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on 2012/2/28 11:52:29

Open in new window Assistant of the President Abdul-Rahman Al-Saddiq Al-Mahdi has called for cementing the bilateral relations between Sudan and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. This came Monday when he received at his office at the Republican Palace the Ambassador of Mauritania to Khartoum Al-Hassan Mohamed Oulwan, who said in a statement to the press that he briefed the Assistant of the President on the current cooperation between Sudan and Mauritania in the political, economic and diplomatic fields.
He said Al-Mahdi conveyed to him his vision for strengthening the bilateral relations, affirming the existence of the strong political will of the two countries to cement these relations. The Mauritanian Ambassador said that his meeting with Al-Mahdi also touched on the cooperation between Sudan and Mauritania for the interest of the two peoples.

on 2012/2/28 11:44:14

Open in new windowSudanese and Chinese officials discussed Monday in Beijing means of promoting bilateral relations. The talks led by Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Karti and his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi .
The two ministers have earlier exchanged views on bilateral relations, and international and regional issues of common concern.. Mr. Karti, who is visiting China, said Sudan’s government highly values its friendship with China, and is willing to advance pragmatic cooperation to strengthen their ties. The quotes Mr. Yang as saying that the two countries have been enjoying a solid foundation of friendship and fruitful cooperation in all fields. He said that China will continue to work with Sudanese government to deepen their bilateral relationship.
Monday's meeting is the first of its kind between the Foreign Ministers of China and Sudan this year. It is hoped the meeting will help increase understandings and deepen friendship between the two countries and promote cooperation in all fields.
Mr. Karti is scheduled to meet Chinese vice president Xi Jinping today Tuesday.

on 2012/2/28 11:13:36

Open in new windowThe Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Abdul-Halim Ismail Al-Muta'afi has survived a helicopter plane crash Monday at Al-Faw town, east Sudan while other three people were killed in the accident. The helicopter caught fire in Al-Faw town while it was carrying on board a delegation of the federal Ministry of Agriculture after two minutes from taking off. The victims in the accident were the Director of the Agricultural Research Corporation in Wad Medani Professor Tahir Siddiq, spokesman of the federal Ministry of Agriculture Eisa Al- Rashid and Air Engineer Mohamad Ali. The wounded persons are Izz-Eddin Mohamed of the federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Suleiman Al-Sir a photographer of the federal Ministry of Agriculture, and Salah Taha representative of the Agricultural Bank of Khartoum,who were all taken to Al-Faw Hospital.
Eye witnesses said that the plane encountered a technical fault which was repaired and then took off from Al-Faw town airstrip before the accident.

on 2012/2/28 10:36:55

Open in new window The Chairman of Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) Al-Tigani Sessi reviewed at his office Monday with the Minister of Finance and National Economy Ali Mahmoud Abdul-Rassoul, the progress so far achieved in the implementation of development projects in Darfur as part of adopted Darfur strategy for development and the issues pertinent to the completion of the structure of Darfur Regional Authority. Mr. Sessi commended the Ministry of Finance for its support to Darfur Regional Authority and meeting its financial obligations after the establishment of the Regional Authority, stressing that the close cooperation between the two sides would be retained in order to implement the Doha Document for peace in Darfur.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Finance affirmed in a statement to the Sudan News Agency the commitment of the Ministry of Finance to support the budget of Darfur Regional Authority and to help it implement electricity, water, roads and other projects in the coming year.

on 2012/2/27 11:00:17

Open in new windowThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs has denounced continuity of hostilities of the State of South Sudan which are contrary to all the international norms and charters, besides its support to the armed attack by armed group against the area of al-Abiyyad.
A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Sudan reserves the right to retaliate the aggression against Abiyyad Lake as asserted by all international legislations in order to maintain the integrity of its lands and the stability of its people
The statement said that a rebellious group of more than 1500 combatants, supported by many officers and non-commissioned officers of the Army of the State of South Sudan (SPLM), attacked Al-AbIyyad area, six kilometers insides the Sudanese territories, early Sunday February 26, in an overt and direct aggression against the sovereignty and security of Sudan.
The statement explained that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced these attacks with strongest expressions, which came only after two weeks since the signing of the memorandum of understanding by representatives of the State of South Sudan on non-aggression and non-support to the rebellious groups in presence and of the International Community and under the direct patronage of the African Union.
The statement said that Sudan has informed the international community, represented in the UN Security Council, and the regional community, represented in the African Union and the Arab League and other organizations, with regard to the repeated aggressions against its lands by the State of South Sudan as well as its insistence to maintain its military links with the 9th and 10th divisions in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile, and further continuing to support them with food materials, ammunitions and salaries even after the separation of the South from Sudan.
The ministry said that the government of South Sudan has directly masterminded the rebellion of the 9th and 10th divisions as well as undermining the political steps, a matter that led to the unification of the rebels of South Kordofan and the Blue Nile States with the rebels of Darfur movements that rejected the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur, in what is known as the Revolution Front, in a open attempt to destabilize the security of Sudan.
The statement said that the government of Sudan, while denouncing the continuity of these hostile actions by the State of South Sudan, in contrary to all the international conventions and charters, announced that it would file a new complaint to the UN Security Council and the African Union to inform them about the details of the incident and to demand them to assume their role in preventing any further aggressions against the security and stability of the Sudan.

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