs. He added that it is important to use the event to serve building of the national front, stressing the need to detect the external plots experienced by the country, to fight the anti-media and to prepare action plan for the committee to be submitted to the Higher Committee.
It is to be recalled that the Information Committee for Mobilization and alert, during its meeting Saturday, discussed the components of the media plan for the next phase and concluded to imporatnace of formation of a sub-committee under the chairmanship of the Information ministry’s undersecretary Abdal-Dafia Al-Khatib and membership of foreign ministry’s spokesman Al-Obaid Ahmed Marawah, chairman of the Journalists’ Union Mohi-Eddin Tetawi, Ibrahim Al-Sharif, director general of the Sudan National Radio Mutasim Fadul and director general of the Sudan Television Mohamed Hatim Suleiman. The responsibility of the committee is to design a plan that includes all the media and to submit its envisage on Sunday to the Higher Committee for Mobilization and Alert.

on 2012/4/29 10:53:40

Open in new windowThe Minister of Industry Abdal-Wahab Mohamed Osman has lauded the distinguished relations between the Ministry and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). He commended the projects which have been implemented by the organization in Sudan in the areas of improving livelihoods, support of small-scale industries and projects of resettlement in the states of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile, establishment of vocational training centers in Khartoum State and the project of modernization of fishing at the Red Sea State.
The Minister said, during his meeting Saturday at the Ministry of Industry with the UNIDO Director General Kandeh K. Yumkella, that he look forward for more cooperation with the Organization for development and modernization of the industrial sector in the fields of leather manufacturing, animal products, textile and food processings. Mr Osman added that the visit came within the framework of implementation the memo of understanding signed last year between the Ministry of Industry and UNIDO. He reviewed the capabilities that Sudan enjoys in the agricultural, animal and mining sectors.
The UNIDO Director General, for his part, has underlined that his visit aimed at implementing the memo of understanding as well as reviewing horizons of bilateral technical cooperation between the UNIDO and the Ministry of Industry.

on 2012/4/28 11:45:45

Open in new windowThe Minister of Defense Lieutenant General Abdulrahim Mohamed Hussein has questioned the ability of the newborn South Sudan state to manage battles in various locations at one time, lauding the efforts of the armed forces in the military operations
Speaking to ( Radio Conference) program on Radio Omdurman, the minister lauded the role of media in illustrating that there was economic purpose behind the attack on Heglig
The Minister stated the SPLM has attacked Samaha area in South Darfur, Taludi area in South Kordofan and Yabos area in the eastern part of the border with South Sudan, referring to the participation of mercenaries from Darfur in these attacks
The Minister said that they believed that these wide scale attacks would distract the armed forces efforts in the operation area of a length of approximately 2000 kilometers. He added that the armed forces were able to repulse the attack in all these areas
He said that it does not make sense that the newborn state would have the ability to manage all these battles a matter that reveals presence of a foreign plot behind all this anti-Sudan attack

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