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on 2012/10/4 10:48:00

The Liberation and Justice Movement yesterday issued a statement commending the recent Comprehensive Cooperation Agreements signed between Sudan and South Sudan in Addis Ababa.
The Statement reiterated the support of the movement to the agreement in a view that it would lead to the security and stability of the Sudanese people, calling on the political spectra and all sectors in the two States to support the agreement and to contribute in its implementation.
The Movement further urged all the members of the regional and international community to support the efforts of the two parties of the agreement to realize lasting and sustainable peace in the two countries.
The Statement said the Liberation and Justice Movement further appeals to all the armed movements in Darfur, South Kordufan and Blue Nile to resort to peace in conformity with the desire of the people of Sudan.

on 2012/10/3 9:34:31

Open in new windowThe President of the Republic and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Field Marshal Omer Albashir attended Tuesday a graduation ceremony of officers with different specializations of the Karari Military University at Merrikh Stadium in Omdurman in presence of the Minister of Defense, Gen. Abdul-Rahim Mohammed Hussein, senior commanders of the Armed Forces, ministers and government officials. The President honored he talented officers from the different batches. The Minister of Defense reaffirmed the Armed Forces commitment to execute the joint cooperation agreement signed with the South Sudan (SS), reiterating that Sudan does not want to achieve a tactic peace with the South Sudan but it wants a sustainable peace.He disclosed that the security agreement with the South Sudan includes disengagement of the SS’s army with the 9th and 10 Divisions in the South Kordofan and Blue Nile states, stoppage of support to rebel movements and withdrawal from the occupied lands.
Gen. Hussein added that the agreement includes observatory and investigation mechanisms for hostilities, pointing out that implementation of the security arrangement would make the joint borders flexible which would facilitate movement of people, grazers and cultures between the two countries which, in turn , would contribute to finding sustainable peace and development.
The Minister hailed the Karari Military University and its workers for supporting the Armed Forces with scientifically and militarily qualified officers, stressing importance of boosting the Armed Forces with training and military industrial centers.

on 2012/10/3 9:30:00

Open in new windowThe Vice President Al-Haj Adam has given directive for stoppage of all the fees that are being collected without the financial Receipt 15 at the government units. This came when he chaired Tuesday at the Council of Ministers a meeting of the committee for cancellation of some fees.
The meeting reviewed a draft of the final report of the committee which included the situation of the national and states fees besides the fees on exports and imports. The meeting has appreciated the role being played by the Customs Police for enhancing and simplification of the financial procedure. The meeting underscored the importance of adherence to collection of fees through Receipt 15.

on 2012/10/3 9:20:00

Open in new windowThe Sudan’s chief negotiator to talks with the South Sudan Idriss Mohamed Abdul Gadir said the joint security committee headed by the Defence ministers in the two countries and the joint technical committees between the two countries will meet within the week to start planning to implement the cooperation agreement signed by the two countries on the 27th of September. In his briefing Tuesday to the Council of States on the agreement, Mr. Abdel Gadir said the security arrangements deal between the two countries provided for a 10 km wide buffer zone. The agreement would restore normal relations between the two countries, he added. Regarding the oil deal, he said it covers all aspects, including price and fees but non-oil arrears would be tackled separately. He said the agreements would be referred to the parliaments in both countries within forty days for approval; he stressed the need to create a favorable atmosphere to implement the agreements for the peoples' benefit.

on 2012/10/3 9:10:00

Open in new windowThe Minister of Oil Awad Ahmed Aljaz has given a directive to the companies operating in the oil field to prepare the oil establishments for the passing of South Sudan oil through the Sudanese territories, in coordination with the South Sudan concerning the technical issues.
This came when he received Tuesday in his office the Ambassador of the European Union to Sudan. Mr. Aljaz has informed the EU Ambassador on the technical arrangements being conducted by the Ministry of Oil for receiving the oil of South Sudan, pointing to gains for Sudan and South Sudan from the agreement.
Meanwhile, the EU Ambassador has welcomed the Cooperation Agreement which signed in Addis Ababa between Sudan and South Sudan for solution of the outstanding issues. He referred to the efforts done by the European Union for narrowing the differences between the two countries to pave the way for signing of the Cooperation Agreement.

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