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on 2012/5/8 10:22:31

Open in new windowThe two-day Sudanese-Iranian talks, which covered issues of mutual concern, were concluded in Khartoum Monday at the Friendship Hall. The Assistant of the President of the Republic Nafie Ali Nafie, chaired the Sudanese side, while the Assistant of the Iranian President Saeed Lu chaired the side of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The two parties signed a cooperation agreement in the agricultural field through exchange of expertise and training, establishment of a joint model farm and exportation of Sudanese agricultural products to Iran.
The final communique issued by the visit of the Iranian delegation stated that Sudan and Iran have reached an agreement for cooperation in the fields of oil, mining and banking. In the industrial field, the final communiqué explained that the two sides agreed to implement industrial projects in spheres of sugar, milk and automobile and to cooperate in the higher education field. The agreements were signed by the concerned ministries of the two countries .

on 2012/5/8 10:17:36

Open in new windowThe Presidential Advisor Mustafa Osman Ismail has discussed with the Assistant of the Iranian President Sa'eed Lu, in Corinithia Hotel in Khartoum Monday ways of bolstering the bilateral relations between Sudan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, particularly in the economic domain.
Mr. Ismail affirmed in a statement to the press after the meeting that Sudan has given investment projects to the Iranian side in the domains of petroleum, minerals and agriculture, explaining that the two parties agreed to continue discussions through the technical committees in order to review the proposed projects.
The meeting was attended by the Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Mohammed Khair Al-Zubair.

on 2012/5/8 10:11:41

Open in new windowThe National Assembly members will listen today Tuesday to a statement bythe Minister of Oil Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, on the arrangements that his ministry has taken following closure of the oil pipelines by the government of South Sudan, besides the condition of the oil fields after liberation of Heglig.
The Parliament will also continue deliberations on the report of the Security and National Defence Committee of the Assembly on the draft Act of Repulsion of Aggression and Accountability of the aggressors for the year 2012.
The National Assembly, chaired by the Speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir has been briefed on Monday on a report presented by the Minister of Finance and National Economy, Ali Mahmoud, on the performance of the budget in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2012.

on 2012/5/8 10:05:12

Open in new windowMinister of Information Ghazi Al-Saddiq has praised in his first meeting with the directors of media corporations the remarkable role played by the media organs during the battle of Heglig. The minister affirmed his full confidence on all media units, promising to remove all impediments facing them in accordance with the set policies and the required goals.
The directors of the media corporation, meanwhile, appreciated the trust put by the minister upon them, pledging to intensify their efforts to give effective information performance in the coming period.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Council of Press and Publications Ali Shumo, affirmed the importance of enhancing the official and media address for countering the external conspiracy that the Sudan is now facing. He called for amendment of the Press and Publication Act, stressing the need for boosting the coordination between the council and relevant bodies .

on 2012/5/8 10:00:20

Open in new window The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohamed Abdul-Kareem Al-Had has affirmed capability of the state to liberate any inch of the homeland from traitors, enemies and mercenaries who seek to undermine the nation's security and stability.
Addressing Monday at the Guest House in Al-Fashir a convoy of Al-Mujahid supply which was launched by the citizens of Shangle- Tobaya at Dar Al-Salam Locality, Mr. Al-Had said that the state would not tolerate anyone who aims to undermine the sovereignty of the nation and to damage the capabilities of its people, praising steadfastness of the people of Darfur and their stand alongside the Armed Forces.
Meanwhile, the governor of North Darfur State Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir, affirmed continuity of mobilization and alert operations in all localities of the state. He said that the problem inflicted on South Kordofan has unified all the people of Sudan, denouncing the role of the Justice and Equality Movement in the attack on Heglig.

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