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on 2012/7/28 14:43:43

The Organization of Environmental Initiative for Sustainable Development will organize, in collaboration with the Federation of Industrial Chambers (Khartoum State) and Muroj Company for Clean Energy, a symposium on bio-treatment of liquid and solid wastes on Wednesday at the Hall of the Union of Businessmen and Employers under patronage of the Minister of Environment, Forests and Urban Development.
Representative of the Organization of Environmental Initiative for Sustainable Development, Ms. Hanan Al-Amin Mudesir and Representative of Muroj Company for Clean Energy Abdullah Al-Bahari are to address the symposium whereas the National Center for Research, Khartoum Locality, the Company for Water and Sanitation, leather tanning and the Institute for Environmental Studies are to give comments on the symposium.

on 2012/7/28 14:42:50

The Commissioner of Al-Odieya Locality at the Northern Kordofan State Maj. Ahmed Hagar Mohamed has underlined that intensive efforts have been exerted by the Ministry of Oil to extract oil from Al-Zurga block at the locality.
He explained, in statement to the Sudan News Agency that the said block would contribute a lot in providing job opportunities and make the desired change in the locality. It is to be recalled that this block will be a real addition to the oil fields in Sudan.

on 2012/7/26 12:03:50

Open in new windowThe sub-committee for Darfur peace, chaired by the First Vice President of the Republic Ali Osman Taha agreed Wednesday to begin immediately completing the security arrangements and making the necessary preparations to realize security of Darfur people and stability in the region. Following the meeting which was held at the Republican Palace in the presence of the Interior Minister, army officers, head of the Darfur Peace Follow up Office, the chairman of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) Tijani Ssesi said that the meeting discussed the issue of the security arrangements which had begun earlier and assuring necessity of beginning the other phases to complete the preparations.
Mr. Ssesi noted that the meeting has tackled the security situation in Darfur region and to establish the society police forces to secure the return of the displaced persons and the refugees to their villages. He said the extension of the mandate of the UNAMID is agreed upon with the government.

on 2012/7/26 11:59:16

Open in new window The spokesman of the Sudan delegation for the negotiations wih South Sudan in Addis Ababa, Mutrif Siddiq announced that the two sides will enter into the direct African Union High-level Implementation Panel-sponsored negotiations today Thursday which will center on production, transport and import of oil. He said in a press statement that the negotiations have been tackling security issues but the two sides will discuss matters pertinent to petroleum today Thursday.
Mr Sidiq said delegation of South Sudan will forward its view regarding oil transit fees and services after that Sudan delegation will cast a number of questions over the South Sudan proposals before presenting its own proposals which will aim to bridge the gap between the two sides. He hint that the two sides will reach agreement if South Sudan delegation raises its offer where the Sudanese side presents concessions from its ceiling of the right it deserves, stressing that the two sides are trying to reach satisfactory solutions for re-pumping the South Sudan oil through Sudan.
The Spokesman of the Sudan delegation affirmed Sudan’s desire to re-pumping South Sudan oil vai Sudan, expressing hope that the two side to reach agreement on security arrangements which could allow pumping and transport of oil. He explained that the two sides has agreed that the issues will be tackled as one package and without selection in indication to security arrangements which has strong relation with the economic arrangements and agreements which will be put into action.

on 2012/7/26 11:57:50

Open in new windowThe government of Sudan has expressed hope that the threatening of the African Union Peace and Security Council to impose sanctions on the non-signatory armed movements in Darfur shall be adopted by the United Nations Security Council and to be for a specific deadline with the aim to compel the movements to join the peace agreement, otherwise sanctions will be imposed on them. In a press statement at the Republican Palace Wednesday, the Chairman of the Office for Follow up of Darfur Peace Amin Hassan Omer said that the UN Security Council has a precedent in determining the deadlines, therefore we hope that the UN Security Council will set a deadline for the armed movements to join the peace process or to face sanctions.
Mr. Omer noted that extension of this term that is agreed upon by the government, the United Nations and the African Union is an ordinary decision, adding that there is an agreement on the reduction of the military force of the UNAMID by approximately 25% as well as concentrating on the civil operations, police forces to keep security and to observe the implementation of the agreement by all signatory parties of Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD).
He stressed that the meeting of the sub-committees of the Darfur Peace Follow-up Office discussed Wednesday the practical steps of the specific timetable of the security arrangements, indicating that the meeting also tackled an important issues such as the security problems which began to appear due to the entry of elements of the armed movements forces of South Sudan in some outskirts in Darfur region.

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