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on 2012/4/28 11:45:45

Open in new windowThe Minister of Defense Lieutenant General Abdulrahim Mohamed Hussein has questioned the ability of the newborn South Sudan state to manage battles in various locations at one time, lauding the efforts of the armed forces in the military operations
Speaking to ( Radio Conference) program on Radio Omdurman, the minister lauded the role of media in illustrating that there was economic purpose behind the attack on Heglig
The Minister stated the SPLM has attacked Samaha area in South Darfur, Taludi area in South Kordofan and Yabos area in the eastern part of the border with South Sudan, referring to the participation of mercenaries from Darfur in these attacks
The Minister said that they believed that these wide scale attacks would distract the armed forces efforts in the operation area of a length of approximately 2000 kilometers. He added that the armed forces were able to repulse the attack in all these areas
He said that it does not make sense that the newborn state would have the ability to manage all these battles a matter that reveals presence of a foreign plot behind all this anti-Sudan attack

on 2012/4/28 11:40:18

Open in new windowThe Minister of Information and government spokesman, Engineer Abdalla Ali Massar, pointed out that Sudan has no desire to occupy any inch of South Sudan State's territories and have nothing to do with the events happening inside South Sudan State
He said in a press statement , that what is happening in Wohda and the Upper Nile States are southern internal disputes
The Minister of Information has denied the allegations on aggression and land bombing of Sudan to southern areas, indicating that Sudan is aware that its difference is with South Sudan government, but not with the southern people
He stressed that Sudan is keen not to harm the southern citizen
Massar said that all the movements at Sudan borders are closely monitored and will be dealt with as aggressions
The Minister of Information has ridiculed the allegations of South Sudan government that Heglig belongs to it, stressing that Heglig is a Sudanese area which has never been disputed
He said that the aggression on Heglig represented an assault against the Republic of Sudan, affirming the capability of Sudan to liberate all its territories
Meanwhile, Massar indicated that all the aggressions on the Blue Nile and South Kordofan were staged by direct support from South Sudan State which supplied the rebels by weapons and forces
He said that South Sudan State is still keeping two divisions of its People's Army in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile States, adding that even these two divisions are receiving salaries and instructions from South Sudan government
The Minister of Information pointed to evidence on relations of Salva Kiir with circles that aim to undermine Sudan stability, adding that Salva Kiir was not honest when he invited President Al-Bashir to visit Juba to discuss the pending issues
He affirmed Sudan adherence to its call for solution of the security file and before any thing
Commending on the address given by the President of South Sudan government, Salva Kiir, the Minister of Information and government spokesman said that this address affirmed the determination of South Sudan State to continue its aggressions and hostilities against Sudan
He reiterated the readiness of Sudan and the Sudanese people to defend their lands and sovereignty

on 2012/4/27 12:56:59

Open in new windowThe Minister of Justice, Mohamed Bushara Dosa, has called on the citizens to avoid smuggling food and petroleum materials to South Sudan State, warning that the smuggling of goods to South Sudan State is a crime that is equal to supplying the enemy with weapons.
This came during his visit yesterday to the White Nile State to see more than 60 vehicles detected by the Security authorities and loaded with commodities and petroleum materials due to be smuggled to South Sudan State.
He pointed to arrangements adopted by the state to ban smuggling through the joint border to South Sudan
Dosa was received during his visit to the White Nile State by its governor, Yousif Al-Shanbali, Chairman of the state's Assembly, Mahdi Al-Tayeb, and a number of senior officials
Meanwhile, Dosa appreciated the firm stand of the Sudanese people in support of the Armed Forces.

on 2012/4/27 12:38:34

Open in new windowThe Vice-President of the Republic, Al-Hag Adam Yousif has urged sons of the Blue Nile State in the rebel Sudan People Liberation Movement-North Sector (SPLM-N) to return and take part in development and construction of the State.
Addressing the 4th Infantry Division at Damazin on his one-day visit to the Blue Nile State Wednesday, the Vice-President stressed that Sudan opposes existence of any foreign troops in its territories, calling for driving the SPLA forces out the country borders
He hailed the victories of the Army , affirming that all Sudanese people stand alongside the Armed Forces

on 2012/4/27 12:36:03

Sudan has forwarded complaints against South Sudan government to a number of regional and international organizations that are concerned with justice and human rights and application the charters of the United Nations and the African Union and the International Law
The complaints were focused on the violations committed by South Sudan government against Sudan sovereignty, safety, security and the integrity of territories
Rapporteur of the Consultative Council of Human Rights, Dr. Maaz Mohamed Ahmed, said that the complaints included legal evidence that incriminate South Sudan government and refutes its false allegation on ownership of lands northern the border of January 1st, 1956
He said that the complaints included Sudan call for payment of compensations by South Sudan government for the losses that resulted from its heinous aggression

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