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on 2012/6/6 10:56:32

The Chief Justice, Jalaluddin Mohammed Osman, yesterday received at his office at the premises of Sudan Judiciary a judicial Pakistani delegation.
The Chief Justice briefed the Pakistani delegation on the judicial system of Sudan as well as the independence of Judiciary, stressing the importance of exchange of experiences and boosting the cooperation in the fields of training.
The Pakistani delegation qppreciqted Sudan Judiciary and the good reputation of the Sudanese Judges abroad, affirming that the acts and laws being applied in Sudan and Pakistan are in conformity with the teachings of Islam and thqt the both countries have identical judicial systems.
It is to be noted that the Pakistani delegation met with the Deputies of the Chief Justice and Judges of the Constitutional Court, during which the two sides exchanged views with regard to training, exchange of expertise and enhqncing the acts derived from Sharia in the two countries.

on 2012/6/5 11:12:40

Open in new windowThe meetings of the joint Political and Security Committee of Sudan and South Sudan State, co-chaired by the Sudanese Minister of Defence, Gen. Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein, and the Minister of Defence of South Sudan John Kong Nyuon will continue today Tuesday in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. The talks aim to implement the road map put forward by the African Peace and Security Council and the UN Security Council Resolution 2046 for the year 2012.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the African Union High-level Implementation Panel for Sudan (AUHLIP) former President of South Africa Thabo Mbeki is expected to chair a meeting that would tackle issues of cessation of hostilities, re-deployment of troops, stoppage of support to rebellions against each states as well as setting demilitarized zones. The meeting would deliberate on formation and re-activation of joint monitoring units as well as setting time for the extra-ordinary meeting, due to be held by the two sides.
The meetings of the joint Political and Security Committee of Sudan and South Sudan State began Monday following arrival of the Sudan government delegation in Addis Ababa. The delegation includes the Minister of Defence, Gen. Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein, the Minister of Interior, Ibrahim Hamid, the Director of the Intelligence and National Security Services, Gen. Mohamed Atta, and the State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Salahuddin Wansi. The delegation of the South Sudan led by the Minister of Defence, John Kong Nyuon, arrived in Addis Ababa Sunday to take part in the negotiations which attracted intensive media coverage and considerable attendance from international and regional observers.

on 2012/6/5 11:10:00

Open in new windowThe President of the Republic Omer Albashir hailed efforts of the ministry of agriculture in making the agricultural season a success. President Albashir was briefed Monday at his office in the Cabinet's premises by the minister of agriculture AbdulHalim Ismail Almutaafi on steps taken so far to provide agricultural inputs for the new season. The minister of agriculture said he informed Mr. President on preparations for the season in all states of the country, particularly in the Gadarif, three Darfur states, South Kordofan and Blue Nile states.

on 2012/6/5 10:57:25

Open in new windowThe Chairman of Darfur Peace Follow up Office Amin Hassan Omer has briefed members of the office, which was reformed recently, on the new tasks and duties of the office and the levels of implementation of all files of Darfur peace as well as the outcome of the International Follow-up Committee meeting held in Doha recently.
Mr. Omer said in a press statement after the meeting that the Office has been divided into four committees in order to carry out its duties.
On the aggression committed by some Darfur rebel movements, Mr. Omer said that the movements were expected to move to the North Sudan, but that was not likely to happen since they still existing inside the territories of South Sudan, adding that Sudan is waiting for the government of South Sudan to honor its commitment in the agreement that it has signed.
The Chairman of Darfur Peace Follow up Office pointed out that there were elements inside the rebel movements who want to join the peace process, indicating this position will be assessed with the mediators in a meeting that will take place soon.

on 2012/6/5 10:40:46

Open in new windowAssistant of the President of the Republic Nafie Ali Nafie during his current visit to the Red Sea State inaugurated Monday internal roads in Sinkat town at the length of 20 kilometers, a midwives School, and an environment sanitation mechanism.
He also inspected refugees camps, youth houses, a hospital and Al-Neil Artisan institute in Sinkat. The Presidential Assistant was accompanied by the governor of the Red Sea state Mohamed Tahir Aila,
Mr. Nafie accompanied during his current visit to the Red Sea State by the federal Industry Minister and a number of top officials.

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