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on 2012/5/24 10:38:21

Open in new windowThe Social and Cultural Development Sector (SCDS) of the Council of Ministers has discussed a report on the preparations for the First Human Resources Development Conference, scheduled during July 3-4, which was presented by the Minister of Human Resources Development Abidin Mohamed Sharif.
the ministers of the SCDS discussed the report Wednesday a regular meeting at the Council of Ministers' Secretariat General, chaired by the Minister of Guidance and Endowments Khalil Abdalla.

on 2012/5/24 10:31:48

Open in new window The Minister of Information Ghazi Al-Saddiq has affirmed keenness to support modernization and progress of the Sudan News Agency (SUNA). He made the commitment during his inspection visit Wednesday to (SUNA), where he met the General Manager Awad Jadain and heads of the sectors, departments and companies affiliated to the news agency. The minister said that SUNA shall be supported to use all the modern mass media so as to play its role as a leading media outlet, pointing to the distinguished performance of the agency.
He pointed out that the high skills and experiences of its employees will help the news agency to live up to its leading role as a news source and a body for uniting the information message.
He said that his ministry is committed to solving the issues of SUNA in regard to the employment and salary structures and to boost the news' agency projects in the fields of training and modernization.
Meanwhile, the General Manager of SUNA Awad Jadain, described the visit of the Minister of Information as an important one. Jadain affirmed the commitment of SUNA to play its role as a leading media organ that uses the multimedia and to be in the front of all the mass media.

on 2012/5/24 10:20:00

Open in new windowA Workshop on participation of Sudan in the UN conference on sustainable development has stressed importance of the National Assembly’s role toward environment, giving concern to environment at states' level. The workshop, which was organized by the committee of health, environment and population at the National Assembly chaired by Samia Habani, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Physical Development, has recommended cementing the institutions of environment, maintaining Sudan's commitment toward contributions in international environmental conventions and treaties and establishing partnership in environment .
The Minister of Environment has stressed the importance of doubling the popular and official concern to the environment issues.

on 2012/5/23 12:48:27

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic Omer Albashir received Tuesday evening at the Guest House Chairman of the African Union High-Level Implementation Committee for Sudan and former president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki where the two discussed resumption of negotiations with South Sudan on pending issues.
In a statement to the press, Chairman of the External Relations Committee at the National Congress Party Ibrahim Ghandour, said that President Albashir affirmed at the meeting the commitment of Sudan to a permanent peace with South Sudan as well as to the resolutions of the Security Council and the African Peace and Security Council which stipulated that priority shall be given to solving the security issues.
Meanwhile, Mbeki said that Presidents Albashir and Salva Kiir of South Sudan agreed that the negotiation committees of Sudan and South Sudan are to meet next week to review the resolutions of the African Union and the Security Council.

on 2012/5/23 12:39:41

Open in new windowThe National Assembly chaired by the Speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir, has approved a provisional Republican Decree on the Act for Resettlement and Compensation of the Citizens Affected by Dams' Establishment for the year 2012. The Minister of Electricity and Dams Usama Abdalla, has affirmed existence of tripartite committee which is concerned with ruling in citizens' rights and arbitration to resolve differences, explaining that the Political Dams Committee is headed by the President of the Republic and includes ministers and members of the security council of the concerned states to rule in report of the technical committee and to approve it.

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