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on 2012/11/29 10:48:45

The Director General of Eriab Mining Company Dr. Mohamed Abu Fatima has announced that the productive capacity of the company would increase after entering of two production lines for gold and copper in block 11 and 18.
Dr. Abu Fatima said in a press statement , that the gold production would multiply from 2 tons to 5 tons, adding that the second transferring line will enable the company to produce copper in amounts estimated to 51 tons at the initial phase as they are looking forward to produce 100 thousand tons of copper.
He added , that the company would sign a document with Lamnchia in the presence of the Minister of Minerals, Dr. Kamal Abdal-Latif, pointing out that the company has not exploited all the areas granted to it.
It is to be mentioned that the Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris, partner of the Sudanese government with 41% in Eriab, announced earlier that he had established Lamnchia Company operating in the mining sector in all regions of Sudan.
The Minister of Minerals discussed with Sawiris plans of developing and modernizing plans in mining sector and in Eriab Company to increase production. The minister said that there are joint ventures between the two sides will see the light soon after Sawiris expressed his full readiness to work with the Ministry of Minerals to develop work in this sector. Abdal-Latif revealed their agreement on a plan for the development of a number of mining activities.
In early time, Eriab Mining Company announced that the cost of the first phase of the expansion amounted to 320 million dollars and that studies have proven existence of 140 tons of gold in Eriab area, more than one million tons of copper and more than 75 thousand tons of zinc, along with one million tons of copper.

on 2012/11/29 10:34:58

The Ambassador of Iraq to Sudan, Dr. Salih El-Tamimi, Wednesday reiterated the support of his government to Sudan at all levels and in all forums.
The ambassador said in a press statement , that his country has been supporting the sister Arab States, particularly the Sudan, affirming that Iraq has extended relief materials to Darfur at the cost of 10 million US dollars.
Dr. El-Tamaimi said that this support came to affirm the deeply rooted and historic relations between the peoples of the two countries, besides the fraternity between the political leaderships of the two countries.
The Iraqi Ambassador said that the coming period will witness the convocation of the joint Sudanese - Iraqi committee, highlighting on the progress of the relations linking the two countries in all domains, particularly in the industrial sector.
Ambassador El-Tamimi referred to the directives of the Ministries of Industry and Minerals in Sudan and Iraq toward boosting the cooperation in all fields.

on 2012/11/28 10:27:33

Open in new windowThe President of the Republic and Higher Commander of the Armed Forces Field Marshal Omer Albashir was informed on outcome of the inquiries and confessions of the persons accused of involvement in the sabotage attempt announced last week. This came when the President received Tuesday the Command Staff of the Armed Forces. The Minister of Defence, Gen. Abdul-Rahim Mohamed Hussein, said that President Albashir was briefed on the inquiries in the sabotage attempt and on the security situation in the country, especially in Darfur, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile States. Gen. Hussein indicated that the President of the Republic also got acquainted with the situation of the Armed Forces and its units, affirming the Armed Forces' readiness to protect the security and stability of the country.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Defence announced that the Joint Political and Security Committee between Sudan and South Sudan would meet during December 3-4 and during December 5-6, expressing hope that these meetings will push ahead implementation of the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement which was signed between the two countries in September.

on 2012/11/28 10:25:45

Open in new window The Assistant of President Nafie Ali Nafie said that the implementation of the security arrangements in the Joint Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement between Sudan and South Sudan was the way to implementation of the other agreements of cooperation in various fields, affirming Sudan's readiness to implement all the joint cooperation agreements with South Sudan. He made the statement when he received Tuesday at his office at the Republican Palace the American special envoy to Sudan Princeton Lyman, explaining that Sudan was looking forward to strengthen its relations with the United States and making them as the key for enhancing the relations with the South Sudan and solving issues of the South Kordofan and Blue Nile states.
Meanwhile, the American envoy said in a statement to the Sudan News Agency that his meeting with Mr. Nafie was very fruitful and they discussed number of issues, top of which were the relations between Sudan and South Sudan, the agreement that the two countries signed in Addis Ababa in September, and the realization of peace in South Kordofan and Blue Nile States. Lyman affirmed the importance of implementing the agreement to guarantee the security and stability in the area, expressing hope that the American efforts would help solving all the issues.

on 2012/11/28 10:21:53

Open in new windowThe 12th conference of the Arab ministers of minerals in underway today Wednesday in Khartoum and will conclude sessions on Thursday. The opening session was addressed by Presidential Assistant Jala Yousif Addigr and Minister of Minerals Kamal Abdul-Latif. The miknister has called on the Arab countries of similar geological nature to increase the cooperation between them for development of the mining industry in the Arab World. Addressing the opening sitting Tuesday at the Friendship Hall, Mr. Abdul-Latif highlighted on the most important challenges facing the Arab countries in the field of mining, including issues of scientific research, exchange of information, capacity building, enhancement of skills, construction and monitoring centers, exploration of minerals, making geological maps and using satellites and remote sensing technology. The minister referred to Sudan's commencement of the commercial operation of the Gold Refinery in Khartoum with a capacity of 150 tones per year, affirming readiness to present all facilities to the friendly and sister countries in order to make use of it.
The minister has commended the leading role being played by the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO), calling on the organization to contribute to funding the joint projects in domains of exploration, mining and utilization of mineral resources. He called on AIDMO to encourage the international funding institutions to support the efforts of attracting investments and to help the member states in the field of minerals as well as enhancing the capacity of the governmental institutions and providing funding opportunities in the domain of mining in the member states. The minister has highlighted on Sudan role in support the Arab causes as well as hosting the conference of the Arab Mining Organization in the year 1984 and commended the response of the AIDMO to the call of Sudan to host the 12th meeting, which is a good opportunity to discuss the joint issues in the domain of mining towards the improvement of Arab economies and the welfare of the Arab peoples.

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