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on 2012/5/28 10:22:03

Sudan is due to participate at meetings of the Arab Ministerial Council, scheduled during May 29 - 31 in Baghdad with a high-level delegation headed by the Minister of Water Resources, Prof. Saif-Eddin Hamad Abdalla.
SUNA learned that the meetings would discuss an Arab united strategy for development of the water resources in the Arab World for the interest of the Arab peoples, the bilateral cooperation pertinent to development of the water resources and utilizing them for realizing Arab food security and investment of the water resources.

on 2012/5/27 12:09:34

Open in new windowThe President of the Republic Omer Albashir will inaugurate today Sunday the fisrt phase of the Police National Housing Project that aims to provide housing complex of one thousand and five hundreds houses to police personnel in the capital and states of Sudan. The project is intended to realize welfare for the police personnel in order to consolidate the police’s services in realizing social security.

on 2012/5/27 11:54:11

Open in new windowThe Vice President Al-Haj Adam Yousif revealed that prices can be lowered by increasing production. Addressing the General Assembly of Family Bank Saturday, he called the Family Bank to contribute to financing projects for limited-income families. He commended the bank's role in the field of microfinance and transformation of Sudanese families from consumption to production contributing in the promotion of the Sudanese economy. He called on all Sudanese banks to follow the footsteps of the Family Bank and work with the system of microfinance. He also stressed the necessity of benefiting from the pioneering experience of the family bank so as to be applied in all banks. He called on producing various types of products to avoid recession.
On her part, Head of Board of Directors of Family Bank Samia Yousif Habani affirmed that the bank has had 100/000 clients since 2007, pointing out to the intention of the family bank to invent new projects contributing to supporting Sudanese economy besides the intention of the bank to open branches in all the states of Sudan.

on 2012/5/27 11:34:44

Open in new windowThe Assistant of the President of the Republic Jalal Yousif Al-Digir has asserted that the uprisings that had been happened in the countries of north Africa are requiring immediate resolution of the problems of the African peoples and achieving their ambitions and inspirations as well as realizing stability, development and security in the region.
Addressing the meeting of the Eastern Africa Chiefs of Defence Staff (EACDS), held in Khartoum,Dr.Al-Digir said that the security stability requires interaction with issues of the African citizens ,saying the disputes in the region relating to the social imbalance in our countries.
The Assistant of the President of the Republic, has demanded addressing the roots of the conflicts in the continent in order to avoid its re-appearing in the future as well as committing to treaties regarding the good governance and the rule of law and the deepening of democracy to achieve the sustainable stability and lasting peace in Africa.
He has announced welcome of the Sudan government to the African military commanders who participated in the meeting of the EACDS, affirming support of the government to the meeting of the EACDS to reach recommendations enhancing security, stability in the region.

on 2012/5/27 11:27:59

Open in new windowSudan's permanent Envoy to the United Nations Dafallah Al-Hajj Ali, has lodged a complaint to the UN Security Council(UNSC) in which he confirmed that the last eight days have witnessed clear violations and aggressions across borders perpetrated by the forces of the South Sudan a matter which represents a clear violation of the UN Security council resolution 2046. The complaint indicated that the South Sudan has violated the UN security Council resolution 2046, by the infiltration of the two battalions affiliated to the army of the South Sudan armed with two tanks and heavy weapons into a distance of 23 kilometers ,north to the borders of January 1956, and positioned near to Meiram,north of Bahel-GHazal ,and tried to occupy the area but the armed forces repulsed them, The complaint explained that the forces of the South Sudan have launched number of military attacks against three areas in South Darfur State,Kafia Kingi , , ,Siri Malaga and Samaha, during May 22-24 .
The letter of the Permanent Envoy to the UN Security Council further informed the Council that the South Sudan violated the resolution 2046 , by sending infantry platoons armed with heavy weapons and joined to the armed rebellious groups of the so-called Kauda rebellion Alliance and attacked Taludi area and the villages but the armed forces had repusled them and chased the rest remnants in the areas near to Taludi and Kadguli towns.

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