: ....Infectious Disease

05-02-2010, 09:29 PM
Skelly's MCQs in Tropical Medicine

Multiple choice questions in tropical medicine and infectious diseases. Ideal preparation for the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and MRCP examinations.


05-02-2010, 09:30 PM
Antimicrobial Resistance in Developing Countries
(Emerging Infectious Diseases of the 21st Century)
By Aníbal de J. Sosa, Denis K. Byarugaba, Carlos F. Amábile-Cuevas, Po-Ren Hsueh, Samuel Kariuki, Iruka N. Okeke


Publisher: Springer
Number Of Pages: 556
Publication Date: 2009-10-21
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0387893695
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780387893693

Product De******ion:

Today, there is considerable literature regarding the subject of antimicrobial resistance. However, most of this information is based on information from developed countries. Very little organized information is available about the subject that critically examines the problem in developing countries. Scattered literature is available in various forms in journals that are often not easily accessible to the affected developing countries.

The objective of the book is to put together data and information about the problem of antimicrobial resistance in developing countries addressing the general global perspectives, the risk factors, the current rates, trends, and possibilities for containment as they relate to specific conditions in those developing countries.



05-02-2010, 09:31 PM
Infectious Diseases


By Sherwood L Gorbach, John G Bartlett, Neil R Blacklow,
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Number Of Pages: 2700
Publication Date: 2003-11-01
Sales Rank: 381717
ISBN / ASIN: 0781733715
EAN: 9780781733717
Binding: Hardcover
Book De******ion:
The Third Edition of this definitive reference provides comprehensive guidelines on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of every infectious disease seen in current clinical practice. More than 300 world-class practitioners detail the full range of clinical infections, microorganisms, diagnostic tests, and antimicrobial therapies.
Coverage includes chapters on surgical infections written by preeminent surgeons and up-to-the-minute information on HIV infection. A comprehensive antimicrobial drugs section includes tables that provide at-a-glance prescribing information. New Third Edition chapters cover bioterrorism, hospital infections, emerging infections, human herpesvirus-8, West Nile virus, food safety, linezolid and quinupristin/dalfopristin, molecular diagnostics, and diagnostic significance of nonspecific laboratory abnormalities.









05-02-2010, 09:32 PM

Infectious Diseases in Con**** Set
By Brenda Wilmoth Lerner

Publisher: Gale Cengage

Number Of Pages: 2

Publication Date: 2007-11-30

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1414429606

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781414429601

Binding: Hardcover

PDF 40.7 Mb with bookmarks and page links in *******s & Index ; RAR 2*18.7 Mb
pass: tFINDI1.rar

05-02-2010, 09:33 PM
Management of Sepsis: the PIRO Approach (http://clinical-e-medicine.blogspot.com/2009/06/management-of-sepsis-piro-approach.html)

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_tvtm_YTG2Is/Sif08wB7vuI/AAAAAAAACEo/xaML8CBimQw/s320/3.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_tvtm_YTG2Is/Sif08wB7vuI/AAAAAAAACEo/xaML8CBimQw/s1600-h/3.jpg)Management of Sepsis: the PIRO Approach
By Jordi Rello, Emili Díaz, Alejandro Rodríguez

* Publisher: Springer
* Number Of Pages: 164
* Publication Date: 2009-07-01
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 3642004784
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9783642004780

Product De******ion:

Sepsis is a very important public health problem. It is widely acknowledged that the severe inflammatory response syndrome/severe sepsis paradigm fails to stratify sepsis patients adequately. This book reviews in detail how sepsis should be managed on the basis of a novel approach to staging. The PIRO (predisposing factors, infection, response, organ dysfunction) model was first proposed at the start of the decade on a theoretical basis and has now been translated into a practical approach for use at the bedside. It is loosely based on the TNM staging system for cancers, with points being allocated to each of the four aforementioned key characteristics of the septic process. The proposed PIRO framework facilitates evaluation of factors that are important in the pathogenesis of severe sepsis and in the development of treatment strategies. This book clearly explains the advantages of the PIRO approach in different settings and will be of value to all practitioners concerned with the management of sepsis.

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=61M850CL)


Download for free on uploading.com (http://uploading.com/files/1P8ZT94C/1236_MaSepPIRO.rar.html)

05-02-2010, 09:34 PM
Antimicrobial Drug Resistance: Mechanisms of Drug Resistance, Volume 1 (http://clinical-e-medicine.blogspot.com/2009/07/antimicrobial-drug-resistance.html)

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_tvtm_YTG2Is/SmiQ9Dj2FAI/AAAAAAAACq0/qnzvBSvp0iA/s320/9.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_tvtm_YTG2Is/SmiQ9Dj2FAI/AAAAAAAACq0/qnzvBSvp0iA/s1600-h/9.jpg)

Antimicrobial Drug Resistance: Mechanisms of Drug Resistance, Volume 1 (Infectious Disease)

By Douglas L. Mayers

* Publisher: Humana Press
* Number Of Pages: 509
* Publication Date: 2009-06-30
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1603275924
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781603275927

Product De******ion:
The volumes included in "Antimicrobial Drug Resistance" represent the first comprehensive, multidisciplinary reference covering the area of antimicrobial drug resistance in bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites from basic science, clinical, and epidemiological perspectives. The first volume, "Antimicrobial Drug Resistance, Mechanisms of Drug Resistance", is dedicated to the biological basis of drug resistance and effective avenues for drug development. With the emergence of more drug-resistant strains, the approach to dealing with the drug resistance problem must include the research of different aspects of the mechanisms of bacterial resistance and the dissemination of resistance genes as well as research utilizing new genomic information. These approaches will permit the design of novel strategies to develop new antibiotics and preserve the effectiveness of currently available ones.

PDF | 13 MB

Download for free on uploading.com (http://uploading.com/files/XNSSL3N0/1464_AnDrReMR.rar.html)

Antimicrobial Drug Resistance: Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects, Volume 2 (http://clinical-e-medicine.blogspot.com/2009/07/antimicrobial-drug-resistance-clinical.html)

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_tvtm_YTG2Is/SmiXMzgsZRI/AAAAAAAACq8/DO_YlFzq2Fk/s320/10.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_tvtm_YTG2Is/SmiXMzgsZRI/AAAAAAAACq8/DO_YlFzq2Fk/s1600-h/10.jpg)

Antimicrobial Drug Resistance: Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects, Volume 2 (Infectious Disease)

By Douglas L. Mayers

* Publisher: Humana Press
* Number Of Pages: 533
* Publication Date: 2009-06-30
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1603275940
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781603275941

Product De******ion:
The volumes included in "Antimicrobial Drug Resistance" represent the first comprehensive, multidisciplinary reference covering the area of antimicrobial drug resistance in bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites from basic science, clinical, and epidemiological perspectives. This second volume, "Antimicrobial Drug Resistance, Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects", is devoted to the clinical aspects of drug resistance. Although there is evidence that restricted use of a specific antibiotic can be followed by a decrease in drug resistance to that agent, drug resistance control is not easily achieved. Thus, the infectious disease physician requires input from the clinical microbiologist and infection control specialist to make informed choices for the effective treatment of various strains of drug-resistant pathogens in individual patients.

PDF | 10 MB

Download for free on uploading.com (http://uploading.com/files/NFOOH3BH/1507_AnDRCE2.rar.html)

05-02-2010, 09:36 PM
Therapeutic Guidelines in Systemic Fungal Infection
By Malcolm D Richardson, Brian L. Jones, Riina Rautemaa


Publisher: REMEDICA
Number Of Pages: 128
Publication Date: 2007-11-15
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1905721056
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781905721054

Preface to the First Edition vii
Preface to the Third Edition viii
Clinical and Laboratory Diagnosis 1
1 Definitions of fungal infections 2
2 Categories of risk groups for systemic fungal
infection 7
3 Essential clinical examination in neutropenic
and solid organ transplant patients with
suspected invasive fungal infection 8
4 Investigation of pulmonary infection in
neutropenic and solid organ transplant
patients 9
5 Essential investigations for the laboratory
diagnosis of systemic fungal infections 10
6 Fungal species most commonly recovered
from clinical specimens 17
7 Criteria for the diagnosis of systemic fungal
infections: clinical features and laboratory
parameters contributing to a definitive
diagnosis 19
8 Assessment of the response to antifungal
therapy definitions 22
Antifungal Drugs 23
9 Amphotericin B 24
10 Regimen for rapid escalation of amphotericin B
dosage 27
11 Regimen for gradual escalation of
amphotericin B dosage 28
12 Liposomal amphotericin B (AmBisome) 29
13 Amphotericin B colloidal dispersion
(Amphocil, Amphotec) 33
14 Amphotericin B lipid complex (Abelcet) 37
15 Pharmacokinetic comparisons of
amphotericin B formulations 40
16 Polyene comparisons: infusion-related
reactions 41
17 Polyene comparisons: nephrotoxicity 43
18 Caspofungin 44
19 Fluconazole 48
20 Flucytosine (5-fluorocytosine) 53
21 Regimens for administration of flucytosine in
renal impairment 56
22 Itraconazole 57
23 Voriconazole 64
Therapy of Specific Infections 69
24 Aspergillosis 70
25 Prevention of invasive aspergillosis 75
26 Blastomycosis 78
27 Candidosis 80
28 Coccidioidomycosis 86
29 Cryptococcosis 88
30 Histoplasmosis 91
31 Mucormycosis 94
32 Paracoccidioidomycosis 96
33 Penicillium marneffei infection 97
34 Sporotrichosis 98
35 Unusual fungal infections 99
Prophylaxis 101
36 Prophylaxis alternatives 102
37 Examples of risk factors triggering targeted
prophylaxis/pre-emptive therapy 105
Empirical Treatment of the Persistently
Febrile Neutropenic Patient 106
38 Recommended empirical treatment 107
39 Current recommended initial strategy 108
Combination Treatment and Antifungals
Under Development 109
40 Combination therapy: the issues 110
41 Antifungals under development 111
General references 115
*** sites 117
Abbreviations 118

http://rapidshare.com/files/32705761...ection_3ed.pdf (http://rapidshare.com/files/327057612/Therapeutic_Guidelines_in_Systemic_Fungal_Infectio n_3ed.pdf)

05-02-2010, 09:37 PM
Frontiers in Viral Hepatitis
By R.F. Schinazi, J.-P. Sommadossi, C. Rice


Publisher: Elsevier Science
Number Of Pages: 598
Publication Date: 2003-12-26
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0444509860
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780444509864

Product De******ion:

Frontiers in Viral Hepatitis provides a compilation of the research from over 40 key opinion leaders in the field of Hepatitis. The book focuses on the latest advances in the search for new, more effective therapeutic options and related topics in viral hepatitis. These include regulatory issues, epidemiology, and emerging viruses; immunology and vaccines; viral hepatitis B and C infections in children; genetics pathology and viral diagnosis; cell systems and animal models; novel therapeutics for hepatitis B and C; resistance and therapeutic strategies in humans; and prevention and treatment options for hepatocellular carcinoma.

The breadth of information published in this volume provides insight into current prevention and treatment options. Recent advances in our understanding of the molecular biology, immunology and pathogenesis of hepatitis viruses have accelerated at a remarkable rate, offering a more comprehensive perspective on hepatitis.

http://rapidshare.com/files/32780115..._Hepatitis.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/327801150/Frontiers_in_Viral_Hepatitis.rar)

05-02-2010, 09:38 PM
Tuberculosis and Nontuberculosis Mycobacterial Infections
by: David Schlossberg

Tuberculosis and Nontuberculosis Mycobacterial Infections
By David Schlossberg

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Number Of Pages: 400
Publication Date: 2005-12-16
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0071439137
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780071439138
Binding: Hardcover

The Definitive **** on Tuberculosis Infections for More Than Two Decades!
This trusted resource provides infectious disease specialists with the most comprehensive coverage found anywhere of the varied manifestations of tuberculin diseases and the clinical options available to physicians for treating them. The new edition has been updated to reflect state-of-the-art changes in the direction and management of these diseases and contains new chapters on multi-drug resistance and the latest prophylactic strategies.

Part I: General Considerations
1. Epidemiology
2. Host Susceptibility Factors [NEW]
3. Pathophysiology - Basic Aspects
4. Pathophysiology - Clinical Considerations
5. Laboratory Diagnosis and Susceptibility Testing
6. Skin Testing
7. Chemotherapy of Tuberculosis
8. Therapy of Resistant Tuberculosis
9. Role of Surgery in Pulmonary Tuberculosis
10. Chemoprophylaxis
11. BCG and the Search for newer vaccines [NEW]
12. The Global Epidemic of Tuberculosis - a WHO Perspective
13. TB in enclosed populations
14. Role of the Health Department
Part II: Clinical Syndromes
15. Pulmonary Tuberculosis
16. Upper Respiratory Tract Tuberculosis
17. Otologic Tuberculosis
18. Ocular Tuberculosis
19. CNS Tuberculosis
20. Tuberculous Lymphadenitis and Parotitis (NEW addition to chapter)
21. Genitourinary Tuberculosis
22. Musculoskeletal Tuberculosis
23. Cardiovascular Tuberculosis
24. Gastrointestinal Tuberculosis (Now covers Esophageal NEW)
25. Tuberculous Peritonitis
26. Tuberculosis of the Pancreas, Liver and Biliary Tract (Now includes Pancreatic NEW)
27. Cutaneous Tuberculosis
28. Miliary Tuberculosis
29. Endocrinologic and ****bolic Aspects of Tuberculosis
30. Hematologic Consequences of Tuberculous Infection
31. Tuberculosis in Infants and Children
32. Tuberculosis During Pregnancy and the Puerperium
33. HIV and Tuberculosis
34. Immune Reconstitution Disease (NEW)
Part III: Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial Infection
35. Clinical Syndromes and Diagnosis: Overview
36. Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare
37. Mycobacterium fortuitum, chelonae, abscessus
38. Mycobacterium kansasii
39. Mycobacterium marinum
40. Mycobacterium scrofulaceum
41. Other Nontuberculous Mycobacteria and Mycobacterium bovis

Working link

Password: d]h;pw-j

05-02-2010, 09:40 PM
Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases
(Evidence-Based Medicine)
By Mark Loeb, Fiona Smaill, Marek Smieja


Publisher: BMJ Books
Number Of Pages: 336
Publication Date: 2009-09-28
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1405170263
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781405170260

Product De******ion:

The fully updated Second Edition of this case-led **** provides an excellent introduction to evidence-based Clinical Practice for the major areas of infectious disease management. The new edition takes on a brand new design and focus, making the book more accessible to junior doctors in infectious diseases and microbiology and general internists.

Edited and written by the worlds leading infectious disease specialists, Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases contains thoroughly revised clinical chapters, reporting on all new major trials and is ideal for; trainees and clinical instructors in infectious diseases and microbiology, internal medicine physicians and public health physicians.

http://rapidshare.com/files/32332927...s_Diseases.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/323329270/Evidence-Based_Infectious_Diseases.rar)

05-02-2010, 09:41 PM
Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Heat Shock Proteins in Infectious Disease
By A. Graham Pockley, Stuart K. Calderwood, M. Gabriella Santoro


Publisher: Springer
Number Of Pages: 316
Publication Date: 2009-12-01
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 9048129753
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9789048129751

Product De******ion:

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Heat Shock Proteins in Infectious Disease provides the most current review of the literature relating to the role and influence of heat shock (stress) proteins on the establishment, progression and resolution of infectious disease. Written by leaders in the field of heat shock proteins (HSP) and their biological and immunological properties, the contributors provide a fascinating insight into the complex relationship between, and the involvement of prokaryotic and eukaryotic HSP in disease states. It has been known for some considerable time that heat shock proteins from prokaryotic organisms are immunodominant molecules that are intimately involved in the induction of potential protective inflammatory responses, and this aspect of HSP biology is updated herein. In addition to regulating heat shock protein gene expression, the tran******ion factor HSF1 also appears to play an important role in regulating immune responses to infection. Heat shock proteins are now known to influence infectious disease processes in a number of diverse ways: they are involved in the propagation of prions, the replication and morphogenesis of viruses, and the resistance of parasites to chemotherapy. These proteins also appear to be important mediators of bacteria-host interactions and inflammation, the latter via interactions with cell surface molecules and structures such as Toll-like receptors and lipid rafts. Heat shock proteins can be expressed on the surface of infected cells, and this is likely to provide a target for the innate immune response. Elevated levels of circulating HSP are present in infectious diseases and these proteins might therefore regulate inflammatory responses to pathogenic challenge on a systemic basis. Heat shock proteins are also implicated in the impact of genital tract infections on the reproductive outcome, as well as in the local and systemic consequences of periodontal disease. Fever-range temperatures can induce the expression of heat shock proteins, and the final chapter in the book examines the influence of fever-range hyperthermia on a variety of cells and the organization of plasma membranes. This book is an essential read for graduates and postgraduates in Biology, pro- and eukaryotic Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology, Inflammatory and Infectious Disease, and Pathology.

http://rapidshare.com/files/32058758...us_Disease.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/320587587/Prokaryotic_and_Eukaryotic_Heat_Shock_Proteins_in_ Infectious_Disease.rar)
http://www.filefactory.com/file/a104...9048129753.rar (http://www.filefactory.com/file/a1040g1/n/9048129753.rar)

05-02-2010, 09:41 PM
Infectious Disease Informatics
By Vitali Sintchenko


Publisher: Springer

Number Of Pages: 434

Publication Date: 2009-12-15

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1441913262

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781441913265

Product De******ion:

Infectious Diseases Informatics
Edited by
Vitali Sintchenko
The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Preface.- List of contributors.- 1Informatics for Infectious Disease Research and Control.- 2 Bioinformatics of Microbial Sequences.- 3 Mining Databases for Microbial Gene Sequences.- 4 Comparative Genomics of Pathogens.- 5 Systems Microbiology: Gaining Insights in Tran******ional Networks.- 6 Host-Pathogen Systems Biology.- 7 **** Mining for Discovery of Host-Pathogen Interactions.- 8 A Network Approach to Understanding Pathogen Population Structure: from Host Networks to Antigen Networks.- 9 Computational Epitope Mapping.- 10 Pangenomic Reverse Vaccinology.- 11 Immunoinformatics: The Next Step in Vaccine Design.- 12 Understanding the Shared Bacterial Genome.- 13 Computational Grammars for Annotation and Interrogation of Mobile Genetic Elements.- 14 In silico Discovery of Chemotherapeutic Agents.- 15 Informatics for Healthcare Epidemiology.- 16 Automated, High-throughput Surveillance Systems for Public Health.- 17 Microbial Genotyping Systems for Infection Control.- 18 Temporal and Spatial Clustering of Bacterial Genotypes.- 19 Infectious Disease Ontology.- 20 Populations, patients, germs and genes ethics of genomics and informatics in communicable disease control.- Glossary.

In this book, Vitali Sintchenko brings together a collection of state-of-the-art reviews of informatics applications aiming to improve the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and control of infectious diseases. In response to the need for computational biology techniques geared towards clinical medicine, this volume covers the emerging domains of translational bioinformatics, genomics enabled decision support, intelligent design of vaccines and antimicrobial drugs as well as new types of biosurveillance. This book is written by a diverse, international group of experts in the field and provides clinicians, pathologists, biomedical researchers and informaticians with an essential resource that offers also a fascinating glimpse into the future of this dynamic field.
Vitali Sintchenko (MBBS, PhD, FRCPA, FACHI) is a clinical microbiologist and informatician with the Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney, Australia.

http://www.filefactory.com/file/a10a...nformatics.rar (http://www.filefactory.com/file/a10a7gc/n/Infectious_Disease_Informatics.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/31958952...nformatics.pdf (http://rapidshare.com/files/319589528/Infectious_Disease_Informatics.pdf)
http://ifile.it/eh47u5z/Infectious_D...nformatics.rar (http://ifile.it/eh47u5z/Infectious_Disease_Informatics.rar)

05-02-2010, 09:43 PM

(Diseases and Disorders)
By Lizabeth Hardman


Publisher: Lucent Books
Number Of Pages: 104
Publication Date: 2009-11-23
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1420501453
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781420501452


Plague is a very old disease that will likely always be present. In many parts of the world, plague is endemicit is present to some degree all the time. Unlike smallpox, scientists do not believe that plague can be eradicated, or completely eliminated from existence, because it lives in the bodies of millions of animals and in the fleas that spread it in many parts of the world.

download | ifile.it (http://ifile.it/3alv65z/DDPL.rar)
RapidShare: 1-CLICK *** hosting - Easy Filehosting (http://rapidshare.com/files/316136984/DDPL.rar)

05-02-2010, 09:44 PM
(Deadly Diseases and Epidemics)
By Alan Hecht


Publisher: Chelsea House Publications

Number Of Pages: 116

Publication Date: 2009-01-30

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1604132388

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781604132380

Product De******ion:

Until the middle of the 20th century, polio affected people all over the world. The disease, caused by a virus in the genus Enterovirus, often left its survivors with weakened muscles or varying degrees of paralysis. In their later years, many once-healthy survivors experienced a condition known as post-polio syndrome. Once effective vaccines were developed, polio was eradicated in the United States and other countries, although it still remains a threat in many developing areas. This revised edition of "Polio" contains new illustrations and updated coverage of all aspects of this disease, including the latest vaccination information, world outbreak and immunization statistics, and a progress report on international efforts to eradicate polio.The chapters include: The History of Polio; The Transmission of Polio and How It Affects the Body;Vaccines and How They Work; Just When We Thought It Was Safe: Post-Polio SyndromeWhat Lies Ahead? And, The Future of Polio

Download 1604132388_2.rar from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way (http://www.sendspace.com/file/co545x)

05-02-2010, 09:44 PM
http://pixhost.ws/avaxhome/61/8c/000d8c61_medium.jpeg (http://pixhost.ws/pictures/887905)

Infectious Disease in the Aging: A Clinical Handbook
Publisher: Humana Press | Language: English | ISBN:1603275339 | 520 pages | Data: 2009 | PDF | 2 Mb

De******ion: Because aging is accompanied by a steady decline in resistance to infectious diseases, the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases in the elderly is not only much more complex, but also often quite different from that for younger patients. In the second edition of "Infectious Disease in the Aging: A Clinical Handbook", a panel of well known and highly experienced geriatric physicians and infectious disease experts review the most important common infections affecting the elderly and delineate their well-proven diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive techniques. Among the illnesses discussed are urinary tract infections, pneumonia, ocular infections, tuberculosis, and fungal and viral infections. In addition, there are detailed discussions of sepsis, infective endocarditis, intraabdominal infections, bacterial meningitis, osteomyelitis and septic arthritis, and prosthetic device infections.

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Deposit Files (http://depositfiles.com/files/b3u62nla7)

05-02-2010, 09:45 PM
AIDS and Tuberculosis: A Deadly Liaison
(Infection Biology (VCH))
By Stefan H. E. Kaufmann, Bruce D. Walker


Publisher: Wiley-VCH

Number Of Pages: 320

Publication Date: 2009-12-14

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 3527322701

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9783527322701

Product De******ion:

The immune deficiency AIDS leads to a drastic increase in susceptibility to Tuberculosis. Accordingly, co-infections of tuberculosis (TB) and AIDS have increased dramatically over the last decades and have already killed more than 5 million people worldwide. Currently, no vaccines are available for either of these diseases leaving doctors with limited options for prevention. This perfect storm of pandemics is analysed and explained for the first time in this groundbreaking title, edited by two of the most accomplished experts in this area, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Stefan Kaufmann at the Max-Planck Institute for infectious diseases in Berlin and Prof. Dr. Bruce Walker, director of the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard in Boston.
Co-infection of AIDS and TB occur frequently in the most impoverished regions of the world and the AIDS pandemic which has spread rapidly across Africa over the past two decades is now being met by a TB pandemic.
While TB can be cured and AIDS can be treated, co-infection in a single patient presents unique challenges and the rapid expansion of these two pandemics has resulted in a critical need to better understand the interactions between the two pathogens and to integrate research efforts.
This title brings together scientists from the forefront of research to explore and combine state-of-the-art studies in drug interactions and disease therapies, providing the latest information about prevention, therapy and diagnosis of both tuberculosis and AIDS.
This is the only book to place a clear emphasis on the increasing number of patients suffering from both tuberculosis and AIDS and is unique in combining expertise from both fields. Using a multi-disciplinary approach the authors bring together the issues surrounding treatment of co-infection by highlighting the problems of treatment overlap and providing new data demonstrating exactly how this deadly liaison plays out.
Early chapters focus on immunology and the problems facing vaccination strategies for both diseases. Currently no vaccines exist for either disease and the coexistence of both pathogens in a single patient complicates the research for new preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic approaches.
Later chapters deal with some of the most threatening consequences of this co-infection, such as the emergence of drug resistant TB. These chapters also deal with the need to simultaneously treat both infections, highlighting the major problem of drug interaction if two treatments which have been researched in isolation are given to one individual.
Together the contributing authors offer a *******ingly new and engaging analysis of this most challenging of topics and offer new therapeutic approaches by providing comprehensive understanding of both diseases.
This title is of strong interest to a broad range of research communities, from microbiologists and virologists to immunologists and medical doctors specializing in TB and AIDS treatment as well as to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological Industries.
Aids and Tuberculosis: A Deadly Liaison is the first title in Wiley-Blackwell's new 'Infection Biology Series'. The second title in the series will be Bacterial Virulence: Basic Principles, Models and Global Approaches, edited by Philippe Sansonetti from the Pasteur Institute in Paris. It is due for publication in spring 2010.

http://rapidshare.com/files/312798247/3527322701_AIDS_and_Tuberculosis1.rar (http://xinio.info/?http://rapidshare.com/files/312798247/3527322701_AIDS_and_Tuberculosis1.rar)

05-02-2010, 09:48 PM
Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine 3rd Edition
(Oxford Handbooks Series)
by: Michael Eddleston, Robert Davidson, Andrew Brent, Robert Wilkinson
Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine
(Oxford Handbooks Series)
By Michael Eddleston, Robert Davidson, Andrew Brent, Robert Wilkinson

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Number Of Pages: 856
Publication Date: 2008-05-25
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0199204098
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780199204090

Product De******ion:
Delivering the facts to your fingertips, the Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine provides an accessible and comprehensive, signs-and-symptoms-based source of information on medical problems commonly seen in the tropics. A handy guide which can fit in the coat pocket and be used easily at the bedside, it has been designed to be as practical as possible with illustrations of blood films and stool smears, which are useful for diagnosis, as well as clinical features, diagnosis, and management. Medical conditions are ordered by system except for the five major tropical conditions - malaria, HIV/STIs, tuberculosis, diarrhoeal diseases, and acute respiratory infections - and fevers. In this new edition the sections on malaria, cardiology, chest medicine, gastroenterology, mental health and dermatology have undergone major revision, and there is new material on altitude sickness, heat stroke, avian flu and fuller poisoning. There is a greater emphasis on pediatric medicine and public health throughout, and new illustrations and photographs have been included to aid with diagnosis. Small enough to throw in your rucksack, this unique handbook is the ultimate quick reference guide for all those working in the tropics.

RapidShare: 1-CLICK *** hosting - Easy Filehosting (http://rapidshare.com/files/279443276/Oxford_Handbook_of_Tropical_Medicine__3rd_Ed._2008 _.chm)
http://rapidshare.com/files/279726689/Oxford_Handbook_of_Tropical_Medicine_3rd_Ed_2008.c hm (http://rapidshare.com/files/279726689/Oxford_Handbook_of_Tropical_Medicine_3rd_Ed_2008.c hm)

05-02-2010, 09:49 PM
Sepsis (http://clinical-e-medicine.blogspot.com/2009/06/sepsis.html)

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_tvtm_YTG2Is/Sifvfj7eSeI/AAAAAAAACEg/2IkPwrjYwWc/s320/4.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_tvtm_YTG2Is/Sifvfj7eSeI/AAAAAAAACEg/2IkPwrjYwWc/s1600-h/4.jpg)

Sepsis (Competency-Based Critical Care

By Simon V. Baudouin

* Publisher: Springer
* Number Of Pages: 103
* Publication Date: 2007-12-20
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1846289386
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781846289385

Product De******ion:

Sepsis is a serious medical condition, resulting from the immune response to a severe infection. Septicaemia is sepsis of the bloodstream caused by bactemeria, which is the presence of bacteria in the bloodstream. The term septecaemia is also used to refer to sepsis in general. In the US, sepsis is the leading cause of death in non-coronary ICU patients, and the tenth most common form of death overall. Sepsis is common and also more dangerous in the elderly, immunocompromised, and critically ill patients. It occurs in 1-2% of all hospitilizations and accounts for as much as 25% of all ICU bed utilization. It is a major cause of death in intensive care units worldwide, with mortality rates that range from 20% for sepsis to 40% for severe sepsis to more than 60% for septic shock. The book brings together a group of experts to consider how the various pathways implicated in early and late sepsis interact. It addresses the frequent, but under-recognised condition of sepsis and discusses new ways to prevent and treat it. It describes numerous pharmocological approaches to therapy for early and late sepsis. It includes detailed discussion of the various physiological systems implicated in sepsis. This is an invaluable resource for all critical care physicians and researchers. It is also informative reading for immunologists, endocrinologists, neuroendocrinologists, phsysiologists and pharmacologists
Drawing on multi-professional editors and authors brings in the variety of perspectives and knowledge seen within the critical care team to produce a **** that is both inclusive of and targeted to the individual needs of its intended audience. The nature of the material, written and edited by experienced practitioners in the field will provide an invaluable source of reference and training material for specialists and those already trained in their field.

PDF | 1.7 MB

Download for free on uploading.com (http://uploading.com/files/8J934EPP/1232_Sep.rar.html)

05-02-2010, 09:50 PM
Zoonoses, 2nd Edition
by: Martin Shakespeare


Zoonoses, 2nd Edition
By Martin Shakespeare

Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press
Number Of Pages: 336
Publication Date: 2009-09-11
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0853697531
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780853697534

Product De******ion:

This is an introductory guide to the prevalence and treatment of zoonoses; infections transmitted to humans from vertebrate animals. Zoonoses are diseases and infections that are transmitted between vertebrate animals and humans. Infections can be inconvenient or life-threatening and may be transmitted by companion animals, agricultural animals, or by foods. Since contact with animals is commonplace all health care professionals should have an understanding of the importance, diagnosis and treatment of zoonotic infections. In recent years, since the publication of the first edition of "Zoonoses", there has been a much greater awareness of the dangers that food borne diseases such as E.Coli, BSE, etc. can pose to human health as a result of poor agricultural, hygiene or regulatory practices. In addition, the transmission of animal borne respiratory viruses such as avian (bird) flu and SARS are now recognized as significant hazards to human health with the potential to cause global pandemics. Zoonotic infections have also been recognized as biological warfare agents (e.g. anthrax) and have the potential to be used, or have been used in reality, in terrorist attacks. Since 2002, there has been a considerably increased awareness of zoonoses amongst health care professionals, governments and the public. There is also considerably more scientific understanding of these infections and their treatment. The new edition of this book is therefore very timely. In many respects the first edition of "Zoonoses" could be considered ahead of its time although it is now somewhat dated. This new edition contains completely revised and updated **** highlighting the most significant recent threats to human health such as avian flu.

download | ifile.it (http://ifile.it/dcl3qp6/0853697531_2.rar)

05-02-2010, 09:51 PM
Infectious Diseases: Color Guide

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Number Of Pages: 125
Publication Date: 1999-08-15
Sales Rank: 1204452
ISBN / ASIN: 0443058830
EAN: 9780443058837
Binding: Paperback
Book De******ion:

A concise, up-to-date manual of clinical infectious diseases. Features a brief discussion of over 40 illnesses and includes a photographic record of conditions that were once common but are now rapidly decreasing in order to aid in their recognition and diagnosis. The 2nd Edition is completely revised and updated to include new clinical photographs and the latest information on treatment and immunization.

http://www.oxyshare.com/get/54207540...guide.rar.html (http://www.oxyshare.com/get/54207540644b4ec7e2bb3f0.57090791/infectious-color_guide.rar.html)

http://rapidshare.de/files/25454032/...OLOR_GUIDE.rar (http://rapidshare.de/files/25454032/INFECTIOUS_DISEASES_-_A_COLOR_GUIDE.rar)

05-02-2010, 09:52 PM
The Fatal Strain: On the Trail of Avian Flu and the Coming Pandemic
by: Alan Sipress


The Fatal Strain: On the Trail of Avian Flu and the Coming Pandemic
By Alan Sipress

Publisher: Viking Adult
Number Of Pages: 400
Publication Date: 2009-11-12
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 067002127X
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780670021277

Product De******ion:

A riveting account of why science alone can't stop the next pandemic

When avian flu began spreading across Asia in the early-2000s, it reawakened fears that had lain dormant for nearly a century. During the outbreak's deadliest years, Alan Sipress chased the virus as it infiltrated remote jungle villages and teeming cities and saw its mysteries elude the world's top scientists. In The Fatal Strain, Sipress details how socioeconomic and political realities in Asia make it the perfect petri dish in which the fast-mutating strain can become easily communicable among humans. Once it does, the ease and speed of international travel and worldwide economic interdependence could make it as destructive as the flu pandemic of 1918.

In his vivid portrayal of the struggle between man and microbe, Sipress gives a front-line view of the accelerating number of near misses across Asia and the terrifying truth that the prospects for this impending health crisis may well be in the hands of cockfighters, live chicken merchants, and witch doctors rather than virologists or the World Health Organization.

Like The Hot Zone and The Great Influenza, The Fatal Strain is a fast-moving account that brings the inevitability of an epidemic into a fascinating cultural, scientific, and political narrative.

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download | ifile.it (http://ifile.it/relbq1i/AlaSipFatStra.rar)

05-02-2010, 09:53 PM
Reese and Betts' A Practical Approach to Infectious Diseases

Author: Robert F Betts / Stanley W Chapman / Robert L Penn

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/re...N%2F0781732816 (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=songstech-20&path=ASIN%2F0781732816)


Book Details
pages: 1282 pages
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 5 edition (November 1, 2002)
ISBN: 0781732816

Format: CHM
Size: 28.2 MB

Now in its thoroughly revised, updated Fifth Edition, this handbook is a practical, easily accessible, and authoritative guide to the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Leading experts present realistic clinical approaches to infectious disease problems seen in hospital and outpatient settings and offer up-to-the-minute advice on antimicrobial use--including specific recommendations on dosages, routes of administration, and duration of therapy. Chapters are written in a user-friendly outline format that is ideal for quick reference. This edition includes complete information on new diseases, new antibiotics, and HIV antiviral agents.

http://rapidshare.com/files/47223993/RBPAID.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/47223993/RBPAID.rar)

http://mihd.net/e4l2uo (http://mihd.net/e4l2uo)

05-02-2010, 09:54 PM
Emergency Management of Infectious Diseases
By Rachel Chin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Number Of Pages: 600
Publication Date: 2008-06-30
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 052187176X
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780521871761
Binding: Hardcover

Infectious disease ranks only behind trauma in the prevalence of cases seen on a daily basis in the emergency room and takes lives from every culture and socioeconomic class. The changing epidemiology of infectious diseases is a considerable challenge to any physician, as acute, nearly eradicated, and tropical diseases now enter American emergency rooms on a daily basis. This book is a new clinically oriented reference book for the management of such infections in the emergency room and focuses on all diagnostic protocols and treatment strategies that emergency room physicians need to be proficient when managing patients battling infectious disease. The orientation of the book is uniquely organ-based, with coverage of all viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic disease. The narrative is supplemented with explanatory photos, diagnostic tables, and charts of drug regimens and will prove an invaluable reference for physicians confronting the various manifestations of infectious disease.

http://ifile.it/ue9s8if/emergency_ma...ity_press_.pdf (http://ifile.it/ue9s8if/emergency_management_of_infectious_diseases__2008-06-30___052187176x___rachel_chin___cambridge_universi ty_press_.pdf)

05-02-2010, 09:55 PM
Oxford Handbook of Genitourinary Medicine, HIV, and AIDS


Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Number Of Pages: 580
Publication Date: 2005-08-23
Sales Rank: 2628080
ISBN / ASIN: 0198520778
EAN: 9780198520771
Binding: Paperback
Book De******ion:

Genitourinary medicine (GUM) is an expanding specialty which is primarily related to the treatment and prevention of ***ually transmitted infections (STIs). A number of GUM departments also offer other ***ual health services such as contraception, ***ual dysfunction and health promotion. Services are provided by multidisciplinary teams which include doctors, nurses, health advisers (who carry out partner notification and counselling), receptionists, laboratory staff and secretarial support. 'The Oxford Handbook of Genitourinary Medicine HIV and AIDS' provides evidence-based, practical information on the specialty, covering medico-legal, ethical, and procedural issues. The first section deals with routine management, special situations and clinical and laboratory processes. The second section covers genitourinary conditions in a disease-orientated style, including ***ually transmitted diseases and other genitourinary problems. The third section on HIV provides a contemporary epidemiological overview of this infection, basic viral biology and pathogenesis, a disease-orientated de******ion of conditions both directly related and opportunistic, and their management, and data on special situations such as pregnancy. Aimed primarily at specialist doctors, trainees and nurses in genitourinary medicine and infectious diseases, the book also appeals to general practitioners and interested medical students.


http://rapidshare.com/files/37549775...20778.chm.html (http://rapidshare.com/files/37549775/Oxford_Handbook_of_Genitourinary_Medicine__HIV__an d_Aids_0198520778.chm.html)


05-02-2010, 09:56 PM
Social Ecology of Infectious Diseases
By Kenneth H. Mayer, H. F. Pizer

Publisher: Academic Press
Number Of Pages: 440
Publication Date: 2007-09-24
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0123704669
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780123704665
Binding: Hardcover

Social Ecology of Infectious Diseases explores how human activities enable microbes to disseminate and evolve, thereby creating favorable conditions for the diverse manifestations of communicable diseases. Today, infectious and parasitic diseases cause about one-third of deaths and are the second leading cause of morbidity and mortality. The speed that changes in human behavior can produce epidemics is well illustrated by AIDS, but this is only one of numerous microbial threats whose severity and spread are determined by human behaviors. In this book, forty experts in the fields of infectious diseases, the life sciences and public health explore how demography, geography, migration, travel, environmental change, natural disaster, ***ual behavior, drug use, food production and distribution, medical technology, training and preparedness, as well as governance, human conflict and social dislocation influence current and likely future epidemics.
* Provides essential understanding of current and future epidemics
* Presents a crossover perspective for disciplines in the medical and social sciences and public policy, including public health, infectious diseases, population science, epidemiology, microbiology, food safety, defense preparedness and humanitarian relief
* Creates a new perspective on ecology based on the interaction of microbes and human activities


05-02-2010, 09:57 PM
The Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases, 3rd Edition
(Facts on File Library of Health and Living)
by: Carol Turkington, Bonnie Ashby
The Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases
(Facts on File Library of Health and Living)
By Carol Turkington, Bonnie Ashby

Publisher: Facts on File
Number Of Pages: 412
Publication Date: 2007-04
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0816063974
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780816063970
Product De******ion: In the past 25 years, more than 30 new human germs have emerged onto the medical scene, most of these rising from animals. And with these germs come new diseases like the avian flu, Ebola, SARS, and weaponized viruses such as anthrax and smallpox, which pose a growing threat to the world. With the rising number of deaths due to infectious diseases, it is essential to have clear and concise information on this topic. With more than 600 entries, "The Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases, Third Edition" provides up-to-date information on this expanding field, including the latest research, new treatments and vaccines, and rising diseases such as mad cow disease. Appendixes include drugs used to treat infectious diseases, tips for home disinfection, and lists of helpful organizations and publications, making this the ultimate resource for knowledge about infectious diseases. Topics include: Animals and infectious diseases; Food safety and natural disasters; Influenza; Lung and respiratory infections; Neonatal infections; Parasitic infections; Stomach and intestinal infections; Terrorist-related infectious diseases; Treatments and diagnosis; and Vaccines and immunizations.Summary: Very good!Rating: 5This is almost a one-of-a-kind book (encyclopedia of infectious diseases aimed at the proverbial 'intelligent layman'), and is surprisingly hard to find on the retail market. Each disease entry has an introduction followed by sections on symptoms and diagnostic path, treatment options and outlook, and risk factors and preventive measures. There are useful discussions of various categories of infectious diseases, e.g. food-borne infections, and infectious agents, e.g. Escherichia coli O157:H7. Appendix I covers drugs used to treat infectious diseases, Appendix II covers home disinfection, and Appendix III is a somewhat spotty collection of contact information of organizations that have something to do with one or more infectious diseases. There is a bibliography and an index. All things considered, this is the best book of its type I have seen. I will be using it as a ****book for my Biology of Infectious Disease course, which is intended for nonscience majors. Highly recommended.Summary: This is a fun book for my 14 year old. Rating: 5My daughter really enjoyed receiving this book. She uses it all the time for basic information. Summary: These are more than just definitionsRating: 5This third updated edition of Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases is recommended both for college-level health libraries and for any public lending library where health is a strong part of the reference collection. Over 30 new germs affecting human health has emerged in recent decades, making this update necessary: over 600 entries provides the latest information, from new treatments and research to rising disease threats. These are more than just definitions: discussions include risk factors, outlook, diagnostics, and the latest treatment options. Diane C. Donovan California BookwatchSummary: Should be in every HomeRating: 5Easy to understand then other similar books. Informative for the lay person in regard to todays common illnesses and prevention ie, Lyme disease, food borne illnesses, childhood diseases

RapidShare: 1-CLICK *** hosting - Easy Filehosting (http://rapidshare.com/files/286290602/0816063974__Infectious_Diseases.rar)

05-02-2010, 09:58 PM
Neurotropic Viral Infections

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_tvtm_YTG2Is/SSbYfZl5suI/AAAAAAAABgo/4z-zwD31ym4/s320/5183GxuHEiL.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_tvtm_YTG2Is/SSbYfZl5suI/AAAAAAAABgo/4z-zwD31ym4/s1600-h/5183GxuHEiL.jpg)

Neurotropic Viral Infections
By Carol Shoshkes Reiss

* Publisher: Cambridge University Press
* Number Of Pages: 484
* Publication Date: 2008-11-10
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0521869641

Product De******ion:

Viral infections of the central nervous system or neurotropic viruses are often lethal. These diseases range from polio and measles, to rabies, Varicella-zoster, Herpes, West Nile, Japanese encephalitis, and AIDS. Such infections have profound public health consequences, and the understanding of these diseases involves understanding the interaction between the nervous system and the immune system. This book shows each individual virus, discussing the diseases they cause and the mechanisms by which they cause and spread those diseases. Detection, treatment and prevention are also discussed. Included is coverage of novel and beneficial uses of neurotropic viruses for gene therapy and tumor lysis. Neurotropic Viral Infection has been written in a style suitable for a wide professional audience, and will appeal to anyone from graduate students and postdocs to clinicians and public health professionals.

PDF | 5.2 MB


05-02-2010, 09:58 PM
http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41LpD4zgC4L._SL75_.jpg (http://gigapedia.com/items/380753/foodborne-pathogens--hazards--risk-analysis-and-control)
Foodborne Pathogens: Hazards, Risk Analysis and Control (http://gigapedia.com/items/380753/foodborne-pathogens--hazards--risk-analysis-and-control)

por: C.W. Blackburn, P.J. Mcclure
en | Woodhead Publishing Ltd, CRC

1845693620 9781845693626

Foodborne Pathogens: Hazards, Risk Analysis and Control
By C.W. Blackburn, P.J. Mcclure

Publisher: Woodhead Publishing Ltd
Number Of Pages: 1232
Publication Date: 2009-06-30
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1845693620
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781845693626

Product De******ion:
Covers modeling pathogen behavior and carrying out a risk assessment as the essential foundation for effective food safety management. Focuses on good management practice in key stages in the supply chain, starting with farm production. Also covers safe practices for
consumers and food handlers in the retail and catering sectors

RapidShare: 1-CLICK *** hosting - Easy Filehosting (http://rapidshare.com/files/283191485/Foodborne_Pathogens_Hazards__Risk_Analysis_and_Con trol.rar)

05-02-2010, 09:59 PM
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_tvtm_YTG2Is/SjfHZY0R6TI/AAAAAAAACNo/BG_x7b3wnHQ/s320/107.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_tvtm_YTG2Is/SjfHZY0R6TI/AAAAAAAACNo/BG_x7b3wnHQ/s1600-h/107.jpg)

Sepsis and Non-infectious Systemic Inflammation: From Biology to Critical Care
By Jean-Marc Cavaillon, Christophe Adrie

* Publisher: Wiley-VCH
* Number Of Pages: 446
* Publication Date: 2008-12-31
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 3527319352
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9783527319350

Product De******ion:
Providing definitions, clinical features and epidemiology, Sepsis and Non-infectious Systemic Inflammation adopts a comprehensive approach, describing in detail the various physiological systems involved. As such, this unique handbook and reference work is the first to combine sepsis and non-infectious SIRS, reviewing both the biological and medical aspects of these two important syndromes. The whole is rounded off with a discussion of past, present and future therapies.

Download for free on uploading.com (http://uploading.com/files/53IBPWMI/1288_SepNInfSys.rar.html)

05-02-2010, 10:00 PM
http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51QSD1D03AL._SL75_.jpg (http://gigapedia.com/items/378718/pathogenic-mycobacteria-in-water--a-guide-to-public-health-consequences--monitoring-and-management) Pathogenic Mycobacteria in Water: A Guide to Public Health Consequences, Monitoring and Management (http://gigapedia.com/items/378718/pathogenic-mycobacteria-in-water--a-guide-to-public-health-consequences--monitoring-and-management)
por: J. Bartram, J. Cotruvo, A. Dufour, S. Pedley, G. Rees
en | World Health Organization

9241562595 9789241562591

Pathogenic Mycobacteria in Water: A Guide to Public Health Consequences, Monitoring and Management
By J. Bartram, J. Cotruvo, A. Dufour, S. Pedley, G. Rees

Publisher: World Health Organization
Number Of Pages: 259
Publication Date: 2004-09
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 9241562595
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9789241562591

Product De******ion:

Environmental mycobacteria can be found in diverse environments around the world and most appear to exhibit a saprophytic lifestyle. However, some have the ability to infect animals, birds and humans, and have evolved mechanisms by which they can invade and grow within host cells: the pathogenic environmental mycobacteria (PEM). Although the diseases caused by these organisms have been known for many years, it is only recently that the potential significance of PEM as a waterborne pathogen has been appreciated.

Pathogenic Mycobacteria in Water describes the current knowledge of the distribution of PEM in water and other parts of the environment. The routes of transmission that lead to human infection are discussed and there is a detailed analysis of the most significant disease symptoms that can follow infection. Many species of PEM are difficult to isolate in culture and so detection and identification rely upon the use modern techniques such as those based on selective nucleic acid amplification (PCR). The classical and modern methods of analysis are described. The book concludes with a discussion of the issues surrounding the control of PEM in drinking water and the assessment and management of risks.

download | ifile.it (http://ifile.it/cpvwal5/9241562595__gigle.ws.rar)

Password : gigle.ws

05-02-2010, 10:01 PM
Vaccines for Pandemic Influenza

http://pixhost.ws/avaxhome/3c/a5/000fa53c_medium.jpeg (http://pixhost.ws/pictures/1025340)

Richard W. Compans, Walter A. Orenstein, "Vaccines for Pandemic Influenza"
Springer | 2009 | ISBN: 3540921648 | 512 pages | PDF | 4,2 MB

The recent outbreak of disease caused by a novel H1N1 virus has focused global attention on the threat of a new influenza pandemic. Recent years have also seen unprecedented outbreaks of avian influenza A viruses. In particular, highly pathogenic H5N1 viruses have not only resulted in widespread outbreaks in domestic poultry, but have been transmitted to humans resulting in numerous fatalities. The rapid expansion in the geographic distribution of these novel viruses raises the risk that such a virus could cause a global pandemic with high morbidity and mortality.

An effective influenza vaccine represents the best approach to prevent and control such an emerging pandemic. However, current influenza vaccines are directed at existing seasonal influenza viruses, which have limited antigenic relationships to the newly emerging virus strains.

Concerns about pandemic preparedness have greatly stimulated research activities to develop effective vaccines for pandemic influenza viruses, and to overcome the limitations inherent in current approaches to vaccine production and distribution. These limitations include the use of embryonated chicken eggs as the substrate for vaccine production; which is time-consuming and could involve potential biohazards in growth of new virus strains

Deposit Files (http://depositfiles.com/es/files/prwiwl3nf)

05-02-2010, 10:01 PM
Russell, Hugo & Ayliffe's Principles and Practice of Disinfection, Preservation & Sterilization

http://pixhost.ws/avaxhome/cb/a0/000fa0cb_medium.jpeg (http://pixhost.ws/pictures/1024203)

Adam Fraise, P. A. Lambert, Jean-Yves Maillard, "Russell, Hugo & Ayliffe's Principles and Practice of Disinfection, Preservation & Sterilization"
Wiley-Blackwell; 4th edition (February 6, 2004) | English | 1405101997 | 688 pages | PDF | 50.84 MB

Covers the many methods of the elimination or prevention of microbial growth. Provides an historical overview, de******ions of the types of antimicrobial agents, factors affecting efficacy, evaluation methods, and types of resistance. Features sterilization methods, and more.

RapidShare: 1-CLICK *** hosting - Easy Filehosting (http://rapidshare.com/files/271639931/1405101997.rar)

Deposit Files (http://depositfiles.com/files/ha734pl7v/1405101997.rar)

05-02-2010, 10:02 PM
The Dictionary of Virology, Fourth Edition


Brian W.J. Mahy The Dictionary of Virology, Fourth Edition"
Academic Press | 2008-12-16 | ISBN: 012373732X | 520 pages | PDF | 2,1 MB

Completely revised and updated to take into account the new taxonomy and grouping changes made by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses in their 8th Report, this book provides an authoritative and concise list of all viruses affecting vertebrate species, from humans to fish.
. Includes the new viruses of medical or veterinary importance that have emerged since 2001 such as the new human coronaviruses, SARS and NL63 and a new subtype of influenza (H1N2
. Includes new terms in virology
. Extensive cross-referencing and illustrative tables further enhance the use of this book

http://www.4shared.com/file/75792571...ic_Press_.html (http://www.4shared.com/file/75792571/8d965a33/The_Dictionary_of_Virology_Fourth__Edition__2008-12___012373732X___Brian_WJ_Mahy___Academic_Press_. html)


http://rapidshare.com/files/17298768...Academic_Press (http://rapidshare.com/files/172987680/The_Dictionary_of_Virology__Fourth__Edition__2008-12___012373732X___Brian_W.J._Mahy___Academic_Press )




http://uploading.com/files/X8Z5T2YS/...ology.rar.html (http://uploading.com/files/X8Z5T2YS/Dictionary_Virology.rar.html)


05-02-2010, 10:04 PM
Q&A About Hepatitis C: A Lahey Clinic Guide
(100 Questions & Answers about)
by: Stephen Fabry
en | Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.

0763740772 9780763740771 9780763765095

100 Q&A About Hepatitis C: A Lahey Clinic Guide
(100 Questions & Answers about)
By Stephen Fabry

Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.
Number Of Pages: 180
Publication Date: 2007-01-25
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0763740772
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780763740771

Product De******ion:
There are approximately 2.5 million cases of Hepatitis C in the United States and approximately 200 million worldwide. Whether you're a newly diagnosed patient, a friend or relative of someone with Hepatitis C, this book offers help. Written by two physicians from Lahey Clinic Medical Center, Dr. Fabry and Dr. Narasimhan, this book provides authoritative, practical answers to the most common questions about Hepatitis C.

download | ifile.it (http://ifile.it/as72w6y/100hepc_-_copy.rar)

05-02-2010, 10:04 PM
Lyme Borreliosis: Biological and Clinical Aspects (2009)

http://pixhost.ws/avaxhome/59/2e/000f2e59_medium.jpeg (http://pixhost.ws/pictures/994905)

Lyme Borreliosis: Biological and Clinical Aspects
Publisher: S. Karger AG | Language: English | ISBN:3805591144 | 212 pages | Data: 2009 | PDF | 4 Mb

De******ion: Lyme disease, so called since Steere et al. [1, 2] inquired into an arthritis epidemic
among young children in the community of Old Lyme, Conn., USA, in the late 1970s,
has a very long European history. Its cutaneous manifestations, the most frequent
signs of the disease, had already been described at the end of the 19th century and the
beginning of the 20th century by physicians like Buchwald, Pick, Herxheimer, Hartman,
Afzelius and Lipschutz [35] . Additionally, two French physicians in a landmark
paper published in 1922, Garin and Bujadoux [6] , reported a patient who developed
erythema chronicum migrans followed by painful meningoradiculitis. Shortly
before the symptoms began, this patient was bitten by a tick and he had a positive
Bordet-Wasserman test, which was used at this time to diagnose syphilis. They stated,
however, that although this test was positive, this patient did not have syphilis, and
concluded that this patient had a tick-borne disease that induced cutaneous and neurological
manifestations caused by a spirochete different from Treponema pallidum .
It was not until the early 1980s that their prediction proved to be correct, when Burgdorfer
et al. [7] were able to isolate a bacterium belonging to the family of Spirochaetaceae,
first from ticks and then from humans. Interestingly, the first North American
observation of Lyme disease, a patient with erythema migrans, was only published
in 1970 [8]

05-02-2010, 10:05 PM
Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever: A Global Perspective
By Onder Ergonul

Publisher: Springer
Number Of Pages: 328
Publication Date: 2007-08-17
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1402061056
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781402061059

Product De******ion:

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) is a tick-borne disease associated with severe hemorrhagic manifestations. CCHF has been referred to as the "Asian Ebola." However, in fact, the disease is one of the most widely distributed tick-borne diseases in the world, occurring in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. This volume covers major aspects of this important disease and the virus which causes it. Chapters are written by leading experts in their fields and detail historical, public health, epidemiological, and clinical aspects of CCHF and the genetics and molecular biology of the virus. Additional chapters focus on disease control, tick vectors and infection among animals, both natural and experimental.
This book will be of interest to virologists, microbiologists, medical entomologists, infectious disease physicians, epidemiologists, public health specialists, veterinary scientists, public health policy makers, journalists, and medical educators.

http://ifile.it/9pkjgz6/1402061056.rar (http://ifile.it/9pkjgz6/1402061056.rar)

05-02-2010, 10:07 PM

Hepatitis B and C: Management and Treatment, Second Edition
By Thierry Poynard

Publisher: Informa HealthCare

Number Of Pages: 168

Publication Date: 2004-08-25

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1841843695

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781841843698

Binding: Hardcover

Product De******ion:

Chronic hepatitis B and C affect 520 million people worldwide, and are a major cause of chronic liver disease and of mortality, despite the efficacy of the vaccine. Hepatitis B and C: Management and Treatment second edition provides a practical explanation of the natural history and management of the disease, and examines the benefits of the most recent drugs, and their effects, whether used in isolation or as part of a combination therapy. This second edition expands the coverage of treatment of various difficult-to-treat patients and will be a welcome guide to the physician in both clinical decision-making and in explaining the benefits and side-effects to the patient.


05-02-2010, 10:09 PM
(Deadly Diseases and Epidemics)
By Bernard Marcus


Publisher: Chelsea House Publications

Number Of Pages: 119

Publication Date: 2009-04-30

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1604132817

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781604132816

Product De******ion:

With the mosquito as its vector, malaria has troubled humans throughout history. While kept under control in most of the developed world, it continues to ravage parts of Africa and Asia, where the majority of cases occur, and where the simple means of protection from the disease are out of reach for the much of the population. Caused by protozoan parasites from the genus Plasmodium, malaria is a chronic disease, plaguing sufferers for many years. This revised edition of "Malaria" contains new illustrations and up-to-date information on this largely preventable disease, including the latest outbreak statistics, recent diagnostic and treatment breakthroughs, the findings of recent vaccine trials, and an examination of the impact global climate change may have on malaria outbreak patterns. Chapters of this title include: On the Wings of Mosquitoes; The Origin, Evolution, and Ecology of Malaria; The Discovery of Plasmodium; Attempts at Malarial Control; Preventing Malaria; and, Malaria Now.

Download - ifile.it (http://ifile.it/txdsbe8/1604132817.rar)

05-02-2010, 10:11 PM
Tuberculosis Control in the Western Pacific Region, 2008 Report

The status of the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic and progress in control of the disease has been assessed annually since 1997. This report presents an overview of progress in reducing the burden of TB in the Western Pacific Region (the Region) using data on disease burden and case notification in 2006 and treatment outcomes for patients registered in 2005. The data were collected from 35 countries and areas in the Region using the WHO standard form for reporting surveillance data. The report contains data trends on estimated TB prevalence and mortality, TB notifications by age group and ***, TB-HIV co-infection and other indicators of progress, including treatment outcomes and laboratory capacity and quality. This report presents data on multidrug resistant-TB from various drug resistance surveys from the countries and areas in the Region. This year's TB Control Report provides more in-depth analysis of trends on TB epidemiology and progress on the implementation of the components of the Regional Strategic Plan for 2006-2010 and Stop TB Strategy. The specific country profiles contained in the report of countries with high burden and intermediate burden of TB and the Pacific provide country-specific information on progress of TB control.
WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific
2008, 100 pages
ISBN 9789290613855

http://www.wpro.who.int/NR/rdonlyres...ontrol2008.pdf (http://www.wpro.who.int/NR/rdonlyres/C85CF39B-8C3F-4D7E-876D-EAAF2BE031BB/0/TBControl2008.pdf)
MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IKQ7QLFJ)
Download - ifile.it (http://ifile.it/r8mn1k9/9789290613855.rar)

05-02-2010, 10:12 PM
The 5-Minute Infectious Diseases Consult
By Eleftherios Mylonakis, David R. Stone

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Number Of Pages: 544
Publication Date: 2001-03-15
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0683307363
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780683307368

Product De******ion:
Tufts Univ., Boston, MA. Reference for current diagnosis and treatment of common and uncommon infections seen in medical practice. More than 500 topics are arranged alphabetically and cover the basics, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. Two-page, quick-reference format. DNLM: Communicable diseases--Handbooks

Download - ifile.it (http://ifile.it/n86vu5i)
RapidShare: 1-CLICK *** hosting - Easy Filehosting (http://rapidshare.com/files/256184450/5-Minute.Infectious.Diseases.Consult.1st.Ed._2001.ra r)

05-02-2010, 10:13 PM
Infectious Diseases and Substance Abuse


Publisher: Springer
Number Of Pages: 211
Publication Date: 2005-08-26
Sales Rank: 2423227
ISBN / ASIN: 0306486873
EAN: 9780306486876
Binding: Hardcover
Book De******ion:

The influence of many drugs of abuse licit and illicit on immune function has been examined extensively in recent years. Many such substances, including marijuana, cocaine, morphine, and nicotine, have been shown to enhance the disease process by impairing immunologic function. Use of these drugs impairs immunologic functions by suppressing antibody function, decreasing cytokine production, enhancing production and release of IL1, and suppressing IL2 and interferon. Among the viruses known to be effected by these drugs are viruses such as herpes simplex virus and murine retrovirus and bacterial agents such as Staphylococcus, Listeria, Treponema, and Legionella.

This volume, part of the Infectious Agents and Pathogenesis series, examines a variety of drugs of abuse and how they affect the immune system.


pass: www.dvd4arab.com (http://www.dvd4arab.com/)

05-02-2010, 10:28 PM
Infectious Diseases


http://rapidshare.com/files/20420303...D_1.part01.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203035/MS_ID_1.part01.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420337...D_1.part02.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203370/MS_ID_1.part02.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420290...D_1.part03.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204202907/MS_ID_1.part03.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420301...D_1.part04.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203012/MS_ID_1.part04.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420313...D_1.part05.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203139/MS_ID_1.part05.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420333...D_1.part06.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203339/MS_ID_1.part06.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420259...D_1.part07.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204202593/MS_ID_1.part07.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420325...D_1.part08.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203253/MS_ID_1.part08.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420342...D_1.part09.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203420/MS_ID_1.part09.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420317...D_1.part10.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203170/MS_ID_1.part10.rar)

http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=9...f3f30afaf2db4b (http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=988770a443e987b45bf1f12f1ff3f30afaf2db4b ) 0d9d55e6b8eada0a1ae8665a

http://rapidshare.com/files/20420273...D_2.part01.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204202738/MS_ID_2.part01.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420351...D_2.part02.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203519/MS_ID_2.part02.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420373...D_2.part03.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203734/MS_ID_2.part03.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420362...D_2.part04.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203626/MS_ID_2.part04.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420359...D_2.part05.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203594/MS_ID_2.part05.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420322...D_2.part06.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203221/MS_ID_2.part06.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420375...D_2.part07.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203755/MS_ID_2.part07.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420321...D_2.part08.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203219/MS_ID_2.part08.rar)
http://rapidshare.com/files/20420377...D_2.part09.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/204203775/MS_ID_2.part09.rar)

http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=9...f3f30ac1adf0c3 (http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=988770a443e987b45bf1f12f1ff3f30ac1adf0c3 ) 60a8b17d5be6ba49b5870170

05-02-2010, 10:29 PM
Hepatitis C: The Silent Epidemic
By Carol Turkington

Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Number Of Pages: 208
Publication Date: 1999-05-11
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0809229579
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780809229574
Binding: Paperback

Four times more prevalent than the AIDS virus and just as deadly, hepatitis C affects 3.5 million Americans--with 30,000 new cases reported each year. Yet, most Americans have never even heard of this disease. This book provides the general reader, those infected with the disease, and their loved ones with the latest information about prevention, transmission, and treatment.

http://ifile.it/y5d9oeu (http://ifile.it/y5d9oeu)

05-02-2010, 10:30 PM
(Twenty-First Century Medical Library)
By Diane Yancey


Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books (CT)

Number Of Pages: 128

Publication Date: 2007-12-15

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0822591901

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780822591900

Product De******ion:

One of the deadliest diseases healthcare workers fight today, tuberculosis (often called TB) infects the lungs of one-third of the world's population and kills about 2 million people a year. While scientific breakthroughs brought this bacterial disease under control during the 1960s to the 1980s, it was never completely eliminated. In the early 1990s, TB came back as a serious global threat. Not only has TB now spread to virtually every country on Earth, new strains of TB--which are resistant to the standard antibiotics used to cure it--have appeared. Learn what causes TB, how it spreads, why it is so difficult to treat, and more in this informative volume.

http://rapidshare.com/files/24277950...berculosis.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/242779505/0822591901_Tuberculosis.rar)

05-02-2010, 10:31 PM
(Diseases and Disorders)
By Barbara Saffer


Publisher: Lucent Books

Number Of Pages: 112

Publication Date: 2004-03-19

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 159018405X

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781590184059

Product De******ion:

Both animals and humans can be infected with anthrax, a deadly contagious disease caused by a bacteria, Bacillus anthracis. Cutaneous, inhalational, and intestinal forms of anthrax are discussed, along with methods of prevention and treatment. The use of Bacillus anthracis as a biological weapon is also explored. (20051001)

http://www.mediafire.com/?ztfmmumjjy3 (http://xinio.info/?http://www.mediafire.com/?ztfmmumjjy3)

05-02-2010, 10:33 PM
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
(Deadly Diseases and Epidemics)
By David H. Walker


Publisher: Chelsea House Publications

Number Of Pages: 112

Publication Date: 2007-11-30

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 079108678X

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780791086780

Product De******ion:

This book tells the story of one of the deadliest infectious diseases known: Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Originating as an emerging infectious disease on the western frontier that killed up to 90 percent of infected persons, Rocky Mountain spotted fever is caused by a curious organism, Rickettsia rickettsii. "Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever" explains what a rickettsia is, how it lives in nature, and how, when, and where ticks transmit the bacteria to humans. The features of the disease and its potential cures are described in language accessible to persons with little scientific background, making this book a terrific resource for the general reader.

http://ifile.it/j9e5sz8/079108678X__gigle.ws.rar (http://xinio.info/?http://ifile.it/j9e5sz8/079108678X__gigle.ws.rar)
Password: gigle.ws

05-02-2010, 10:33 PM
Infectious Disease: Pathogenesis, Prevention and Case Studies
By Nandini Shetty, Julian W Tang, Julie Andrews


Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Number Of Pages: 664

Publication Date: 2009-05-18

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1405135433

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781405135436

Product De******ion:

The study of infectious diseases has undergone major changes since its infancy when it was largely a ********ation of epidemics. It has now evolved into a dynamic phenomenon involving the ecology of the infectious agent, pathogenesis in the host, reservoirs and vetors, as well as the complex mechanisms concerned in the spread of infection and the extent to which this spread occurs. Rapid globalization has led to unprecedented interest in infectious diseases worldwide and their effect on complex population dynamics including migration, famine, fire, war, and terrorism. It is now essential for public health officials to understand the basic science behind infectious disease and, likewise, students studying ID must have a broader understanding of the implications of infectious disease in a public health con**** as well as clinical presentation and prevention. The clear demand for an integrated approach has led to the publication of this ****.
Check out the student companion site at www.wiley.com/go/shettyinfectiousdisease (http://www.wiley.com/go/shettyinfectiousdisease)


05-02-2010, 10:34 PM
Fever of Unknown Origin (Infectious Disease and Therapy)
By Burke A. Cunha

Publisher: Informa HealthCare
Number Of Pages: 264
Publication Date: 2007-04-13
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0849336155
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780849336157
Binding: Hardcover

about the book Assisting clinicians in the differential diagnosis of the wide range of disorders responsible for fever of unknown origin (FUO), this source stands as the only recent and comprehensive differential diagnosis of these conditions. This guide providing a clear overview of diagnostic approaches and offers expert recommendations that are invaluable to anyone caring for patients with prolonged undiagnosed fever. Written by clinicians for clinicians, this single authoritative source emphasizes the syadramic approach in the diagnosis of FUOsdiscusses the etiology and distribution of disorders causing FUOsand stresses the importance of a focused history, physical examination, and laboratory tests in the differential diagnosis of the FUO patient. about the editor BURKE A. CUNHA is Chief, Infectious Disease Division, Winthrop-University Hospital, Mineola, New York, and Professor of Medicine, State University of New York School of Medicine, Stony Brook. Dr. Cunha is the author or coauthor of more than 150 abstracts, 100 electronic publications, 1000 articles, and 150 book chapters. He has edited 20 books on various infectious disease topics and is Editor-in-Chief of the journals Infectious Disease Practice and Antibiotics for Clinicians. Dr. Cunha is a Fellow of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. Dr. Cunha is internationally recognized as a teacher-clinician and is the recipient of many teaching awards including the prestigious Aesculapius Award. Dr. Cunha is a Master the American College of Physicians awarded for lifetime achievement as a master clinician and teacher of infectious diseases. Dr. Cunha received the M.D. degree from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Hershey.


05-02-2010, 10:35 PM
Emergency Management of Infectious Diseases (2008


Emergency Management of Infectious Diseases
Publisher:Cambridge University Press | Language: English | ISBN:0521871763 | 600 pages | Data: 2008 | PDF | 9 Mb

De******ion:Infectious disease ranks only behind trauma in the prevalence of cases seen on a daily basis in the emergency room and takes lives from every culture and socioeconomic class. The changing epidemiology of infectious diseases is a considerable challenge to any physician, as acute, nearly eradicated, and tropical diseases now enter American emergency rooms on a daily basis. This book is a new clinically oriented reference book for the management of such infections in the emergency room and focuses on all diagnostic protocols and treatment strategies that emergency room physicians need to be proficient when managing patients battling infectious disease. The orientation of the book is uniquely organ-based, with coverage of all viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic disease. The narrative is supplemented with explanatory photos, diagnostic tables, and charts of drug regimens and will prove an invaluable reference for physicians confronting the various manifestations of infectious disease.

http://www.ziddu.com/download/191098...D2008.rar.html (http://www.ziddu.com/download/1910987/EMOID2008.rar.html)


http://ifile.it/ue9s8if/emergency_ma...ity_press_.pdf (http://ifile.it/ue9s8if/emergency_management_of_infectious_diseases__2008-06-30___052187176x___rachel_chin___cambridge_universi ty_press_.pdf)

05-02-2010, 10:36 PM
Evidence-Based Pediatric Infectious Diseases


Evidence-Based Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Publisher:BMJ Books | Pages:344 | 2007-09-17 | ISBN: 1405148586 | PDF | 3.7 MB

Evidence-based Pediatric Infectious Diseases is a practical guide to the diagnosis and management of childhood infections in clinical practice. Renowned Clinical Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, David Isaacs, and an expert consultant editor team, bring you the first book to critically look at the evidence for decision making in pediatric infections.

Based around illustrative case studies, each chapter presents and analyzes current evidence on the management of different pediatric infections and provides firm treatment recommendations based on evidence of:
* efficacy and safety
* antibiotic resistance
* cost
* adverse effects
* ethical considerations.

Clear summaries and specific guidance allow you to assess the evidence for yourself and make rapid but informed management decisions based on the strength of evidence available. Antibiotic doses are presented clearly and simply, enabling you to select appropriate treatment at a glance.

This book uses a case-based approach that focuses on the most common disease areas affecting children in industrialized countries, developing countries, travelers and refugees. It is an up-to-date, relevant and widely applicable **** that carefully examines the evidence for antibiotics and other interventions whilst encouraging a conservative and responsible approach to antibiotic use.

Evidence-based Pediatric Infectious Diseases is an indispensable resource for any practitioner who strives to provide the best evidence-based care for childhood infections.

http://www.filefactory.com/file/fe2ec3/n/0699_EviBasPedINf_rar (http://www.filefactory.com/file/fe2ec3/n/0699_EviBasPedINf_rar)


http://uploaded.to/?id=ovclg5 (http://uploaded.to/?id=ovclg5)

05-02-2010, 10:37 PM
Skelly's MCQs in Tropical Medicine
by: Rob Skelly MRCP DTM+H

Multiple choice questions in tropical medicine and infectious diseases. Ideal preparation for the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and MRCP examinations

http://ifile.it/3ix12do/skelly_s_mcq...pical_medicine (http://ifile.it/3ix12do/skelly_s_mcqs_in_tropical_medicine)
http://rapidshare.com/files/18077347...l_medicine.pdf (http://rapidshare.com/files/180773471/skelly_s_mcqs_in_tropical_medicine.pdf)

05-02-2010, 10:38 PM
Infectious Mononucleosis - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
By ICON Health Publications

Publisher: ICON Health Publications
Number Of Pages: 184
Publication Date: 2004-10-08
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0497006006
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780497006006

Product De******ion:
In March 2001, the National Institutes of Health issued the following warning: "The number of *** sites offering health-related resources grows every day. Many sites provide valuable information, while others may have information that is unreliable or misleading." Furthermore, because of the rapid increase in Internet-based information, many hours can be wasted searching, selecting, and printing.This book was created for medical professionals, students, and members of the general public who want to conduct medical research using the most advanced tools available and spending the least amount of time doing so.

http://ifile.it/vz5f3dx/0497006006.zip (http://ifile.it/vz5f3dx/0497006006.zip)

05-02-2010, 10:39 PM
Clinical Infectious Diseases 2008 - Vol.47, Num.8 - October 15, 2008
Journal: Clinical Infectious Diseases 2008 - Vol.47, Num.8 - October 15, 2008
By: idsociety.org / Infectious Diseases Society of America
Table of *******s
i In This Issue
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (171 kB)
iii 15 October News
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (159 kB)
v In the Literature
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (145 kB)
Articles and Commentaries
989 Indirect Effect of 7‐Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine on Pneumococcal Colonization among
Unvaccinated Household Members
Eugene V. Millar, James P. Watt, Melinda A. Bronsdon, Jean Dallas, Raymond Reid, Mathuram
Santosham, and Katherine L. O'Brien
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (303 kB)
997 Editorial Commentary: Reduction of Carriage and Transmission of Streptococcus pneumoniae: The
Beneficial Side Effect of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine
Chiara Azzari and Massimo Resti
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (193 kB)
1000 New Treatment Approach in Indian Visceral Leishmaniasis: Single‐Dose Liposomal Amphotericin B
Followed by Short‐Course Oral Miltefosine
Shyam Sundar, M. Rai, J. Chakravarty, D. Agarwal, N. Agrawal, Michel Vaillant, Piero Olliaro, and
Henry W. Murray
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (302 kB)
UpToDate Topic Review: Treatment and prevention of leishmaniasis
1007 Effect of Adjunctive Loperamide in Combination with Antibiotics on Treatment Outcomes in
Traveler's Diarrhea: A Systematic Review and ****‐analysis
Mark S. Riddle, Sarah Arnold, and David R. Tribble
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (405 kB)
1015 Editorial Commentary: Loperamide for the Treatment of Traveler's Diarrhea: Broad or Narrow
Thomas Butler
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (175 kB)
1017 Placental Malaria Increases Malaria Risk in the First 30 Months of Life
Norbert G. Schwarz, Ayola A. Adegnika, Lutz P. Breitling, Julian Gabor, Selidji T. Agnandji, Robert D.
Newman, Bertrand Lell, Saadou Issifou, Maria Yazdanbakhsh, Adrian J. F. Luty, Peter G. Kremsner,
and Martin P. Grobusch
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (360 kB)
UpToDate Topic Review: Malaria in pregnancy
1026 Time Trend of the Prevalence of Hepatitis E Antibodies among Farmers and Blood Donors: A
Potential Zoonosis in Denmark
Peer B. Christensen, Ronald E. Engle, Charlotte Hjort, Keld M. Homburg, Werner Vach, Jørgen
Georgsen, and Robert H. Purcell
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (276 kB)
UpToDate Topic Review: Hepatitis E virus infection
1032 Editorial Commentary: The Mystery of Hepatitis E Seroprevalence in Developed Countries: Is There
Subclinical Infection due to Hepatitis E Virus?
Mohamed T. Shata and Udayakumar Navaneethan
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (174 kB)
1035 Severe Diarrhea Caused by Cholera ToxinProducing Vibrio cholerae Serogroup O75 Infections
Acquired in the Southeastern United States
Melissa Tobin‐D'Angelo, Allison R. Smith, Sandra N. Bulens, Stepy Thomas, Mary Hodel, Hidemasa
Izumiya, Eiji Arakawa, Masatomo Morita, Haruo Watanabe, Constance Marin, Michele B. Parsons,
Kathy Greene, Kara Cooper, Danielle Haydel, Cheryl Bopp, Patricia Yu, and Eric Mintz
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (320 kB)
1041 Epidemiology of Invasive Mold Infections in Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients: Biological
Risk Factors for Infection According to Time after Transplantation
Carol Garcia‐Vidal, Arlo Upton, Katharine A. Kirby, and Kieren A. Marr
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (362 kB)
Review Article
1051 The Value of Infectious Diseases Specialists: NonPatient Care Activities
Daniel P. McQuillen, Russell M. Petrak, Ronald B. Wasserman, Ronald G. Nahass, Jason A. Scull, and
Lawrence P. Martinelli
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (317 kB)
1064 Double‐Blind Active‐Control Trials: Beware the Comparator You Keep
Mark J. DiNubile
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (233 kB)
Photo Quiz
1068 HIV‐Positive Man with Ulceronecrotic Skin Lesions: (Answer on page 1109)
Naoki Yanagisawa and Akifumi Imamura,
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (233 kB)
Invited Articles
1070 Healthcare Epidemiology: Quorum Sensing: Bacteria Talk Sense
Costi D. Sifri
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (292 kB)
1077 Medical Microbiology: Assuring the Quality of Clinical Microbiology Test Results
Michael L. Wilson
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (197 kB)
1083 Didanosine, Lamivudine, and Efavirenz versus Zidovudine, Lamivudine, and Efavirenz for the Initial
Treatment of HIV Type 1 Infection: Final Analysis (48 Weeks) of a Prospective, Randomized,
Noninferiority Clinical Trial, GESIDA 3903
Juan Berenguer, Juan González, Esteban Ribera, Pere Domingo, Jesús Santos, Pilar Miralles, Mª
Angels Ribas, Víctor Asensi, Juan Luis Gimeno, Jos Antonio Prez‐Molina, Jos Alberto Terrón, Juan
Miguel Santamaría, Enric Pedrol, and the GESIDA 3903 Team
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (472 kB)
1093 CD4+ T Cell Count Recovery in HIV Type 1Infected Patients Is Independent of Class of Antiretroviral
Nina Khanna, Milos Opravil, Hansjakob Furrer, Matthias Cavassini, Pietro Vernazza, Enos Bernasconi,
Rainer ***er, Bernard Hirschel, Manuel Battegay, Gilbert R. Kaufmann, and the Swiss HIV Cohort
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (478 kB)
1102 Rate of Comorbidities Not Related to HIV Infection or AIDS among HIV‐Infected Patients, by CD4 Cell
Count and HAART Use Status
Richard D. Moore, Kelly A. Gebo, Gregory M. Lucas, and Jeanne C. Keruly
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (197 kB)
UpToDate Topic Review: Factors affecting HIV progression
1105 Ezetimibe Alone Reduces Low‐Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol in HIV‐Infected Patients Receiving
Combination Antiretroviral Therapy
David A. Wohl, David Waters, Ross J. Simpson, Jr., Susan Richard, Amanda Schnell, Sonia Napravnik,
Jessica Keys, J. Joseph Eron, Jr., and Priscilla Hsue
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (297 kB)
1110 Amphotericin B: The Higher the Dose, the Higher the Toxicity
Alessandro C. Pasqualotto
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (296 kB)
1110 Reply to Pasqualotto
Tihana Bicanic, Robin Wood, Graeme Meintjes, Kevin Rebe, Annemarie Brouwer, Angela Loyse,
Linda‐Gail Bekker, Shabbar Jaffar, and Thomas Harrison
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (296 kB)
1111 Serologic Tests for Lyme Disease: More Smoke and Mirrors
Raphael B. Stricker and Lorraine Johnson
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (296 kB)
1112 Reply to Stricker and Johnson
Allen C. Steere
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (296 kB)
1113 On the Greatly Exaggerated Reports of the Death of Infectious Diseases
Gerald B. Pier
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (296 kB)
1114 Mother‐ o‐Child Transmission Risk Is Increased among HIV‐Infected Pregnant Women in Ukraine
with Serological Test Results Positive for Syphilis
Claire Thorne, Ruslan Malyuta, Igor Semenenko, Tatyana Pilipenko, Andrej Stelmah, Svetlana
Posokhova, and Marie‐Louise Newell
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (296 kB)
1115 Antibiotic Timing for Pneumonia
Dale W. Bratzler
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (296 kB)
1116 Reply to Bratzler
Stephen G. Baum and Anna Kaltsas
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (296 kB)
1117 Guideline Tyranny: A Response to the Article by Baum and Kaltsas
Lionel Mandell, Richard Wunderink, Antonio Anzueto, John Bartlett, Douglas Campbell, Nathan
Dean, Scott Dowell, Thomas File, Daniel Musher, Michael Niederman, Antonio Torres, Cynthia
Whitney, and Mike Fine, for the IDSA/ATS Guidelines Committee for Community‐Acquired
Citation‐Full ****‐PDF Version (296 kB)
Electronic Article
e69 Diagnosis of Coccidioidomycosis with Use of the Coccidioides Antigen Enzyme Immunoassay
Michelle Durkin, Patricia Connolly, Tim Kuberski, Robert Myers, Bernard M. Kubak, David Bruckner,
David Pegues, and L. Joseph Wheat
Abstract‐Full ****‐PDF Version (152 kB)


05-02-2010, 10:40 PM
http://i11.tinypic.com/8c0y8vp.jpg (http://gigapedia.com/items/259406/staphylococcal-infections--an-issue-of-infectious-disease-clinics--the-clinics--internal-medicine-)

Staphylococcal Infections, An Issue of Infectious Disease Clinics
(The Clinics: Internal Medicine)
By Rachel Gorwitz, John Jernigan

Publisher: Saunders

Number Of Pages: 240

Publication Date: 2009-03-28

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1437704913

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781437704914

Product De******ion:

Staphylococcus aureus is an important bacterial pathogen that causes a variety of human infections, some of which are life threatening. It is the leading cause of surgical site infections in the U.S. and is increasingly resistant to multiple antibiotics. Articles in this issue discuss the pathogenesis and epidemiology of S. aureus, antimicrobial resistance, specific types of staph infections, and treatment and prevention strategies.


05-02-2010, 11:22 PM