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on 2012/5/13 11:57:10

The General Manager of the Civil Aviation Authority Mohammed Abdul-Aziz announced that an air bridge for transporting South Sudanese through Khartoum Air Port to their country will begin today Sunday and will last for two weeks with six flights per day. After a coordinating meeting at the Headquarters of the Civil Aviation Authority in Khartoum,Mr. Abdul-Aziz said all arrangements pertinent to the air bridge as well as the requirements of the flights have been completed. He added that the spirit of teamwork were prevailed in the meeting of the concerned organs which participated in the coordinating meeting.
Director of the National Center for Displaced people and Returnees at the Ministry of Social Welfare Al-Sirr Al-Omda described the air bridge from Khartoum to Juba as a humanitarian operation, saying the group who will be flown home were stranded at Kosti river Port and it has been decided that they would be flown to their country through Khartoum Air Port.

on 2012/5/13 11:49:02

The Chair of the Ad hoc Border Demarcation Committee Prof. Abdallah Al-Sadiq characterized Juba’s decision to include Heglig and Abyei on the agenda of talks as unfounded and lacking evidence; saying it was agreed that the issue would be addressed based on the border of 1.1.1956. He said the signatures of the Government of South Sudan on the documents of the committee indicate that an agreement is reached on the borderline and that the disputed areas only include Joda and Migainis (White Nile), Kaka (South Kordofan), Kafia Kangi and Kafen Debbi (South Darfur).
Mr. Al-Sadiq accused international quarters of seeking to prolong conflict between the two countries, saying the committee submitted documents to the Presidency, Government of South Sudan and AUHIP and that these documents were duly signed by the concerned parties in the two countries, adding Juba could not claim ownership of Heglig or Abyei.

on 2012/5/13 11:42:05

Sudan will take part in the meeting of the African ministers of Justice on Monday in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. The minister of Justice Mohamed Bushara Dosa will lead the Sudan’s delegation to the meeting which will discuss uniting the African vision over international laws and charters issued recently. In a statement to the Sudan Radio, the minister said that the delegation will present a file to the meeting on damages caused by the People’ Army of South Sudan during occupation of the Sudanese territory Heglig and demand for compensation for the damage.

on 2012/5/13 10:59:27

The Government of North Darfur State unveiled it has been carefully watching movements of rebel forces along the State's border areas with the South and East Darfur States after It affirmed the capability of the Armed Forces, regular forces and Mujahideen to defeat the rebels. The governor of North Darfur State Osman Yousif Kibir said the state authorities spotted on Friday movements of around 40 to 50 land cruisers at areas between localities of Dar-es-Salam and Kalemendo. He added that the cars belong to rebel forces who destined for Jebel Marra to stay some times at eastern Jebel Marra area and then move Northward to target some positions there for media propaganda or may launch attacks against the signatories of peace accords in Darfur, stressing that the Armed Forces, Regular Forces ,Majahideen and the signatories of peace agreements are ready to repulse these forces.
Kibir renewed call for Darfur armed movements to join peace process to avert the country more afflictions of war.

on 2012/5/12 12:19:29

Minister of Petroleum, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jazz, affirmed that priority is now given to the settlement of Security issues with South Sudan and non aggression from either side as called for by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir
Speaking on a "Radio Conference Programme" aired Friday by Omdurman national Radio, the Minister stressed the necessity of making sure that the relations with neigbourhood with South Sudan is safe and immune and that there are no dispute, aggressions or conspiracies or even agents, before discussing the issues of oil, trade and the movement of citizens
"If it comes to war, we have defeated them until the Southern borders and we recall our last battle with them in Torit, after which the SPLM resorted to peace, which was not imposed on us from any side. Peace was among the issues mentioned in the first Statement of the Salvation Revolution and the first conference to be held was the Peace Conference," said Dr. Al-Jazz
He explained that Sudan would never relinquish its will and sovereignty, saying that the government is ruling and developing Sudan without arrogance, affirming that no body would dedicate to Sudan what to do
The Minister affirmed existence of a wide range of opportunities all over the world in attracting investment and technology, which is now open, in a direct reference to the history of exploration and exploitation of oil in Sudan
In this connection, the Minister explained that China has been working with Sudan honesty since the beginning of exploration of oil and after we lost the oil of South Sudan, we don't have any problem if China wants to care for its interests in China though the oil fields there were closed

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