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on 2012/9/23 10:30:00

Open in new windowThe First Vice President Ali Osman Taha will address today Sunday in Khartoum a conference of the High Courts’ Chiefs of the Arab countries. More than eighteen Chiefs of Justice from the Arab countries are taking part in the conference. The conferees will discuss stances of the judicial courts towards the Islamic and modern man-made laws. The conference aims at reaching a unified vision on Arab laws.

on 2012/9/23 10:20:00

Open in new windowThe Vice President of the Republic Al-Haj Adam stressed that cooperatives drive many activities in wide sectors and have economic, social and cultural contributions.
During the inauguration of a training course for around 1000 graduates in the field of cooperatives, under the auspices of the Kenana Sugar Company, Mr. Adam called for the concept of cooperatives to be expanded to cover subsistence needs and needs in health, education and environment.
He demanded that cooperatives target poor families and praised the idea of training young people and women. He indicated the need for craftsmen, athletes, and regular troops to enter this field.
The Vice President of the Republic pointed out to the importance of coordination with the Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) to take advantage of micro finance. He praised the success of Khartoum and Northern states in cooperatives and Kenana Sugar Company in social responsibility. He added that industrial action is the backbone of the economy.
Minister of Trade, Osman Omar Al-Sharif said the training course targeted capacity development for artisans, fighting unemployment, creating jobs for young people, and creating links between them to benefit from production and productivity. He noted that the cooperative movement achieved success in various stages and indicated the importance of creating relationships between public and private sectors.
He pointed out to the state's interest in a youth training program and said increasing production and productivity is one of the main objectives of training young people.
The Minister praised the Kenana experience for providing services and said the training institute provided an excellent approach, targeting all types of productive activity.

on 2012/9/23 10:02:56

Open in new windowThe African Union issued Saturday a statement welcoming the summit which is expected to be held today Sunday between President Omar Albashir and President of South Sudan Salva Kiir in Addis Ababa, expressing hope that the summit to crown with success. The outgoing chairperson of the African Union Commission Jean Ping said the African Union aspires the two Presidents to take the opportunity to reach an agreement on the outstanding issues after secession of South Sudan. The African Union said that it always backs the Sudanese government and people, pointing out that the African Union Peace and Security Council has formed the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel on Sudan (AUHIP) in October 2009, led by the former South African President, Thabo Mbeki and membership of the formers Nigerian President Abubakar Abdul Salam and Burundian President Pierre Buyoya , in a first African precedent of its kind in supporting and backing the two countries. The statement pointed out that AUHIP always confirms the resolving of the Sudanese problems based on the Sudanese themselves. The AU has affirmed that the crisis between the two countries is an African crisis and in this regard, the African continent should help the two countries to reach lasting solutions.
The recalled that the referendum on the self-determination of the South Sudan was conducted in a peaceful and credibility way. The African Union understood that the transition period has produced major challenges to the people and the leaders of Sudan, which faces major economic challenges after the secession of Southern Sudan which in turn faces major challenges in building the newly born state. The African Union said that these challenges were a great opportunity for both peoples of the Sudan and South Sudan to surpass them, stressing that African continent and the world are united in supporting and sustaining peaceful coexistence between two countries. The statement said that the African Union confirms that the national leaders, especially in such historic moments should take critical decisions, stressing that the leaders of two countries should realize a legacy in peace which will be an example for future generations.

on 2012/9/23 8:44:04

Open in new window The UN Security Council welcomed Saturday the progress made by the Sudan and South Sudan in the negotiations taking place in Addis Ababa to narrow differences between the two sides and urged the negotiators to continue intensive work to resolve the outstanding issues outlined in Resolution no. 2046 and African Union (AU) road map. The UN Security Council has welcomed in a statement issued Friday, the summit meeting that will be held between President Omar Albashir and his South Sudanese counterpart Salva Kiir Mayardit , today Sunday in Addis Ababa and urged them to reach an agreement on all outstanding issues .
The African Union High-Level Implementation Panel on Sudan (AUHIP) sent invitations to the two presidents the statement said. The UN Security council urged the presidents of Sudan and South Sudan to take responsibility in a constructive determination and political will to ratify the progress that has been made and to remove the remaining issues to ensure ending the negotiations successfully on the 23 of September. The statement also stressed necessity of the formation of the Joint Committee for reviewing and monitoring the border.
Meanwhile , the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has expressed satisfaction over the concrete progress in narrowing the differences between the governments of Sudan and South Sudan, congratulating delegations of negotiations in Addis Ababa on the progress and urged the two presidents to resolve the remaining issues so that their summit concludes with a success to mark an end to the era of conflict and usher in a new era of peace, cooperation and mutual development for the two countries and their peoples.

on 2012/9/23 8:31:12

Open in new window The General Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) Suleiman Abdul Rahman, said there was no abnormal death cases or epidemiology or cases of malnutrition in South Kordofan and Blue Nile States. Mr.Suleiman denied existence of any case of abnormal death relating to shortage of food or humanitarian crisis in the two states. In an interview with the Sudan News Agency, Mr.Suleiman said the commission was keen on the provision of humanitarian assistances to the affected people in the two states, adding that the government was provided the required humanitarian needs to the people in the two states till the next season of harvest.
He disclosed that a plane affiliated to a foreign organization has landed in Kauda without coordination with the government, stressing that the HAC has information that a foreign organization has been conducting surveys in the areas controlled by the rebels of the people’s movement in the two states. He added that that operation of the organization in the area proved stability of the humanitarian situation a matter that contradicts statements made by the leaders of the rebel people's movement that the situation in the two states was a disastrous.

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