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on 2012/6/10 10:59:37

Open in new windowNegotiations on peace between Sudan and South Sudan held recently in Addis Ababa under mediation by the AU High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) will be resumed on June the 19th. A delegation member of the Sudan's delegation to the talks Omer Dahab said that the wrapping up of the talks was due to engagement of the chairman and some members of the AUHIP. The Sudan's delegation to the talks in the Ethiopian capital returned home on Saturday after suspension of the talks. On a map presented by the South Sudan as a basis for negotiations, Mr. Dahab said in a statement to the Sudan Radio that the only legitimate map his government can consider as basis for the talks is the map upon which they signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement with the SPLM in 2005, and implemented the troops’ redeployment. He added that the map presented by the South Sudan implicates expansion ambitions into the Sudanese land. He further said that the South Sudan's new map contradicts the map upon which Sudan has recognized the newly- born state.

on 2012/6/10 10:21:40

Open in new windowMeetings of the Abyei Committee between the Sudan and South Sudan in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, broke down amid divergence of views between Sudan and South Sudan on administrative and civil issues in the area, but the two sides agreed to hold a second meeting on the 5th of July. Al-Khair Al-Fahim, who is the Co-Chairman of the committee and head of the Sudan's delegation to the talks, said that the South Sudan proposed establishment of Abyei administrative and the police, explaining that a government can not be formed and function without a legislative body.
On his part, Luka Biong, South Sudanese official in charge of Abyei dossier, said that his delegation presented a proposal to create administrative body, adding that subordination of the area to the north or south will be considered later.

on 2012/6/10 10:06:29

Open in new window The Assistant of the President of the Republic Nafie Ali Nafie will address on Monday the inaugural sitting of the Fifth Session of Khartoum State's Legislative Council. The Chairperson of the Council, Mohamed Al-Sheikh Madani has explained that the opening sitting will be dedicated to the address of the government of the state which will be presented by Khartoum State's governor Abdal-Rahman Al-Khadir. The adress is to review plans and achievements of the state in various development and service fields in accordance with the Regulation of the Council.
The Chairperson of the Committee of Legal Affairs at the Council Mariam Osman has affirmed that the fifth session will witness ratification of several draft bills top of which are the bills of Trade Organization and Consumer Protection, Organization of Voluntary Health Action and the Organ of Land Protection and Removal of Irregularities besides a Bill on regulation of the Circulation of Sugar in Khartoum State.

on 2012/6/10 9:50:00

Open in new windowSudan and the Kingdom of Morocco signed three bilateral agreements including an agreement to cancel the requirement of entry visa for holders of diplomatic, official and private passports between the two countries, as a prelude to the abolition of visas in the future, besides an agreement on an executive program for cultural cooperation between the two countries. They also signed the minutes of the first meeting of the political consultation which included the revitalization of the previous agreements, including the establishment of joint business council between the two countries.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Ahmed Karti concluded Saturday his visit to the Kingdom of Morocco, where he discussed with the Moroccan Prime Minister, Abdul Elah Bin Kiran, the results of the first meeting of political consultation between Sudan and Morocco under the chairmanship of the Foreign Ministers of the two countries, adding that Karti also briefed the Moroccan official on the latest developments in Sudan, especially particularly the UN Security Council's latest resolution on the relationship between Sudan and South Sudan.

on 2012/6/8 12:45:28

Open in new windowThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday summoned the ambassadors of the African Union countries in Khartoum and officially informed them on Sudan request for transfer of the coming African Union summit from Malawi to Addis Ababa In his briefing to the African ambassadors, the acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Omer Siddiq, attributed Sudan request for the failure of the government of Malawi to abide by the duties of the country that hosts the summit.
He said that Sudan request is a legal one and complies with the Basic Statute of the African Union
Ambassador Siddiq pointed out that it is for the interest of Africa and Malawi that the coming African Union summit be held outside Malawi, especially that this summit will discuss the issues of peace in Darfur, the sponsorship of the African Union and the peace negotiations between Sudan and South Sudan.
He said that the call of Malawi to exclude President Al-Bashir from the coming African summit was illegal because President Al-Bashir does not intend to pay a private visit to Malawi, but to take part at an African summit.
He referred to the support of the African Union to Sudan request
Ambassador Siddiq said that the Chairman of the African Union and most of the African countries reject the stance of Malawi
He said that Malawi is a hosting country and have no right to determine who is to be invited and who shall not be invited, indicating that the decision of Malawi was based on economic that are represented on the support that is extended to it by the United States in the form of 35o million dollars annually offered by the USAID, which was suspended from it a year ago due to cases of human rights and corruption
Ambassador Siddiq said that there is no diplomatic representation between Sudan and South Sudan, explaining that the relations between the two countries are based on no-resident representation

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