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on 2012/1/24 12:04:44

Open in new windowThe Minister of Information Abdalla Ali Massar has affirmed commitment of his ministry to enhance the laws organizing the media and press work and to unite the policies for building a strong Sudanese media system. During his meeting Monday at his office with Chairman of the Council of States Adam Hamid Musa the Minister of Information gave a detailed briefing on the plan of his ministry to enhance the performance of the mass media affiliated to his ministry. He underscored the importance of the media role in the coming stage, pledging to expand the freedom of the press. Mr. Massar called on the Council of the States to work for issuance of legislations that are supporting to the efforts of the Ministry of Information for promoting the media work in the country.
The Minister of Information also affirmed, during his meeting with Deputy Chairman of the Council of the States Ismail Al-haj Musa, his ministry's support to the activities of the council and appreciated its role in supporting the states.
In a press statement, Mr. Musa said that the meeting underscored the importance of closer cooperation between the Council of the States and the Ministry of Information in the legislation and information domains.

on 2012/1/24 11:45:43

Open in new windowThe Minister of Justice Mohamed Bushara Dosa has directed the concerned units, institutions and the ministries to abide by the legal advices issued earlier by the Ministry of Justice. In a press statement following his meeting Monday with the legal a advisors of the Ministry of Justice at the states' units, ministries and institutions, the minister of justice indicated that the meeting was aimed to improve the legal performance and to provide excellent legal services at the ministries, units and institutions. He affirmed the necessity of commitment to the rule of law.
He said that the meeting provided opportunity to prove that commitment to law is necessary for achieving good performance of the government.
The minister also referred to the directives issued by the Council of Ministers and the Presidency of the Republic on the commitment to the legal advices issued by the Ministry of Justice.

on 2012/1/24 11:10:43

The Minister of Science and Technology Issa Bashari discussed Monday with the governor of the Northern State Fathi Khalil the directives of the President of the Republic pertinent to the implementation of model projects for producing bio-fuel and ethanol by plantation of Jatrova tree and the sweet sorghum (durra). The directives of President Albashir also included spreading of solar energy technology through illumination of a number of villages and areas in the state within the project of the 100-villages, which is being adopted by the ministry through funding from the Presidency of the Republic.
The minister reviewed during his meeting with Khalil at his office Monday, the economic and development impact which will be realized by the said projects for reducing poverty and spreading modern technologies for the sake of ideal utilization of the resources at the rural areas.
Mr. Bashari revealed that his ministry was conducting research and studies for implementation of the directives of the First Vice President and the Chairman of the Higher Council of the National Agricultural Campaign to enhance the agriculture and environment in the Northern State.

on 2012/1/23 12:11:07

The government, represented in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Commission for Humanitarian Aid of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Secuirity, has announced directives pertinent to the operation of the UN agencies and international organizations in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile States
These directives were declared through a meeting held Sunday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between representatives of the government, the UN agencies and the international organizations
The government allowed the UN agencies and the international organizations, which have established offices before the recent incidents in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile and operate in the field of development and rehabilitation, to resume their work according to certain measures
These measures included that the agencies and international organizations operating in the relief and humanitarian aid field shall sign technical agreements with the Commission for Humanitarian Aid to implement projects and to take into consideration the developments in the state, the relief is to be received and to be distributed by the Commission for Humanitarian Aid and the Sudanese Red Crescent Society, and that the basic services projects of education, health and water are to be implemented by the national institutions (the ministries and the national organizations
The measures also included that the social development projects relating to direct dealing and contact with the citizens shall be implemented by the national institutions (the concerned ministries and the national organizations), the directors of the UN and international organizations' offices shall stay only in the capital of the state and to submit an application to the Commission of Humanitarian Aid to get approval of the person and the duration through consultation with the concerned federal authorities, and that the UN agencies and the international organizations shall conduct consultation with the concerned federal authorities with regard to the implementation of infrastructural projects

on 2012/1/23 12:01:19

Open in new windowThe State Minister at the Presidency of the Republic, Dr. Amin Hassan Omer, said that republican decrees would be issued in the coming days concerning appointments at legislative and executive authorities in Darfur states
He pointed to the moral commitment of the President of the Republic to re-appoint the elected governors in these states.
At a press conference at SMC yesterday, Dr. Omer said the re-division of Darfur region into five states came in accordance with demographic, economic, cultural and social criteria, indicating that the tasks of the Legislative authorities in these states include formulation of state constitutions that cope with the National Constitution, besides carrying out the legislative work in these states
He said that the call for increasing the number of Darfur states was existing since a long time and continued till convocation of Kenana Conference when the citizens of Darfur demanded establishment of two new states in Bahral-Arab and Jabal Marrah
Dr. Omer referred to a decision issued earlier by the President of the Republic on formation of a committee to study the administrative and economic bases on re-division of Darfur states
He said that there were no legal commitments to appoint signatories of the former Abuja peace agreement in government after the expiry of its period, adding that this issue is subject to political understandings with framework of the broad based government
He said that the Justice and Equality Movement would be welcomed to participate if it came to the negotiations under the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur
Meanwhile, the State Minister at the Decentralized Government Bureau, Ali Majok Al-Moemin, said the division of Darfur region into five states took place after a series of studies and consultations, adding that the re-division was necessitated by objective reasons, including the demand of the people of Darfur, the need to enhance the economic conditions of the citizens and need to expand the scope of participation, to enhance the security situation, besides the existing diversity

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