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on 2011/12/22 10:29:50

Open in new windowThe Minister of Oil and Chairman of the Senate of the University of Sudan for Sciences and Technology Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, has appreciated the progress achieved by the university that enabled it to surpass other Sudanese , Arab and African universities and to occupy a leading position in the international list of the Arab and African universities. This came when Mr. Al-Jaz chaired Wednesday a meeting of the university Senate at its headquarters in Khartoum. The acting Vice - Chancellor of the University, Prof. Jadalla Abdalla Al-Hassan, has given a report on the performance of the university in the year 2011. The Undersecretary of the university, Prof. Hashim Ali Salem, also gave a report on the budget of the university for the year 2012.
Following the Senate meeting, Mr. Al-Jaz said that the meeting has approved the budget of the University of Sudan for Sciences and technology and the report on its performance in the year 2011. He described the performance of the university as a distinguished one, indicating that the university has established extensive internal and external academic relations. He said that the relation between the university and the students is serving the educational process and the university message.
Mr. Al-jazz also praised the administrative and financial performance at the university, adding that the University of Sudan for Sciences and Technology is achieving progress in the technological fields and participated at various activities and exhibitions that serve the interest of the country and the citizens.

on 2011/12/22 9:57:57

Open in new windowThe Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rahamtalla Mohamed Osman received at his office Wednesday the British Ambassador to Sudan, Nicholas Kay, who informed Ambassador Osman on the expiry of his term of office in Khartoum. The British diplomat presented to Ambassador Osman a copy of the credentials of his successor for approval.
Ambassador Osman affirmed at the meeting Sudan government keenness to consolidate relations with Britain.

on 2011/12/21 12:18:37

Open in new window President of the Republic Omer Albashir will address the Sudanese Nation on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of Sudan Independence on December 31st from the Republican Palace, said the Minister at the Presidency of the Republic and chairman of the higher committee for celebrating the occasion, Gen. Bakri Hassan Sallih, in a statement to the press at the Republican Palace following the meeting of the committee. The high committee has affirmed the importance of commemorating the independence Day of Sudan as well as elevation of the values of independence, besides honoring the patriotic persnalities who contributed to the achievement of Independence of Sudan.
The minister pointed out that the occasion will be attended by senior Sudanese officials, representatives of the political parties and the civil society organizations.
Gen. Salih said that the celebration includes an open day along the Nile Avenue as well as participations from the women, youth and students sectors, adding that all the states will also celebrate the occasion.

on 2011/12/21 12:13:41

Open in new windowThe First Vice President Ali Osman Taha has directed the Blue Nile State to exert more efforts to maintain security and stability to secure the harvest operations .
This came when Mr. Taha met Tuesday at the Republican Palace, the governor of the Blue Nile State Al-Hadi Bushra who underlined in a press statement that the First Vice President gave directives for starting of the work of the High Committee for the Rehabilitation of the Rural Areas and giving due concern to the provision of the basic services to the citizens .
The BN governor Bushra indicated that the meeting also reviewed stability of the security conditions in the state and the promotion of cooperation of the Ethiopian Province of Beni Shangoul .

on 2011/12/21 12:04:43

Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan have agreed on a proposal set by the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) on resumption of the negotiations between the two countries over the issues of oil, banking and arrears during the period January 17 - 23 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The AUHIP said that there will be concurrent meetings concerning the issues of oil and of arrears. There will also be a meeting on banking and trade payments during this period. It added that both Parties will bring all available supporting documentation to be presented at the meeting beginning 17thJanuary, then the Panel will provide relevant experts to facilitate an initial reconciliation of the various claims.

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