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on 2012/7/5 10:30:00

The governor of Khartoum State Abdul-Rahman Al-Khidir issued Wednesday a decree appointing Siddiq Mohamed Ali Al-Sheikh as the Minister of Finance, Mohamed Yousif Al-Degair as the Minister of Culture and Information, Ali Al-Jailani as the Minister of Education, Mamoun Humaida as the Minister of Health, Azhari Khalafalla as the Minister of Agriculture, Mashaer Al-Dewelb as the Minister of Orientation and Social development, Al-Rasheed Osman Fagiri as the Minister of Planning and Infrastructures, Yahia Salih as the Minister of Manpower Development, Antiquities and Tourism and Al-Tayeb Hassan Badawi as the Minister of Youth and Sports.

on 2012/7/5 10:20:00

Open in new windowA visiting delegation of Turkish businessmen has affirmed desire to invest in the field of technical education through rehabilitation of a number of technical schools and supporting them with Turkish expertise in the domain of technical and technological studies in order to provide qualified cadres to cover the requirements of Sudanese-Turkish labor market.
This came during a visit by the Turkish investment delegation Wednesday to the Belgium technical schools in Khartoum and the industrial schools at Omdurman, accompanied by the State Minister at the Ministry of Industry Mukhtar Abdal-Karem and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Federal Ministry of Education Mohamed Ahmed Homeida. Abdal-Karem and Homeida expressed readiness of their ministries to cooperate with the Turkish businessmen in this field by using all the available capabilities to serve the objectives of the project for the interests of the two countries besides the joint work to make this track attractive and desirable within the outstanding institutions of the technical education in Sudan.

on 2012/7/4 10:46:55

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic, Field marshal Omer Al-Bashir, attended yesterday at the Oil Club a ceremony held for signing nine agreements for oil and gas exploration at 9 blocks with international companies.
The Director of the Exploration Administration at the Ministry of Oil has signed for Sudan, while representatives of the companies have signed for them.
The President of the Republic has addressed the signing ceremony welcoming the investors in Sudan, affirming that the state will put all its capabilities to provide appropriate for the investors.
The Minister of Oil, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, pledged to remove any obstacle facing the investors in the oil field in the country.

on 2012/7/4 10:44:59

Open in new windowThe Somali President, Sheikh Sherief Sheikh Ahmed, arrived in Khartoum yesterday in a two-day official visit to Sudan during which he will hold talks with the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, dealing with the Somali issue and regional issues of mutual concern
The Somali President was received at the airport by President Al-Bashir and a number of senior government officials.
The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Salah Wansi, said in a press statement that the visit of the Somali President came in the context of the continuous consultations between the leaderships in the two countries to consolidate the bilateral relations.

on 2012/7/4 10:42:33

Open in new windowThe First Vice President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, affirmed that the conspiracies being woven against the Sudan would be thwarted by virtue of steadfastness and cohesion of the people of Sudan as well as their support to their leadership.
This came in his address yesterday to a ceremony of mass wedding of 250 couples in Al-Sufur village in Al-Mattama Locality, Nahral-Neil State. He conveyed to the citizens of Al-Mattama the congratulations of President Omer Al-Bashir, describing him as a model for sacrifices, courage and steadfastness.
He said that Sudan is surpassing a stage of renewing its blood and strengthening its national unity, pointing out that Sudan future is very promising because of its people who adhere to the sublime teaching of Islam.
The First Vice President gave directives to set up a budget for providing electricity to the agricultural schemes in Nahral-Neil State and pledged to provide the necessary medical equipments to the hospital of Al-Mattama and to provide the area with health services.
He also announced that the President of the Republic will inaugurate a roads network of the State in next January, commending the contributions of the people of Al-Mattama Locality to the enhancement of services in the locality
It is to be noted that the Vice President of the Republic has inaugurated a number of health, agricultural and service utilities in the State.

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