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on 2012/6/28 11:57:23

Open in new windowSudan has regarded as flagrant violation a statement by the spokesperson of the US State Department, on which she described as repression of demonstrators and peaceful demonstrations in Sudan, as flagrant intervention in Sudan's internal affairs.
A statement issued by the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wednesday expressed Sudan government call on the United States to relinquish its method of double standard positions and to deal with Sudan according to substantial facts and correct information, rather than for political propaganda purposes and falsification of events.
The government assured its respect to the rights of peaceful demonstration and freedom expression which are enshrined in the Constitution, adding that Sudan government is also committed and responsible to its legal duties to protect the public and private properties and to deter the sabotage doers who overstep the limits or peaceful expression and attack lives and properties of others.
The Foreign Ministry's statement stated that the economic difficulties in Sudan were basically attributed to the economic and trade sanctions being imposed by the United States on Sudan in a flagrant violation of the International Law and its ethical obligations as a super force that blockades a developing country with the aim to impose its will and vision on this country.

on 2012/6/28 11:46:51

Open in new windowThe National Assembly, in its session Wednesday chaired by the Speaker Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Tahir, has passed a report of the Emergency Committee on the Study of the Document Interim Strategy for alleviation of poverty in Sudan, presented by the Chairman of the Committee Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan. The report explained that the document came in the general framework responsive to all needs to combat poverty in Sudan. The report explained that the interim strategy document for poverty reduction represents the first step in the development of comprehensive and coordinated approach to poverty reduction in Sudan which is one of the requirements of the international financial institutions for debt relief and extension of concessional assistance to the developing countries, pointing out that it is the most detailed document of previous working papers and research prepared for this purpose, stating that it is the first document of its kind in Sudan which gained wide national and international proliferation. It contains detailed information about Sudan and its conditions which will later be used as a basis for preparation of the country strategy for poverty reduction . The report exposed sections of the document, which presented background on the economic situation in Sudan and the level of poverty, analysis of roots and it various dimensions besides the vision of Sudan to the development process and the key elements and pillars of the interim strategy in order to achieve growth and poverty reduction over the medium term.

on 2012/6/28 11:39:20

Open in new windowThe National Assembly has approved a report by the Committee of Transport, Roads and Communications and Lands on the statement of the Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges on the performance of his ministry for the year 2011 and the ministry's plan for 2012 presented by Mohammad Tahir O'shik, the Chairman of the Committee.The report covered the different transport sectors including railways, land and sea transport , air routes and river navigation. The Committee recommended importance of providing the necessary funding to implement the ministry's plan to enable it to continue in the rehabilitation of railways, to work on the development of river transport sector, to improve its performance, modernize the ports and the rehabilitation of the national flight, to monitor the companies working in the roads by getting sure necessary standards are developed besides acceleration the supplement of the national roads, especially the western Salvation road. The report also recommended the need to compose parliamentary committee to monitor the Western salvation road, addressing of Chinese loan, reactivation of radar service and safety devices, introduction of electronic collection and raising of necessary resources for the rehabilitation of roads.
The Minister Transport, Roads and Bridge Dr. Ahmed Babiker Nahar has recognized existence of administrative problems in the sectors of national air and sea transports, pointing out that there are two defected ships besides other problems facing the Sudan Airways

on 2012/6/28 11:33:24

The government has declared its welcome and acceptance of the Tripartite initiative between the United Nations, African Union (AU) and Arab League in accordance with the general principles which are directed to deal with the joint initiative that include the commitment to the sovereignty of the Sudan and the duty of Sudan government to protect and maintain this sovereignty and integrity of its lands, and its right to preserve the security and enforce the law and its application as well as to guarantee the right of access to food and humanitarian assistance to those who were affected by the conflict without discrimination and to set a proposal that calling for immediate cessation of armed conflict via an integrated approach.
The principles also pointed to the efforts being exerted by the government to provide humanitarian assistance to the affected areas in the South Kordofan and Blue Nile states, affirming that Sudan government overseeing the operations of the humanitarian aid all over the Sudanese territories.
The principles were agreed upon in a meeting held by the coordination committee of the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) and the United Nations' agencies at the premises of the commission. The principles included adoption of a joint plan on sharing the provision of the assistance between the government and the three parties as well as the application of the law, regulations and the guidelines.

on 2012/6/27 12:06:43

Open in new windowThe President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, issued a decree ending service of 54 national experts and contractors as part of the political and economic measures to reduce the government expenditure and to rational the management of resources and restructuring the executive authority.

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