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on 2012/4/20 11:00:00

Minister of Finance and National Economy, Ali Mahmud has pledged to remove all obstacles facing the Military Hospital in Omdurman with regard to provision of medical services to the wounded soldiers of the military operations in Heglig.
The minister who visited the Medical Arm, yesterday said the Army will be given top priority to enable it to defend the country, affirming that the Sudanese people are in one trench with the Armed Forces to liberate any inch of the home land.

on 2012/4/20 10:28:26

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, yesterday said that the occupation of South Sudan of Heglig oil field of Sudan was illegal act.
In a press statement yesterday, Ban Ki-Moon said "I call on South Sudan to withdraw its forces immediately from Heglig. This is a violation of Sudan sovereignty, and obviously an illegal act."
The UN Secretary General said that he affirmed to the two governments the importance of ending the fighting and return to the negotiations.
It is to be recalled that many countries and international organizations have strongly denounced South Sudan occupation of Heglig area and called on South Sudan government to withdraw immediately and without conditions its forces from the Sudanese lands.

on 2012/4/20 10:26:05

Open in new windowThe Council of Ministers, chaired by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, reviewed in its meeting yesterday in Al-Obeid, the capital of North Kordofan State, a report presented by the Cabinet Affairs Minister, Ahmed Saad Omer, a report on the national projects being by the federal government in North Kordofan State.
The spokesman of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Omer Mohamed Salih, said that state is adopting a plan to increase share of water to one citizen in towns to 83 liters per day, compared to 55 liters for the citizen in the rural areas.
He said that the government has dig 150 water wells at localities in North Kordofan States in the year 2012, besides 11 water reservoirs at capacity of producing 50,000 cubic meters
He pointed to the ongoing efforts to rehabilitate Abu-Habil River to cultivate 70,000 feddans in North Kordofan State.
The report pointed to the contribution of the federal government to implement campaign for vaccination of the animal wealth against epidemics and providing 7.3 million doses of vaccination in the past three years
The report also pointed to the implementation of Al-Nuhod - Um Kadada road at the length of 221 kilometers and Al-Debaibat - Abu-Zabad - Al-Foula, referring to the beginning of the administrative procedure to establish Umdurman - Bara road at the length of 341 kilometers
The report has pointed to the efforts to rehabilitate the Holy Quran University, establish 100 schools all over South Kordofan State and to rehabilitate the Grand Mosque in Al-Obeid city and four hospitals in North Kordofan State.

on 2012/4/20 10:23:48

Open in new windowThe National Assembly will continue holding sittings in the framework of its fifth session next week to review next Monday a statement of the Minister of Justice on the performance of the his ministry in the year 2011 and the first quarter of the year 2012 and ta report of the Legislation and Justice Committee of the Assembly on the provisional decree for the Law of Decorations and Medals (Amendment) for the year 2012.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs will present before the National Assembly on Tuesday a statement about the state's foreign policy
The National Assembly will also hear next Wednesday a statement from the Minister of Social Welfare and Security, Amira Al Fadil, on the performance of her ministry in the year 2011, and the general features of the ministry's plan for the year 2012, in addition to the report of the Committee for Human Rights and the (previous) Humanitarian Affairs on mines presented in the sitting (7) November 15 2011

on 2012/4/19 11:50:22

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic and Chairman of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) Omer Albashir, pointed out that the insistence of the ruling People's Movement in South Sudan to implement foreign agenda necessitates that Sudan shall work to confront any aggression from the South Sudan, for overthrowing the government in Khartoum, by carrying out a similar work to liberate the southern people from the domination of the People's movement.
Addressing Wednesday at the headquarters of the NCP the Campaign for Alert and Mobilization, organized by the Federal People's Secretariat, President Albashir said that the disposal from the People's Movement in South Sudan represents an ethical responsibility on ground that the Peace Agreement has enabled the People's Movement to rule in the South, therefore the North is responsible before the people of South Sudan who demand correction of the mistake.
President Albashir affirmed the readiness of the youths and the people of Sudan to repulse the aggression in the oil-rich Heglig area of Sudan. President Albashir said that the Sudanese people will shortly hear good news, indicating that the Armed Forces and the Mujahideen are now at the threshold of Heglig and teaching the enemy lessons in patriotism and Jihad. He said that Heglig will become a second Torit for the enemies who have no honesty and known for their treachery. President Albashir said that the people of Sudan have no problem with the people of South Sudan who were brothers and citizens and even included people who held arms against the People's Movement.

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