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on 2012/7/23 10:23:10

Sudan is considered the most prepared for self-sufficiency
and open door for exportation sugar to the world and Arab countries in Sudan Sugar production from sugar cane only. The experiences conducted in Sugar beet crop during last two decades in the Northern and central states of the Sudan including Gezira state.
have proved success in the sugar beet cultivation. The Gezira State, which is bestowed with tremendous and distinguished potentialities of agriculture, is considered the most qualified state in Sudan to enter the cultivation and manufacturing of sugar beet.
The Gezira State was given a special consideration and position due leading role in the field of agricultural production and growing sugar beet crop as a prospective crop for sugar production and others industrials. The sugar beet can be cultivated in different types of soil with good drainage, fertilization and high salinity in the soil, in which many crops do not able to bear. The research conducted in this regard by Gezira Scheme, Alrahad, Al-Genaid Research Center, Um Barona Mashtal and Gezira University have led to positive results, in terms of application of technical and productive packages at an area of 214 acres.
The State has given concern to preparing the technical package for sugar beet production by giving care to the agricultural operations related to its cultivation which representing the land ,time of cultivation , the way of cultivation,fertilization,irrigation,and weed and pest control
The existence of the Agriculture Research Center , Suger Research Center in Genaid and the Sugar Institute- Gezira University which all provide the base of solid knowledge and process that the state rely on to enter the cultivation field and contribute in manufacturing of sugar beet.

on 2012/7/23 10:20:25

The Minister of Culture and Information at the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA), engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Musa Madibu, said that the Conference of the People of Darfur, which was held in El-Fasher, has provided opportunity to discuss the issues of Darfur and to consolidate concepts of the collective work.
He indicated that the conference has discussed five working papers pertinent to the dispute in Darfur.
The Minister of Culture and Information has stressed the determination of the DRA to press ahead with implementing Doha Document for Peace in Darfur(DDPD)in collaboration with the government and the international community.
Madibu said in the press conference Sundayat Sudan Media Center (SMC) that the conference was a chance for creating a suitable atmosphere to launch the Darfurian - Darfurian Dialogue under the auspices of the UNAMID, the African Union and State of Qatar.
He said that the participants at the conference have unanimously agreed on the necessity to speed up completion of security arrangements by the Liberation and Justice Movement and other movements that responded to the call for peace, besides the return of displaced persons and refugees to their home villages after provision of security, rehabilitation and basic services.
He noted that the conferees has called on the international community to support the DDPD politically and financially and work for success the Conference of Donors, due to be held in Doha in next December.
He pointed out that the objective of the Conference of the People of Darfur was to attract political, popular and diplomatic support for implementing the DDPD projects.

on 2012/7/22 12:06:51

Open in new windowThe AU High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) led by former South African President Thabo Mbeki said Saturday that the delegations of Sudan and South Sudan agreed to continue current round of talks in the framework of the AU Peace and Security Council's road map and the UN Security Council’s (UNSC) resolution number 2046. The two parties have sealed this month a strategic framework to resolve the outstanding issues through comprehensive and direct talks. The mediation just was informed about the outcome of their closed door meetings.
The AUHIP officials said in a statement that they received Saturday an answer from the leader of the Sudanese delegation Lt. Gen. AbdulRahim Mohammed Hussien on the accusation of the South Sudan that the Sudan armed forces (SAF) bombed some villages in Northern Bahr Elghazal state wounding two civilians. Mr. Hussien affirmed that the armed forces did not attack any sites of the People's Movement in South Sudan explaining that SAF was pursuing rebels of the Darfuri Justice and Equality Movement inside the Sudanese territories.

on 2012/7/22 11:50:00

Open in new windowThe Minister of Justice Mohammad Bushara Dousa affirmed commitment to go ahead with judicial reforms, consolidation of rule of law and removal of grievances. He called judicial consultants to rise to the level of responsibility and to consider the people's cases with the balance of justice and away from sensitivities.
Addressing a ceremony held by the workers in the ministry, Mr. Dousa pointed to the national role played by the workers in the service of the people's issues and work to overcome the administrative obstacles, develop performance and skills by developing training, and teamwork, stressing the readiness of the senior leadership in the ministry to accept advice and guidance from all employees for the benefit of work and service of citizen, noting that the process of development and reform in the ministry will continue.

on 2012/7/22 11:40:00

Open in new windowThe Political parties and organizations Association called heads and leaders of the political powers in the country to come out with new visions to reinforce national bonds and eradicate factors of differences. The association called for facing challenges that prevented realization of comprehensive development and creating better living conditions for the Sudanese people. The Chairman of the association Abood Jabir called for exerting greater efforts to serve national issues. He called the political parties to be ready for participation in compiling the new constitution of the country to come out with a constitution able of unifying ranks. Mr. Jabir disclosed that the association was exerting efforts to end differences among the political parties to realize national targets.

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