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on 2013/1/5 10:32:00

Open in new windowThe United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed Friday the holding of a meeting between the Presidents of Sudan Omar Albashir and South Sudan Salva Kiir, urging them to work to resolve all pending issues between the two countries. The official spokesman of Ban Ki-moon said in a statement that the UN Secretary-General welcomed Albashir- Kiir summit to be held today Saturday which is hosted by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn with the facilitation of chairman of the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP), Thabo Mbeki. Mr. Ban's spokesperson added that the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon encourages the two presidents to resolve decisively all outstanding issues between their countries relating to border demarcation, security and the final status of Abyei Area as well as the activation of the agreed border security mechanisms and implementing all other agreements signed on 27 September 2012.

on 2013/1/5 10:27:28

Open in new windowThe Minister of Petroleum Awad Aljaz has announced that Sudan was currently producing 140,000 barrels of oil per day. The Minister revealed that some oil companies have embarked on production operations after striking deals with the government of Sudan, adding that surveys conducted across the country showed that 40 percent of the country is blessed with huge reserves of oil.He added that new blocks were discovered in the regions of Kharasan, Hadida and Balila, and the Ministry was making tremendous efforts utilize the discovered amounts to operate Al-Fula Power Station. Speaking to the National Radio Friday, Mr. Aljaz further said that a task force from the Ministry was set up to prepare studies on how to exploit the newly discovered gas in the said regions. He added that there was a plan to expand Khartoum Refinery, which is producing 100 barrels a day and to promote the refineries of Port Sudan and Al-Obeid so that they could deal with expected huge amounts of oil. The minister assured that the new oil facilities were constructed by Sudanese engineers in addition to the installation of a 150km long Hadida pipeline to the treatment location.

on 2013/1/5 10:20:01

Open in new windowThe Minister of Environment and Forests Hassan Abdal-Gadir Hilal has affirmed concern of his ministry with rehabilitation of gum arabic belt through provision of local and international support. He pointed out to his ministry endeavor to open the door for national and international investors in the field of manufacturing and production of gum arabic. Mr.Hilal said in statement to the Sudan News Agency that directives would be issued on linking investment with development in the production areas to contribute to producers' stability, underlining his ministry’s concern with the productive states through provision of basic services such as water harvest projects. The minister revealed opening of letters of documentary credits through the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Sudan to import 100 tankers for water preservation to combat drought and thirst as well as formation of micro finance unit to finance small-scale producers.

on 2013/1/5 10:17:41

Open in new windowThe Head of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) Attigani Sessi will attend today Saturday at the Friendship Hall a celebration for signing a memo of understanding (MoU) between DRA and Darfur People's Corporation for Dialogue, Unity and Reconciliation on the jurisdictions of the corporation in Darfur states. The ceremony will be attended by Darfur concerned circles and journalists.

on 2013/1/3 10:50:21

The First Vice-President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, pointed out that Sudan obtains a strong and serious desire to achieve durable peace and secure vicinity with South Sudan State, adding that has sacrificed a dear part of its land, South Sudan, for the sake of reaching peace.
Interviewed by Sudan TV yesterday , Taha said that Salva Kiir is capable to effect a breakthrough in his presidential summit with President Omer Al-Bashir on Friday, adding that the desire of Salva Kiir to make a breakthrough will be met with an honest similar desire of President Al-Bashir.
The First Vice - President said that the links between Sudan and South Sudan remained great despite the separation of South Sudan.
He said that the withdrawal of South Sudan to its forces amassed at the joint border is considered a positive move that affirmed rightness of Sudan vision that implementation of the security arrangements file shall be given priority as represents the backbone for implementing the other agreements reached by the two countries in Addis Ababa.
Taha stressed that any dialogue with the Northern Sector of the People's Movement shall be preceded by implementation of the security and military arrangements and cutting the link between the army of the People's Movement and the Northern Sector the People's Movement, especially the Ninth and 10th division in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile States.
On the call of President Al-Bashir on all the political forces and the gun-holders to join formulation of the Constitution, Taha said that the government has a serious desire to realize a broad-based consensus and surpass the conflict for power for the interest of Sudan unity.
He called on all the political parties and the gun-holders to deal seriously and positively with the call directed to them by the President of the Republic, emphasizing that the National Congress will impose its political visions on the political forces.
Taha has appreciated the efforts done by the Arab funds, financial organizations and executing companies which contributed to the finance of Rossaires Dam heightening.

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