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on 2012/4/19 11:36:40

Open in new windowThe council of ministers will hold its regular session today Thursday in Al-Obeid, North Kordofan state where the ministers will discuss aggression by the South Sudan against Heglig and mobilization to retake the north Sudan’s area. The President of the Republic who will chair the Cabinet’s meeting will also inaugurate Thursday the first phase of Al-Obeid Khor-Tagat road which was established jointly by Shikan Locality and the Ministry of Urban Planning in North Kordofan State.
The governor of North Kordofan State Muttasim Mirghani Zaki-Eddin, announced that the first phase of the road extends to three kilometers, adding that the second phase of the road, extending to five kilometers, will be executed after establishment of Khor-Tagat Bridge. He pointed to an ambitious plan of North Kordofan government to rehabilitate Khor Abu-Habil River for expanding the cultivation of cotton. He also referred to a plan for increasing the sheep exports of the state from 1.5 million heads to two million heads in the year 2012.

on 2012/4/19 11:13:30

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic Omer Albashir has reviewed with the ambassador of Britain progress of the Sudanese - British relations and means for enhancing them for the interest of the two countries. This came during his meeting Wednesday with the British Ambassador to Khartoum Nicholas Kay, on the expiry of his assignment to Sudan. Ambassador Nicholas Kay has renewed in a press statement his country’s rejection to the attack and occupation of Heglig by South Sudan’s army. He pointed out that his country was looking forward for an end to the current situation to ensure the continuity of stability in the oil-producing area.

on 2012/4/19 11:08:17

Open in new windowThe First Vice President of the Republic Ali Osman Taha has stressed the government's keenness to boost the implementation of Doha Document for Peace in Darfur. This came Wednesday during his meeting in his office at the Council of Ministers with the Chairman of Darfur Regional Authority Altigani Sessi. The meeting discussed the overall situation in the country and in particular the aggression of the South Sudan on Heglig area as well as the unity of the internal front.
Meanwhile, Mr. Sessi said in a press statement following the meeting that he was sharing identical visions with the First Vice President on condemnation of the aggression against the country, the necessity of removing the aggression forces out of Heglig and importance of the unity of the internal front.
He pointed out that the orientation now is to unite the internal front against the aggression on the Sudanese Heglig area which is not included in the disputed areas between the North and the South.
Meanwhile, the meeting has reviewed the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur where the first Vice President promised to provide all necessary requirements to surpass obstacles facing the implementation of the peace agreement.

on 2012/4/19 10:45:45

Open in new windowThe Presidential Advisor and envoy of the president of the Republic to Ethiopia Mustafa Osman Ismail, stressed that the real problem between the Sudan and South Sudan is a security issue in the first place, because of the insistence of the government of South Sudan to host and support the rebellion movements of Darfur, the Blue Nile and South Kordofan, and to finance and send them to the Sudan territories to undermine its security and stability.
In a press conference he held Wednesday at the premises of Sudan Embassy in Addis Ababa, Mr. Ismail reviewed the outcome of the meetings he held with both the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, and the chairman of thef African High-Level Implementation Panel for Sudan, Thabo Mbeki, besides his meeting with the AU Commissioner, Jean Ping, and the Chairperson of the African Commission for Peace and Security Ramadane Lamamra. Mr. Ismail has presented during the meetings explanation about the clear stance of Sudan on the current developments at its border with the South Sudan, calling for every possible effort and pressure to make the South Sudan withdraw its forces from Heglig immediately and without any conditions.
He pointed out that South Sudan has refused to respond to all the international calls of the UN Security Council, the African Union, the African Peace and Security Council, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in addition to the U.S. State Department, as well as the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon,.
The Presidential Advisor said that the Minister of Foreign Affairs was now in a tour to a number of African countries in order to clarify the stance of Sudan concerning the current developments on its border with South Sudan.

on 2012/4/19 10:29:17

Open in new windowThe Chairman of the Council of the States Adam Hamid Musa announced the Council' support to the Armed Forces for liberating every inches of the Sudanese territories from the agents and enemies. Addressing a gathering organized by the Council's Workers Trade Union for supporting the Armed Forces Wednesday, Mr. Musa lauded the patriotic role being played by the Armed Forces and mujahideen for defending the Sudan and its security and stability, revealing that the plot of Government of South Sudan of occupying Heglig was set to destabilize the Country.
Secretary-General of the Council of States, Hassan Musa hailed steadfastness of the Armed Forces, stressing that the Council workers are ready to head to the operations zones to defend the homeland.

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