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on 2012/2/20 10:39:07

The Minister of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife, Mr.Ghazi Al Saddiq Abdul-Rahman, said the the outcome of the meeting of the Executive Council of the Arab Ministers of Tourism, held recently in Cairo, came out with number of receommendations, including training and well preparation for the Arab Economic Summit in a view that tourism is an important economic sector.
The minister said in a presss statement that the meeting recommended encouragement of inter-Arab tourism, adding that the conferees agreed on launching an annual award for the best Arab tourist municipality as part of the strategic plan of the member states for the year 2014.

on 2012/2/19 15:47:57

Open in new windowThe Presidency of the Republic, minister of culture, minister of information, state minister of information, chairman of the Sudan radion boards, and director general of Suan radio have eulogised the late great singer Mohammed Wardi who passed away Saturday evening in Khartoum following a brief illness. Wardi used in his performs a variety of instruments including the Nubian Tanbur and sang in both Arabic and Nubian languages. He has been described as "Africa's top singer", with fans across many African countries and mainly in the Horn of Africa. His songs address topics such as romance, passion, Nubian folklore and heritage, revolution and patriotism with some of his political songs resulting in him being jailed. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate in literature from the University of Khartoum for his continuous exposure and research of the Nubian language.
Wardi was born on the 19th of July 1932, in a small village called Swarda close to Wadi Halfa Northern Sudan. His first career was a secondary school teacher in his home twon of Wadi Halfa. In 1953, Wardi went to Khartoum for the first time to attend a convention as a teaching representative for his area. He moved to Khartoum and started his career as a musical performer. In 1957, Omdurman Radio chose him to record and sing on national broadcast in an arena with legendary singers such as Abdelaziz Mohamed Dauod, Hassan Atia, Ahmed Almustafa, Osman Hussein and Ibrahim Awad. Wardi recorded 17 songs in his first year. A committee formed by Omdurman Radio's president that included top singers and songwriters such as AlKashif, Osman Hussaein and Ahmed Almustafa promoted Wardi to highest level as a professional singer.

on 2012/2/19 11:47:25

Open in new windowPresident of the Republic Omer Albashir will address today Sunday opening session of the National Conference on Education at the Friendship Hall, Khartoum. The conference aims at promoting education sector in the country. The minister of education Sauad AbdulRaziq said the conference is a national gathering to make a positive transform in education by setting approriate legislations and provision of necessary resources of education.
The conference will last for three days to discuss more than fifty working papers on needs of an effective education process in the country.
The President of the Republic will inaugurate today evening a TV channel of the Sudan Open University to be the first pecialized tv channel on education in Sudan. The Vice Chancellor if the university Prof. Faisal AbdAllah said that the educational tv channel is a good chance to benefit from national and forign acadimicians experiences in promoting high education in the country.

on 2012/2/19 11:20:00

Open in new windowThe UN Security Council has welcomed inauguration of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) which marked an important milestone in the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD). The dispute cannot be resolved through military action and that lasting peace can be achieved through peaceful process, said the Council. According to Resolution No 1591 (2005), the Security Council has extended the mandate of the panel of experts in Darfur in the wake of the of the Doha Peace Document and the inauguration of Darfur Peace Document. The resolution is considered as positive.
The Security Council has reiterated support to the Doha Peace Agreement , lasting resolution of Darfur crisis and the need for more efforts to finalize political process.
The Council urged Sudan government and Liberation and Justice Movement to abide by their commitments and called on other movements parties which did not sign the agreement, to enter into negotiations towards a final agreement immediately and without preconditions. The new resolution affirms support to UNAMID mission for the reinforcement of stability in Darfur.
Sudan's permanent Envoy to the United Nations, Ambassador Dafa Allah Al Haj has emphasized that security and stability were improving throughout the region, calling on the Security Council to impose sanctions on armed movements refusing to embrace peace process. The inauguration of Darfur Regional Authority is a move on the right track for final resolution of the crisis, he said. The government of Sudan, however, has the full right to use military action against any source of threat anywhere in the country, he added.

on 2012/2/19 10:46:24

Open in new windowGovernment Senior Officials will meet the US Special Envoy to Sudan Princeton Lyman to discuss bilateral relations and issues of mutual concern. The Foreign Minister Ali Kerti will hold talks today Sunday with the American diplomat where the two will review the relations between Khartoum and Washington in the context of the recent stances of the two countries towards a number of issues of common interest .
The US official will also meet the members of the government delegation to the oil negotiations with the South Sudan in addition to a number of government senior officials .

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