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on 2012/5/2 10:48:50

Open in new windowThe Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and State Minister for the Cabinet Affairs, Ahmed bin Abdalla Al-Mahmoud received Tuesday in Doha the visiting Chairman of Darfur Regional Authority and Chairman of the Liberation and Justice Movement Al-Tigani Sessi.
The meeting discussed progress of the peace process in Darfur and issues relating to the implementation of Doha Document for Peace in Darfur.
The meeting was attended by the Minister of Health Bahar Idris Abu-Garda, and a number of Qatari officials.

on 2012/5/2 10:43:50

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic Omer Albashir has issued Republican Decrees appointing Ghazi AlSaddiq as the Minister of Information, and Hasabu Mohamed Abdul-Rahman as the Minister of Tourism, Archeology and Wildlife.
The appointment of Ghazi came after the President of the Republic has accepted a resignation of the former minister of information AbdAllah Massar and relieved the state minister Sana Hamad. Massar and Hamad were involved in disputes over authorities ignited by a decision by Massar to suspend the Director General of the Sudan News Agency Awad Jadin which reversed later by Hamad while the former minister was attending a conference abroad.

on 2012/5/2 10:32:13

Open in new windowGenaina city, the capital of West Darfur State, has witnessed a celebration marking transference of the command of the Joint Sudanese - Chadian forces to the Sudanese side in the fifth session.
The celebration was attended by the acting governor of West Darfur State, the Governor of the Chadian Waday Region, representatives of the Sudanese and Chadian Ministers of Defence and diplomats. The Commander of the Chadian Forces, Gen. Gumaa Mohamed Yousif, has addressed the festival expressing his appreciation of the fruitful cooperation between the two parties and the stand of the citizens in Sudan and Chad in boosting the joint forces' experiment.
He said that the experiment of the Joint Forces has surpassed the goal of keeping security at the joint Sudanese - Chadian border to the stage of providing development and social services to the citizens and facilitating the movement of citizens and trade convoys.
Meanwhile, the Commander of the Sudanese Force at the Joint Forces, Col. Fathal-Rahaman Abdalla Suleiman, also addressed the festival pointing to the major roles being played by the Joint Sudanese - Chadian Forces depending on the strong will of the two parties and the citizens' support. He said that the Joint Forces were able to remove all the security threats at the Sudanese - Chadian border.
Col. Suleiman said that the security agreement signed between Sudan and Chad came as a fruit of the mutual confidence and cooperation between the Joint Sudanese and Chadian Forces.
The representative of the Chadian Minister of Defense, Gen. Zakaria Gogandi, has addressed the festival asserting that the Joint Forces' experiment has become a unique experiment followed by other countries in the world.

on 2012/5/1 14:01:28

Open in new windowThe President of the Republic Omer Albashir has issued a Republican Decree accepting the resignation of the Minister of Information, Abdalla Massar, and relieving the State Minister at the Ministry of Information, Sana Hamad.
A dispute had erupted following a decision by Mr. Massar to suspend the director of the official news agency (SUNA) Awad Jadain while he undergoes investigation for alleged financial and administrative irregularities. On Friday President Albashir reversed Massar’s orders regarding Jadain and halted the work of an investigation committee into SUNA formed by the outgoing minister.
The council of ministers secretariat issued a statement today Tuesday stressing that Massar had no legal authority over SUNA’s director as the latter is appointed by the presidency. Therefore only the president can take any action regarding Jadain.
The state minister of information Sana Hamad put a freeze on Massar’s decision while he was travelling abroad. This prompted Massar to strip her from her role as supervisor over SUNA.

on 2012/5/1 13:42:19

Open in new windowThe First Vice President Ali Osman Taha has reiterated the Sudanese government commitment to liberate all parts of the Sudanese territory and repulse the aggressors who target the sovereignty and security of the country. He affirmed that the Heglig experience has unified all the Sudanese people irrespective of their partisan or political affiliations.
Addressing the Council of States meeting chaired by the Seaker Hamid Adam Musa, Mr.Taha lauded the role of the Council of States and its positive stance in supporting the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and enlightening the public opinion over the plots targeting the sovereignty of the country.He appreciated the role of the Council of States in the legislative and monitoring issues, calling for expanding the participation in the legislative process, affirming that more powers will be vested in the Council.
Taha praised the patriotism of the Council's members who rushed to the front lines to repulse the aggression and liberate the Sudanese land.
The First Vice President reiterated the government pledge to liberate all the Sudanese territories through mobilizing the efforts of all Sudanese including the politicians and diplomats to correct the image 0f the country before the international community.

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