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on 2012/9/27 10:10:00

Open in new windowThe Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy said that the Sudan needs the international community’s help to realize peace and stability and construct model relations with new-born neighboring country South Sudan. Addressing the United Nations General Assembly, President Morsy added that the government of Sudan has not been adequately rewarded despite great sacrifices it made to realize peace and stability. He called the international community to support efforts for settling differences between Sudan and South Sudan to resolve all outstanding issues.

on 2012/9/27 10:00:00

Open in new windowThe Higher Committee on the Youth Project for National Construction asserted in a meeting at the Republican Palace chaired Wednesday by the Vice President of the Republic Al-Haj Adam Yousuf, continuity of the project until the end of the year and it would be included in the budget of the year 2013. The Chairman of the National Union of Sudanese Youth Balla Yousuf explained that the meeting heard reports from the different committees of the project, stressing support of the project's vision aiming to address the issues of Constitution, national consensus besides allocation of a reward for the model project and creativity. He pointed out that the Higher Committee underscored the need to mobilize energies of the youth in the states towards national issues and participation of the political forces in the project.
It is to be recalled that the Youth Project for National Construction began in April and it will end in October.

on 2012/9/27 9:50:00

Open in new windowThe Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) held a meeting including chaired by the Governor Mohamed Khair Al-Zubair, the Minister of Minerals Kamal Abdal Latif and General Managers of the Banks besides administrations of investment and risk at the banks.
Mr. Al-Zubair appreciated the initiative of the Ministry of Minerals, describing it as a great impetus for implementation of the tripartite program as the minerals are one of the eight targeted goods for addressing the in equilibrium of the external sector after secession of South Sudan. He added that the Central Bank of Sudan encouraged the banks to engage in the field of export particularly minerals, explaining that the mining sector witnessed a qualitative leap after entering of gold as the returns of the produced gold not less than 3 million dollars.
The Minister of Minerals revealed existence of enormous quantities of other minerals such as chrome, stating that the ministry gave licenses to many companies for exploration, pointing out that his ministry established production councils for each mineral.
It is worth mentioning that the meeting reviewed four working papers on why and how the banking system finances the mining sector, the geological and mineral capabilities in Sudan and the nature of the work and experience of the companies in the mining field.

on 2012/9/27 9:47:20

Open in new windowThe President of Darfur Regional Authority (TDRA) Al-Tigani Sessi received Wednesday the organizational structure of the DRA in its final shape as prepared by the committee assigned with the completion of the structure, including representatives from the Ministries of Finance and National Economy, Human Resources Development and Labor as well as the Office for Follow up Implementation of Peace in Darfur. This came when Mr. Sessi received the State Minister at the Ministry of Human Resources Development and Labour, Farah Mustafa.
In this connection, the Minister said the structure of DRA will take effect immediately after its approval by the Presidency of the Republic, adding that it covers all the activities of the DRA, including the Ministries and the Commissions of the Council of the DRA. He explained that this achievement will motivate the DRA to take actions in various aspects of life for the benefit of the people of Darfur in the near future.

on 2012/9/26 12:10:04

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, and the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, concluded yesterday their fifth direct closed-door meeting in Addis Ababa.
The issues discussed by the two presidents included the post-separation issues in the political, security and economic axes, besides the relating issues of South Kordofan and the Blue Nile State.
No statements were given by the two presidents after their closed-door meeting which lasted for three hours.

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