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on 2012/7/3 10:40:49

Open in new windowThe Vice President of the Republic Al-Haj Adam got acquainted Monday with overall situations in the Gadarif, and affirmed his support to the state.
The caretaker governor of the state Al-Dhaw Mohamed Al-Mahi, said in a press statement after meeting the Vice President in Khartoum that indications of rains for this season are bodes well and the good preparations were done for the agricultural season.
Mr. Al-Mahi said that his meeting with the Vice-President came as part of the Vice-President's concern with the issues of the state, indicating that he briefed him on problems facing the agricultural season, besides the performance of the government of the state. Al-Dhaw said that he received assurances from the Vice - President for boosting the current agricultural season.

on 2012/7/3 10:35:02

Open in new windowThe National Assembly, in a meeting chaired by the Speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir unanimously approved Monday a report of the Justice and Legislation Committee on performances of Ministry of Justice in the year 2011 and the first quarter of the year 2012 as well as its plan for the yaer 2012, which was presented by the head of the committee, Al-Fadil Al-Haj Sulieman.The report commended the performances of the Ministry of Justice in areas of human rights and establishment of prosecutions in some border states to fight smuggling and crimes against the state.The MPs called for supporting the Ministry to enable it carry out its full role in respect of protection of human rights and combat of corruption.
The Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bushara Dosa affirmed the Ministry will work for implementing the recommendations of the Parliament's Committee.

on 2012/7/3 10:31:49

Open in new windowThe National Conference of Manpower in Sudan will start today Tuesday in Khartoum.The Minister of Manpower Abdeen Mohamed Sharif will address the opening sitting and hand over the recommendations of the conference at the concluding sitting Wednesday to the President of the Republic Omer Albashir.
The conference will discuss several working papers on different topics including concepts, vision, general policy , manpower planning , qualification of manpower, manpower economies as well as reviewing the successful experiences in the manpower field.
The conference is considered a qualitative shift in the development thinking.
Ministers, undersecretaries and concerned officials will participate in the conference, besides a big number of experts, and specialists.

on 2012/7/3 10:03:28

Open in new window A meeting was held Monday between the Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and the State Minister for the Cabinet Affairs Ahmed bin Abdalla Al-Mahmoud, the State Minister at the Presidency of the Republic and Chairman of the Office for Follow up of Peace in Darfur Amin Hassan Omer, and Chairman of the Joint UN and African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) Ibrahim Gambari, where the three officials reviewed discussed the new session of peace in Darfur.The meeting reviewed contacts and consultation carried out by the Joint Mediation with the other movements that did not join the peace process in Doha toward convincing them to join the process. The Joint Mediation indicated that the coming period will witness more contacts with the non signatory movements, especially those who shown response to the efforts of the Joint Mediation and the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur.
The meeting also discussed the ongoing preparations for holding the First Doha Conference for Rehabilitation and Development in Darfur.

on 2012/7/3 10:00:00

The government has informed the South Sudan on its approval of the nomination of Taban Don Woul as the Ambassador of South Sudan to Khartoum.
It is to be recalled that South Sudan State earlier approved nomination of Mutrif Siddiq as Sudan Ambassador to Juba.
In a separate development, the Foreign Ministry has received approvals of Russia, Indonesia, Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman and Lebanon for nominations of new Sudanese ambassadors to these countries. The ambassador are Omer Dahab as Sudan Ambassador to Moscow, Abdul-Rahim Al-Siddiq as Sudan Ambassador to Jakarta, Yahya Abdul-Jalil as Sudan Ambassador to Kuwait, Awad Ibn-Oaf as Sudan Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman and Ahmed Hassan as Sudan Ambassador to Lebanon.

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