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on 2012/5/10 15:00:47

Open in new windowThe Armed Forces' spokesman Col. Al-Sawarmi, Khalid Saad announced that the Armed Forces has liberated Geraida, Kefen Debi and Kafia Kingi from occupation of the South Sudan's Army and its allies of the rebels of the darfuri Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and movements of Meni Arko Menawi and Abdul-Wahid Nour. He said that the Armed Forces attacked on May 7 the area of Kefen Debi and after a fierce battle the Armed Forces liberated the area and secured its fully, announcing that in the morning of May the 9th the Armed Forces continued its movement for Kafia Kingi, 59 kilometers from Kefen Debi, and inflicted a another defeat of the People's Army of South Sudan and its allies of Darfur rebel movements.
Col. Al-Sawarmi pointed out that after their defeat, the People's Army and its allies of Darfur rebels moved northward to Geraida village in South Darfur State and killed number of the citizens and looted the market, but the Armed Forces at the area was able to repulse them.
He said that the Armed Forces are now chasing the fleeing aggressors and carrying out combing operations at the area. Col. Al-Sawarmi said that the Armed Forces has inflicted heavy losses in lives and equipments on the enemy, adding that a number of the Armed Forces soldiers have martyred and others were wounded in the battles.

on 2012/5/10 14:56:30

Open in new window The First Vice President of the Republic Ali Osman Taha reviewed Wednesday at the Republican Palace with the Head of the European Union Mission to Sudan Ambassador Tomas Ulicny the bilateral relations between Sudan and the EU and means of enhancing them further.
Meanwhile, Ambassador Tomas Ulicny said in a statement to the press that he held introductory dialogue with the First Vice President of the Republic, describing it as "very candid and open". "We have exchanged points of view and I believe that Sudan has showed will to approach constructively with all the forthcoming events evolving from the resolution of the UN Security Council," Ulicny said. He added that the European Union was committed to assist Sudan to reach sustainable solutions.

on 2012/5/10 14:52:59

Open in new windowThe First Vice President of the Republic and chairman of the higher mobilization committee, Ali Osman Taha has received financial support from the officials assuming constitutional positions for repulsing the aggression and to liberate the occupied territories.
The support was delivered to Taha by the Assistant to the President Musa Mohamed Ahmed, the Presidential Adviser Ahmed Bilal, and the Minister of the Presidency of the Republic Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh.
Meanwhile, the Presidential Adviser Ahmed Bilal said in a press statement that the delegation has delivered to the First Vice President a donation of one-month salary and 50% of the allowances of the Presidential assistants and advisers and officials assuming constitutional positions at the Republican Palace as a contribution for repulsing the aggression, liberating the homeland and supporting the Armed Forces, other regular forces and the Mujahideen in efforts to recapture areas occupied by the army of the South Sudan in collaboration of Darfur rebel movements..
The First Vice President has received cheque for 600,000 pounds as a month salary and 50% of the allowances of the ministers, the state ministers and the executive staff at the Council of Ministers.

on 2012/5/10 10:17:20

Open in new windowVice President of the Republic Al-Haj Adam Yosif has called the governor of East Darfur State to continue the developmental projects in the State by making use of the energies and abilities of youth and women, pledging to extend all support to the state's government in order to achieve its objectives in unifying the national ranks, repulsing aggression, achieving stability and security as well as addressing the issues of the people. This came when he received in his office at the Republican Palace the governor of East Darfur State Maj.Gen. Mohamed Hamid Fadlalla. The governor explained that he briefed the Vice President on the situation in his state.
The governor said the Vice President gave directives for giving concern to the issues of the people, maintain the security and stability and to embark on dialogue with the political and partisan forces and the civil society organizations in order to attract support to unify the national rank.

on 2012/5/10 10:10:17

Open in new windowThe Assistant of the President of the Republic Abdul Rahman Al-Saddiq Al-Mahdi has commended the stances of the European Union toward the Sudan, describing them as balanced concerning the recent occupation of Heglig, besides the South Sudan's closure of the oil fields. Mr. Al-Mahdi pointed to pressures practiced by the EU for resumption of talks between Sudan and South Sudan neutrally, affirming Sudan’s commitment to the International Law. This came in his address to a celebration marking the 62nd Europe Day, which was organized by the European Union Mission to Sudan.

He reiterated Sudan’s respect to the international and African Human Rights, calling for partnership between Sudan and the European Union according to which the two sides are committed to the charters of human rights should the EU avoid adoption of double standards. He said that the Sudanese people have appreciated the unanimous rejection of the international community to the aggression staged by the South Sudan against Heglig.
The Assistant of the President affirmed Sudan commitment to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

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