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on 2012/5/10 10:10:17

Open in new windowThe Assistant of the President of the Republic Abdul Rahman Al-Saddiq Al-Mahdi has commended the stances of the European Union toward the Sudan, describing them as balanced concerning the recent occupation of Heglig, besides the South Sudan's closure of the oil fields. Mr. Al-Mahdi pointed to pressures practiced by the EU for resumption of talks between Sudan and South Sudan neutrally, affirming Sudan’s commitment to the International Law. This came in his address to a celebration marking the 62nd Europe Day, which was organized by the European Union Mission to Sudan.

He reiterated Sudan’s respect to the international and African Human Rights, calling for partnership between Sudan and the European Union according to which the two sides are committed to the charters of human rights should the EU avoid adoption of double standards. He said that the Sudanese people have appreciated the unanimous rejection of the international community to the aggression staged by the South Sudan against Heglig.
The Assistant of the President affirmed Sudan commitment to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

on 2012/5/10 9:49:04

Open in new windowThe National Assembly, in a sitting chaired by the Speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir referred the statement delivered by the Foreign Minister Ali Karti about Sudan’s foreign policy to the concerned committee for further study. The Speaker said the Parliament will deliberate over the statement next week.
In the same context Al-Tahir said the National Assembly will not approve any international move which could contradict with the interests of the people of Sudan, stressing that the Parliament respects efforts of the African Union and its supportive stances to Sudan.

on 2012/5/10 9:43:53

Open in new windowThe Foreign Minister Ali Karti has announced the start of dialogue with Russian research and studies' centers for initiating relations with the Russian companies and investors for attracting them to operate in Sudan and to remove any obstacles facing the Russian investments in Sudan. In his address Wednesday before the National Assembly, Mr. Karti said that Sudan will work in the coming period for strengthening its embassy in Moscow and supplying it with a distinguished diplomatic cadre for consolidating further the relations with Russia which remained supporting Sudan at the international and regional forums.
The Foreign Affairs Minister pointed out that the coming stage will also witness great concern with the enhancement of Sudan economic and political relations with Turkey as well as establishing diplomatic representation with some European countries that have good relations with Sudan, especially Czech, Hungary and Ireland. Mr. Karti said that Sudan will work to bolster its economic partnership with China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan, besides increasing the nonresident diplomatic representation with a number of friendly countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka and Philippine and establishing resident representation with Australia which can contribute to the investments at the agricultural and animal resources fields.
The minister also pointed to Sudan endeavor to strengthen its economic relations with Japan, referring to the fruitful dialogue between Sudan and Japan for transferring its support from the field of humanitarian work to the field of development.

on 2012/5/9 10:59:03

Open in new windowThe National Congress denied that the Government has named members of the Government delegation which is to lead negotiation in coming stage with the Government of South Sudan.
The National Congress' Secretary of Information, Dr. Badr-Eddin Ahmed Ibrahim commenting on what reported by some newspapers that the government has renewed its confidence in its former delegation said naming the members of the delegation is connected with the meeting of the concerned organs, stressing that the said organs will determine the negotiators in the context of specific agenda which based on settlement of security file firstly
He affirmed that peace would remain the Sudan' strategic option, calling in this regard on the international community to compel the Government of South Sudan to commit with the previous and the coming agreements
Dr Ibrahim added that Sudan has renewed its confidence in the AU Panel chaired by Thabo Mbeki, saying the AU has led the mediation with approval of South Sudan and there is no justification now for referring the outstanding issues to the Inter-Governmental Authority for Development (IGAD).

on 2012/5/9 10:51:49

Open in new windowThe First Vice - President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, has called on the media to work for unity of rank and cohesion of the internal front, affirming that Sudan will continue work for the expansion of peace and security and solidarity with all peoples at the regional and international level.
This came when he received at the Republican Palace Tuesday, the Minister of Information, Dr. Ghazi Al-Saddiq, who said that the First Vice - President has given a number of directives that underscored the important role that the media can play for defending the homeland and the nation's gains, referring in this regard to the recent aggression on Heglig.
The Minister of Information said that the directives given by the First Vice - President included reflecting the role of the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile in formulating the Sudanese identity as well as directing media messages to the citizens of these areas and the people of South Sudan State dealing with correction of the mage to the local and international public opinion and giving concern to the message of the foreign and local media correspondent with regard to tackling Sudan issues with credibility and reflecting the facts as they are.
The minister said that the First Vice - President called on the media to give concern to the Sudanese areas that are occupied by forces of South Sudan State and rebels and to affirm its affiliation to the Republic of Sudan.

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