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on 2012/3/22 12:05:52

A delegation of the government of South Sudan State is due to arrive in Khartoum
The delegation is due to hold meetings with a number of senior officials in Khartoum for arrangements to make a success the expected summit between the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, and the President of the State of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, that would be held in Juba on April 3, to review issues that were tackled in Addis Ababa negotiations, SUNA learned
That a visit of a government delegation to Juba to complete the consultations is not ruled out.
The delegation of South Sudan State includes, Deng Alor, the Cabinet Affairs, John Luk the Miister of Justice, Stephen Dam Deu, the Minister of Oil, Joseph Lual, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Michel Makou, the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, and Weik Mamair, the State Minister at the Council of Ministers.

on 2012/3/22 12:04:22

Open in new windowAssistant of the President of the Republic, Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie, accompanied by a high-level delegation is due arrive today in Cairo to convey a verbal message from the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, to the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Field marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi.
In a press statement, Sudan Ambassador to Egypt, Kamal Hassan Ali, said that Dr. Nafie and the accompanying delegation will extend condolence to the Egyptian Military Council, the government and the Coptic Sect in Egypt on the death of Pope Shenouda.
Ambassador Ali indicated that the delegation would discuss with the Egyptian Prime Minister, Kamal Al-Janzouri, and the Speaker of the Egyptian People's Assembly, Saad Al-Katatni, means of bolstering the relations and cooperation between Sudan and Egypt
The delegation accompanying to Dr. Nafie includes the Minister of Youth and Sports, Al-Fateh Tajal -Sir, the State Minister at the Council of Ministers, Mohamed Al-Mukhtar Hassan, the State Minister at the Ministry of Guidance, Mohamed Mustafa Al-Fekki, Chairman of the External Relations Sector at the National Congress, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, besides a delegation of the Coptic Church.

on 2012/3/22 12:01:16

Open in new windowThe Foreign Minister, Ali Karti, yesterday received the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for Sudan and South Sudan, Haile Menkerios, has appreciated the positive outcome of the recent session of negotiation between Sudan and South Sudan State in Addis Ababa.
Menkerios reviewed the efforts that he exerted in boosting the African Union High-Level Panel on Sudan, led by Thabo Mbeki, for mediation between Sudan and South Sudan as well as his participation at the recent sitting of the Security Council which was assigned to review the relations between the two countries.
Menkerios also reviewed outcome of his contacts with different concerned parties on the humanitarian situation in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile and the possibility of making a success the tripartite initiative of the United Nations, the African Union and the Arab League with regard to the humanitarian situation at the two areas after the government approval.
Meanwhile, Karti has affirmed the state concern with the humanitarian situation of its employees regardless of their locations.
He underscored the importance of cessation of hostilities and military work in order to guarantee arrival of the humanitarian aid to the needy people.
Karti said that the government is still studying options concerning points of reservation in the tripartite initiative, adding that Sudan will declare its stance in this connection shortly.

on 2012/3/22 11:52:48

The Foreign Minister, Ali Karti, said that the Great Lakes Region shall find honest international partners who do not consider the political dimension a basic factor in their dealing with the countries at the region.
He also suggested establishment of a commission for development and projects that shall assume the role of finding international bodies to implement strategic projects in the member states.
This came when Karti received Wednesday the Executive Secretary of the Great Lakes Organization.
Karti warned from greediness of some countries for unexploited resources of the African countries.
He described as insufficient the efforts being done to combat armed the movements that are targeting the member states of the Great Lakes Organizations
He said that South Sudan State is hosting a number of rebel movements from South Kordofan and Darfur States.
Meanwhile, the Executive Secretary of the Great Lakes Organization has affirmed the important role of Sudan in the organization, pointing to the efforts of the organization for enhancing the security and realizing peace in the region
He said that the organization is engaged in arrangements for holding the Conference of the Ministers of Defence of the Great Lakes' member states next May in Khartoum

on 2012/3/22 11:21:36

The Secretary General of the General Union of Sudanese Women, Egbal Jaafar, has announced the formation of a national Fund for development of rural women in partnership with the concerned ministries and unions in order to empower women economically
This announcement was made by Egbal was when she was addressing a celebration at the Friendship Hall on the World Day of women, under the theme of: "Empowerment of rural women to achieve food security”
She stressed the importance of funding the women projects, commending the efforts being exerted by the Bank of Sudan in the domains of micro-finance for women projects and urged for creation of a mechanism to coordinate between Banks and the beneficiaries
The Secretary General of the General Union of Sudanese Women also affirmed the importance of realizing peace at the areas of conflicts in order to enable the women assume their role with regard to development.
She also pointed out to the achievements made by the Sudanese women, particularly in Darfur, a matter which reflects the stability of situations and the achievement of peace in the region through the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur.

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