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on 2012/5/17 10:50:00

Open in new windowThe First Vice President of the Republic Ali Osman Taha has affirmed his support to the programs of the Sudanese Women General Union, pledging to adopt all the projects of the union for alleviating the burdens of living and economic empowerment of women.
This came during a meeting at the Republican Palace Wednesday with the Secretary General of the Sudanese Women General Union Igbal Hussein. She explained in statements to the press, following the meeting that the First Vice President has assured completion of Hands Foundation for Microfinance's capital in the context of women's economic empowerment programs to provide services to women in various parts of the country with easy and simple guarantees.
Dr. Igbal added that Mr. Taha gave directives mapping out of plans to reinvigorate the role of the women consumption associations working for providing of goods in reasonable prices for women within the framework of the goals for alleviation of living burdens. She pointed out that she acquainted the First Vice President on the outcome of her visit to China and the agreement she signed with the General Union of Chinese Women to bring small means of production for the rural women in the fields of edible oil, cheese and sugar to empower the rural women economically.

on 2012/5/17 10:32:05

Open in new window The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Ahmed Karti received at his office the ambassadors of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Republic of Indonesia, respectively, who conveyed support of their countries to the Sudan and they discussed means of enhancing the mechanisms of cooperation between Sudan and their countries.
The Ambassador of UAE to Khartoum, Hassan Ahmed Al-Shehi, has handed two written messages to the Foreign Minister from his UAE counterpart Al-Shiekh Abdalla bin Zayed regarding participation in the third annual Sir Bani Yas Forum, which is due to be hosted by the UNAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with Chatham House.
During his meeting with the Foreign Minister, the Egyptian Ambassador to Sudan, Abdul-Ghafar Al-Deep, said that work is being conducting to complete the preparatory arrangements for holding meetings of the higher committee between the two countries in mid June as well as briefing the Foreign Minister on the projects of cooperation in the Northern State of the two States and on the efforts being exerted to distribute the Sudanese meat through Egyptian outlets, in addition to implementation of the agreement on border trade.
The Indonesian Ambassador to Khartoum has condemned the aggression staged by the South Sudan‘s army against the Sudanese territories, pointing that Indonesia will contribute in realizing stability due to its accumulated experience in the separation of the East Timor, in the demarcation of borders ,refugees and arrangement of reconciliation, saying this experience would be available to Sudan to benefit from it. The Indonesian Ambassador said that businessmen in his country have desire to invest in the fields of mining, oil and hides industries.
On his part , the Minister of Foreign Affairs, briefed ambassadors on situation between Sudan and South Sudan, hoping the relations between Egypt, UAE and Indonesia will witness development in the coming period .

on 2012/5/17 10:10:00

Open in new windowThe Minister of Information Ghazi Al-Saddiq Abdul-Rahim has called on media outlets to play a key role for realizing national cohesion, solidarity and building a strong fabric to be difficult for penetration. The minister said that all the Sudanese people have to work for the interest of Sudan by repulsing all threats and plots facing the homeland. This came when he paid an inspection visit Wednesday to the premises of Sudan National Radio.
In a live interview with the Radio, Mr.Abdal-Rahim affirmed the Radio role in leading campaigns for awareness and education to the listeners. He said that the radio remained faithful to the homeland through what it has been disseminating to them. The minister expressed his appreciation of the news and political analysis presented by the radio, pledging to give more concern to the modernization and staff training though plans that are set to enable the radio maintain its role in preserving stability and increasing the production in all aspects of life.
The Director General of the Sudanese National Radio Muttasim Fadul, the directors of the various Radio departments and workers have welcomed the minister's visit.

on 2012/5/17 9:55:40

Open in new windowThe Social and Cultural Development Sector (SCDS) of the Council of Ministers chaired by the Minister of Higher Education Khamis Kajo Kinda, reviewed Wednesday a report on performance of the Humanitarian Aid Commission, presented by the State Minister at the Ministry of Social Welfare.
The report included the micro policy and the efforts of the government's institutions as well as the role of the International actors in the Humanitarian aspects and the voluntary repatriation and the humanitarian situations in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile States.
The report affirmed stability of the humanitarian indicators in Sudan.
The Sector further commended the role of the national and international humanitarian organizations, underlining the necessity of extending humanitarian work through the national mechanisms. The Sector further called for unification of the efforts toward the capacity building of the voluntary organizations at the federal and state levels besides encouraging the voluntary repatriation of displaced persons and providing them with the necessary services.

on 2012/5/17 9:38:33

Open in new window The Commissioner General for Humanitarian Aid Abdul-Rahman Suleiman has affirmed Sudan’s rejection to any survey carried out by foreign organizations at the areas held by the People's Movement without participation of the Humanitarian Aid Commission. At a press conference he held Wednesday in Al-Damer, the capital of Nahral-Neil State, Mr. Suleiman said that the available information affirms absence of any humanitarian disaster at the areas under control of the People's Movement. He said that the government will hold the People's Movement responsible for deterioration of the humanitarian situation of the citizens at the areas that are held by the People's Movement. He expressed the government agreement on formation of action teams that include representatives of the government, the United Nations, the Arab League and the African Union, provided that there shall be cease-fire and cessation of hostilities and taking into consideration the humanitarian situation at the areas under control of the People's Movement.
Meanwhile, the Commissioner General for Humanitarian Aid expressed Sudan reservation over the tripartite initiative of the UN, the Arab League and the African Union on ground that it would be affecting the national sovereignty. He pointed out that declaration of the President of the Republic to the state of emergency was linked to the situation of security and stability for the Sudanese citizens and shall not be a pretext for foreign intervention.
Meanwhile, the Humanitarian Aid Commission of South Kordofan State Haroun Mohamed Abdalla said that the People's Movement has perpetrated coercive transportation of citizens to Ebtik area in South Sudan with the aim to recruit them as fighters of the People's Movement.
He said that the People's Movement is occupying three localities out of the total of 24 localities in the South Kordofan state.

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