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on 2012/5/6 9:49:42

Open in new windowSudan envoys for the United Nations and the African Union have notified with two written messages the Chairmen of the Security Council and the African Union Commission about Sudan government commitment to Item (a) in article (1) of the Security Council's resolution 2046 for the year 2012 on cessation of hostilities between Sudan and South Sudan.
In a statement to the Sudan News Agency, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Al-Obeid Ahmed Muraweh, said that the two messages also informed the UN Security Council and the African Union Commission that the Republic of South Sudan is continuing its military aggressions on the Sudanese territories even after issuance of the Security Council's resolution, citing as evidence for that the occupation of South Sudan army of Kafia Kingi, Kafum-Dabab and Samaha areas.
The two message stated that if the Security Council and the African Union failed to compel the forces of South Sudan to withdraw from the Sudanese territories, then Sudan Armed Forces will find itself obliged to use the right of self defence to repulse the invading forces.
It is to be noted that the Foreign Minister, Ali Ahmed Karti, sent on Friday written messages to the Chairmen of the Security Council and the African Union Commission informing them on Sudan’s acceptance of the Security Council resolution and the road map for settlement of the differences between Sudan and South Sudan. The two messages also included Sudan’s remarks over the Security Council's resolution and the road map.

on 2012/5/5 13:40:20

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Basher, has praised political forces in Taludi town which had forgotten their political differences and united their ranks to defend the homeland ,indicating that the political parties are the channels that are working to serve the nation and its development
During his meeting with the representatives of the political parties in South Kordofan State, President Al-Bashir, said the area is a model of the co-existence , intermingling,integration and assistance and that the powers which are conspired against Sudan but people of Kordofan are aborted this conspiracy
He said we are men of peace and for that reason we had given them 45% of posts in the government of South Kordofan State and shared with them wealth and when we accepted the peace we are won in all fronts of fight but we accepted peace for development but they are paid the bills to those who are financed their rebellion
The President of the Republic said are keen to defeat the insurgency in this region for realizing peace . the representatives of the political parties welcomed visit of President of the Republic and his accompanied delegation to region and they called upon those who had carried weapons to lay down arms hold arms and join peace process

on 2012/5/5 13:40:00

Open in new windowThe Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jabr Al-Thani, has received Chairman of Darfur Regional Authority and chairman of the Liberation and Justice Movement, Al-Tigani Al-Sessi, and the accompanying delegation.
The meeting reviewed the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur and relevant issues

on 2012/5/5 13:34:19

Open in new windowThe Vice-President of the Republic ,Dr.Al-Haj Adam Yousif, has affirmed that the government will not intervene in any negotiation with the government of South Sudan unless resolving the security file and stop its support to Darfur armed movements
During his address on the occasion of inauguration mosque of Goz Nafisa village ,north Omdurman locality,the Vice-President has pointed out that the enemy closed the oil pipelines ,saying the decision of the government is that the last item of the negotiation is the provision of oil and he calls upon citizens to go ahead on the path of martyrs
The vice-president noted that the technicians and engineers and workers have re-operated and pumped oil in the pipelines ,referring that the government of South Sudan always be aggressor and we are defended the areas of Higlig,Kafin Debi and Hajar Abiyad He stressed that there is not negotiation with the so-called peoples' movement Sector of North not to be there a Naivasha 2,saying we are a sovereign country and we not accept imitations and what took place in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, Abyei and Kauda areas is an aggression , stressing the ability of the government to clean every inch of the Sudan lands

on 2012/5/5 13:29:09

Open in new windowThe Minister of Foreign Affairs , Ali Ahmed Karti, has reiterated government condition to restore the normal relations between Sudan and South Sudan state by resolving problem of the security issues, saying there are interests , ties and benefits for the citizens of two countries
The Foreign Minister said on Omdurman Radio program , yesterday ,that the four foreigners who were arrested recently in Higlig area in which a big battle had taken place and it is a difficult for a citizen to wander with equipment and vehicles, saying there are investigations and inquiries in this issue.
The diplomat explained that the effort of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in managing the diplomatic battle before,during and after the battle in Higlig area , was not an individual endeavor but came as a result of combination of various factors and components in the ministry and our missions in abroad especially in the United Nations
Karti stressed that the Sudan's address has an echo in last period because the peoples' movement during its opposition as a movement or during its participation in the government before the separation had found a support from the international and regional community as a victim but we have refuted this role in the last period
He noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs struggled to explain the issue of Higlig area because it is an external issue
The Foreign Minister said Sudan refused intervention of IGAD and the African Union as a mediators due to the existence of Uganda in this organization, saying the work of IGAD is an economic work and has no relation with security , peace and political affairs

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