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on 2011/12/6 16:50:00

The African Union( AU) has reiterated its obligation to maintain the immunity of the current African presidents and called on Kenya and Sudan to keep their relations . The AU explained in a statement issued on Sunday that all member states will continue their adherence to the joint African stance regarding respecting the immunity of the president of the Republic of Sudan Omar Albashir as well as all the current African presidents . The statement said that the chairman
of the African Union Commission Jean Ping has urged the Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki and his Sudanese counterpart president Albashir to explain any misunderstandings and to stop the tension between their two countries .
It is to mention that the AU statement came a week after a judgment issued by a Kenyan court for arrest President Albashir by allegations of the massacares in Darfur as soon as he arrived at Kenya . Responding to this development the Sudan threatens to expel the Kenyan ambassador in Khartoum and call its ambassador from Nirobi , but the Kenyan foreign minister held talks with president Albashir to end the diplomatic crisis .

on 2011/12/6 12:37:23

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic Omer Albashir, and his Chadian Counterpart Idris Deby reviewed Monday in Khartoum progress of the bilateral relations and means of consolidating them further, as part of the later's one-day visit to Sudan. President Albashir affirmed in a joint a press conference he held with President Deby at the Guest House following the joint talks that the Sudanese - Chadian relations have returned to their normal course and that they are now in their best situation.
President Albashir said that the two neigbouring countries and peoples have many things in common like ethnic, historic, religious, cultural, security and economic ties. He added that he and President Deby affirmed that the bilateral relations and cooperation are progressing well in the military, security, economic, political, trade and technical education axes. President Albashir said that the talks affirmed the importance of linking the two countries by a railways line that extends from Port-Sudan till N'djamena as well as via ground roads. He welcomed the visit of President Idris Deby and the accompanying delegation, explaining that it comes as part of the continuous consultations between the two countries.
Meanwhile, the Chadian President said in the Press conference that the two countries maintain strategic and deeply rooted relations and cooperation in all domains, describing the bilateral relations between Sudan and Chad as historic and distinguished. President Deby said that the bilateral talks came as part of the continuous consultations between the Sudanese and Chadian officials in many aspects, including the economic and security fields, affirming that Sudan and Chad are working to be linked with each other via road and railways.
On Darfur issue, the Chadian President explained that the situation in Darfur is witnessing tangible improvement and that the refugees have started to return to their home areas, a matter which proves the stability and security in the region and at the joint border area. The Chadian President said that the Doha Peace Document on Darfur has established peace and there is no way for more violence, explaining that the people of Darfur understood that it is high time for stability and tranquility to prevail in the region. He affirmed that the commercial exchange between Sudan and Chad have reached a large volume, which is better than in the past time due to the prevalence of security and stability, revealing that the citizens of the two countries are moving across the joint border freely and safely because of the good performance of the Joint Forces.

on 2011/12/6 11:58:55

Open in new windowFirst Vice President of the Republic Ali Osman Taha has called for reviewing the laws that impede the economic activity. He stressed the importance of directing the legislative work in Khartoum State to increase production as well as alleviating the burden of living for the citizens. He also affirmed the necessity of management of crises through radical treatment and adoption of strategic planning. This came in his address Monday before the inaugural sitting of the fourth Session of the Legislative Assembly of Khartoum State, calling on all the government institutions to respect the legislations. Mr. Taha also asserted the importance of abiding by the rule of law, justice and coordination between legal and executive institutions.
He also called for reviewing the federal and state relations in order to formulate the permanent Constitution bill.
The First Vice President also lauded plans of Khartoum State to unify tax collection bodies in one authority, and emphasized the importance of focusing on training and capacity building as well as mobilizing the youth energies. He also stressed the importance of micro-finance as one of the top economic priorities, explaining that the dispute and discussions about guarantees for micro-finance reveals its flexibility, highlighting on the government policy to boost the micro-finance by establishing councils to manage it in all the states.

on 2011/12/6 11:33:10

Open in new windowVice President of the Republic Al-Haj Adam has affirmed the concern of the government with housing. He gave directives on coordination of efforts to make revolution in housing during the upcoming period in all the states of Sudan.
This came during a meeting he held Monday at the Republican Palace with a delegation of the Secretariat General of the National Fund for Housing and Construction, headed by the Secretary General of the Fund Gulam-Eddin Osman Adam.
The Secretary General of the Fund said in statement to the Sudan News Agency that the meeting reviewed the performance of the fund, its achievements, plans and future programs. He said that the Vice President praised performance of the fund in the past period and expressed his concern with the housing issue as it is the one of the state's priorities.
Mr. Al-Haj Adam gave a number of directives including holding of the meeting of the Housing Higher Committee within two weeks after formation of the new government to prepare a plan to contribute to the housing revolution in the states in the coming period. He urged all organs and sectors in the community to take part in this vital project. He directed the fund's Board of Directors to hold a meeting next Wednesday, calling the Council of Ministers to give concern to the Real Estates and Construction Research Center.

on 2011/12/6 11:14:20

Open in new windowThe Chairman of the Darfur Regional Transitional Authority (DRTA) Al-Tigani Al-Sisi has lauded the efforts made by the Chadian President Idris Deby to realize peace, security and stability in Darfur, stating that Deby is one of the biggest supporters to peace in Darfur and to Doha peace agreement.
In a meeting with the Chadian President Idris Deby at Coral Hotel in Khartoum on Monday , Mr. Al-Sisi added that Chad was officially present during the Darfur peace talks. He affirmed that he reviewed with the Chadian President the whole situations in Darfur, saying that he briefed Mr. Deby on the Doha peace agreement and the role Chad could play to ensure security in Darfur.
In regard to the return of more than (400) thousands Darfuri refugees from Chad, Mr. Al-Sisi affirmed that the regional authority will soon visit Chad to pave the way for the return of those refugees.

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