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on 2012/8/30 9:55:54

Open in new windowThe Foreign Minister Ali Karti pointed out that the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) was given a special consideration due to participation of many countries, indicating that the summit was expected to achieve constructive outcome.
Karti has participated in the meetings of the Ministerial Council that precede the 16th Mon-Aligned Movement Summit.
The Meetings of the experts for the summit were held during August 26 - 27 and followed by meetings of the Ministerial Council for the summit which started on Tuesday and concluded on Wednesday. The Non-Aligned Movement Summit will be held in Tehran today Thursday and Friday.

on 2012/8/30 9:44:49

Open in new windowSudan and China agreed to increase and develop the oil cooperation in domains of the development of productive fields, increasing crude production, renewable energies as well as producing charcoal. This came when the Minister of Petroleum Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz reviewed with the Chinese Minister of Development and Reform who is in Charge of the National Energy Administration of China, means of boosting the joint Sudanese-Chinese Cooperation. The two sides agreed to increase the cooperation and the oil production in Sudan. The Chinese official further accepted the invitation of the Minister of Petroleum to visit Sudan in order to discuss means of boosting the bilateral relations.
Meanwhile, the Board of Directors of Khartoum Oil Refinery held its meeting in the Chinese capital, Beijing, and discussed the achievements of the Refinery in 2011 as well as the performance in the first six months of 2012 as well as the plan for the year 2013.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Petroleum Awad Al-Jazz, discussed with the Chairman of the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Jiang Jiemin, means of increasing the oil cooperation in the coming period as well as the increase of the oil production in the country. The Minister of Petroleum further met with the Sudanese Community as well as the members of the Sudanese diplomatic Mission in Beijing, highlighting the economic position as well as the oil production in Sudan.

on 2012/8/30 9:39:04

Open in new windowThe fact-finding committee for incidents in Melleit Locality, North Darfur State, which was formed by the governor of North Darfur State under chairmanship of the Minister of Environment, Antiquities and Wildlife Adam Mohamed Hamid Al-Nahla has begun it mission immediately after arriving in Melleit town. The Commissioner of Melleit Locality has affirmed the stability of the situation in the locality following the recent incidents and gave a review on the general conditions at the locality and the practical steps adopted by the locality's security committee and North Darfur State government to contain the situation. He affirmed the commitment of Melleit Locality to help the fact-finding committee carry out its mission.
It is to be recalled that the recent incidents erupted after a man was shot dead at the market of Melleit, a matter that escalated into armed clashes between citizens of Barti and Zayadia tribes.
The meeting between the fact-finding committee and Commissioner of Melleit Locality decided working out a plan to help the fact-finding committee carry out its role prior to submitting its final report to the governor of North Darfur State within the coming days.

on 2012/8/29 10:37:11

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, is due to leave today for the capital of Iran, Tehran, to take part at the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, scheduled during August 30 ā€“ 31.
The summit would be held with participation of heads of state and representatives of 120 countries along with the UN Secretary General.
The Non-Aligned Movement summit will convene under the motto "Permanent Peace through Joint Global Governanceā€.
The summit will focus discussion on the Syrian crisis, support to the legitimate rights of member states, reactivation of dialogue for solving international problems, joint management of the world and the Palestinian question.
The President of the Republic will be accompanied by the Minister at the Presidency of the Republic, Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, and the Foreign Minister, Ali Karti, who arrived in Tehran coming from Cairo to take part at the ministerial meeting for the summit which began Tuesday.

on 2012/8/29 10:34:09

Open in new windowVice President of the Republic, Dr. Al-Haj Adam, received in his office at the Council of Ministers yesterday the Chinese envoy to Sudan who arrived in an official visit during which he will hold talks with a number of senior government officials
The meeting tackled the historical bilateral relations between the two countries, and the aspired role of China in supporting the stability and peace in Sudan

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