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on 2012/12/15 10:38:33

Open in new windowThe Foreign Minister Ali Kerti has briefed the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalgn on progress of talks on the pending issues between Sudan and South Sudan which include issues of Abyei and the borders. This came when Kerti met Friday, on the sidelines of the meetings of the African Peace and Security Council, the Ethiopian Premier and reviewed with him the bilateral relations between the two countries and means for promoting them further.

on 2012/12/15 10:36:53

Open in new windowThe Foreign Affairs Minister Ali Karti has affirmed Sudan's keenness on cooperation and good-neighborly relations with the South Sudan. Addressing Friday the opening session of the African Peace and Security Council meeting in Addis Ababa which was designed to discuss the Abyei issue, the Minister called for giving the two countries more time for dialogue to resolve the pending issues, stressing the importance to keep the dialogue on these issues at the African level. The Foreign Minister added that the disagreements between the two countries should not be referred to the UN Security Council to its complicated and local nature.
The Official Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Al-Obeid Ahmed Morawah in a statement to the Sudan News Agency indicated that the United States, France and Britain, during the meeting, called for referring the dispute to the UN Security Council, while Russia, China and Norway demanded that disagreement must be treated by the Africans until all available options have been exhausted. Marawah Favored that the African Peace and Security Council raise the dispute between Sudan and South Sudan in Abyei and borders issues to the summit of African Heads of States scheduled to be held in January next year. The meeting was attended by all African mediation team led by Thabo Mbeki and the ambassadors of the permanent members of the UN Security Council besides the European Union and the member states of the African Peace and Security Council.

on 2012/12/15 10:28:07

Open in new windowThe Minister of Council of Ministers Ahmed Saad Omar has underlined importance of Rosaries Dam in the development process in the country. He explained that it was a real addition to the projects that have been inaugurated in the previous periods, enumerating the benefits that could be achieved by the project in providing water to the existing irrigated agricultural projects on the Blue Nile. This came when he chaired a meeting of the Sub-Committee emanated from the Higher Committee on Preparation for Celebrations of the Independence Day and completion of the project of Rosaries Dam. The meeting discussed the level of the administrative and technical arrangements for the celebration. It underscored the need for joint coordination between all sub-committees to make the celebration a success.

on 2012/12/13 12:09:13

Open in new windowThe Foreign Minister, Ali Ahmed Karti, received in his office yesterday the Ambassador of China to Khartoum and discussed progress of the relations between Sudan and China in the economic and political fields and the efforts of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Sudan and China to consolidate the bilateral relations.
Karti has informed the Chinese Ambassador on the internal situation in Sudan and relations between Sudan and South Sudan State following the separation.
Karti affirmed the keenness of Sudan to maintain good neighborliness relations with South Sudan State.
The meeting also touched on the pending issues between Sudan and South Sudan, top of them are the demarcation of the joint border and the issue of Abyei.
Karti renewed Sudan demand that the difference between Sudan and South Sudan shall be settled within the African framework, adding that referring this difference to the Security Council will complicate the issue and lead to outbreak of a new war at the area.
He said that Sudan will not accept imposition of any decision that does not guarantee the national interest and the interest of the Sudanese people.
Meanwhile, the Ambassador of China said that his country aims for establishing fruitful relations and cooperation with both Sudan and South Sudan, and hopes that peace will prevail in the region and between the two countries.
He said that China supports the efforts of the African Union for enhancement of the relations and solving the difference between Sudan and South Sudan within the African framework and without foreign intervention.

on 2012/12/13 12:06:43

Open in new windowThe committee for studying the salaries' structures at the public service held its first meeting and underscored importance of submitting its recommendations according to the time limit stipulated in decree issued by the President of the Republic.
It is to be recalled that the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has issued a decree on formation of a committee to study salaries in the public sector, in response to the call of Sudan Workers Trade Union's Federation (SWTUF) in a manner that comply with the living conditions of employees.
The decree stipulated that the committee shall submit its report to the Council of Ministers in a time not exceeding March 31, 2013.

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