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on 2012/6/14 13:00:00

Open in new windowThe National Assembly approved a report by the Information, Culture and Tourism Committee of the Assembly on a recent statement by the minister of information on performance of his ministry. The committee hailed the role of the Sudan's national radio on supporting nationalism through the comprehensive media message it spreads in its services. The committee has also praised performances of the national Television and Sudan News Agency.
The National Assembly has also approved a joint report by the the committees of Social welfare, family affairs and human rights and humanitarian affairs and labor on a recent statement by the minister of social welfare on future plans of her ministry.

on 2012/6/14 12:52:00

The Interior Ministry renewed its concern over the issues of the refugees and removing of all the obstacles impeding their return in coordination with the concerned circles . This came when the State Minister of Interior, the official responsible for the file of the refugees, Babiker Ahmed Digna met, Wednesday, the High Commissioner for Refugees and reviewed with him the situations of refugees in the country .
Digna indicated that Sudan has been hosting refugees from the different African countries for 40 years and provide them with the necessary services and protection .
He said he discussed with the UNHCR's official the strategies of the refugees' issues and the cooperation between Sudan and the UNHCR .

on 2012/6/14 12:49:22

Open in new windowThe Minister of Oil Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz has praised the Sudanese-Indian relations and the Indian companies investing in various fields for the successes they realized in the domain of oil investment in the country. This came during a meeting he held at his office Wednesday with the Indian Ambassador to Sudan on the occasion of expiry of his assignment to Sudan. The Ambassador asserted keenness of his country to boost ties with Sudan and to consolidate partnership in the field of industries particularly oil investments and infrastructures.

on 2012/6/14 12:32:36

A loan agreement for the project of electricity in the states of eastern Sudan was initially signed between the government of Sudan and the Kuwaiti Fund for Economic Development at 25 million Kuwaiti dinars which equivalent to more than 85 million dollars. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy, Yousuf Abdullah Al-Hussein, has signed on behalf of the government of Sudan whereas the Legal Advisor of the Kuwaiti Fund for Economic Development Nuwaf Al-Mahal signed for the fund.
The state Minister at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy Abdal-Rahman Dirar has described the loan as an important within the circumstances facing the country, adding that the loan as another evidence for the integration of the efforts of Arab brothers and their continuous support to Sudan. He praised the constructive cooperation of the Kuwaiti fund in various spheres with Sudan particularly financing of important projects and programs, referring to the first loan that the fund extended to Sudan in 1962 for the Sudan Railways.

on 2012/6/13 10:45:00

Open in new windowPresident of the Darfur Regional Authority in Darfur, Dr. Al-Tigani Al-Sisi, Tuesday discussed with the Independent Expert on the Human Rights Situation in Sudan Professor Mashood Baderin the situations of human rights in the region of Darfur
Meanwhile, Prof. Baderin said in a statement to the Press after the meeting that his mandate working with the government of Sudan on implementing its commitments with regard to human rights in Sudan
He explained that he will meet the Sudanese officials, including Judicial and Security institutions and civil society organizations, and will discuss the situations of human rights in Sudan as well as means of carrying out his task as an Independent Expert with an overall technical assistance and capacity building mandate.
The Independent Expert said he will issue a statement on the outcome of his current mission to Sudan and his discussions with the Sudanese officials.

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