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on 2012/6/11 10:23:04

Open in new windowThe Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Rahamtalla Mohamed Osman, has expressed Sudan desire to help the Independent Expert, Massaud Bazain, perform his mission in the country.
This came when Ambassador Rahamtalla received Sunday in his office the Independent Expert for Sudan
The Independent Expert informed the Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry on the outcome of his meetings with Sudanese officials.
The meeting reviewed the preparations for holding the Forum on Technical Aid and Capacity Building, scheduled to be held by the end of the current week in Khartoum to draw up a roadmap to mobilize aid and to provide mechanisms for implementation.
The forum would be held by a number of sectors that are concerned with the human rights situation.
Ambassador Rahamtalla has referred to the remarkable progress achieved in the situation of human rights, especially in Darfur region, stressing the importance of technical aid in the field of human rights to fill the gap in laws and the practicing.

on 2012/6/11 10:19:45

Open in new windowThe National Assembly is due to hear in its today sitting a statement the Cabinet Affairs Minister response to a query raised by the deputy Isam-Eddin Omer Mohamed Ahmed , of the constituency 178 Gedarif, on existence of big quantities of invalid commodities at markets
Meanwhile, the National Assembly will review in the same sitting a statement from the Mining Minister on his ministry's performance in the year 2011 and a summary of its plan for the year 2012.
The National Assembly will further hear a report of the Financial and Economic affairs committee on act bill to ratify a loan agreement between Sudan government and the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development to contribute to funding the water harvest project for the year 2012.

on 2012/6/11 10:15:50

Open in new windowThe Independent Expert on Human Rights in Sudan, Prof. Massaud bin Zain, began his meetings in Sudan by a meeting with the Minister of Justice, Mohamed Bushara Dosa, in the context of his mission to provide technical support to Sudan to build its capacity in the field of human rights.
In a press statement after the meeting, Prof. Bin Zain said that he acquainted the Independent Expert on the general situation of human rights in Sudan, adding that the Independent Expert was informed about the government readiness to cooperate with him in the context of his mission.
Dosa said that the Independent Expert was informed that Sudan is a country that is concerned with human rights, based on its Islamic religion, adding that Bin Massaud is a specialized in the field of Islamic studies, a matter that would help narrowing differences in views and building confidence.
The Minister of Justice pointed out that the cooperation with the Independent Expert will be through the human rights mechanisms, which are represented in the National Human Rights Commission, the Consultative Council for Human Rights and the government and non-governmental organizations that are concerned with human rights
Meanwhile, the Independent Expert said that he is visiting Sudan in the context of his mission to extend technical aid to the country in the field of human rights.

on 2012/6/10 11:31:29

Open in new window The African Union agreed to move the coming AU summit from Malawi to Addis Ababa next month responding to a request by the Sudanese government as the Malawi insisted not to host the President of the Republic Omer Albashir. Malawi has asked the AU in May not to invite President Albashir to the summit, citing fears of economic consequences after the country was denied $350 million in US aid money over reasons including its decision to host President Albashir at a regional summit in the capital Lilongwe last year.
The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued charges against President Albashir of war crimes he allegedly masterminded in Darfur the western region of Sudan. The ICC asked signatory members to arrest President Albashir if he visits them, but countries such as Malawi, Kenya, Chad and Djibouti have earlier allowed Mr. Albashir to visit without arresting him though the first two later refused to receive him again.
The AU sent a message to Malawi saying that it had no right to dictate who can attend the summit. The Malawian cabinet has decided not to host the summit.

on 2012/6/10 11:10:00

Open in new windowThe First Vice-President of the Republic Ali Osman Taha received Saturday at his residence a delegation of the Sudan National Party leaders living in the United States of America. The meeting reviewed the overall situations in the country in general and in South Kordofan State in particular.
The delegation presented to the First Vice- President a written initiative contains issues pertinent to what has been running in the South Kordofan state.
The members of the Sudan National Party delegation, on their part, expressed satisfaction over development projects they saw during their visit to South Kordofan, saying they will work for achievement of durable peace in the state.

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