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on 2014/8/20 13:09:06

Open in new windowThe Sudanese First Vice - President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, has affirmed the keenness of the Sudanese leadership to complete the national dialogue and that the required efforts shall be exerted for making it a success for guaranteeing stability in the country. This came when he received Tuesday at the Republican Palace the Chairman of the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel for Sudan, Thabo Mbeki. Lt. Gen. Salih stressed that Sudan will go ahead in the national dialogue process and with all the political forces, indicating that guarantees will be provided for participation of the armed movements in the dialogue.
He acquainted Mbeki with the initiative of the President of the Republic for societal dialogue.
Meanwhile, Mbeki discussed with the First Vice President the relations between Sudan and South Sudan, implementation of the cooperation agreements that were signed between the two countries and the issue of armed movements' harboring.
Lt. Gen. Salih has affirmed the government keenness to reach solution for all the outstanding issues with the South Sudan.

on 2014/8/20 12:29:48

Open in new windowThe 6th General Conference of the Sudanese Expatriates will discuss today Wednesday a number of working papers on issues pertinent to expatriates for reaching recommendations. Around 500 Sudanese expatriates and 150 personalities from concerned bodies from inside are taking part in the conference which kicked off Tuesday Regarding the axis of expatriates' issues and concerns, a paper on the economic and social changes and their impacts on expatriates will be presented by Abdul- Majeed Yassin, a second paper on the identity, integration and the final repatriation will be presented by Omer Al-Sheikh Al-Assam, and third paper on the Sudanese Communities and Organizations Abroad: reality and the Expectation will be reviewed by Dr. Osman Hassan Osman.
On the axis of the immigration and economy, a paper on encouragement of expatriates investments would be presented by the Secretary General of National Council for Investment, Ambassador Ahmed Mahjoub Shawer, a second paper titled: Towards effective economic partnership between the state and the expatriates will be presented by Al-Mahi Khalafalla, while the third paper on the Sudanese economy is due to be presented by Dr. Hassan Ahmed Taha.
More papers will be presented and discussed on the axis of immigration and labor, media, and education

on 2014/8/20 12:20:00

Open in new windowThe Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Samia Ahmed Mohamed, pointed out that the role of the Chairman of the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel for Sudan, Thabo Mbeki, in the national dialogue is an observatory one, stressing that the national dialogue id a Sudanese - Sudanese and its mechanism is well-known. In a statement to the Sudan News Agency, Samia said that the 7+7 national dialogue mechanism has provided opportunity for those who want to observe the dialogue.
She said that there is no objection if Mbeki wants to narrow the differences on his capacity as the Chairman of the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel which is sponsoring the negotiations between the government and the North Sector.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the External Relations Committee at the National Assembly, Mohamed Yousif Abdalla, said that the role of the mediator ends with narrowing the differences between the parties, indicating that Mbeki could help boosting the dialogue by narrowing the differences and bringing together the visions of the dialogue parties.

on 2014/8/20 12:14:48

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Vice President of the Republic, Hassabo Abdul-Rahman, has called for consolidating the principle of dialogue in the Arab and African worlds as a means of accepting and recognizing the other, remove hatred, violence and arrogance and to lay down communication bases for the sustainability of international peace. This came during his meeting in his office at the Council of Ministers with a delegation of the Arab and African Council for Youths. Hassabo stressed the importance of training and exchange of visits and holding joint forums of the leadership of change and renaissance, welcoming the participating delegations in the meetings of the Arab and African Council for Youths, currently being hosted by Khartoum. He declared Sudan stance in support of stability in the South Sudan, calling on the people of the South Sudan to adhere to dialogue in order to achieve peace in their country.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Youth and Sports and head of the participating delegation of South Sudan Nadia Arop, explained that the Arab and African Council has been formed via democracy and consensus among delegations, thanking Sudan for hosting the conference for 10 years. She said that it is important that Sudan shall continue to be the headquarters state, calling for further communication between Sudan and South Sudan.

on 2014/8/20 12:08:56

Open in new windowThe Sudanese First Vice - President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, has appreciated firmness of the relations between Sudan and Ghana, pointing to capabilities of the two countries to jointly cooperate in all fields. He called during his meeting Tuesday with the visiting State Foreign Minister of Ghana, Thomas Kwesi, for further coordination between the two countries in the regional and international levels in the coming period.
The State Minister for Foreign Affairs Obeidalla Mohamed Obeidalla, said in a press statement following the meeting that the First Vice - President assured the keenness for implementing the agreements reached during the meetings of the Joint Sudanese - Ghanaian ministerial committee which covered the areas of oil, transport, education and technology. The Ghanaian minister has underlined his country's keenness to enhance the bilateral relations and to implement the agreements reached during meetings of the joint ministerial committee. He said that Ghana looks forward for more coordination with Sudan on international political issues at regional and international institutions.

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