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on 2015/7/27 11:21:52

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The Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohammed Abdul-Rahman, the Chairman of the High Committee for Housing and Reconstruction, renewed Sudan welcome to Arab investments in all fields , affirming his support to activities and programs of the Arab Union for Real Estate Development.
Receiving the Arab Union for Real Estate Development delegation led by the Union's Chairman, Al-Sheikh Ahmed Salim Sowaidan in the Republican Palace yesterday, the Vice-President underlined that the Government is ready to enact legislations that encourage and facilitate Arab investments in Sudan, directing the National Fund for Housing and Reconstruction in coordination with Government of Khartoum State to allocate a plot for Union's headquarter.
He called on the Union to organize workshops, seminars, conferences and forums share experiences and strengthen Arab cooperation.
He said that Sudan encourages investment in agricultural fields as implementation to the initiative of President of the Republic on Arab Food Security.
Sheikh Sowaidan said the meeting with the Vice-President of the Republic was fruitful and discussed horizons of joint cooperation.
He expressed appreciation to Government of Sudan for willingness tobe location the Union's headquarters.
Deputy Chairman of the Union and Head of Sudan Department at the Union, Dr Ghulam-Eddin Osman said the Vice-President of the Republic affirmed during the meeting his support to projects of the Union in all fields, especially in investment in agricultural field.

on 2015/7/27 11:16:45

Open in new window The Assistant of the President of the Republic, the Deputy Chairman of the National Congress for Party Affairs, Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid chairesd yesterday, at his office, at the Republican Palace, a meeting included the group of partie participating in the government to discuss means for activation the ntional dialogue on the light of the outcomes of the recent meeting of the 7+7 Mechanism which decided the holding of a meeting with the President of the Republic during the coming days .
In a press statement Minister of Information, the Official Spokesman of the Government's side in the Mechanism, Ahmed Bilal said that the meeting assured the necessity for unifying the viewepoints and presentation of the issues that will push forward the dialogue to the targeted goals.
He said the meeting should concentrate on the points presented by the opposition side in the Mechanism concerning the implementation of the road map, provision of freedoms and the recocideration of the allegations of existence of political detainees.

on 2015/7/27 11:14:35

The Sixth Conference of Speakers of IGAD Countries Parliaments Sunday concluded its meetings in Addis Ababa and issued its recommendations.
The conference recommended including the issues of desertification, combating of terrorism and realizing security and peace among the priorities in Secretariat General's action plan as well as concern with the women issues.
Sudan has participated at the conference with a high-level delegation which was led by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer.
The conference has called on all the political parties and armed movements in Sudan to take part in the national dialogue process and to work for achieving durable peace.
The conference also called on all the member states in the IGAD region to support the national dialogue in Sudan.
By the end of its meetings, the conference approved the agenda of its next meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, in December.

on 2015/7/26 10:29:18

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Ibrahim Ghandour will lead on Monday a delegation to participate in the International Exhibition of Milan, Italy (Expo Milano 2015) .
The minister to be accompanied by his Italian counterpart in opening the Sudan National Day within the activities of the exhibition on Monday in ceremonies including raising of Sudanese flag and broadcasting of the national anthem.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Trade, Assadiq Ali said, in a statement to the Sudan News Agency that the Sudanese delegation, already left to Italy, included representatives of ministries, institutions , private sector and businessmen in different fields as well as cultural and artistic teams, who are to participate in the celebrations of the National Day of Sudan through introduction of arts, culture and heritage of Sudan expressing its diversity.
He added that, Sudan which classified in 1974 as one of the three countries eligible to achieve global food security through availability of its tremendous and diversified resources and then called the world's food basket, participated in this show with such this high delegation a matter that reflects the keenness of Sudan to play its role in the world in achieving the global food security.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Commerce explained that his ministry considered this show as a great opportunity for Sudan, the public and private sectors and businessmen to display the Sudan’s abundant potentials in various fields, the vast investment opportunities and the capabilities of trade exchange with the countries of the world.

on 2015/7/26 10:20:00

Open in new windowThe Sudanese Vice President of the Republic who is the Chairman of the Higher Committee of Housing and Development Hassabu Abdel-Rahman will meet today Sunday at his office in Khartoum a delegation from the Arab Union for Investment and Real Estate Development, which are on a three-day visit to the country, led by the Chairman of the Union Ahmed Salim Alsweden.
The Secretary of the Council of the Arab Union and Rapporteur of the Sudan Department Aboy Abu Sin told the Sudan News Agency that the meeting would discuss the upcoming roles of the union in Sudan and prospects of the joint cooperation as well as the belongings of the Headquarters Agreement between the two sides.
Abu Sin reviewed the programme of the delegation's visit, explaining that it includes a meeting with the Minister of Investment Mudathir Abdul-Ghani, holding of the second meeting of the Council of the Arab Union for Investment and Real Estate Development and a joint meeting with the Sudan Division of the Union and the headquarters agreement will be signed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday.

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