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on 2012/7/31 10:46:08

Open in new window The Chairman of Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) Al-Tegani Sessi said that the Conference of People of Darfur has laid down the basis for work which could lead to solution of all problems of the region, pointing out that the Darfur stability could be approach to promotion of security and peace country-wide. Addressing the Forum of the Women Members of Political Parties in the presence of representatives of over 20 political parties in Khartoum Monday, Mr. Sessi stressed the importance of the forum participation in implementing the Darfur peace agreement on the ground. He commended the forum efforts in supporting the peace process in Darfur.
Member of the forum, Amira Abu-Taweela said that the meeting reviewed the challenges facing Darfur Regional Authority in regard to Darfur peace and that the participants agreed in necessity of participation of all parties in implementation of the Darfur Peace Document.

on 2012/7/31 10:38:39

Open in new window The Defence Ministers and Chiefs of Intelligence of the countries of the Great Lakes region currently meeting in Khartoum have accused the Darfur rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and other negative forces in Kenya, Uganda and Somalia of continued destabilization of security in the countries of the region through indulgence in criminal activities.
The Commander of Sudan's Naval Forces and representative of the Minister of Defence, Lt. Gen. (psc) Dalil Al-Daw stressed the necessity of ensuring safe and stable life for the people of the region, underlining the need to submit proposals and solutions to dislodge obstacles that hinder ongoing efforts to finish off the negative forces and mercenaries, adding that the countries of the region are not free of these forces. Meanwhile, the coordinator of the programme of meeting of the defence ministers and heads of intelligence of the Great Lakes Regions Omer Siddiq, said the government was committed to protocols, non-interference in internal affairs and respect to national sovereignty of countries. Mr. Siddiq added that the legal reference that governs the relationship among the countries of the region focuses on combating violence against women and exploitation of human resources by these forces.

on 2012/7/30 15:03:55

Open in new windowThe First Vice-President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, visited yesterday the " Teacher of Generations" and leader of Al-Merreikh Sports Club, Hassan Mohamed Abdalla, in his residence at Al-Masalma quarter in Omdurman city , in the context of the Social Contact Program under auspices of the President of the Republic.
Taha has affirmed the state's keenness to support and honour the innovators in different fields based on their contribution to the development and progress in the country.
The delegation accompanied the Fist Vice-President in the visit included the governor of Khartoum State Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Khidir, the State Minister at the Council of Ministers , the State Minister at Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Chairman of the Sudanese Football Association.

on 2012/7/30 14:46:33

Chairman of Darfur Regional Authority, Dr.Tigani El-Sessi, has affirmed importance of protection to the areas of the voluntary repatriation and its sustainability.
During his meeting yesterday with the Interior Minister and the chairman of the Darfur Peace Follow-up Office, Dr. -El-Sessi said that the issue of the Societal Police Forces could be a tool for building confidence between the various organs and the returnees to the villages of the voluntary repatriation.
Dr.El-Sessi stressed that the meeting has discussed the tours that were made by convoys that carried fuel and commodities to Darfur region.
He said that the DRA will work with several organs to facilitate the implementation of the program for securing commercial convoys.
He noted that the non-signatory armed movements in Darfur have used to attack the outskirts in Darfur region and to loot the belongings and properties of the citizens and intimidating them, renewing call for these armed movements to negotiate to reach agreements for boosting the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD).
Meanwhile, the Interior Minister , Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, said that the meeting has discussed the plan for voluntary return,at all parts of Darfur states
He noted that the meeting also tackled ways of access to the official documents and the National Number for the displaced persons in Darfur states

on 2012/7/30 14:35:55

The Cabinet Affairs Minister, Ahmed Sa'ad Omer, has lauded the distinguished relations between Sudan and Yemen and its progress at all domains and its vital role atthe international and regional levels
He praised the role of the Embassy of Yemen in strengthening the bonds of the brotherhood and love between the two countries
This came when the minister received the Yemeni Ambassador to Sudan, Dr. Salah Alansi, in his office Sunday on the occasion of expiry of his office term in Sudan
The minister called for continuation of the cooperation and coordination between the two countries at the official and people's levels
The meeting also discussed means for consolidation and reactivation of the relations between Council of Ministers of the two countries
On his part, the Yemeni Ambassador expressed his pleasure over firmness of the relations between the two countries in the past period.

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