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on 2012/4/26 10:53:15

Open in new windowThe National Assembly approved in a sitting chaired by the Speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Thair Wednesday a report by the Humanitarian Affairs Committee on the reply of the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs to the query for information on combating land mines. The report was presented by deputy Mohamed Tahir Osham. The report of the committee has urged the UN and donors to provide Sudan with the necessary support to remove land mines.
The report has further urged the super countries to stop their production of land mines, calling on the non-signatories of Ottawa Land-Mines Convention to join the agreement.
Deputies of the Parliament have called for conducting more precise survey to spot the areas where land mines are spreading and to work out a timetable for removing the mines.

on 2012/4/26 10:24:29

Open in new window The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Karti has welcomed a call by the African Union's Peace Security Council to give priority to the security file between Sudan and South Sudan. Karti announced, in a statement to the press that negotiations on the security file shall be held first if the government of South Sudan proved its seriousness and commitment. He said that after reaching an agreement in the security file then the issues of dispute could be discussed.
The minister demanded South Sudan to withdraw its threats on launching of a new attack against Sudan, urging South Sudan not to harbor the rebel movements and to stop extending military and political support to them, besides ending its link with its followers in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan States.
Karti said that as long as South Sudan is attacking the Sudanese territories and supporting the outlaws there will be no negotiations unless the security file is solved. He expressed doubt that South Sudan has a desire to reach a solution for the pending issues between the two countries, referring to its recent aggressions and its occupation of Helgig and attacks on Taludi.

on 2012/4/26 10:08:52

Open in new windowThe Ministry of Finance has adopted a package of measures with the aim to increase revenues and to reduce the government expenditure toward boosting the Campaign for Repulsing Aggression and the Armed Forces. At a meeting he held Wednesday with directors of the government institutions and companies, the minister of Finance and National Economy Ali Mahmoud gave a directive for each government institution and company to allocate a sum of its budget which is to be transferred soon for the account of the Campaign for Repulsion of Aggression. He decided reduction of all the allocations for the employees working with contracts with government institutions, excluding the salary as well as halting the items of donations and transferring them to supporting the Armed Forces. The Minister of Finance also decided decreasing the weekly fuel quota for government vehicles by 50%. He said that all these measures comply with the decisions adopted by the Council of Ministers for reduction of the government expenditure and fixing all the allowances and allocations for the officials assuming constitutional positions.
The minister announced the commitment of minister to donate a one month salary, and the employees' obligation to contribute a two-day salary in support of the Campaign for Repulsion of Aggression, indicating that all these donations are to be transferred to a special account to be opened at the Bank of Sudan under observation of the First Vice - President of the Republic.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Finance, Majdi Hassan Yassin, suggested that the banks shall add a fee in the ATM dealing as support to the Armed Forces. He underscored the importance of reduction of the consumption of electricity power, telephones and services at the government institutions toward decreasing the public expenditure.
The Broadcasting Corporation, Sudan Television Corporation and Sudan News Agency expressed their readiness to lead a media campaign to elevate the value of Jihad and to demand reduction of expenditure, pledging to boost the efforts of the Ministry of Finance for reduction of expenditure and increasing revenues.

on 2012/4/26 10:01:21

Open in new windowThe Canadian State Petroleum Company has announced desire to invest on oil in Sudan.
The Minister of Oil Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, affirmed during a meeting with a delegation of the company Wednesday that the door of Sudan was open for all companies to invest in the oil field.
The director of the company has lauded the role of the Minister of Oil in developing the oil industries in the country.

on 2012/4/25 11:20:37

Open in new windowThe First Vice President of the Republic and Chairperson of the Higher Committee for Mobilization and Alert, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, has praised the donation of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to 10 million pounds in support of the national effort for repulsing of the aggression and liberation of Heglig by the Armed Forces, other regular forces and Mujahideen
This came during his meeting with the delegation of the Ministry of Communication led by the Minister of Communication, Engineer Mohamed Abdul-Kareem Al-Hud, the State Minister at the ministry, Azza Awadal-Kareem and the directors of the departments at the ministry Tuesday at the Republican Palace, in the presence of the State Minister at the Ministry of the Council of Ministers
The First Vice President has appreciated the support of the ministry, saying that the homeland is now in need for gathering of all efforts to support the Armed Forces to defend the homeland and to support the national effort for building and rehabilitation
He affirmed that the door is open for the contribution of the people of Sudan, pointing out that the march is progressing towards its ends.
Engineer Al-Hud has congratulated the Armed Forces, Mujahideen and the other regular forces on the restoration of Heglig.
He said in a press statement following that meeting that the First Vice President appreciated the support of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
He explained the communication, through the companies of telecommunication, launched Al-Karama (dignity) Service for support to the Armed Forces and the national effort via sending of empty message in all communication companies working in Sudan to the number (666) at a value of one pound, to the number (6666) at a value of 10 pounds and to (66666) at a value of 50 pounds throughout the networks of all the telecommunication companies.

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