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on 2012/10/23 11:50:14

Open in new windowFirst Vice President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha has underlined the importance of coordination between the recommendations of Kadugli consultative forum on peace and the efforts being exerted by the delegation for negotiation on the two areas, South Kordofan and Blue Nile.
Taha, who received yesterday the recommendations of Kadugli forum, described attempts by the extremist communist group to foil Kadugli forum as desperate. The people of Kordofan are aware about the interest of the country and the region, he said. The recommendations of the forum confirm that the people are up to the challenges, he added.
The First Vice President reiterated state's commitment to carry out President's pledges to achieve security and stability in the region. He praised the participation of leading figures and political parties in the forum which had positive bearing on the recommendations.
Meanwhile, Interior Minister Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid affirmed stability of security situation across the country. The Minister met with the FVP yesterday to brief him on the security situation and the measures needed to put the cooperation agreement into practice.
Security and humanitarian situation in the country particularly in South Kordofan is stable, the Minister said. The meeting with the FVP focused on a range of issues including opening of border crossings with South Sudan, he added.

on 2012/10/23 11:43:16

Open in new windowVice President Al-Haj Adam has urged Abyei's native administration and communities to co-exist peacefully to safeguard security and stability of the area.
This came at a meeting yesterday between the Vice President and the chairman of the Abyei Joint Oversight Committee (AJOC) Al-Khair Al-Faheem in presence of Misseiriya leaders. The meeting focused on the situation in the area.
AJOC chair told reporters following the meeting that Ngok Dinka and the Misseiriya are determined to live together in peace.
Al-Faheem commended President of the Republic's strong position on Abyei and his rejection of AU mediator's proposals.

on 2012/10/23 11:22:24

The Government and the Justice and Equality Movement have declared immediate cessation of hostilities and their commitment to the peace process for reaching a comprehensive solution of Darfur conflict on the basis of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur.
The two parties called on all the non-signatory groups to avoid violence and to adhere to the dialogue and negotiations in Doha.
Hereunder, Sudan News Agency (SUNA) published the text of the Declaration issued by the two parties in Doha on October 22, 2012:-
The government of Sudan (GoS) and the justice and equality movement Sudan (JEM) (each, an" party" and collectively, the "parties") meeting in Doha Qatar under the auspices of the state of Qatar and the African union-united nations joint chief mediator an interim for Darfur as part of the continuing efforts to reach a comprehensive settlement of the conflict in Darfur on the basis of the Doha document for peace in Darfur (DDPD).
Appreciating the continuing role of the state of Qatar as the venue of the talks under the auspice of HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani Emir of state of Qatar.
Taking due cognizance of the letter and spirit of the Agreement of Goodwill and confidence building for the settlement of problem in Darfur of February 2009.
The framework agreement to resolve the conflict in Darfur between GoS and JEM of February 2010 and the outcome of the all Darfur stakeholder conference held in Doha from 27 to 31 may 2011.
In accordance with the United Nations principles and charter and the covenants of the African union and other regional organizations relating to settlement of disputes by peaceful means.
Welcoming the framework for African Union and United Nations facilitation of the Darfur peace process.
Reaffirming the unity sovereignty independence and territorial integrity of the Sudan.
Deeply concerned that the continuing fighting in Darfur will lead to further loss of live suffering and displacement of the population.
Conscious of the need to create the conditions conducive to allowing the voluntary informed safe, dignified and sustainable return of refugees and internally displaced persons or their local integration.
Conscious of the necessity to enable humanitarian agencies to access all areas affected by the conflict.
Recognizing the imperative need to achieve durable peace through a comprehensive settlement of conflict.
Responding to the calls by members of the international community including the demand by the United Nations Security Council that all Partners to the conflict including in particular all the non-signatory armed groups engage immediately and without pre-condition to make every effort to reach a permanent ceasefire and comprehensive peace settlement on the basis of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) in order to bring stable and durable peace in the region.
Recognizing that security is at the forefront of concerns raised by a large spectrum of Darfurians including members of the civil society, internally displaced people (IDPs) and refugees.
Acknowledging the mandate of the African Union United Nations Hybrid Operation inn Darfur (UNAMID) to monitor, observe the compliance with and verification of the implementation of all ceasefire agreements signed or to be signed in Darfur pursuant to the United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 3003 (2012) and previous resolutions and the Agreement between the United Nations, the African Union and the Government of Sudan concerning the Status of the UNAMID Forces (Status of Forces Agreement) dated 9 February 2008.
Desirous to bring to an end all acts of violence against civilians and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.
Convinced that the Darfur conflict cannot be resolved militarily and that a durable satiation can only be obtained through an inclusive political process and negotiations.
Resolved to create and maintain a climate of peace necessary to facilitate dialogue and negotiations.

on 2012/10/22 9:40:55

Open in new windowThe Vice President of the Republic Al-Haj Adam has underscored the importance of the participation of the National Umma Party drafting a new constitution which is important for security and stability of the country. In a press statement after his meeting Sunday with the leader of the National Umma Party Saddiq Al-Mahdi at his residence in Omduramn, Mr. Adam said that he acquainted Al-Mahdi with the ongoing efforts for realizing peace in Darfur, the Blue Nile and South Kordofan states. He added that the National Umma Party pledged to respond by a written memo that reflects the vision of the party concerning the exposed issues. He hoped that the participation in the constitution formulation will be given concern by all the political parties so that the constitution be an agreed upon document to all the Sudanese people that uniting all visions.

on 2012/10/22 9:30:00

Open in new window The Speaker of National Assembly Ahmed Ibrahim Attahir has affirmed Sudan's keenness to establish distinguished relations with the European countries. This came when Attahir received Sunday the Spanish Ambassador to Sudan. The meeting reviewed the progress of the Sudanese-Spanish relations and means of boosting them further, welcoming any initiative by Spain to enhance the bilateral relations.
The Speaker of Assembly expressed hope that the Sudan's good relations with the European countries will not be affected by isolated incidents, referring to the incident in the German Embassy in Khartoum following the protests and demonstrations against a movie insulting the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him). He expressed hope that the relations linking Sudan and Spain will flourish and improve further. Attahir also affirmed the government' keenness to maintain stability and security all over the country, saying that Sudan was committed to work within the African Union and to adopt dialogue.
Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Spain affirmed the keenness of his country to consolidate her bilateral relations with Sudan in all domains, particularly in the parliamentary fields. The Ambassador has highlighted the deeply rooted and historic relations between his country and the Arab countries, lauding the Arab effects in the European Renaissance and expressing his pleasure over re-opening of the Spanish Embassy in Khartoum.

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