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on 2012/5/15 10:42:09

Open in new windowThe Minister of Defence Gen. Abdul-Rahim Mohamed Hussein, has affirmed the control of the Armed Forces on the situation in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan States. He said, in his response to an urgent query presented by the Chairman of the Committee of Peace, Reconciliation and National Unity of the Council of the States on the security condition at the borders between Sudan and South Sudan that the new status of the two states imposed on the Armed Forces to re-arrange its deployment to protect border with South Sudan at length of 2,250 kilometers. Gen. Hussein pointed out that the Armed Forces was able to recapture every inch from the enemy and to deter any one who dares to storm the border of Sudan.
He said that the People's Movement of South Sudan has played a key role in establishingf the so-called Revolutionary Front entity, which aims to overthrow the regime in Sudan and to bring a secular system.
Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Council of States, Gen. Adam Hamid Musa, has lauded the role of the Armed Forces and its great responsibility for protecting the homeland, calling for the continuity of the Mobilization and Alert Campaign to consolidate the internal front, besides the continuity of efforts for realization of peace in Darfur through contact with the armed movements that did not sign peace agreements. He referred to the importance of official, diplomatic and parliamentary work to denude dimension of the plots of South Sudan and the enemies in supporting it.

on 2012/5/15 10:32:29

Open in new windowThe Chairman of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) Al-Tigani Sessi has briefed the British Charge' d'Affaires in Khartoum on the steps taken so far by the (DRA) on Implementation of the Darfur Peace Agreement. The meeting further reviewed the possible contributions of Britain in supporting the DRA.
Meanwhile, Mr. Sessi received the Director of the office of the World Bank in Sudan Monday at his office in Khartoum. The meeting reviewed the technical assistance the WB could offer as part of the joint assessment of the Donors Conference in Darfur, scheduled to be hosted by Doha.
In a separate development, Mr. Sessi received the Director of the US Aid Mission (USAID) in Sudan, Barry Primm, where the two officials discussed the possible support by the USAID to the implementation of the Doha Peace Document as well as to the voluntary Repatriation of the displaced persons and refugees to their home areas in Darfur.
It is to be noted that the USAID has decided to present technical assistance to the Darfur Regional Authority.

on 2012/5/14 12:11:08

Open in new windowFirst Vice President , head of the high committee of mobilization Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, condemned the desperate attempts by some SPLM-backed rebel movements to destabilize security and stability in Darfur states.
This came when head of Darfur Regional Authority Dr. Al-Tijani Al-Sisi met with the First Vice President, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, yesterday
Dr. Al- Sisi said that he briefed Ali Osman Taha on his recent visit to Qatar State, pointing out to several meetings which he held in Doha, the top of them was his meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of Qatar and State minister at the ministry of foreign affairs. The meetings tackled the issue of Qatar support to the Darfur Regional Authority to fulfill its commitments to the Doha agreement.
On donor's conference, Al-Sisi affirmed that Qatar state will host it, pointing out to the directives of the First Vice President to the Authority to form the studies committees to identify the projects
Concerning the conference of IDPs and refugees, he stated that there is a concerned committee tasked with hosting the conference which will be held next June
He also disclosed the efforts by Darfur Regional Authority to make the coming agricultural season successful. He said that return of those IDPs and refugees will improve the economic conditions and bring stability as they work in the field of farming.

on 2012/5/14 11:57:20

Open in new windowThe Defense Minister, Gen. Abdul-Rahim Mohamed Hussein, will deliver on today before the Council of States a statement on the security situation along the borders between Sudan and South Sudan State in response to an urgent query presened by the chairman of Peace and National Reconciliation Committee.
The Council of States will also hear, in same sitting, to a statement by the Minister of Mining on the traditional mining in response to a query given by member of the council Hajir Awad Al-Sayed.

on 2012/5/14 11:54:01

Open in new windowThe Foreign Minister, Ali Karti, has called on the Security Council and the regional organizations to address the root causes of the crisis between Sudan and the State of South Sudan.
During his meeting yesterday with the Representative of the UN Secretary General for Sudan, Haile Mekerios, the Foreign Minister said that the security issues are give top priority in the current stage, referring in this regard to the recent UN Security Council's resolution
He said that solution of the security issues will pave the way for solution of other files
Karti said that South Sudan State's non-commitment to the Interim Security Arrangements Agreement on Abyei which was signed in June 2011 has led to the current situation in Abyei, adding that withdrawal of the Sudanese forces with establishment of administrative structures at Abyei area will cause a vacuum.
The Foreign Minister pointed out that the claims being circulated by South Sudan State on affiliation of some areas to it reflect its intention to continue aggressions on Sudan, adding that these aggressions are continuing daily
Meanwhile, Mekerios said that he will submit his regular report on the situation between Sudan and South Sudan to the Security Council in mid current May
Menkerios said that he would meet with a number of officials to carry out consultations on the basic issues that will be included in the report.

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