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on 2012/4/1 12:03:32

Open in new windowThe government delegation in meetings of the Joint Political and Security Mechanism between Sudan and South Sudan was briefed on the progress of the technical talks by the Sudanese team in the joint mechanism. The spokesman of the Foreign Ministry Al-Obeid Ahmed Morawah said that the delegation, which arrived in Addis Ababa Saturday, is chaired by Minister of Interior Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, Director of the Security and Intelligence Service Gen. Mohamed Atta, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs Salah Wansi, deputy Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces Gen. Mahjoub Sharfi, the State Minister at the Presidency of the Republic Idris Mohamed Abdulgadir and member of the negotiation team Mutrif Siddeg.
The delegation met with the head of the mediation team in the African Mechanism Thabo Mbeki, and briefed him on the developments of the security and military situations between Sudan and South Sudan in the aftermath of the SPLA attack on Heglig area last week and the attack of SPLM rebels on Taludi town in South Kordofan state.

on 2012/4/1 11:26:55

Open in new windowThe governor of South Kordofan State Ahmed Mohamed Haroun has announced that the Armed Forces forced back the remnants of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) from Om Duwal and expelled the SPLM forces attempted to progress towards Talodi.
He affirmed that the situation is now entirely under the control of the armed forces, adding that the armed forces is able to wipe out the enclaves of the outlaws from the states.
He explained, while inspecting the security conditions in the area that the attack on the Heglig and the other areas disclosed the aggressive intentions of the South Sudan government.
Haroum stressed that the government of South Sudan lacked the political will to establish normal relationship with Sudan and there is a dilemma represents in the existence of influential groups inside the southern government trying to strengthen their positions through creation of crises with Sudan. Also, he added, there are some of them are not able to move from the leaders of the gang war to the states men.

on 2012/4/1 10:50:24

Open in new windowThe Minister of Oil Awad Al-Jaz has commended the efforts of the Armed Forces and the People's Defense Forces in defending the homeland and its strategic facilities, expressing regret over the brutal aggression on Heglig area by South Sudan forces. Mr. Al-Jaz has urged the government of South Sudan to cooperate and not to violate the agreements the people of the two states and the African mediator hope to see them implemented. This came during a meeting at the Oil House with representatives of the companies that work in Heglig field, where he elaborated on the calm situations in the field and the ongoing arrangements to avoid the repetition of the incident.
The minister has lauded the performance of the workers in the field as they work in a challenging environment, urging all companies to exert further efforts and to work in the team spirit to provide the country with more oil production. He affirmed endeavors of his ministry to remove all work obstacles.

on 2012/4/1 10:31:04

Open in new window The minister of Industry AbdulWahab Osman stressed importance of the small-scale Industries which represents more than 90% of industry in the country. Addressing Saturday the inaugural sitting of the 1st Conference of the small-scale Industries in Sudan and the accompanying exhibition in the Ground of International Fairs in Borri in Khartoum, the minister said that his ministry's concern with the small-scale Industries was part of the government's strategy to decrease importation and increase exportation.
The conference is organized by the Union of Chambers of small-scale Industries in Sudan under the auspices of the Vice President Al-Haj Adam, and Minister of Industry Abdul-Wahab Mohamed Osman. It will last to April the 5th with the participation of all states.
The conference aims to increase the capacity of the small-scale industries as well as solving the problems facing its effective contribution to supporting the national economy and achievement of sustainable social peace as well as combating poverty.

on 2012/3/30 9:17:45

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, yesterday returned home after heading Sudan delegation for the 23rd Arab Summit in Baghdad, Iraq
He was received upon return home at Khartoum Airport by the First Vice - President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha and a number of senior officials
In a statement at Khartoum Airport, the Foreign Minister, Ali Karti said that the summit has discussed the situation in Syria and the importance of finding a solution for the crisis as well as supporting the countries that are surpassing a stage of political changes
He said that the Arab Summit also tackled the situation in Somalia and Yemen.

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