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on 2015/3/30 10:38:43

Open in new window President Omer Bashir, yesterday returned to Khartoum following his participation, leading Sudan's delegation to the meetings of the 26 th Arab Summit held in Sharam Al-Shiekh of Egypt, under the motto (the challenges facing the Arab national security).
Prior to the summit, the president paid a three days official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the invitation of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, King Suleiman Bin Abdul-Aziz, with whom he held talks on bilateral relations.
The president was received at Khartoum airport by the First Vice President, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih and a number of ministers.

on 2015/3/30 10:35:54

Open in new window The First Vice-President of the Republic, General, Bakri Hassan Salih left forAddis Ababa, leading Sudan's delegation to 18th COMESA Summit scheduled to start sessions, tomorrow, Monday, in the Ethiopian capital .
The COMESA meetings, on the level of Trade Ministers, started Saturday, with the participation of Minister of Trade, Osman Al-Sherief, discussed intra-regional trade, measures for removing trase restrictions, COMESA relations with regional and international organizations, regulations and laws organizing trade movement and peace and security issues in the region .
COMESA meetings will be accompanied by the meetings of the organization's First Ladies .
General, Salih was accompanied by Minister of Justice, Maulana , Mohammed Bushara Dosa and the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kamal Ismail .

on 2015/3/30 10:33:49

Open in new window Foreign Minister, Ali Karti, said that the Sudan had not been in alliance with Iran, but it was a normal diplomatic relations at the level of diplomatic representation.
In the press conference he held at Khartoum Airport after the return of President Omar Bashir and the accompanying delegation from their visit to Saudi Arabia and the participation in the Arab summit, the FM noted that he had never heard of such alliance with Iran during his stay at the Foreign Ministry.
He said relationships with Iran did not exceeded the drawn framework of the cultural centers establishedby Iran, and which were closed down when these centers violated their mandate, adding that the Sudan will not increase its present diplomatic mission in Iran.
Karti indicated that Iran is one of the Muslim and the non-aligned countries, and participates with the Sudan in the forums and the Islamic organizations, noting that the Sudan's position has been made clear in this regard as part of the Arab nation.

on 2015/3/30 10:29:03

Foreign Minister, Ali Kerti has described the recent Arab Summit in Sharm Al-Sheikh as good opportunity for cooperation between the Arab countries to realize the Arab National Security, adding that the summit represents new era for the serious cooperation .
Kerti outlined in a press conference he held, yesterday, at Khartoum Airport following the return of the President of the Republic, after participating in the Arab Summit in Sharm Al-Sheikh that the Arab leaders discussed a number of files including the Yemeni crisis.
He said the most important decision taken by the summit was the formation of a joint Arab military forceto face the Arab nations'challenges and combating of terrorism, describing the decision as an old Arab deram that came true .
He indicated that Sudan's participation in the coalition against the Houthi based on Sudan's keenness over the Arab regional security, realization of stability and the return of legaslity to President Abdu Mansour Hadi .
Kerti hinted that the summit also discussed the Arab Foof Security Initiative which was presented by Sudan and given due concern and confidence by the participants .
Concerning the situation of Sudan's embassy in Yemen and the Sudanese community in that country, Kerti affirmed that Sudan has worked for the protection of the Sudanese resident in Yemen.
Regarding the current conflict in Libya, the minister said most of the countries in the region believe that dialogue is the best meas for solving the problem .

on 2015/3/30 10:27:06

A conference on tribal conflicts and the future of the social peace in the Sudan, is to be organized by the Faculty of Economics and Political science of Islamic University of Omdurman, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Social Development of Khartoum state.
The conference which was set to be held tomorrow, Monday, has been shelved for the 25 of next April.

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