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on 2012/7/26 11:50:00

Open in new windowThe Minister of Animal Resources, Fisheries and Pastures Faisal Hassan Ibrahim has affirmed importance of introducing modern technologies in the production cycle of livestock. The minister pointed out, when he received a French expert in the field of camel research, to the importance of the International Research Center for training and capacity building of the technical veterinary staff in the field of camel technologies, indicating importance of exchanging expertise and technical assistance in all areas of livestock. He stressed that Sudan enjoys a number of different types of camels living in different environments giving it an advantage in quality and quantity in the local and global markets.
In a separate development, the Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Pastures also emphasized, in a meeting with a delegation of the African Development Bank, the importance of finance in developing the sectors of livestock and fisheries and in supporting development projects in animal production. He explained that the plan aimed to take advantage from the African financing in the implementation of the development project in the sector of livestock and fisheries, revealing that the bank will extend financing in the limit of $ 30 million and that funding will be employed in the livestock sector to increase production and productivity for supporting development projects in the field of fisheries, livestock and pastures.

on 2012/7/26 11:28:33

Open in new window First plane has left Obied Airport Wednesday carrying 1000 heads of sheep worth 4 million pounds to Kufra airport in Libya. The Chairperson of the Union of Businessmen in North Kordofan State and export supervisor Malik Al-Sheikh Haj Mahmoud has attended the launch of the operation in the presence of the concerned government organs.
Haj Mahmoud said in statement to the Sudan News Agency that the coming phase would witness economic and commercial activities between Sudan and Libya following overthrow of the Geddafi regime which harmed the bilateral relations between the two countries severely.

on 2012/7/25 11:12:04

Open in new windowThe African Peace and Security Council has decided extension of the mandate of the UN and African Union Mission for Darfur (UNAMID) for more 12 months with the same jurisdiction set by the meeting of the African Peace and Security Council on July 22, 2007 and in accordance with the resolution of the UN Security Council 1769, issued on July 31, 2007
The African Peace and Security Council has asked the Security Council to issue a similar resolution for extending the UNAMID mandate for the same period of 12 month
This came in a statement issued by the Peace and Security Council at its sitting No. 328 in Addis Ababa after reviewing reports on the performance of the UNAMID and hearing a report of the head of the mission and the Commissioner for Peace, besides the representative of Sudan government
The African Peace and Security Council has appreciated the signatory parties of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur which was signed in July 2011, especially Sudan government and the Liberation and Justice Movement
The Peace and Security Council also appreciated the steps adopted to implement the peace agreement on the ground
The statement pointed to steps adopted with regard to appointment of a number of the signatory Liberation and Justice Movement in leading position in Sudan government, the launching of Darfur Regional Authority in February 2012, holding of the Conference of the People of Darfur, besides the practical steps taken concerning ceasefire and the security arrangements
The Peace and Security Council also appreciated the steps adopted by Sudan government regarding establishment of the committee to follow up implementation of Darfur peace agreement, which is headed by the President of the Republic.
The Peace and Security Council has expressed its deep concern over the obstinacy shown by the armed movements that refused to sign Doha Document for Peace in Darfur, despite the efforts exerted by the international and African mediation.
The Peace and Security Council called on the non signatory movements of Darfur to join the peace process as soon as possible and to sign the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur which was sponsored by the African Union and the international community as basis for achieving durable and comprehensive peace in Darfur.
The Peace and Security Council stated that it will adopt proper sanctions against the individuals and groups that carry out acts or activities that are threatening to the peace process, calling on the UN Security Council to adopted similar sanctions against those who threaten. implementation of Doha Document for Peace in Darfur.
The Peace and Security Council has expressed its deep concern over the armed robbery acts and the criminal aggressions against the UNAMID forces in Darfur region
The African Peace and Security Council has expressed it satisfaction over the increase in the number of the persons who returned voluntarily to the home areas in Darfur in the past months, calling for more efforts to guarantee continuity of this voluntary return.

on 2012/7/25 11:08:12

Open in new windowIn its meeting chaired yesterday by the Minister of Finance and National Economy Ali Mahmoud, the Economic Development Sector of the Council of Ministers has called for doubling of efforts to increase the production and productivity in the various sectors by concentration on export commodities besides opening of new markets for the goods of comparative advantage
The sector heard a report on export-import movement presented by the Minister of Trade Osman Omer Al-Sharif. The report pointed to a rise in the non-oil export revenues in 2012 by 89%compared to last year
The Sector of mineral products topped the list of the most important non-oil exports with a share of 70% of the total exports at an increase rate of 141% from last year, while the revenues of livestock and slaughtered animal exports increased by 92%
The sector, meanwhile, reviewed on plan on forests development for the years (2012-2016), presented by the Minister of Environment, Urban Development and Forests, Hassan Abdel-Gadir Hilal, which aims to increase the size of forest cover by 20% of the country area and to promote environmental awareness in the community
The Economic Development Sector stressed the need to encourage and involve private sector and the civil society organizations to invest in planting of trees of economic benefits besides committing the irrigated agricultural projects to cultivate 10% of their areas with forests

on 2012/7/25 11:02:38

Open in new windowThe Minister of Information and Culture, Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman, has called for giving more concern to printed press and exerting efforts for finding solutions to its problems
He gave a directive for speeding up work to hold a workshop on the printed press to look into the different aspects of the issue
During a meeting of the Media Coordinative Council at SUNA premises yesterday, the minister said that a strong media message is needed by the local public opinion and in the same time has external reflection
Dr. Osman renewed his ministry's keenness to promote the capabilities of Sudanese media cadres to cope with the developments at the regional and international arenas
He called for holding a workshop to tackle the different axes of the media in order to come out with recommendations that will help boosting the media work in the country

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