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on 2012/6/4 11:12:52

Open in new windowThe Minister of Science and Technology and Coordinator General of the Project for Production of Bio-Fuel, Dr. Issa Bashari, has given directives on formation of integrated team of scientists and researchers from the ministry to leave immediately for the White Nile State to carry out the necessary arrangements with the concerned authorities there for allocation of agricultural projects at an area of 100,000 acres to indigenize cultivation of Jatropha and Almorinqa trees in accordance with the directives of the Presidency of the Republic and the Secretariat General of the Agricultural Development Program for cultivation of one million acres in different parts of Sudan to produce two milion tons of bio-fuel
The minister reviewed when he met at his office yesterday with the Commissioner at the Headquarters of the White Nile State Al-Fateh Abdalla Yousif, in the presence of the State Minister and other officials at the Ministry, the objectives of the project.
Dr. Bashari explained that the project was one of the most important projects adopted by the government within the package of the projects for combating poverty and enhancement of the living conditions of the people in the rural areas.
He pointed to the preparations of the ministry for provide training for the farmers and the administration staff, besides provision of marketing for the products
The Commissioner at the White Nile State's Headquarters, meanwhile, welcomed the projects, praising the ministry's efforts in expanding modern technologies to maximize the returns of the resources, underscoring readiness of the state and its concern with the provision of all requirements of the project as the project will contribute in raising the income and enhancin the living standards of the citizens in the state.

on 2012/6/4 11:05:34

The Minister of Water Resources, Prof. Saif-Eddin Hamad Abdalla, has reviewed with the Minister of Infrastructures and Public Utilities at the White Nile State, Engineer Hasabal-Nabi Musa, the implementation of water projects and programs of the state to enhance the water sector during the period 2012 - 2016
The meeting deliberated about the arrangements for establishment of Al-Du'aim water station through the Iranian loan as well as the rural water projects through the Chinese loan.

on 2012/6/3 11:34:55

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Armed Forces announced that they repulsed aggression by the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) rebels in Alfataha village of North Darfur state where the armed forces inflicted heavy losses on the rebels. The Armed Forces Spokesman Col. Assawarmi Khalid Saad said in a statement to the Sudan Radio that the attacked area is a junction for trade roads guarded by small force of the armed forces. He added hat the rebels looted the market of the village and killed some citizens. He explained that the armed forces succeeded in repulsing the attackers killing forty five rebels and destroying ten armored vehicles. He said there were number of martyrs and wounded soldiers in the armed forces.

on 2012/6/3 11:30:00

Open in new windowThe Arab League announced full support to Sudan and welcomed Sudan' acceptance to the UN Security Council resolution 2046 and resumption of negotiations between Sudan and South Sudan. The Arab League Council affirmed in a statement issued at the closing of a meeting in Doha, Qatar Saturday support to efforts of the African Union High Implementation Panel for facilitating negotiations between the two Sudans. The Arab League Council stressed importance of South Sudan's refrain from supporting rebel movements in Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan and to be committed to the agreements signed by the two countries.

on 2012/6/3 11:00:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Government announced that it would welcome the choice of the Egyptian people in the run-off to elect a president for the country in the wake of a decision to re-run the vote between the two candidates Mohamed Mursi and Ahmed Shafiq mid June. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Sudan would put its capabilities at the disposal of Egypt to help her build its constitutional institutions.
The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed in statement its good wishes for the Egyptian people and Government to complete the remaining part of their democratic exercise and announced that it would welcome the choice of the Egyptian people.

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