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on 2012/4/24 10:08:58

Open in new windowThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the Armed Forces maintains the legitimate right of the Sudanese Armed Forces to practice self defense and to pursue the aggressors wherever they are to avoid repeating the aggression against its lands, protect lives of the civilians and their properties and the strategic establishments. In a statement it issued Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it has been following up the repeated aggressions staged by South Sudan on the Sudanese territories, indicating that the aggression was launched against Heglig and other towns and strategic Sudanese establishments near the border in South Kordofan, Darfur and the Blue Nile states.
The Foreign Ministry stated that the rebels have attacked the Sudanese - Chadian - Central African forces in Um-Dafoq and included Taludi town in South Kordofan for the fifth time.
The ministry said that it remained calling on the international community to put pressure on South Sudan so as to refrain from supporting the Sudanese rebellion, but South Sudan government did not respond to the repeated calls of the international community and continued its hostile activities to undermine the stability and security of Sudan.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly denounced the hostile being given by officials of South Sudan government about their determination to stage another attack on Heglig, stressing that Sudan will never be dragged into a war that the victims of which are innocent citizens of South Sudan.

on 2012/4/24 10:00:58

Open in new windowThe Minister of Justice Mohamed Bushara Dosa affirmed that Sudan has adopted measures to sue South Sudan government at the international institutions for its aggression and destruction of Heglig area. In his address to the Parliament Monday on South Sudan 's aggression, Dosa said that the Ministry of Justice has worked out, in the context of the Higher Mobilization and Alert Committee, a legal memo in response to South Sudan.
He said that aggression is incriminated by all laws, customs and charters, indicating that Sudan is keg ally authorized to respond to the aggression and to restore its right either by war or peaceful means.
He said that Sudan will continue its legal and diplomatic efforts against South Sudan; especially that it has violated the charters of the United Nations, the African Union and the IGAD.

on 2012/4/24 9:49:53

Open in new windowThe Minister of Trade Osman Omer Al-Sharif has appreciated firmness of the Sudanese - Qatari relations at all domains. In a statement following his meeting Monday with the Qatari Minister of Trade Sheikh Jasim bin Abdul-Aziz, Al-Sharif said that his meeting with Sheikh Jasim was very successful, indicating that he felt the great understanding of the Qatari Trade Minister to investment opportunities available in Sudan. Al-Sharif said that his Qatari counterpart affirmed the readiness of Qatar to boost the investment and to contribute to enhancement of the major Sudanese exports and products. Al-Sharif indicated that he invited his Qatari counterpart to visit Sudan.

on 2012/4/24 9:34:07

Open in new windowThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Monday the Ugandan Ambassador to Khartoum and conveyed to her Sudan’s strong protest and asked for clarification over statements attributed to the Commander of the Ugandan Army on his country's stand in support of South Sudan in any possible conflict between it and Sudan. In a statement to the Sudan News Agency, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was aware of a series of hostile stances being declared by the Ugandan government in different occasions. The Foreign Ministry indicated that it has informed the Ugandan Ambassador that it had waited for two days to identify if there was a Ugandan reaction that refutes the allegation, but that did not happen from the Ugandan government.
Meanwhile, the Ugandan Ambassador said that she will convey Sudan protest to her country.

on 2012/4/23 11:12:55

Open in new windowThe Judiciary has affirmed its support to the Armed Forces and other regular forces to carry out their full duties in defending the homeland and the gains of the Sudanese nation
This came when the First Vice - President of the Republic and Chairman of the Higher Committee for Mobilization, Ali Osman Mohammed Taha, received yesterday a delegation of the Judiciary led by the Chief Justice, Judge Jalal-Eddin Mohammed Osaman.
Member of the Supreme Court, Dr Haider Mohamed Dafa'alla said the delegation of the Judiciary has notified the First Vice-President that the Judiciary is ready for any national role in defending the country''s security and independence by backing the Armed Forces.

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