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on 2013/1/8 10:53:13

Open in new windowThe Minister of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife Mohamed Abdal-Kareem Al-Hud met at his office Monday the Secretary General of the Council of International People's Friendship (CIPF) Ahmed Abdal-Rahman Mohamed, where the two officials reviewed ways to benefit from the tourism sector as an arm of people's diplomacy and to reactivate the relation between the ministry and CIPF to promote the potential natural and historical sites in the country. The two sides agreed to participate in the local, regional and international exhibitions and festivals to reflect the bright picture of Sudan.
In a separate development, the Minister of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife Al-Hud has affirmed, when he received the Director of Edia Company for Trade and Investment, importance of implementing the project of Arkaweet Tourism Resort and the need to be enshrined in the budget of the ministry for 2013. He directed addition of some facilities to the resort in order to be a destination for tourism as the area enjoys environmental and tourism attractions as well as mild weather throughout the year, pointing out that an area of such characteristics must be an attractive site for international tourism.

on 2013/1/7 11:33:47

President of the Republic, yesterday issued a Republican Decree accepting resignation of the Chief Justice, Jalal-Eddin Mohamed Ahmed.
President Al-Bashir has appreciated the efforts exerted by Jalal-Eddin Mohamed Ahmed for enhancing the Judiciary performance.
Meanwhile, the President of the Republic issued another Republican Decree on appointment of Mohamed Hamad Ahmed Abu-Sin as the new Chief Justice.

on 2013/1/7 11:31:52

Open in new window President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, yesterday inaugurated the Sudanese - Chinese Electricity Meters Factory in Khartoum.
Inauguration of the factory was attended by the Minister of Water Resources and Electricity, Usama Abdalla, and the Ministers of Industry and the Cabinet Affairs.
By the factory's inauguration, Sudan became the third African country to produce electricity meters after South Africa and Egypt.
Meanwhile, President Al-Bashir appreciated the efforts being done by the Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity and China which is the real partner for development in Sudan.
President Al-Bashir has called for more concern with enhancement of the technical education, providing work opportunities for the graduates of technical schools and the training of youth.
He called on the Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company to encourage the personal initiatives for electricity production and generation.
The inauguration of the Sudanese - Chinese Electricity Meters Factory came in the context of the celebrations marking Sudan Independence Day 57th anniversary and the strategic trend to enhance the Sudanese industry and the pre-paid system.
Sudanese - Chinese Electricity Meters Factory will work with the capacity of producing 450,000 electricity meters per year.

on 2013/1/7 11:29:53

Open in new windowThe First Vice - President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, and the Vice - President, Al-Haj Adam, will begin two African tours to nine African countries.
Taha is due to launch a tour Kenya, Zimbabwe, the Kingdom of Lesotho and South Africa.
The Vice - President, Dr. Al-Haj Adam, will visit Ghana, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Zambia and Guinea.
SUNA learned that each of the two tours will last for four days during which Taha and Dr. Adam would meet with the leaders of the nine African countries to discuss Sudan relations with their respective countries.

on 2013/1/7 11:23:19

Open in new windowThe First Vice - President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, yesterday received at the Republican Palace a delegation of East Darfur State, headed by Chairman of the state's Legislative Assembly, Gen. (police) Musa Jalis Adam, and reviewed the general situation in the state.
The meeting discussed issue relating to the security, infrastructural roads and health conditions in the state.
The meeting also discussed the importance of establishment of an airport in De'ain town to help the exportation of meats as well as the construction of Al-Nuhud - Deian road.

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