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on 2012/4/17 10:57:37

Open in new windowThe Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, has made a phone call Monday with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Karti, in which he renewed the organization's condemnation to the attack of the South Sudan on Heglig and demanded immediate withdrawal of South Sudan army from the area.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has expressed appreciation of the stances of Ihasanoglu and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in supporting Sudan.

on 2012/4/17 10:40:00

Open in new windowThe Chief Justice Jalal-Eddin Mohamed Osman issued Monday a decision on formation of special courts for combating terrorism. The courts will be established in the States of the White Nile, Blue Nile, South Kordofan and Sennar.
According to the decision, the special courts for combating terrorism will rule in crimes included in the Customs Act for the year 1986 and crimes of smuggling, the crimes included in the Act for Combating Terrorism for the year 2001, the crimes included in Chapter Five of the Criminal Law for the year 1991, the Crimes included in the Act for Combating Narcotics for the year 1994, the crimes included in the Act on Weapons and Ammunition for the year 1986.

on 2012/4/17 10:18:37

Open in new windowThe Minister of International Cooperation Ishraqa Mahmoud will address today Tuesday at the International Park the opening sitting of a Workshop on Challenges and Advantages of Membership of Sudan at the World Trade Organization, which is organized by the Sudanese Businessmen Union, in collaboration with the National Secretariat for Affairs of the World Trade Organization (WHO) at the Ministry of International Cooperation and the Geneva-based International Trade Center.
The two-day workshop comes in the context of the national joint efforts for enlightment about the importance of Sudan membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

on 2012/4/17 10:04:15

Open in new windowThe Minister of Finance and National eonomy Ali Mahmoud Abdul-Rasoul is leading a Sudanese delegation to annual joint meetings of the Arab Financial Institutions and funds that kicks off today Tuesday in Marrakesh, Moroccoand will last for two days. The annual meetings of the Arab Financial Institutions is considered an Arab financial and economic gathering in which a large number of important topics are discussed such as the financial performance and the financial activity of the Arab Financial Institutions and funds and the endorsement of the future plans and budgets .
The Minister of Finance and National Economy will meet on the sidelines of the meetings Directors of the international and regional financial institutions as well as the Heads of the Arab funds who will take part in the meetings to discuss the process of the funded projects and to present a number of new projects to the Arab funds for finance such as projects of food security.
The Minister of Electricity and dams, Engineer Osama Abdalla, is due to hold sidelines meetings to discuss the Arab and follow-up funding for the dams under construction in the country.
The Minister of Finance and National Economy is accompanied by the Minister of Electricity and dams, Osama Abdalla, the State Minister, Magdi Hassan Yassin, the Governor of the Central Bank and his Deputy and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance.

on 2012/4/16 10:32:22

Open in new windowSudan has reiterated its firm stance of rejection to any negotiation with South Sudan State unless it withdraw its forces from Heglig area, expressing its keenness to preserve the security and safety at this area
This came during his meeting yesterday at the Republican Palace with the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Mohamed Amro Kamel
President Al-Bashir informed Kamel that Sudan was attacked and the aggressor should withdraw its forces from the Sudanese territories
He said that the international and regional condemnations did not succeed convince South Sudan State to pull out its troops, but even insisted to continue its aggression
President Al-Bashir pointed out that Sudan reserves its right to respond to this aggression in the manner enable it to restore its lands and to maintain its sovereignty, security and stability
Meanwhile, President Al-Bashir welcomed the Egyptian role and the keenness of Egypt expand security and stability at the region, adding that Sudan has sacrificed part of its lands and natural resources for the sake of peaceful co-existence at the area
The Egyptian Foreign Minister has conveyed to President Al-Bashir a verbal message from Chairman of the Egyptian Supreme Military Council, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, including the readiness of Egypt to play a role for narrowing the differences between Sudan and South Sudan and reaching solution for the crisis
In a statement to the press after the meeting, the Egyptian Foreign Minister said that he will leave Monday for Juba to identify the vision of South Sudan government and to explain the stance of Egypt, indicating that he is not holding an initiative with particular items
He said that the role of Egypt aims for boosting peace, ending the tension, halting war and blood-shed and realizing justice
Kamel described his meeting with President Al-Bashir as fruitful and expressing

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