Self-Determination for south Sudan Kicks Off

Date 2011/1/9 12:35:43 | Topic: political

Thousands of registered voters from south Sudan have flocked early today Sunday to the polling stations across the country to cast their votes in a self-determination referendum to decide whether to remain united with the rest of the country or establish a new state. The voters headed to three thousands polling stations all over the country.
The chairman of the South Sudan referendum commission (SSRC) Mohamed Ibrahim Khalil said in a press conference Saturday that all arrangements were put in place. He added that results will be announced early February. Mr. Khalil explained that 3,930,916 Southerners have registered for voting and that 3,000 stations were erected in Sudan and around the world with 9,000 polling staff. He noted that only 64 challenges to voter registration were made which confirms that the process went smoothly despite the challenges and delays relating to enactment of the referendum law and establishment of the SSRC.

This article comes from Sudanese Radio - English Service

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