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on 2015/3/3 11:07:45

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice Isam Eddin Abdul-Gadir will submit the Sudan's statement before the meetings of the UN Human Rights Council set to take place in Geneva.

The 28th session of the Council will be addressed today Wednesday by Isam on behalf of the Justice Minister Mohamed Dosa, the chairman of the Sudanese Human Rights Consultative Council.

The statement will review Sudan's efforts for boosting and enhancing the human rights in accordance with the standards that the Sudan has approved with the international community, and its rule in the framework of the legislation and laws related to the human rights file, beside issues concerned with human rights raised in the Sudan.

The Undersecretary, Isam indicated in press statements that Sudan has achieved great progress in the implementation of all the international requirements agreed upon by the Sudan in the context of the mandate of the independent expert for the Sudan.

He called on the international community, and the human rights council to fulfill their legal commitments and pledges in the field of the provision of the technical assistance, and the capacity building, referring to Sudan's cooperation with the UN organization in this regard.

He pointed out to the many steps taken by the Sudanese government in boosting the economic and social human rights, and the creation of appropriate climate for the work of the non-governmental organizations, and the approval of a number of laws and the legislation that have direct relation with the human rights such as the human trafficking Act.

on 2015/3/3 11:00:00

Open in new windowThe presidential candidate for the April 2015 election Abdul-Mahmoud Abdul Jabar said that the awareness of the Sudanese people will lead them to stand alongside his election program to realize accord and stability through a technocrat government, composed of the political parties, specialists and honest personalities, and to accomplish the files of issuing the constitution, halting the war, realizing justice, solving the economic crisis and enhancing the foreign relations.
Interviewed by the Sudan News Agency (SUNA), Abdul Jabar said that he aims for establishing a genuine partnership with all the political forces in the country for the sake of realizing accord and stability.
He stressed that the current stage in Sudan’s history necessitates accord, accepting the other and the move for work and transparency.
Abdul Jabar added that Sudan cannot, whatever the claims, be ruled by a majority in the current stage and under the various changes and developments at the internal, regional and international arenas.
The presidential candidate has called on the Sudanese people to be alert and to launch an education campaign to confront any plot that targets the nation's social fabric.
He called on the citizens not respond to the call for boycott of the elections, urging the citizens to practice their right for voting in favor of the program that meets their aspirations and guarantees decent living for them.

on 2015/3/3 10:50:00

Open in new windowThe chairwoman of the women national higher committee for supporting the nomination of the President Omer Albashir for the Presidency of the Republic will be launched today Tuesday at the Khartoum International Fair, under the slogan (together: a reciprocation of sincerity and exchange of benevolent action).

Tabita Boutros indicated that the committee was formed upon initiative of 20 political parties, the membership of 150 participants and is affiliated to the higher committee of the nomination of Albashir, referring to the woman sector proactive role throughout the history and their link to the people's concern.

She referred during a press conference held for launching the electoral campaign of nominee of Omer Albashir, held Monday in Khartoum to the Sudanese women continued sacrifices despite cultural diversity and the ideological plurality, which confirms the unity of purpose and intention to achieve the homeland security, stability, and the welfare for its people.

She explained that the campaign confirms that the women's sector will remain an influential element in the electoral process, saying that the woman's choice for Albashir came from their believe in his nationalism and that he was not the candidate of the National Congress Party, but also for many of the other parties, urging all women to vote for him.

on 2015/3/3 10:40:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Karti received in his office Monday a delegation of the German Foreign Ministry which includes the Chairperson of the East Africa, Horn of Africa and Madagascar Department and the General Director of the Political Affairs Department Administration at the German ministry.
The meeting has reviewed outcome of the talks with opposition elements that the German Foreign Ministry has sponsored and the document which was issued by end of the talks.
The Foreign Minister has expressed his appreciation of the German delegation's concern with the developments in Sudan, indicating that the world now knows well which party is keen to achieve peace and stability in Sudan and which party is working to undermine the efforts for reaching peace and stability in the country.
The German delegation agreed with the Foreign Minister that the imposition of sanctions makes it difficult for the government to realize peace, enhance Sudan’s economy and to end the suffering facing the Sudanese people.
The German delegation indicated that some of the opposition elements have shown readiness for settlement while other elements have shown rejection to the dialogue.
The German delegation has appreciated Sudan’s government help to opposition elements to leave for Berlin.

on 2015/3/3 10:30:00

Open in new windowThe Sudan represented by the national expert Dr. Ismail Abdul-Rahim Algizouli has been elected chair of the executive council of the International Panel on Climate Change, during the forum's conference held at the UN office in Nairobi.

Dr. Ismail, who won the international post was the deputy chairman of the international inter-governmental authority for the climate change, and has worked earlier at the Sudanese ministries of industry and energy, and was a member at the environment higher council.

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