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on 2012/6/28 11:33:24

The government has declared its welcome and acceptance of the Tripartite initiative between the United Nations, African Union (AU) and Arab League in accordance with the general principles which are directed to deal with the joint initiative that include the commitment to the sovereignty of the Sudan and the duty of Sudan government to protect and maintain this sovereignty and integrity of its lands, and its right to preserve the security and enforce the law and its application as well as to guarantee the right of access to food and humanitarian assistance to those who were affected by the conflict without discrimination and to set a proposal that calling for immediate cessation of armed conflict via an integrated approach.
The principles also pointed to the efforts being exerted by the government to provide humanitarian assistance to the affected areas in the South Kordofan and Blue Nile states, affirming that Sudan government overseeing the operations of the humanitarian aid all over the Sudanese territories.
The principles were agreed upon in a meeting held by the coordination committee of the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) and the United Nations' agencies at the premises of the commission. The principles included adoption of a joint plan on sharing the provision of the assistance between the government and the three parties as well as the application of the law, regulations and the guidelines.

on 2012/6/27 12:06:43

Open in new windowThe President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, issued a decree ending service of 54 national experts and contractors as part of the political and economic measures to reduce the government expenditure and to rational the management of resources and restructuring the executive authority.

on 2012/6/27 12:03:04

Open in new windowThe Eritrean Minister for Foreign Affairs, Osman Salih Mohamed, is due to arrive in Khartoum today carrying written message from the Eritrean President, Assis Afwerki, to the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir.
Sudan Ambassador to Asmara,Majid yousif, said in a press statement , that the letter relates to the bilateral relations and the situation in the region.
He said that the Sudanese - Eritrean relations had witnessed a remarkable progress in the past period, pointing to the recent visit of the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, to Eritrea and his participation in the celebrations of the Eritrean National Day.

on 2012/6/27 12:00:15

Open in new windowThe First Vice-President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, inaugurated yesterday in Al-Dali town Sinja- Al-Dali- Jafrat water project which was established at the cost of 24.5 million dollars.
The production capacity of the station is 20,000 cubic meters per day which is sufficient for next 25 years
The First Vice-President of the Republic arrived yesterday at Al-Dali town at the head of large delegation on a two-day visit to Sennar State.
Taha was received upon arrival at Al-Dali area by the governor of Sennar State, Engineer Ahmed Abbas, and senior officials in the state to inaugurate a number of economic and social establishments.

on 2012/6/27 11:05:14

Open in new windowThe negotiating delegations of Sudan and South Sudan, co-headed by Idris Abdul-Gadir, and Bagan Amum, yesterday evening met with the African Mediation and informed it about the outcome of the direct and high-level negotiations between them which continued for three rounds
In a press statement, the spokesman of the Sudanese side at the Joint Political and Security Committee, Ambassador Omer Dahab, said that the two delegations informed the African Mediation about the three rounds of talks between them during Monday and Tuesday on political and security issues and the pending issues, informing the African Mediation that they will continue their direct negotiations today in Addis Ababa.
Ambassador Dahab said that the direct negotiations between the delegations of Sudan and South Sudan were held in an atmosphere of serious desire of both parties to reach solutions for the security and political, while the joint border committee will continue its meetings simultaneously with meetings of the joint Political and Security Committee to set the zero point for determining the demilitarized area and carrying out the redeployment southward and northward.
Ambassador hoped that the current meetings will achieve success, calling on the other party to abandon its call for arbitration as long as the other options included in Articles 1-33 of the UN Charter are still available, explaining that the call for arbitration at this particular stage could refer to a desire for collapse of the negotiations, and will not provide a healthy atmosphere for carrying out the negotiations.

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