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on 2014/10/29 10:50:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese National Election Commission announced publishing of the original electoral register which includes 11,600 million voters at 7133 voting centers all over the country. At a press conference held at the headquarters of the National Election Commission Tuesday, the commission's Chairman Mukhtar Alassam said that the commission will currently publish the original electoral register which was used in the 2011 elections prior to conducting amendments by adding new names or deleting old names. He said that the original electoral register is a permanent one and renewed annually before elections.
Alassam said that the start of the checking of the electoral registration started as of Tuesday at the voting centers, adding that the law stipulates that the appeals and legal objections are to be presented during a period of two weeks.

on 2014/10/29 10:40:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Economic Development Sector of the Council of Ministers approved, a Five-Year Programme for Economic Reform (2015-2019) and guidelines of the budget for 2015. The Minister of Finance and National Economy Badr-Eddin Mahmoud explained that the Quintet Programme targeted restoration of economic growth at a high and sustainable pace in the range of 7% on annual average, where it aims to achieve a growth rate in the gross domestic product (GDP) to reach at the end of the programme to 7.1%, as well as implementation of policies and reforms in the field of foreign trade leads to restoration of balance between exports and imports and achievement of a surplus in the trade balance.
The minister revealed that the programme aimed to increase the value of agricultural and livestock production at an average annual growth rate of 6.8%, in addition to the doubling of the value of industrial production during the programme period at about 112% through focusing on the extractive and processing industries. The programme also targets reduction of the budget deficit and raising of the savings rate, expecting the revenue to increase from 59.4 billion pounds in 2015 to 173 billion pounds in 2019.

on 2014/10/29 10:30:00

Open in new windowThe government of Sudan has congratulated Tunisia on success of the electoral process which was conducted there in a healthy atmosphere and characterized by transparency and integrity, indicating that broad-based participation and democratic openness approach was the only means to achieve stability, peace and development.
In a statement issued Tuesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asserted the follow up of Sudan to the election process in Tunisia, expressing Sudan's appreciation of the civilized conduct and the high national spirit of the Tunisian voters during the electoral process.

on 2014/10/29 10:20:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy Majdi Hassan Yassin has underlined importance of the role of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in supporting development, services and capacity building in Sudan, praising the effective role of the Bank's Resident Representative, Abodul Kamara in implementation of AfDB projects in Sudan. This came upon his address Tuesday to a celebration of honouring Kamara on the occasion of his transfer as a deputy to the special representative of UN in Darfur, pointing out that he will be a real addition to the mission for his experience in the domain of development and rehabilitation and he will support the integration between UN and AfDB in Sudan in general and in Darfur in particular.
The minister added that the term office of Kamara in Sudan witnessed increase of AfDB projects from one in the domain of capacity building in good governance and poverty reduction to 13 projects, 10 of which at cost of 60 million dollars as a grant and other 3 grant projects under implementation at cost of 89 million dollars to be completed during 2014-2016.
Kamara, for his part, pledged to continue his approach in supporting development, rehabilitation and infrastructure for resettlement in Darfur, lauding the relation of AfDB in Sudan and its work with the Ministry of Finance as one team in full coordination.

on 2014/10/28 11:12:52

Open in new window The Libyan Prime Minister, Abdalla Al-Theni, arrived in Khartoum yesterday on a three-day visit and received at Khartoum Airport by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, and number of ministers and senior government officials.
In a press statement at Khartoum Airport, the Foreign Minister, Ali Karti, described the Sudanese - Libyan relations as eternal, indicating that the program set for the Libyan Prime Minister's visit will reveal firmness of the relations between the Sudanese government and the elected Libyan government.
He said that the visit of the Libyan government to Sudan affirms the endeavor to put the relations between Sudan and Libya on the right track.
He said that both sides look forward for realizing the common interests of the two countries and peoples.
Karti said that the Libyan Prime Minister will attend graduation of a number of Libyan officers who were trained in Sudan as part of the security and military agreement which was signed by the two countries when the Libyan Prime Minister, Abdalla Al-Theni, was the Minister.
The Libyan Prime Minister and the President of the Republic will hold talks at the Guest House.
The Libyan Prime Minister will meet at his residence at Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum with the First Vice - President, the Assistant of the Republic, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, the Minister of Defence, the Chairman of the Security and Intelligence Organ and members of the Sudanese Businessmen Union.
The delegation accompanying the Libyan Prime Minister included the Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Mahdi Al-Labbad, the Foreign Minister, Mohamed Al-Dayeri, the Minister of Labor, Massaoud Abul-Gasim, the Minister of Economy, Munir Asr, and the Advisor and Director of the Prime Minister's office, Mahmoud Abu-Bahia.

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