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on 2012/9/10 9:00:00

Open in new window The Cabinet Affairs Minister Ahmed Saad Omar has received at his office Sunday the American Charge d'Affairs Joseph Stanford, and discussed the development in the situation in the Darfur states, and ways to support Darfur Peace Document to achieve peace and development in the region.
The minister stressed that resolution of the Darfur issue represents a top priority for the national unity government program for bringing about comprehensive development in the various Darfur states, bolster the peace process in Darfur, renounce war and to encourage non-signatories of the peace document to join the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur.

on 2012/9/10 8:50:00

Open in new windowThe Secretary General for the Council of International People's Friendship, Secretary General of Chinese-Arab Friendship Societies Association, Ahmed Abdul-Rahman Mohamed is in China heading a high-level delegation to participate in the 4th meeting of Chinese -Arab Friendship Association, scheduled to be held in Beijing.
Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary General of Council of International People's Friendship, Abdul-Basit Abdul-Majid, went to China to take part on the meeting of joint committee for arabicisation of the curriculum, held in Beijing.
It is worth mentioning that the Council of the International People's Friendship is a National corporation established in the 1960 under a number of titles such as: the Afro-Asian Solidarity, National Council for Peace,Solidarity and Friendship in the year 1973 and finally the Council for international People's Friendship (CIPF) which was established under the Republican Decree ( 31) for the year 1990.
CIPF aims to establish the concept of the popular diplomacy to consolidate the relations between the peoples in various fields, regardless of the political and social backgrounds.

on 2012/9/10 8:40:00

The Governor of Moheili Island of Comoros Saed Mohammed Saeed, accompanied by political and executive officials, will start today Monday a six-day visit to the Algazira State during which he will meet the governor of Gezira State Alzubair Bashir Taha, and members of his government and sign a twinship protocol between the State of Algazira and Moheili Island.
Advisor of the governor of Algazira State Alsharif Omar Al-Sharif stated that the delegation's visit aims to stand on the experience of the State in the fields of culture, social, economic and cohesion of the social fabric toward boosting efforts of Moheili's government for formation of their own state. Mr. Alsharif added that the delegation's visits include meetings with state's ministries and offocials of the University of Holy Quran, Algazira’s agricultural Scheme, Sugar Company, Wad-El-Fadni Quran Schools at El-Hassahisa Locality in addition to visits to the Radio and TV stations of Algazira State.

on 2012/9/9 11:36:52

The Head of the visiting delegation of the fact-finding committee of the Pan African Parliament(PAP)and Deputy Speaker of the PAP, Juliana Katenguwa,has expressed hope the committee will success in its tasks and to lead to realize of peace, stability and security in the two countries
In the press conference which was held with journalists and pressmen in Khartoum Ms Katenguwa. has called on the journalists to bias to peace and humanitarian side and not to obscure the facts, noting that is everyone understands the other one we could reach to stability and peace in the two countries.
The Head of the fact-finding committee of the PAP said that the mission of the committee is to collect information and to know the problems and to make the two parties to understand each other a matter which will lead to reconciliation and shaking hands.indicating that the Pan African Parliament has experience in easing tensions between countries where it was contributed in the realization of peace in Darfur region.
Then the visiting delegation of the PAP has informed by the journalists on the nature of the relations between Sudan and South Sudan State as well as relations between journalists of the two States and how did the international and local media deal with the tension between the two countries
The chairman of the External Relations at the National Assembly ,Mohamed Al-Hassan Al-Amin, noted that the government is ready to sit and negotiate to resolve the outstanding issues but it does not accept violation of its sovereignty and its economy

on 2012/9/9 11:34:10

The National Congress Party( NCP) External Relations chairperson, Ibrahim Ghandour, has affirmed yesterday Sudan's keenness to realize peace and establish good neighborliness relations with State of South Sudan.
Following his meeting with the visiting delegation of the fact-finding committee of the Pan African Parliament (PAP), chaired by the Deputy Speaker of the PAP, Juliana Katenguwa, the chairman of the NCP External Relations said that the key controversial issues between Sudan and South Sudan State is representing in the security arrangements ,oil and borders and Abyei area.
He has briefed the PAP mission on Sudan's stance and its proposals on the said issues and provided the fact-finding committee of the PAP with written document to enhance and support the stance of the Sudan, calling on the mission to urge the other party to interact with and commit to the efforts that will lead to realize peace and common interests for the citizens of the two countries.
On her part, the chairwoman of the fact-finding committee of the PAP,has expressed satisfaction over the briefing that has been made by Dr. Ghandour, saying the peace has no price and should be achieved via agreement between the two sides.

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