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on 2012/9/2 10:15:20

Open in new windowThe Fourth Conference of the African Ministers of Communications and Information Technology will open today Sunday at the Friendship Hall, Khartoum during Sept2-6 with the participation of 14 African state . The conference will review a number of specialized papers aimed at increasing the political and economic power and boosting the cooperation in the field of technology in the African continent . Khartoum hosts the conference as Sudan was elected head of the conference at the last session in Abuja, Nigeria, August, 2010.
The conference seeks to harmonize policies in telecommunications and IT in Africa; activate a partnership between the EU and Africa on infrastructure and on the information society, space , electronic networks in Africa; integrate IT and communication in national programs; to encourage the integrations of IT policies in other sectors at the national, regional, and continental levels; encourage the African private sector to invest in IT networks and communications projects; establish a national structure to use technology in education to implement NEPAD E-School; and increase the use of e-mail as a part of the national strategy.
The conference will discuss information security, legal protection for information systems, appropriate legislation against cyber crime, and acknowledge the shift from the standard to digital system in radio and TV.
The Sudanese minister of Science, Technology and Communication Issa Bashari said in a press statement that the development of Africa depends on utilization of its resources with the help of communication and technology.

on 2012/9/2 10:10:00

Open in new windowThe Chairman of the Joint Mechanism of the Blue Nile and South Kordofan States Ahmed Karamano has stressed the importance of unity of residents of the two states. Addressing a rally of people hailing from the two States in Khartoum Saturday, Karameno rejected negotiation with the SPLM-N, saying negotiation should take place with the real stakeholders. He called on the AU High Implementation Panel (AUHIP) led by Thabo Mbeki to visit South Kordofan and Blue Nile States to meet residents of both regions, underlining the need to separate between issues of the two areas at the negotiation table. He added that he wanted to send a clear message to the effect that the people of the two states were against exploiting issues of the two regions for selfish ends. He went on to say that issues of development, agriculture, health, education and power-sharing were the focus of the residents of the two areas, expressing astonishment over participation in the talks by Yasir Arman who raised issues different from the fore-mentioned.

on 2012/9/1 14:19:37

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Basher has congratulated the Islamic Republic of Iran onitschairmanship to the Non-Aligned Movement for three years.
The President, addressing the Non-Aligned Movement Summit,yester day, expressed confidence that Iran will witness more achievements and contributions as well as the joint work to realize the aspirations of the people of the organization's member states.
Al-Basher expressed thanks to the people and government of Iran for the good hospitality and the great effort being exerted to make the summit a success.
He also condolencedthe Iranian leadership , people and the families of the victims over the earthquake that hit north-west of Iran recently.

on 2012/9/1 14:17:27

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir received at his residence in Tehran ,on the sidelines of the summit of the Non-AlignedMovement,IranianPresidentMahmoudAhmadinejad and discussed with him the bilateral relations between the two countries and issues on thesummitandinternational issues of common concern
President Bashir told reporters following the meeting that the meeting comes within the framework of the close relationslinking Sudan and the Republic of Iran, adding that the meeting dealt with relations between the two countries, which he described asdeeply rooted and excellent
He pointed out that he reviewed with the Iranian Head of State to the Iranian chairmanship to the organization during the the three coming years, expressing confidence that Iran will work for the development of the organization to support the non-Aligned Movement issues

on 2012/9/1 14:15:48

Open in new windowThe Council of Ministers, chaired by the First Vice - President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, has expressed deep condolences to the Ethiopian government and people over death of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi
The Council of Ministers affirmed Sudan keenness to maintain its distinguished relations with Ethiopia in all fields.
In a press statement, the spokesman of the Council of Ministers, Osman Hussein, said that the Council of Ministers has appreciated the role of late Meles Zenawi in boosting the security, peace and stability in Africa

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