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on 2012/2/14 11:06:21

Open in new windowMinister of Human Resources Development Abideen Muhamed Shareef met seperately in his office on Monday ambassadors of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Sultanate of Oman and discussed with them progress of bilateral relations and development of human resources.
The Kuwaiti ambassador Sulayman Abdallah Al Harebi , meanwhile has emphasized support to successful human development projects and publishing and printing of textbooks of Basic Level (Grade 8th) , pointing to the firm link between Sudan and Kuwait.The Kuwaiti diplomat said they are resolute to fund more vital projects in Sudan.
The Omani Ambassador Abdallah Rashid in turn has reviewed joint human development project and reiterated g support to human development projects and exchange of expertise especially in the field of technical education.
Secretary General of Technical and Technological Education Abdel-Mahmoud Osman Mansour is expected to visit Kuwait within the coming few days to discuss further operation ties.

on 2012/2/13 12:40:00

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic, Field marshal Omer Al-Bashir, described the decision of the government of South Sudan to close down the oil pipelines as sheer suicide, affirming that the government of Sudan will continue its plans for realizing development in the country, despite challenges
Addressing the employees working in establishment of Upper Atbara and Setet Dams on yesterday, President Al-Bashir said that Sudan is facing an external enemy, represented in the Zionist-crusade Alliance, as well as an internal enemy, such as Kauda alliance of opposition and rebels, who thought that the closure of the oil pipeline will topple the government of North Sudan within two months
President Al-Bashir said that after the pipeline was shut down, the exchange rate of the dollars against the Sudanese witnessed a drop and Kauda alliance became the loser
He referred to the vast resources in Sudan, top of them is gold, which is expected to add around 2, 5 billion dollars in the current year.
He also affirmed determination of the state to enhance Agriculture and to expand the cultivated area vertically and horizontally, besides caring withe agriculture manufacturing
President Al-bashir has hailed the martyrs of the Sudan, top of them was the Field Marshal El-Zubair Mohamed Sallih, pledging to trace their track and not to retreat despite all challenges and plots.
He hailed the youths of Sudan who are working at the major projects such as the dams and oil projects, praising the role of the partners of Sudan development, including the Arab funds and Chinese companies.

on 2012/2/13 12:40:00

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, is due to address today at the Friendship Hall the inaugural sitting of the Arab Orphans Conference.
In a press statement the chairwoman of the higher committee for holding the conference, Layla Khalid, said that the conference, due to be attended by representatives of the Arab states, aims to mobilize the society to realize more solidarity for the welfare of orphans via the organizations that work under the umbrella of a specialized network ,in addition to ensuring further sponsorship and endowments in Sudan to the orphans
She said that Martyr Al-Zubair Charitable Organization has been giving attention to the orphans issues, indicating that the organization has urged many organizations to join this charitable work and exerted continuous efforts until the number of the organizations that sponsor the orphans reached 62

on 2012/2/13 12:32:32

SUNA learned that the government of South Sudan State expressed its readiness to export its oil through the Sudan as soon as a trade agreement is reached by the two sides
This came at the outset of the current round of negotiations between Sudan and South Sudan over the oil issue in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
SUNA learned that after this stance, the two sides agreed on the agenda of the negotiations with the assistance of the secretariat and the African mediation
At the negotiations sitting, which started at 04.00 p.m., Sudan delegation presented its commercial offer, including the sovereignty, transit and services fees for the exportation of the South Sudan oil through the Sudan.
The delegation of South Sudan has asked for a chance until Monday 04.00 p.m. in order to scrutinize Sudan offer and to respond to it
SUNA learned that the negotiations on the outstanding financial commitments and the borders between Sudan and South Sudan states will start today

on 2012/2/13 12:24:20

Open in new windowA delegation of the federal Council of Ministers Sunday concluded a two-day inspection visit to the Red Sea State
The delegation was led by the Assistant of the President of the Republic, Col Abdul-Rahman Al Saddiq Al-Mahdi
The delegation has inspected the progress of development, investment, health, education, water, electricity, bridges, physical planning, and tourism activities in Port-Sudan, Sinkat and Sawakin areas
The federal delegation has appreciated the development projects that the Red Sea State is implementing
The visiting delegation was received by the governor of the Red Sea State, Mohamed Tahir Aila, and members of the state.
The delegation included a number of federal ministers and state ministers state at the ministries of Health, Education, Tourism, Agriculture, industry, Animal Resources, Mining, Human Resources, Electricity and Dams.

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