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on 2012/10/9 10:47:21

Open in new window The Minister of Finance and National Economy Ali Mahmoud Abdul-Rassoul, announced that he will take part in the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group to be held in Tokyo, October 12-14 saying that Japan's hosting of this meetings affirms its leading economic role in the global economy.
Earlier in a separate development, the minister attended a ceremony of two grant agreements at 62 million US dollars for the project of Improvement of water supply system in Kassala City, Kassala State, as well as the project of upgrading food production infrastructures in Kassala and River Nile States. The Minister highlighted the role of Japan in the global economy, saying that Japan not only extends assistance to Sudan but also to many countries around the globe and that the people and government of Sudan are looking forward for increasing the cooperation between the two countries. He explained that Japan has contributed in assisting Sudan, particularly in the agriculture development by 1, 4 billion USD in the previous era.

on 2012/10/9 10:30:04

Open in new windowThe Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation AbdalHalim Ismail Al- Mutaafi has disclosed a new five-year plan for development and improvement of Gezira Scheme including irrigation, administration, finance, provision of agricultural inputs and agricultural research. The minister reviewed in press conference Monday at the Ministry of Agriculture, issues of agriculture in Sudan focusing on Gezira Scheme, saying that the plan also comprised improvement of infrastructure of the scheme and support of the technology-related research and extension, in addition to training.
Mr. Al-Mutafi pointed out that cultivation of the genetically-modified cotton proved successful in all areas where they have been planted, presenting the positive aspects of the crop. He added that their intention grew for cotton due to increasing demand by countries as well as its high prices globally. The Minister of Agriculture declared planting of 1,200 acres of wheat during the winter season where agricultural inputs were provided including pesticides, stressing lack of any problems facing the winter season. Mutaafi

on 2012/10/8 11:25:39

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has reiterated the government commitment to the implementation of the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement which it has signed with South Sudan State lately in Addis Ababa, pledging to facilitate implementation of the agreement on the ground for the interest of the two peoples.
This came when he received yesterday afternoon at the Guest House the Ambassador of Sudan to South Sudan, Dr. Mutrif Siddiq, in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Karti.
In a statement to the press after the meeting, Dr. Mutrif Siddiq said that President Al-Bashir has given a number of advices and directives to him and to the staff of Sudan Embassy to Juba for work in the spirit of one team to implement the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement.
Dr. Siddiq said that President Al-Bashir has asked him to convey a message to President Salva Kiir in which he affirmed Sudan keenness to face the challenge and to work together with him to implement the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement and to reach solution for the outstanding issues toward achieving secure and progressing relations with South Sudan.
Dr. Siddiq said that he received directives from President Al-Bashir to work together with the concerned authorities to open all the land, river and air borders and to convey to South Sudan all its requirements toward normalization of the bilateral relations.
Dr. Siddiq said that he will leave for Juba shortly to deliver his credentials and to assume his work there according to the directives of the President of the Republic.

on 2012/10/8 11:18:48

Open in new windowThe Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Ahmed Karti, yesterday received the new Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway in Sudan, Morton Aslan, who delivered a copy of his credentials to the Minister.
The meeting reviewed the progress of relations linking Sudan and Norway and the efforts being exerted by the two sides in order to develop theses relations further.
The Minister affirmed readiness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cooperate with the Ambassador in order to fulfill his mission as well as readiness to continue to establish strong political relations with Norway in order to push forward the economic and development cooperation.
The Minister further welcomed Norway's participation in Vienna Conference for Investment in Sudan, due to be held in Austria in 10 -11 October.

on 2012/10/8 11:08:57

Open in new windowPeace will remain the strategic objective of Sudan, said the Assistant of the President of the Republic, Dr. Jalal Yousif Al-Degair.
He said that Sudan has fulfilled its commitments toward implementation of the comprehensive peace agreement, pointing out that Sudan was the first country to recognize the independent State of South Sudan in order to establish a lasting peace with it.
This came when the Assistant to the President received yesterday the Ambassador of South Sudan, Myan Dott Wall, at his office in the Republican Palace.
Dr. Al-Degair renewed Sudan keenness to establish strong relations with South Sudan State for the interest of the peoples of the two countries.
He explained that the summit meeting between Presidents Al-Bashir and Salva Kiir in Addis Ababa and their signing of the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement, which addressed key issues, is enhancing to the opportunities of the prospective cooperation between the two countries in the future.
He further affirmed Sudan readiness to extend all assistance and put all its resources and experience at the disposal of the State of South Sudan.
Meanwhile, the Ambassador of South Sudan said to SUNA after the meeting that he discussed with the Assistant to the President the arrangements for implementation of the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement as well as the outstanding issues, namely the borders and Abyei issues.
He revealed an immanent visit to paid to Khartoum by the Minister of Defence of South Sudan as well as the Security Committee of the State of South Sudan next Wednesday in order to consult with the Sudanese officials on the implementation of the agreement.
Ambassador Wall said that the Minister of Petroleum of South Sudan has met with the oil companies operating in South Sudan in order to tell them to get prepared for resumption of oil pumping following the approval of the agreement by the Parliament and Council of Ministers of South Sudan.
He further explained that the resumption of the river transport between Sudan and South Sudan depends on the impelementation of the agreement on issues of trade and the borders between the two countries.
The Ambassador affirmed the keenness of the government of South Suda to implement the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement and to press ahead with bolstering the bilateral relations.

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