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on 2012/7/9 11:23:50

Open in new windowA delegation of the Interior Ministry, led by the Interior Minister, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, and the Director General and the General Coordinator of the People's and Societal Police Forces are due to attend a ceremony for graduation of 1000 of the People's and Societal Police.
The Coordinator of the People's and Societal Police Forces in Kassala State, Khalid Idris, stated that the training session for graduated batch started since Higlig incidents and the recruits have undergone training on police works and safety acts as well as on the criminal law
He said that 200 of the graduates are women.

on 2012/7/9 11:14:07

Open in new windowThe Minister of Sciences and Technology, Dr. Issa Bashari, and governor of Gezira State, Prof. Al-Zubeir Bashir Taha, have launched cultivation of Jatropha and Moringa trees project at Gezira state in order to produce bio-fuels and to expand the agricultural and pharmaceutical manufacturing in the country.
In his address to the launching ceremony in Medani, the capital of Gezira State, Dr. Bashari assured that the expansion project of cultivation of Moringa and Jatropha trees represents the century project to the Sudanese economy.

on 2012/7/8 10:42:43

Open in new windowThe President of the Republic Omer Albashir met Saturday the Chairman of the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) Thabo Mbeki in the Gust House on the background of a breakthrough made in the recent round of negotiations between Sudan and South Sudan in Addis Ababa which is scheduled to be resumed on Thursday.
After the meeting, Mr. Mbeki said in a press statement that the two parties of negotiations have made remarkable progress during the recent round of talks and that they have reached a strategic framework for negotiations, explaining that he has come to Khartoum to present a report on the outcome of the recent round of talks. He added that the talks will be resumed on Thursday in Addis Ababa after winding up for further consultations and for giving chance to the delegation of the South Sudan to take part in the first anniversary of their country’s separation from Sudan.
The AUHIP Chairperson expressed pleasure over understanding of the President Albashir and that he is fully aware of dimensions of the matters, saying President Albashir provides his full support to both parties and encourages them to work with open heart during the coming round of talks so as to reach understandings over the outstanding issues.
On possibility of a meeting between Presidents Albashir and Salva Kiir at the sideline of the AU Summit on July 12th in Addis Ababa, Mr.Mbeki pointed out it was important that the parties to negotiations keep permanent channels of contact and that the two presidents are to meet for reaching radical solutions to the pending issues. But Mbeki ruled out holding of meeting between the two presidents at fringe of the AU Summit.

on 2012/7/8 10:33:03

Open in new windowThe President of the Republic Omer Albashir has affirmed that the coming Constitution of the Country will reflect Islam and will take into consideration the rights of non-Muslims and that the National Committee for Making the Constitution will be comprised of all the political parties, sects and scholars . Addressing celebration marking the half of month of Shaban organized by Sufi sects in Khartoum North Saturday, Mr. President said the Sudanese people are able to overcome the hardships and the afflictions, stressing that the government was working hard to alleviate burdens of living from poor and vulnerable families. He commended the role of Sufi sects in disseminating the Islamic values in Sudan and their continuous support to the government.
The governor of Khartoum State Abdul-Rahman Al-Khidir announced that the State government will support every vulnerable family in the State with 100 Sudanese pounds as of the beginning of this month and efforts are being exerted for transporting students with half fare with beginning of the new school year. He added that Khartoum State has been providing people with subsidized consumption commodities since April for combating the soaring price and greediness of merchants.

on 2012/7/8 10:29:07

Open in new windowThe Minister of Defense Gen. Abdul-Rahim Mohammed Hussein described the assassination of the Speaker of the South Kordofan State Legislative Council, Ibrahim Balandiya and his colleagues as strange and unfamiliar to the Sudanese community.
In a press conference he held at Khartoum Air Port upon return from Addis Ababa Saturday, the Minister said 'we strongly condemn this barbaric and unfamiliar act to the Sudanese community and politics and we urge the government, people and all the political forces to denounce this criminal and heinous act.

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