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on 2012/8/7 11:22:43

Open in new windowMinister of Interior, Chairman of the Coordination Council for Traffic Safety Ibrahim Mahmud Hammed has affirmed his ministry's commitment towards implementation of all the projects aimed at realization of traffic safety, top of which introduction of technology in traffic safety by increase of electronic radars in the roads.
This came when the minister chaired, Monday a meeting of the Council attended by a number of ministers and the directors of the concerned circles. The meeting reviewed, among other issues, reports related to the traffic safety and the contributions of the concerned circles to finance the strategy of the traffic safety.

on 2012/8/7 11:14:58

Open in new windowThe Federal Minister of Education Suad Abdulrazig visited the teachers' training centers of the secondary and basic schools at AL-Dawo Hajouoj and Abu Sied centers to follow-up the training courses of the new teachers , the used teaching aids and to what scope could take advantage of it, declaring the continuity of the educational and specialization training to improve teachers' capacity and good performance as teacher is the leader of the society , noting that the total number of the new teachers all over Sudan states has reached 14.000.
The Minister of Education was accompanied by representatives from the Council of Ministers , Selection Committee , Khartoum state as well as officials from the Federal Ministry of Education.
It is to be mentioned that the Basic stage teachers’ courses to be completed in 180 hrs while the Secondary stage teachers’ courses in 120 hrs.

on 2012/8/7 11:13:10

Open in new windowThe Minister of Water Resources and Electricity Usama Abdalla, has congratulated the Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Gendeel, on behalf of the First Vice - President of the Republic Ali Osman Taha, and the Sudanese people on his selection as the Prime Minister of Egypt. Gindeel has expressed his government concern with enhancement of its relations and cooperation with Sudan, calling for integration between Sudan, Egypt and Libya in the coming stage.
The Minister of Electricity and Water Resources Usama Abdalla has wished success for the new government of Egypt, hoping that the relations between the two Nile Valley countries will witness more consolidation in the coming period. The meeting between the Egyptian Prime Minister and Abdalla discussed ways of enhancement of the relations between Sudan and Egypt and promoting the mechanisms of fruitful cooperation for the interest of the two nations.
Sudan Ambassador to Cairo, Kamal Hassan Ali, said that the Minister of Electricity and Water Resources is visiting Cairo to congratulate the new Egyptian Prime Minister and his government on their selection.

on 2012/8/7 11:04:56

A number of field commanders of Freedom and Equality Movement have announced their return to the movement which is led by Altigani Sessi, after declaration of their withdraw from it earlier. A statement issued by 21 of the field commanders of the movement in Nyala, the Capital of South Darfur State, stated that an agreement has been reached between the commanders and Altigani Sessi, affirming their joining to the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur and their commitment to the agreement of five commitee chaired by Sessi, and their willing to reunite the people of Darfur. The field Commanders were Mohammed Bashir Yousif, Hamad Haroun Ahmed and Issa Ahmed Ardaib.

on 2012/8/7 11:04:15

The governor of the North Darfur State Osman Kibir affirmed that the situation in Kutum town is under control and that life there was normal. Upon receiving the Head of the Joint United Nations - African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) Ibrahim Gambari in Al-Fasher Monday, Kibir said that he had deliberated with Gumbari over the regretful incidents following assassination of the Commissioner of Waha Locality in the past days and the efforts being made to contain the situation. He disclosed that a delegation of the state government led by the Deputy of governor left Sunday to inspect the conditions in Kutum town. He expressed his appreciation of logistic support provided by UNAMID to handle the situation at Kutum.
Mr. Gambari said in a statement to the Sudan News Agency that he exchanged views with the governor of the North Darfur State on the regretful incidents that occurred in Kutum in the past days, adding that UNAMID will continue to work for protecting the civilians and delivering humanitarian assistance to the needy people.

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